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Contest: The Great Arkon Mobile Mount Giveaway!

A few weeks back we ran our review of Arkon’s new “Mega Grip” mobile mounting solution products and are now ready to give them away!  We have 3 items to hand out to Droid Life readers and they are the Sports Armband, the Friction Dashboard Mount and the Removable Air Vent Mount.  To get a better idea of what those are, hit up the gallery below.  I’ll also say again that this series of mobile mounting solutions is by far the best I’ve run across.  Arkon has definitely come up with a winning line here, especially for those of us with giant 4.3″ screened phones.

To Enter and Win:

1.  In the comments, get creative and tell us why you deserve to win one of these items.
2.  Everyone else will then “like” the comment they find most creative, funny, etc.
3.  Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll grab the top 3 for “likes” and those will be our winners.
4.  Feel free to Tweet and share this too! (Buttons are up top.)

Simple enough?  Let’s hear those reasons!

And to see Arkon’s entire lineup, visit their site.

  • German

    cus im the brokest droid x ower you know…..no lie. Shitty car but nice phone.

  • AnschutzIT

    I'm getting married in a month and until death do us part will be poorer.

  • Drunkwookiee

    My family was attacked by pirates and I need to save money to take ninja lessons to avenge them and therefore cannot afford one.

  • TheWizKid95

    i deserve to win this mount because today is my birthday!!! im turning 15! pls let me win! pls let me win! pls let me win!!!!!

  • mattyboy1013

    because women belong in the kitchen

  • Kenhunt86


  • Waltwhite27

    Mount Great Arkon lend me your arms to hold me and allow my SD to flow with speed and sound, I have had 1 before you but I to the floor have been bound, luckily my faithful otter was there to stop the pain, but will I walk with the arm band to keep me, out of rain, I run, I ride, my protection needs a plane, the mount I yearn will learn I won't complain but be great-full for the grasp you will have on my frame, I am D1, the first deployed.. I holler loudly DROOOIIID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • musicandnumbers

    I deserve the arm band…frankly, I get a little crazy on the treadmill, and I'm afraid my Droid X might fly out of my hand!

  • Cecil Xavier

    Last time I mounted anything I got arrested. Stupid public indecency laws.

  • Tran Nino

    If i win the mount, i can drive while seeing through layar, augment reality browser.

  • hakorhe

    I need an INCREDIBLE and reliable mount for my INCREDIBLE and reliable phone…the Droid Incredible 🙂

  • luigi90210

    I think I should win one so I can mount it to my bike and ride in style lol

  • JKRC

    The cheapo mount I bought on eBay from Hong Kong for some reason has a picture of some Chinese pinup model on it. My wife saw it. I now sleep on the couch. Please help a brother out.

  • Hey does any one know were you can get direction on how toget the scream to look like the one that has. The list?

  • NuclearFluxx

    According to WebMD, my symptoms mean I died three days ago. Please let me enjoy being mounted.

  • My post is more a need of necessity than whitty (the mountign one was classic). The powers that be in my state passed a texting ban while driving, help me not go to jail for texting while driving…friends don't let friends text and drive.

  • Target Employee

    Wanna know how to get Flat screen tv's for 50% off or more? Want to learn how to steal from Target and get away with it? Wanna know where employees are having sex in the store? Wanna know how to get secret major discounts on products we sell? Wanna know what we do to the food you buy? Wanna know how to get everything you need on Black Friday? Wanna know how to upgrade your contract phones without paying full retail price or using your actual upgrade? Wanna know the truth about what we do when you ask us to find something for you in the store?


    You'd be surprised at all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes!!!

  • Flipboy439

    Well, I am all out of gold stuck in the middle of nowhere. So any mount sounds like a good mount to me. If you would be so kind as to give me one, I may finally go back to Stormwind and ask for more gold.

  • Flipboy439

    Im all out of gold. So any mount is a good mount to me. If you would be so kind to give me a free one I could finally go to Stormwind and do some Battlegrounds.

  • Zach Spong

    If I winn this I will give it to my dad cause I bought one for him he broke it and his complaing about how he broke it

  • gafrican

    vote for me, sucker emcees

  • Siilentii27

    Im simply awful at directions and finding myself anywhere, so I use my phone as my life saving GPS, and I could realllllllyyyy use this to mount it! It's tough trying to hold the phone, drive, and navigate! Hahah