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Contest: The Great Arkon Mobile Mount Giveaway!

A few weeks back we ran our review of Arkon’s new “Mega Grip” mobile mounting solution products and are now ready to give them away!  We have 3 items to hand out to Droid Life readers and they are the Sports Armband, the Friction Dashboard Mount and the Removable Air Vent Mount.  To get a better idea of what those are, hit up the gallery below.  I’ll also say again that this series of mobile mounting solutions is by far the best I’ve run across.  Arkon has definitely come up with a winning line here, especially for those of us with giant 4.3″ screened phones.

To Enter and Win:

1.  In the comments, get creative and tell us why you deserve to win one of these items.
2.  Everyone else will then “like” the comment they find most creative, funny, etc.
3.  Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll grab the top 3 for “likes” and those will be our winners.
4.  Feel free to Tweet and share this too! (Buttons are up top.)

Simple enough?  Let’s hear those reasons!

And to see Arkon’s entire lineup, visit their site.

  • German

    cus im the brokest droid x ower you know…..no lie. Shitty car but nice phone.

  • AnschutzIT

    I'm getting married in a month and until death do us part will be poorer.

  • Drunkwookiee

    My family was attacked by pirates and I need to save money to take ninja lessons to avenge them and therefore cannot afford one.

  • TheWizKid95

    i deserve to win this mount because today is my birthday!!! im turning 15! pls let me win! pls let me win! pls let me win!!!!!

  • mattyboy1013

    because women belong in the kitchen

  • Kenhunt86


  • Waltwhite27

    Mount Great Arkon lend me your arms to hold me and allow my SD to flow with speed and sound, I have had 1 before you but I to the floor have been bound, luckily my faithful otter was there to stop the pain, but will I walk with the arm band to keep me, out of rain, I run, I ride, my protection needs a plane, the mount I yearn will learn I won't complain but be great-full for the grasp you will have on my frame, I am D1, the first deployed.. I holler loudly DROOOIIID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • musicandnumbers

    I deserve the arm band…frankly, I get a little crazy on the treadmill, and I'm afraid my Droid X might fly out of my hand!

  • Cecil Xavier

    Last time I mounted anything I got arrested. Stupid public indecency laws.

  • Tran Nino

    If i win the mount, i can drive while seeing through layar, augment reality browser.

  • hakorhe

    I need an INCREDIBLE and reliable mount for my INCREDIBLE and reliable phone…the Droid Incredible 🙂

  • luigi90210

    I think I should win one so I can mount it to my bike and ride in style lol

  • JKRC

    The cheapo mount I bought on eBay from Hong Kong for some reason has a picture of some Chinese pinup model on it. My wife saw it. I now sleep on the couch. Please help a brother out.

  • Hey does any one know were you can get direction on how toget the scream to look like the one that has. The list?

  • NuclearFluxx

    According to WebMD, my symptoms mean I died three days ago. Please let me enjoy being mounted.

  • My post is more a need of necessity than whitty (the mountign one was classic). The powers that be in my state passed a texting ban while driving, help me not go to jail for texting while driving…friends don't let friends text and drive.

  • Target Employee

    Wanna know how to get Flat screen tv's for 50% off or more? Want to learn how to steal from Target and get away with it? Wanna know where employees are having sex in the store? Wanna know how to get secret major discounts on products we sell? Wanna know what we do to the food you buy? Wanna know how to get everything you need on Black Friday? Wanna know how to upgrade your contract phones without paying full retail price or using your actual upgrade? Wanna know the truth about what we do when you ask us to find something for you in the store?


    You'd be surprised at all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes!!!

  • Flipboy439

    Well, I am all out of gold stuck in the middle of nowhere. So any mount sounds like a good mount to me. If you would be so kind as to give me one, I may finally go back to Stormwind and ask for more gold.

  • Flipboy439

    Im all out of gold. So any mount is a good mount to me. If you would be so kind to give me a free one I could finally go to Stormwind and do some Battlegrounds.

  • Zach Spong

    If I winn this I will give it to my dad cause I bought one for him he broke it and his complaing about how he broke it

  • gafrican

    vote for me, sucker emcees

  • Siilentii27

    Im simply awful at directions and finding myself anywhere, so I use my phone as my life saving GPS, and I could realllllllyyyy use this to mount it! It's tough trying to hold the phone, drive, and navigate! Hahah

  • Whenever I'm out for a casual drive around town, I sometimes like to indulge myself in what I like to call a “Grease Monkey Ride.” In short, I strip down and rub baby oil on myself as I ride around town. Now if I had a nickel for every time my Droid X slipped out of my one hand as I rub baby oil into my chest hairs with the other whilst simultaneously attempting to program GPS directions to the nearest KFC in order to satisfy my dietary grease cravings, I'd be a very rich man. It's a slippery situation that can only be remedied with some kind of device which may hold my DX for me. This would also limit my oil stains/trails to the seat of my car, the fried chicken I consume, and the screen of my DX for programming directions. Am I right or am I right?

  • I was going to reply with something humorous, but unless PezHead is a hot 19 year old chick, I can't say I'm willing to help him out with his mounting issue

  • rwjake13

    To be Honest….I am a poor college student and this will be the closest thing i'll have to a tv!

  • how about a little REVERSE psychology….my ex wife tried to pull this on me ALL the time….
    i DONT want any of these because they would make my life TOO easy,,,,and who would want THAT right? i mean seriously….who wants an easy life with all this tecno junk…sure it would be nice….but i have a hard life and things need to be even HARDER!!!!

  • Ackland11

    I WANT THAT screen!!! i have desktop visualizer and launcher pro.. i just need to know where to get that desktop theme!! thanks…

  • dkg418

    Where oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over and thought I found true love. You met another and “@$#%@$#%” I won a cool mount!!!

  • Jason

    Can I have a white one? Does it come with free activation?

  • BigODroid

    I would love to win the armband because Im a fatty and could use it to work out and exercise. Then maybe I could mount something too. Nice one PezHead.

  • Kevin

    To be honest, with my active lifestyle I need two of these items.

    1) I need either the friction mount or vent mount holder for my vehicle in case I need to install the latest Google Maps or Google view, while on my way to the Sears Tower in Chicago for a base jumping event


    2) I need the armband mount as I am basejumping and have receive an OTA or an update to my basejumping, anemometer, wind vellocity app I got FREE from the Android market. I need these soon as I only have about 15 seconds before I need to yank that chute. Is there an app for that!!!

  • Bob2kim

    Mount Me! Mount Me! I usually go for anything that walks and talks but I guess I'll have to live with 'talks' as long as I get mounted.

