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Motorola MB860 Receives Wi-Fi Certification, First Tegra 2 Phone Sighting?

The Motorola MB860 which is rumored to be the Olympus and another of Moto’s tablets just received its wi-fi certification.  Or better yet, is this the mysterious Tegra 2 phone?  We’ve heard the name mentioned maybe once or twice before and basically know nothing about it, but that its model number doesn’t match the Stringray MZ600 we found a few months back.  The certification above lists it as a “smartphone” meaning this could be the first appearance of the game changing device we expect to be revealed at CES.

How does Olympus sound as a name?  And check out the must-have specs everything has put together at this post.

Via:  Phandroid

  • RoadsterHD1

    MB? maybe it stands for multi-band

  • BAoxymoron

    any one notice the dual band wireless n… that'd be pretty nice on my open bootloader phone don't you think 🙂

  • NKTizzle

    A few observations. This device has the MB tag, similar to the Droid X (MB810). The Droid 1, Devour, D2, D2 Global all have the A tag (i.e. A855). The Droid Pro has the XT tag (XT610). The Moto tab is definitely the Z600.

    So could we infer that this device will have form factor similar to the X (4.3″, no kb)? Perhaps. I could also be way off base…

    Interesting though

  • FortitudineVincimus

    where is the picture?

    how is this a “sighting”?

  • Bob

    They always have fake names for unreleased phones…. literally ALWAYS

  • jxcgunrunna

    The MB in the model number typically means it is a slate so it could be. I mean if you look at the pattern:

    a series are horizontal sliders
    a555 Devour
    a853 Milestone
    a855 Droid
    a953 Milestone 2
    a955 Droid 2
    a957 Droid 2 Global

    TX series are landscape keyboards
    TX300 Spice
    TX610 Droid Pro

    MB are typically slates
    MB501 CliqXT
    MB520 Bravo
    MB525 Defy

    Although there are a few that do not fit the mold and maybe Moto is just choosing random numbers for some of them. IDK really. Sometimes they have their heads up there asses
    MB810 Droid X

  • Olympus is pretty good. But I think something more badass is needed for this phone. DROID TERMINATOR MUST BE THE NAME. Imagine the commercials lol

  • kellex

    Olympus is probably just a code name. Remember Shadow for the X?

    • EC8CH

      Lets all hope so 🙂

    • Mrpicolas

      Regardless its still godly.. lol see what I did there?

  • Droid1294

    Its a okay name, but droid has to be in the name

  • EC8CH

    Actually Olympus was a mountain before it was a camera 😛


  • Mobrienjr85

    under category doesn't that say smartphone and dual mode????

  • Olympus = Lame Name

  • I agree, Olympus is a camera. I'm not a fan of the name.

  • Olympus is a camera….NOT A TABLET/PHONE OR WHATEVER 🙁 lol