  • Chadd Molloy

    I need this mount. Premier reason, I am hunting Ligers. I want people to know that Ligers exist, this is the only way. I have no money, because Liger hunting is not a “lucrative” business. But if you choose me, I will send everyone a picture of a Liger, who wouldn't want such a gem.

    • ECUPirate08

      Totally want this picture…”I caught you a nice bass”

  • Cus im a slave to the army by no choice of mine! (Israeli army…)
    and that car mount will make my day a bit more brighter ^^

  • Lizardkeno

    I need the armband for when I'm running away from the zombies!

  • Vbdriver

    Dont know what it is but I want it.

  • I liked three comments. It would be awesome to get some karma turnaround on the likes so I could be the third winner. Also, the arm band would be awesome. At around the 6th mile of my run holding the DX gets tiring!

  • turner

    Ok need an armband! It can double as my Military ID holder, and provide some tunes during my fitness runs. I mean come on we need me to stay fit! cause you don't want some chubby protecting our freedoms!. Right?

  • ni

    Ah, rather this mount, I'm more interested in that sexy theme mounting me- er my phone.

    What is it and where can I get it?

  • droid1way

    win the car mount for the wife and maybe i could get a mount in return.


  • GoSM

    Friction mount . . . what more fitting use than placing it on my wife's back while searching the Kama Sutra app for new positions 🙂

  • Modawg2k

    I need car mount because driving around and having to look down to watch my slingbox is just way too dangerous and, quite frankly, irresponsible of me.

  • I would totally use this in class, the Friction Dashboard Mount would look much classier on my desk than using my backpack as a mount.

  • Biggshooter

    With the “REMOVABLE AIR VENT MOUNT”, I'll be able to use that AIR FRESHNER APP from the Android Market and never have to shower again!! WOO-HOO!!

  • The MOunter

    if i win this, i can finally tell my friends that i can mount something incredible in my car anytime i want

  • Justin

    I wouldn't want it if it were free!

  • Justin

    I need one so I can find my phone after the car accident ill get into while talking on the phone and driving.

  • Ihrodriguez831

    Imma Detroit Lions fan..nuff sed

  • jfherring

    You know those little business card display stands for your desk? Yeah, I stole that from my desk and hammered it into the dash of my car. That is what my droid currently sits on when I drive (3 hour round trip daily commute). Please help me get this ugly thing pried out of my dash. Thank you.

  • realigion

    Because then, at the gym, I can show everyone my DarkEdge theme adorned on my arm!
    Wooo for shameless plugs 😀

  • Greasymutton

    I thought a mount is something you hang on a wall after you shoot it……. HMMMM…

  • Greasymuttonchops

    I thought a mount is something you put on a wall….HMMMMM…

  • carluverdrm2004

    With as much as I use the gps feature on my droid, a mount like this would prove very useful!

  • Lloyd2398

    okay i feel as if i should win one of these because…. lets see first most important i do not have a headset, and with that i have gotten 3 tickets for having my phone next to my ear, even though i talk on speaker phone i still cant hear so the idea of having it in fron of me i think it would stop me answering the phone, due to having to take it out of the holster. also i could get my gps back on track and not having to hold it in my hand or up on my speedometer dash, then i cant see how fast im going,

    Whoo sounds like i should be walking LOL

  • Deuceup

    I need to mount one of these on my arm and get to walking and shed some of this fat. That's my reason.

  • MyDROIDyourmouth

    Jus crushed a 4lOco threw sdome b1tches iophonE in th e shittrer and told hEr to SUCK MY DROID bitc cried and herr friendf ducked my d1ck an hr later. Droid dfoes fcuk throAts and choke biches HAHAHA
    I deserv ARKOn and iphuckes dServe to be e mushroom stamped IN THE E EYE

    • Festival3300

      LOL! I just laughed for about 5 minutes straight!!! This is the definition epic/dedicated/absurd/hilarious. You win big time lol

    • Karp

      Fact: 4loco is straight up poison. Fact #2: your post is awesome.

  • Andres

    I'll tell you why do I deserve to win the Friction Dashboard Mount or the Removable Air Vent Mount… because I just bought today my first car!!! It's an oldie Datsun 120Y just like this one: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/4571/datsunfp.jpg

    And it really needs something NEW inside! 😛 Probably my droid + one of those accesories are more expensive than my car! hahaha 😉

  • ace4311

    I would like to win a mount so i can purcahse a smartphone that will fit in the mega grip. So many choices the Droid X , Incredible, Fascinate. They should fit in it, right!!!!!!

  • DroidHex

    Droid X = $599. Droid X with an Arkon Mobile Mounting solution = PRICELESS !!

  • I should get one because those aren't the droids your looking for!

  • Cesard826

    I like turtles:)

    • Chris Nimon

      ha ha ha thats hilarious. <object height=”385″ width=”480″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/CMNry4PE93Y?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US”><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”><embed allowfullscreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” height=”385″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/CMNry4PE93Y?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”480″></object>

  • Aaronhilton

    I need a good car mount because it's not easy to drive with my phone duct taped to the steering wheel – I've already lost three phones after making an “enthusiastic” left turn. I've even got my arm stuck in the whole contraption after my phone came loose and I got my wrist tangled in the tape mess. My hairless arm and sticky steering wheel beg you to like my post…

  • Kunvatpa

    I need this mount and if I am without I am going to shout without doubt and count until the contest is over. hahahaha I can't write poem but whatever. I need this mount so I don't crash random cars while playing with my DROID 🙂

  • Onebadbikerr

    I defend our country from terrorist and sacrifice a hell of a lot so everyone that lives in America call themselves FREE. If it wasn't for me and the thousand's of soldiers defending this country nobody would have this opportunity.

  • Dre

    A mobile mount would be nice, because I'm tired of my arm falling alseep as I hold my phone up to my face while using the gps!

  • Nick

    I don't have any likes. too bad, would have LOVED this too ):

  • Topazjai

    I need this cuz I have to kids that talk so much I am always losing my phone in the car I would be able to keep both hands on the wheel cuz my phone will stay put not all over and under my seat of my truck that will be the highlight of me gotting in to go places since I do not drive unless I have my gps on my droid love ya driod

  • Drkfal06

    I like this mount. Has a rugged looking design.

  • Sory englesh my bad not good. Please would like to mount arm like puppy.

  • Because I win.

    Droid X owner =D

  • CJ

    I've been a bad boy…I deserve a good mount!

  • Isaacmfc

    I have one but I need a second, my epic hunting falcon sits on it while we cruise in our convertible chrysler lebaron around town.

  • Cincy Droid X

    With the new law passed in Cincy that bans texting while driving, the car mount will make it look I am only using a navigation system…..

  • Dtek67

    Having one of these would give me a reason to get a car!!!!


    What do you call those app icons on the DX?

  • Bee's do it, Bird's do it, dog's do it, don't be the only one not doing it, get mounted-Arkon!!!!

  • An Arkon Friction Dashboard Mount sounds pretty sweet, but let's be honest, I'm doing this for the bubble wrap packaging it'll come in, which would be totally awesome.

  • Justin

    I need one because I have yet to be in a cell phone related traffic accident

  • Klink23

    If I win it, I'll be one of the three people that win it.

  • If you check Droid-Life for app updates at 4 am like this comment =D

  • Rjoudrey

    If I win one I will send everyone naked pictures of my sister.

    • Justin

      I guess it depends on what she looks like

    • blu3bird

      If I win, i'll send naked pictures of your sister!

  • Rpjr42507

    I need a mount please because verizon ones suck and the last one I had broke my driod x. Send me one because I'm the choose one, the Jedi that will save us in the 2012 from world end attacks.

  • One_ina_milli

    Cause I take my driving test soon,, and the driving instructor can be busy playing with my phone instead of watchn me mess up ,he or she should admire my best of a phone droid x

  • Waltwhite27


  • Bbg Blanch

    So when I'm driving I can watch video on my droid ignoring my girl friend talk about her I *hone

  • Cflores860

    Because its the only thing that will make my droid eris look cool

  • Rick00770

    I wanted the nexus one so bad, but couldnt afford unlocked price and needed phone ,so didnt order online, after going through smartphone merry go round i ended up with evo ,which is sort of like nexus one,s big brother or maybe cousin, sure would like to have mount for it.

  • If I win this, I can use my free hand to actually steer with a hand, not my knees =)

  • Droidinmind

    My wife tells me if I win the Friction Dashboard Mount, Set it high and proud in my truck with the DX mounted she would GPS into the wild with me!!!!! Hmmmmmmm

  • Jsmall88

    What theme or home screen is that? I want it please!

  • GiovanniC1

    Well if i won one of these i could watch PORN while i am in traffic and since i live in NY traffic is bad, so mounts + droid x + porn + traffic = a good time while in traffic lol

  • totaldroid

    Def got my first Android Phone TODAY and would def enjoy the crap out of the car mount.

  • who wouldn't want a mobile mounting solution that is like the new york yankees of mounties!

  • C Brownlee17

    I have a shirt that says pants on it so if thats not reason enough for ya then i dont know what is

  • If Thor, the God of thunder, rode to your house on the back of a might Tyrannosaurus Rex and played “Rock You Like a Hurricane” on a 50-foot long Gibson made of golden skulls while the Blue Navy Jet Fighter Squadron fought a battle with large breasted Valkyrie women as Satan himself rendered the vocal of a billion doomed souls , it would only be about half as awesome as me with my Droid X on a Arkon mount in my car!

  • beer4you

    To start with I'll type this slowly so people who don't speak English well can follow and vote for me as well.

    The dash or air vent mount is needed as my last one met a tragic accident. Having moistened the plastic part and stuck it on the windshield I was unaware it had not suctioned on completely. I turned a corner and the mount popped off, flew across my dash and out the window striking a Yorkshire Terrier in the head. The Yorkie then grabbed my mount (phone still in it) and ran to the old lady who owned her with what I would consider a small amount of blood coming from the wound on her head. I jumped out of the car and approached the old lady who set about beating me with her walking stick. Holding my head in agony I stumbled out into traffic causing cars to swerve and a number of accidents to occur. The whole situation was chaos and the police were called. In their haste to arrive on the scene they didn't notice the Yorkie on the road who came to an untimely end at the hands of the police car. Another car swerved to avoid the partially squished Yorkie and rammed into the gas station. The pump caught fire and a fireball erupted into the air causing the news helicopter that had arrived to veer off, accidentally fly too low and thus get caught in the power lines. The whole area lost power and as I live in Virginia the Pentagon was out of power as well. With no method to protect the United States due to communications being down they had to resort to morse code. Having not used morse in a long time they mistaken read a message saying that the middle east was surrendering all their weapons of mass destruction as saying that the middle east was firing all their weapons of mass destruction and so they returned fire. World War three broke out and we destroyed all mankind. In the dark desert wasteland that ensued the only thing the next inhabitants of this earth will find is a indestructible Arkon phone mount and a Twinkie. If I'd had that mount to start with we'd all be enjoying a beer right now instead of dead.

  • This mount will make it much easier for me to update my Facebook status about all the people screaming at the farmer's market parking lot.

  • Alfredoparra15

    Why should I win this?…hmmm I don't have an Iphone, is that good enough?

  • Tonyval555

    Well, my wife refers to my phone as my “girl friend”, I hope she don't find out about winning a free mount.

  • MetalFox

    I had one of these…. once but then ninjas stole them from me…. plus im diabetic, and i have Alzheimer's….. wait… what…..?

  • dandroid

    I don't even have a cup holder in my car. I have to “squish” drinks between the passenger seat and the parking brake. My wife would really appreciate if she didn't have hold my phone and my drink when riding with me.

  • Cody Phi

    Can someone post how to get that insanely sweet lock/ home screen? Not sure which it is but it is one of the best I have seen.

  • Shavers

    i could use this to mount on my bed, so when im handling business with the misses i can still check out whats going on with phone. And she claims im in love with my phone. What does she know…

  • Heyimsteve029

    Droid Doesn't:
    Mount itself

    It should.

  • Nice… that would definitely make my OG live a lil longer

  • Wsmiley4

    I need it to add to the numerous other things that I have mounted in my life. (tires, tv's picture on my wall, horse, camel, external HDD, sd card, xd card, droid, droid x, and of course a random deer that wondered in front of my 1985 ford tempo last week)

  • superserious

    In a nutshell, I'm tired of my original Droid 1 car mount falling off of my dashboard, sending me and all of my passengers into mass hysteria.I also just moved to a new city for law school and I'm tired of driving in circles. Seriously though, my Google Maps Nav lady is of no assistance to me when she is on the floor of my car.

  • Whitl103

    I live in an iron lung in my car (and before you say “Shenanigans! An iron lung can't fit in a car!” I drive a Cadillac Fleetwood). I have a life support app that controls and regulates my iron lung, but my Droid 1 gets too hot due to the resource drain caused by keeping a human being alive and it randomly shuts down.

    I need a new mount that can be positioned in front of my air conditioning vent so I don't continue to live in fear of suffocation.

  • Jessegio34

    If I win this…then ill have more money to by beer to get drunk and each my Oakland Raiders win all their games the rest of the season! Yeah!

  • Regy

    I deserve this because my aunt just bought me a droid x because my parents can't afford it with our house being foreclosed, so i could really use a mount because i would like to make tutorials on hacks, and just plain tips, and tricks, as well as i could be a great present for my dad. Sorry i'm not funny, or stand out.

  • I don't have a car but if i win ill buy one to put this on, that or ill figure out a way to put it on my handlebars of my 20 inch Huffy.

    • Oh i didn’t even realize there’s an armband chance, that will go great around the Velcro pad on my bike! These things were made for me…

  • Sep

    I have no real life—just a Droid Life.

  • Wyveryx

    I need one because it will be the only way I can get a girl to get into my Yugo!

  • CoRy

    I want one! Ha ha

  • Vflex28

    I met Chuck Norris and him and I would almost be cool like you if we won this contest!

  • Stuck_In_A_Hole

    I just got out of a mine shaft in Chile and I could use a little cheering up.

    ps. DO NOT tell me how the Mad Men season is going, I am WAY behind on my Tivo.

  • Moeyknight

    Because I am one of only a handful of chicks that braves this sausagefest.

  • droidDOESyou

    Can I mount it to my pants ?

    • chester

      Sorry – I’m British and I just had the strangest image pop into my head when you said ‘mount it to my pants’ 🙂

  • ZiggyDroid

    It will be a nice place to put my phone when I wear my skinny jeans.

  • I need one of these mounts because when I drive my SUV into a tree trying to get away from my angry golf-club-wielding wifre, my Droid Incredible will stay safe and secure on the dash.

    Yours truly,
    T. Woods

  • because I will paint my red, give it a little hat and call it my Canadian Mountie.

  • akrish

    i got a mount from sprint and my calls don't drop but my phone does

  • snoty

    Simply because “Droid Does!”

  • BoyDroid

    Having one of these mounts will make it WAY easier to text photos of my junk to sideline reporters.


    #4 in Minnesota

    • EC8CH

      +1 for besting my Favre reference

  • I would love one of those arm band mounts. I would use it while going out on a Sunday ride. I think I should win one because I never win anything. 🙁

  • iamthewalrus2211

    I already have a mount for my og droid but i need somewhere to put my *pod. lol

  • Dman27

    I need one of these to hold my valuable junk!

  • Andy

    I need this mount because my old mount broke up with me for an i*hone and I've yet to be properly mounted since then…(upside-down smiley-face).

    Andy the Android

  • Kraymanbauer

    I deserve it because I am god….and god deserves all and is never wrong…especially when designing outer antennas

    Steve j*bs

    • Andy

      You called Steve Jobs God….booooo!

      • Kraymanbauer

        No I didnt. I am steve j*bs and am a closet d1 lover cause MY i*hone has been awefull since I introduced it but since it leaks a nerve gas from its speakers, nones the wiser. It'd use my phone…..but I can't get a signal in my palace of doom….hence my closet droid 1 love!

  • Tavist7870

    lo, tambourine monk please give me a Arkon Mobile Mount. I will always address it lo, tambourine monk when I approach it. Mix it up and you will see what I mean. Is that creative enough for a car mount? Please?

  • TheDmonster

    I should win so that droid-life can prove that they will actually send me a free mount for my droid!

  • See what I did there?

    I deserve to win because, being newly broken up, I need something to mount and I refuse to pay money for that privilege.

  • Bryannichelson

    United states army corporal, I serve so you don't have to, freedom isn't free and neither are these mounts. Help a soldier out =)

  • Lilbballer38

    I would love to finally mount something! 🙂 all my friends are doing it. I wanna see what the fuss is about.

  • Mbentley

    I need to win, the sports band, because my wife wears the pants in the family and won't let me spend another dime on anything related to electronics. I use duct tape as an arm band now and to make things worse she enjoys pulling it off after a workout….pathetic..

  • Revelation

    I need a mount for my car so I can record the footage of me mowing down the elderly in my neighborhood with my sweet 1991 Ford Taurus. Videos are coming out shaky without the proper mounting hardware.

  • the “Mega Grip” is the only thing big enough to hold all my geebees

    • EC8CH

      It will also keep it from wifing out the window if you get into an accident 🙂

  • J. Bourne

    I need the car mount because being a CIA “asset”, there is a lot of driving to the houses of individuals that I am looking to “talk to” and I usually have no idea where they are. Let me tell you, it is extremely difficult to load a magazine, screw on a silencer, AND hold my hTc Incredible for navigation all while driving my black, unmarked Expedition. This mount would help me achieve my missions with greater efficiency and therefore keeping America safer…can you really turn down the safety of American lives? Reward me with this car mount and I will reward you with piece of mind…and make sure your name never makes it on my list.

  • bgoodwood

    I'd like the armband just so I can say that I can “strap-on my droid” and go to town.

  • Dan

    I deserve to win because, I never win anything!

  • I won't say I deserve to win one, but honestly I just think it is irresponsible of you guys to make me keep my phone in my lap while I watch movies on the drive home from work. Don't just do it for me, do it for my dozens of potential victims.

  • Mjölnir

    Because I was driving home one day and I was wearing my favorite “Andy” tee and he caught Megan Fox checking out his packaging and exploded all over my old one and ever since then it's just never worked quite the same.

  • If I win the…

    The Armband – This will be like my treadmill, a great idea at first but will probably never makes it way on my arm, but my son will love it as a head band pretending he is one of the TMNT's!!

    Friction Dashboard Mount – This will be perfect for watching direct TV Sunday ticket football while sitting on the mass pike in traffic because i don't have one of those stupid fast lane things..

    Removable Air Vent Mount- How will this work on my Harley?!?!? At least the dashboard mount has a suction cup! 🙂

  • JackDroid

    I need this because I need it! I really need the armband because with basketball, i really have to run a lot and play basketball but i have to be careful with my phone, so by the end of my workout, i have about 1000 texts and 10 missed calls. please guys!

  • Supermanjames3011

    well my wife is already jealous of my droid . wait till she hears, that im going to mount my droid

  • 1bad69z28

    Winning one these great mounts will definitly help my social and hobby skills on Off Road trips in San Jose, CA. I have a Jeep Wrangler and take it off road to Hollister, CA from time to time. Alot of the guys have their cell phones (*Phones) hooked up to thier dashmounts. They laugh at me and my trusty ol' D1 as I go over the bumps and threw the water as my D1 drops and falls on the floor. My Off – Road Jeep friends ask me why do I have a Droid, why not *Phone, and I tell tell “One Day You will be begging to have a Droid”. “Open source OS, custom ROMS and the ability to have a new phone everyday, Oerverclocking man, *phone sucks!!!!”.

    Plus with Google maps at my side I can traverse the trails with ease. the Friction Dashboard Mount or the Air Vent Mount will fit nicely in my Rig. So please pick me, and so I can show those *Phone carying, Silicon Valley Turtle Neck wearing, Apple eating Snoobs that DROID Mounts ROCK !!! Thank You My DROID LIFE Brothers

  • Ayonm2980

    I could really use a phone mount so I can keep one hand on the wheel and the other on my g/f while watching a movie!!!!

  • Legacystar

    Have you ever tried to fly an X-wing inverted when your droids not properly mounted?

  • Because my mother-in-law is staying with us for a week, and I need something to distract me from murdering her ..

  • Rbianchi5

    Because I'm living in a van down by the river!

  • Well Kellex, if you scratch my back I will scratch yours, and I think I know where your back is 😉

    • Theman

      Hahahahahahaha. Superbad gotmto love it

  • IonDriver

    My Saturn Ion would look less gay with a car mount….

  • I'll be honest. I'm a cheap ass.

  • XorDie

    I need to properly restrain my X before it eats anymore children..

  • Brian

    I understand people wont be able to mount anything, or people cant afford it, why should I suffer because I am a outstanding citizen with no loans, with a girl that likes to mount (alot) and a beautiful car along with my white picket fenced house. I would love to win something by giving back to my people. You people want better taxes like me! You people want more freedom of speech Like Me! You want vending machines in the cafeteria of your school or work Like Me! You want free mounts Like Me! You want to mount something I can also help you out with that if Press the Like button. This message if brought to you by the people for the people LIKE BRIAN VOTE NOW dont be a follower be a leader!!!!

  • Princesation

    If I win id advertise Droid Life by having it on the webpage while its mounted . Not to mention ill wear a sign on my pants' zippers that say Droid Does . Lol

  • Joshvelasquez31

    Today I was declared awesome for a day. But to be declared awesome for a year I would have to win the mounting system. I want to be awesome. Pretty please!!!!!!

  • C-Foot

    Because I am like most. 3 kids, wife, and I promise you this is the only thing I will mount this week or the next 6 months, since I am deployed to Iraq. It would be nice to tote my Droid around and put all the i*ods to shame.

  • sneaced

    I need the car mount because I touch myself at night.

    But seriously, I drive a “stick shift” and it would be much easier to use “google maps” and keep /one/ of my hands free at all time.


  • steve

    I can't join the droid canadian mountie police without one…

  • Stephen

    Every proud Droid owner deserves one, however, since only three are available only three can win. I can't find the right words to describe why I should get the mount and not the other members of the community. The reason is simple, there isn't any. If I win, I will not gloat…instead I will feel a sense of pride that I got to share this thought with you all and thank the creators of this contest. Not just solely for the mount, no…for giving so much back to the Droid community.

  • Arkon Mobile Mount + Droid = Chick Magnet! =3

  • muteDroid123

    I need this because when I put my case on my Droid X it's too huge to fit in any other mount on the market!

  • Ankit199

    if I get either the Friction Dashboard Mount or the Removable Air Vent Mount then I will be able to FINALLY “Mount” something! 😉

  • Eddiesj

    Because I go for the lions and desperately need to win something…

  • unrelated comment, what's the skin or is that a rom or what? lol i want it very simple.

  • Justjosh4

    I love lamp.

  • Peter

    Cause life will be ten times easier, and droid will do even more (;

  • gyeagley

    I should win one of these because I will publicly say that the iPhone sucks!!

  • MikeD

    Winning one of these would probably help be drive and be less of a danger on the road because driving while trying to hold your droid is difficult and could cause an accidenw%$#onnf [email protected]%kfbrt t423reni……………….

  • JubbaTheHutt

    The car mount would have come in handy last weekend…maybe than I would have kept my eyes on the road more than on my X, and wouldn't have hit that gaggle of street mimes 🙁

    Here's to hoping I can still receive care packages when I'm on cell-block 8.
    *crosses fingers*

  • Jossi Cruz

    I need this so when i carpool with my I*hone coworkers I can show off my cellular superiority.

  • Justan19

    so my blackberry can see the subtle signs that he is about to be dumped in January for a Droid!

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    The mgibill only pays for school and one addiction (booze, not electronic accessories) 🙂

  • Lyrical323

    Another day on the job. Dressed in all blue with my detective badge hanging from my belt. On the side of my belt is my everything, my all, the onlything that has my back and will protect me in case anything goes wrong while patrolling these streets…. my droid X. I get into my vehicle, unholster my droid from my belt and put it into my Arkon windshield mount and turned on my police stream scanner to listen in on what these scumbags around the city are up to. Windows down to take a swift of the beautiful smell around the city when… ugh.. threw up all over the driver side door. I had forgotten the reason why everyone in the department told me not to put my window down till I was already past the 1st light. That's where all the bumbs take care of business and I had taken a good long wiff… disccussting! popped some tik tacs and I was back in business. It wasn't long before I seen this thug swerve all over the median, onto coming traffic and it began. Hit the menu button on my droid X, pulled up my color Flashlight app and hit my lights and wailer. 3 blocks down and this thug has nowhere to go… dead end! 3 squad cars behind me as backup and this guy is surrounded by all these officers with their fancy Tazer gadgets and me with my droid X in hand. This thug is not giving up that easy I see, while my partners keep this guy distracted I was able to creep around the backside of this punk, pull up my Tazer app, let this guy have it in the neck (like the old days) and watch him tweak his way to the floor, i thought I was watching a dancing with the stars audition. Turned him over, cuffed him, and sent him to dance his nights away behind bars. Once again a scumbag off these streets, open my app killer, killed my lights and sirens, kept my police stream on, hit the home button and drove off into the night with my droid life background gleaming from my phones big screen cause droid life is the life I live.

  • I need the armband because, having your DROID X on your pocket while your on the treadmill or jogging doesnt cut it anymore.
    It is very hard to change songs while running; pull out the phone, turn screen on, unlock it, try to tap the correct button, lock it, slide it back in the pocket.

    Also, i think this contest should draw the winners randomly but rules are set, sadly. Good luck to everyone

  • I deserve to win because I've been a good boy this year.

  • leathernuts

    Because the Raiders beat the Chargers!!!!!!!!!

  • zmpinqc

    I deserve to win the friction mount because I'm so slick…

  • El El Kool J

    I will be able to mount it on my windshield of my “Yamaha R6” and not have to keep stopping just to check my phone… 😛

  • Cyberdemon

    This mount would be an awesome addition to my Droid!! I would have already bought one of these mounts but with finances tight I am limited. Also with my house up for foreclosure, it looks like I might be living in my car so I definitely could use one!!! Thanks in advance if you like my comment everyone!

  • Kaufkin

    because the sports arm band is probably the only way I'll fit the Droid on my Motorcycle. (and yeah, it's lame vs Pezhead's wit, or the sob stories below (Cancer, et'all) but true.

  • Stanger

    I've never killed anybody, but why take the chance while i'm driving?
    Do you really want that on your conscience?!?

    I need this mount!

  • I deserve to win because my coffee would like to have it's cup holder back in the mornings!

  • Nothing better to hold the Original Gangster in place while driving!

    D1 Owner!!

  • tiptoptommy

    Mount mount the magical mount
    The more you want the more you pout
    The less you win the worse you feel
    Give me a mount or I will kil

    A poem by tiptoptommy
    The pattern of beans beans lol

  • DukeTop

    I think i should win the armband, because i ditched the i*hone when i got my droid, then i started losing weight (not switching related but 4 pants sizes!), and now i need something to hold my rooted droid army device, while i exercise, i'd buy one myself, but last year i lost my job, and unemployment is going to run out this month.

  • ironick

    Because if I get a car mount my wife will have no excuse to be holding my Droid when using the Navigation. For some reason she thinks she has do relay the directions to me. How can you give wrong directions while looking a Navigation!!

  • Hendrix

    i need this to make up for the droid 2's locked bootloader. it kills me inside. bit by bit. and this will make it all better.

  • mikedroidx

    if i win one of these it will probably be the best thing thats happened to me since my mom told me i was special on the inside…

  • Chris Nimon

    Because if you dont i'll break into your house and rearrange all the furniture, leave an empty roll of toilet paper on the spool, squeeze your toothpaste in the middle, leave only half a scoop of coffee grounds, format your hard drive, and then I'll show up at your job and leave a message that you better go to the clinic to get checked out.

  • Jadam6118

    Because it already looks so pretty.
    l ________________ l
    l ______l_____l_____l_____l______ l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    ____l l l l____
    l l l DROID l l l
    l l l l l l
    l l l l l l
    l l l l l l
    l l l LIFE l l l
    l l l l l l
    l l l l l l
    l l l l l l
    l___ l l l l____l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l____________________________l l
    l l
    l______l l______l

  • I've already got one in my car, and another on my bike. But having one in the bathroom would be immensely convenient.

  • BMacDX

    so my girlfriend can stop strapping a magnet to her hand and holding my DX in front of me while i drive, freeing her hands up for other endeavours.

  • Lukekool

    Im a guy whose wife wants me to use the nav so we don't get lost or late for the John Mayer concert

  • Matt H

    I present you with a Haiku…

    This mount I do need
    If I use hands to hold droid
    A ticket I get : (

  • Cjreyes666

    Cause i have a sick black camaro in my drive way plus a black droid phone a black mount will just be the cherry in thecake

  • G3orge612

    I can only get the Eris cause I've been layedoff for 18 mouths,been raising my sisters kid, I have a small _____.. So please HELP a brother out.

  • CivilDroid

    I need the friction mount because I'm sick of taking my case off to put it on my mount. Every time I take the case off of keeps breaking off the little tabs on the case and I need to by a new case every month!

  • Koz

    My Incredible deserves and incredible mount

  • Ulighteca

    If I win I will make sure this victory benefits all of us android fans around the world. We owe it to ourselves to rally around this one post to benefit the millions and millions of us out there with our addiction. With this win we will finally be able to show all those people out there that we are winners and we don't need some fancy retina display to see that. That with this we will now be able to drive, walk, and play safely while our kids are out fighting crime. With this win it will bring CHANGE!! (Choir comes out chanting change back and forth dressed up as the droid line up of phones) not small change but big change. Where power to the people will mean something!!! With this win we will benefit all of the little tiny tims around the world and little baby androids. With this win we can finally be legends like Google, Droid X, and even… Oprah Winfrey. Yes my friends, if we can all like this then we will know, that android will always and forever triumph over apple… So as you stare at that “like” button remember who this stands for, and how far our donut has come. Thank you. (Choir leaves singing “my heart will go on”)

  • rizzet

    In case “embedding this video doesnt work, here is a link to my submission! PLEASE watch it and “like” it!

    <object height=”390″ width=”480″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.xtranormal.com/site_media/players/jwplayer.swf”><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”><param name=”flashvars” value=”height=390&amp;width=480&amp;file=http://newvideos.xtranormal.com/web_final_lo/c62cd866-d634-11df-a0f9-003048d6740d_7_web_final_lo_web_finallo-flv.flvℑ=http://newvideos.xtranormal.com/web_final_lo/c62cd866-d634-11df-a0f9-003048d6740d_7_web_final_lo_poster.jpg&amp;link=http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7339337&amp;searchbar=false&amp;autostart=false”><embed allowfullscreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” flashvars=”height=390&amp;width=480&amp;file=http://newvideos.xtranormal.com/web_final_lo/c62cd866-d634-11df-a0f9-003048d6740d_7_web_final_lo_web_finallo-flv.flvℑ=http://newvideos.xtranormal.com/web_final_lo/c62cd866-d634-11df-a0f9-003048d6740d_7_web_final_lo_poster.jpg&amp;link=http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7339337&amp;searchbar=false&amp;autostart=false” height=”390″ src=”http://www.xtranormal.com/site_media/players/jwplayer.swf” width=”480″></object><object height=”390″ width=”480″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.xtranormal.com/site_media/players/embedded-xnl-stats.swf”><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”><embed allowscriptaccess=”always” height=”1″ src=”http://www.xtranormal.com/site_media/players/embedded-xnl-stats.swf” width=”1″></object>

    • rizzet

      In case “embedding this video doesnt work, here is a link to my submission! PLEASE watch it and “like” it!

      • Chris Nimon

        nice vid. I like(d) it. You need to use photobucket or post it to youtube and link from there.

  • Abraham3660

    I use my Droid for EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, I am a student, and do not have alot of extra money to go out and buy accessories that would make my Droid even better. Like I said, I love my android phone. I have converted at least 5 people from i*hone to android and recommend this site daily, and I would love to show them some really cool accesories that could make droid their droid even better! Thanks

  • Mike

    I don't want to win it, so don't vote for me.

  • richlost

    I just got a ticket for texting and driving…. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    So I can use the Zombie Run app to run down *phone users

  • Mikesmash

    I just want to look like all those people that run with their i*hone, and then i won't have to carry my phone which frees up my hands for pushing people outta the way when running down busy streets.

  • Chuck

    I need one of these mounts because how else am I supposed to get a grip on my blazing fast Droid?

  • antintyty

    i need the window mount bracket because apparently, according to the law enforcement agency around here, it's illegal to hold my phone near the windshield so that i can use the navigation app on the DX….

    I keep getting pulling over for distracted driving.

  • Deslotnick

    Because my bologna has a first name, but I can't read it to you whilst driving without the airvent mount!

  • Exodus615

    I think i should win one so i dont have to steal my girlfriends GPS holder to play Super Mario Bros on my Droid 1 with my WiiMote while goofing off on the Droid-Life IRC with Ohshaith55 Tim the tomato and Tbaybe

  • NebulaOcton

    Since its getting the impossible to mount the wife since the honeymoon, maybe I can mount her phone and get mounted in return.

  • Chris Nimon

    Because *phone lovers go into an instant rage when they see a Droid

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I was driving the other day while using navigation. Of course I was having to hold the phone in my hand due to the lack of a mount for my Droid 1. I nearly ran over3 extremely hot bisexual females. That's serious business people. Also, anyone who votes for me gets Skittles and blue M&Ms.

  • SynSynAckAck

    I need either the sports arm band or the air vent MOUNT or the FRICTION dashboard MOUNT with MEGA-GRIP for my DROID because I have been power running, power lifting, power sweeping, power dating, power eating, power laughing, power spawning babies, 400 BABIES. So, I can not afford one.

  • EC8CH

    My last car mount shattered into thousands of pieces when I used my Droid to search for “effects of Chuck Norris Roundhouse”

    • Chris Nimon

      No fair bringing Chuck Norris to the fight lol Wish I woulda thought of that.

      • EC8CH

        Wherever there is a fight… Chuck Norris is already there.

    • Theartfuldodgr

      I thought chuck norris jokes were funny about a decade ago….

      • EC8CH

        Chuck Norris was telling you funny jokes ten years ago?
        Wow, you’re lucky… does your Mom still talk to him?

        • Theartfuldodgr

          It’s like the oldest meme on the internet

          • EC8CH

            “All your Chuck Norris Joke are belong to Us”

            That is the oldest meme

  • Chris Nimon

    Because I was kidnapped by aliens and force fed Slim Fast. Then I had to share a Probing room with Elvis while Oprah was cheerleading in a leather slave outfit and ball gag.

  • Why don't blondes listen to music when they run on treadmills? Because they can't figure out how to fit their car into the gym to listen to it on the phone in the window mount. So people tell me to try a thing called an armband. That's why I need it.

  • Jmersh21

    Seeing as how I'm in the auto industry this will be the closest I get to having a cool accessorie in my new car. VW is so far behind in OEM accessories. My DX gets so lonely sitting in the passenger sit and he may be big but not big enough to buckle him in.

  • Taichanteach

    I will mount it to my head while traversing the lower level Himalayas in Nepal and when Sony Xperia customers finally get 2.1, I will try to broadcast live. MOUNT UP!!!

  • Brianburke1980

    I had what I thought was a great idea when I crossed state lines for fireworks got back home called all my friends and this girl that lives down the street she is as my grandfather would say the bees knees. So here I am lookin like the cool kid everyone wanted to be me got a sweet phone cool car and Fireworks.
    Then it happens. As I started to light off the works every thing was goin great had girl using my DX to record as I set them off one by one everything was goin so well and then I blow off all my fingers all I have now is to thumbs needless to say the girl no longer talks to me so now I have to have my phone laying on the floor to type and with the DX the key board moves if I had a stand I could type or something

  • EC8CH

    Brett Favre:

    I could use one of those to help compose my sexting photos better

  • JTE

    friction mounting? I think I'll need a demonstration first.

  • Michael_NM

    If you don't “like” this, Steve Jobs will eat your gingerbread!

  • mcknightrider

    “Mounting,” according to Urban Dictionary, is “when you go around looking for reindeer decorations during Christmas season and when you find them you balance one's front on the others back, in a sex position.”

    For example – “It feels wrong to when you mount a baby reindeer on an adult reindeer.”

  • Chris Nimon

    Because the voices in my head told you to.

  • Chris Nimon

    Because im married, have 5 kids (4 daughters), and go to school full time for dual degrees- Engineering and Physics. So I have no money or time to go buy one.

  • Zoobcool

    Having this will allow me to text and drive easier since I don't even have to hold it anymore.

  • AustinDevil

    I deserve because Live,Eat and Sleep Droid Life! I hang on every post from Droid Life. I wanted to be able to take my driod life when I travel, whether its in the car or jogging, I just can't get enough of my Droid Life!!!!!!

  • The Droid Knight

    I need the Sports Armband for the nights that I am stalking the criminals of Gotham and using my Droid Incredible to find and punish the villains of our beloved city. With this armbad I can wallop the Joker with a roundhouse kick to the face and not worry about my Droid flying out of the cheap armband that I currently use. KAPOW! During the day it will allow me to keep my Droid close at hand to research the roller coaster stock market and conduct my billion dollar business deals with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. CHA-CHING! And during the weekend evenings I can flex my massive bat-muscles to impress the harrem of supermodels I keep on hand without worrying that the high quality armbad will rip and fall off, causing my Droid to drop and break. BOI-OI-OING! Batman needs your help Droid-Life. BLAMMO!

  • Earle Rylander

    Because if I win the car mount, I'll have an excuse to buy a car!

  • dscarfog

    I'm a Yankee fan, and I can never win enough.

    • EC8CH


      Just keep playing the Twins in the Playoffs

      • Anonymous

        If we keep playing the Twins, we’re gonna win every time!

        • EC8CH

          True:That’s how you can “win enough”…

    • Anonymous

      Lets go Yankee fans! Help a fellow Yankee fan win something pretty cool!

  • Brandnew750

    Having a Mount that advertises it's ability to “Mega Grip” my device is reason enuogh

  • Michael_NM

    I like you! If you like me, please “like” me! 🙂

  • droidrev71

    I would like to win the dashboard mount so I would have a dash cam. Then I can go around in record all the places that google street view did not record. That's a fair trade isn't it?

  • Andrew Hewitt

    My boy Eli would love this. He's the best mayne.

  • Tareq Alsamman

    is there something for bikes?!?! I would love to mount my droid on my bike (headphones not allowed!) I use my bike 1.5 hours everyday … so..

  • Pennywise

    I'd love to win the armband! That way, I could run and listen to music without my gigantic Droid flopping around in my pocket and whacking my balls!

  • ryanallaire

    I would like to win either the dashboard or the mega grip mount, i use my maps a lot for work to navigate, and it'd be real useful instead of holding my phone the whole time. This is a big safety item!

  • Because I'm too frigging cheap to buy one. And I don't have to worry about dropping my phone into my bowl of chili. Again. And also I have earned it through Karma by returning carts to the cart corral at Walmart.

  • David

    Because I am Asian and you cant trust me in my car without one of these =]

    • Tyrian

      Cant trust you at all in the car!


    • Burtonboarder13

      shut up you shouldnt even be driving damn asians

  • Jeremy

    Because I just dropped at&t and my iphone for a new droid incredible!

  • Squrrielc0n2600

    i need cause i travel alot to home from where im station to home as much as i can or the arm band would help with my droid when i have for when i do pt so i can listen to music

  • im4degreesaboveu

    i need the arm band so when im at the gym pumping iron and everyone else has their i*hone and touches and blah blah blah i'll be rocking my sweet incognito rom'd d1 with a big red droid eye staring at them as they try to figure out what kind of madness is staring back. og forever baby!!!!

  • xrob513x

    I wanna win the mount because I just moved to a new city for school and it's hard as hell to hold the DX and drive trying too look at the directions, even if it talks.. and because i wanna win one of these contests!

  • miguelotron

    Oh jeez, having to be creative on the spot makes me get performance anxiety… I deserve to win one because my current car mount for my INCREDIBLE is constantly falling off of my windshield, and I could really use a replacement!

    Wow, that wasn't creative at all… it's just the truth.

  • Who wouldn't want to mount the Droid?


    I am a father of 4 daughters. Enough Said 🙂

  • Me because my Droid X is prty cul gui. eh can be held without dropping a call and doesnt afraid of i*hone.

    • El El Kool J

      “doesn’t afraid of i*hone”.. ?? lol…

    • I think you accidentally typed droid-life instead of 4chan…

  • So when I decide to speed solve my Rubik's Cube while driving down the highway like I did last week, my phone (which acts as my timer) won't be in my lap and I will be able to drive much safer because I won't have to worry about my phone sliding out of my lap. By the way, my cubing while driving record is 37.24 seconds and I was going somewhere slightly above 70 mph.

    • You’re a danger to everyone out there. Your license should be suspended.

  • Gambrel022

    Let's see… firstly: I commented that Kellex “can haz sexy voice” secondly: I have a 89mile commute one way to work so's I can feeds meself and the wife thirdly: Ummmm cuz today is MAH BIRFING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pappy53

    Because I am 57 years young, and have never won anything!

    My X needs a holder, and since losing my job, I can't buy one.


    I need the dashboard mount because cup holders are for beer, not a place for my Droid.

  • Jeff

    Because I am a single parent. who works 75 hrs a week for pennies. if i had the $$ to buy this I would have to spend it on diapers first.

  • I would love a car mount one would look sweet on my 2010 camaro dash and two so i can look like a jack ass when i tell my GF to STFU i have a call.

  • Josh

    Almost plowed over a family of 4 while trying to activate the voice navigation on my Droid.

    If I had the windshield mount, it would be easy to activate it without having to pull it up from the armrest between the seats.

  • Cjportmann

    I deserve it, because I said: “Please,please please, with sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry on top.”

  • Soviets

    In soviet russia, droid mount YOU!!!

  • Mth2134

    because I would like to finally win a dang contest for once!!!!!!!

  • Well I need one of these because people like calling me while I'm driving, and I never answer when I'm driving. So my dad was “fussing” with me about how I should get a car phone dock holder thing for my car so I can answer my calls, in case something happens to him. Geez

  • LobbyDizzle

    I have the regular car mount from Motorola, but I don't want to use it on my newly bought BMW 535xi; it'll put circle marks all over my windshield.

    • Jdstell

      aww. What a terrible problem to have. lol

  • Not being creative, but I'll tell you why I need to win one. I have a 6 month old child, 20k in loans from school, 5k loan car payment, $900 rent, 10k loans that my wife had from school, and I recently lost my job. I have no money to buy any extra stuff right now, lol.

    • Mrpicolas

      Lol double that and throw 5 kids in the mix and ive been off a year plus my wife is disabled believe me I hear ya

      • Damn dude, you make me want to find a way to pay you, lol

        • Sarcastic

          For his own bad decisions?

          • Lakerzz

            Yeah…I’m sure it was his decision for his wife to be disabled, and for him to be off work for a year…

            EDIT: I just realized you’re name was “Sarcastic”…doesn’t sound like you’re being “sarcastic” much…

      • tiptoptommy

        Same here, 5 kids 30k in loans, 1300 rent,unemployed since nov, throw in cancer treatments for my wife every weekGlad to hear I’m not the only one yay

        • Sarcastic

          next time don’t have five kids you can’t afford to support?

          • Anonymous

            Rude much?

          • Sarcastic

            Because it’s true?

      • El El Kool J

        Well atleast you have disability comin in for your wife.. 😛

    • EC8CH

      Sell your Droid?

      • Andrew Hewitt

        You can’t be serious.

      • That’s like selling off one of your children. Only worse because you cant send a text, check your e-mail, or view the internet with your child.

        • EC8CH

          Your right… he should keep the Droid… sell the kid 😛

    • Isaacmfc

      if you got all those bills you shouldn’t have a smartphone! Don’t complain abd splurge on the luxury of a badass android phone!

    • hakoreh

      $900 rent?? where?? ill take it

    • hakoreh

      $900 rent?? where?? ill take it

  • I drive a prius and I am super cool. This fits my motif

    • Lakerzz

      So you’re the one slowing traffic down to 60 mph in the carpool lane?? UUGGHH!!!!

  • Because when I am traveling/driving, it is dangerous to be holding the phone! With the mount, is it a lot safer!

  • Greeknasty

    i derserve this mount because god made me the chosen one…he came down said hey man theres this mount being given away i said oh yeah really he said yeah for sure you should definetly cop it and i said i doubt ill ever get it i never win giveaways ya dig and then he said dont be a lil bitch just go and try…

    so here i am

  • Puffy98

    My reason why i hav to use it is that I hav A Beautiful, Huge screened DROID X!! Droid Forever!!!!

  • Clifton Dunaway

    … because I had the first Droid X!

  • PezHead

    Winning one of these is probably the only chance I'll have at mounting anything this week.

    • Kellex, he wins…


    • Nathanbull33

      This is the only one that actually made me LOL 🙂

    • Maansova

      Lmao, that was so funny dude…….WINNER HERE! 2 sad that u can only mounting that LOL!

    • Tavist7870

      too hilarious.

    • I liked this immediately, I don’t care if he’s my competition or not :p

      Sadly, I’m probably in the same situation 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I hear ya bro,we just had a baby, i aint mounting nothing for about 18 years haha.

  • Doolidg

    Because I'm first….

  • I deserve one of these so that when people see me, they won’t just see a beat up Oldsmobile, they’ll also see a Droid X that retails for more than the beat up Oldsmobile.

  • Jon

    I deserve this because i check droid-life.com everyday i wake up for tips and new rumors about the droid community.