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Motorola Tegra 2 Device Won’t be a Verizon Exclusive?

Some interesting news just popped up about the secret Motorola Tegra 2 device that we asked you to name this morning.  The latest from Android and Me suggests that the device will not be exclusive to Verizon and could actually hit all 4 major carriers, sort of like the Galaxy S lineup of phones did.  They also believe (as we do) that it will be 4G and should debut at CES in January as a device most of us could only dream about.

I will say that while it may not be “exclusive”, Verizon will do its best to make their Droid version as exclusive as possible.  Don’t be surprised if the Big Red release has Droid written all over it with a return to the black metal look of the original Droid and Droid X.

Seriously, can we just skip the holidays and jump right to 2011?

Via:  Android and Me Photo:  Concept Phones

  • Anonymous

    OK. Dear Motorola & Verizon, Give me a Tegra 2 device with a friggin physical keyboard! I absolutely without a doubt HATE on-screen game controls!

    Please my contract is up with you Verizon and you haven’t even released the Bionic yet (not impressed anyways). Please Moto, make a new Droid original clone with a Tegra 2 ARM chip and I’m a happy camper!

  • Chris

    Please tell me this won't have bing….

  • Verizon+Droid= amazing

    I hope its a verizon exclusive because if it isn't then it cant be called a “Droid” because the license is a verizon exclusive not motorola (thats the its the HTC DROID incredible, not just HTC incredible). Also i like it when the phone says “DROID!!!” when you get a text lmao. People just switch networks if you want a phone so badly unless you already have verizon then stick with it. And for AT&T people who will come in and say ” well AT&T covers 97% of America and verizon doesnt” well just to let everyone it says under the ads that that includes roaming and thats just regular phone service not 3g or even 4g which verizon announced the coverage for.

  • brando56894

    I cant wait until we get more info on this phone!!

  • That's a sexy phone but I bet money it'll never be a 'Droid' if it hits all 4 carriers as the article speculates.

    VZW will want to keep their exclusive 'Droid' lineup exclusive. Same reason the fascinate never became a 'Droid'

    • r0landct

      Verizon may also considering rethinking that if this truly is the best phone on the market and there is no good answer from HTC. However if they visually differentiate it enough and give it an extra BS feature or two that may be enough to make it a DROID.

  • Impressive. Most Impressive. The mock-up makes me mouth water. As a Droid 1 user on a budget, I am anxiously biding my time for when I can update. I have seen so many awesome Droid successors come, and of them a toss up between the Samsung Fascinate or the Droid X. This Droid “Terminator” has me very excited. A phone like this will make world domination a snap!

  • (*prays that this phone isn't locked down*) {{v_v}}

  • verizon will certainly make it 4.3in screen just to fit their fugly logo

  • The touch buttons at the bottom are in the order of a true “Google Experience” phone like the Nexus One and original Motorola Droid. If that is true, then this is definitely the phone I will be buying. No Blur or Sense for me.

  • Mikeyoungblood84

    8mp, front facing camera, sleek look that harkens to og droid…. I'm sold

  • Plzachar

    Cool phone. Looks like it has a 4″ screen. Excellent! But needs a slide-out keyboard with a Blackberry-type keypad. Forget the Motorola Droid 1 or Droid 2 keypads. Too difficult to use.

    Take the Droid Pro keypad which looks perfect,, put it on a slide-out tray in the tegra 2 Droid, and I'LL BUY IT. SO WILL DOZENS OF MY FRIENDS! Hey Motorola, are you listening?

    • Ray

      not to burst your bubble but you want a blackberry style keybord on a slide out 4 inch phone that sound retarded.

  • Blades

    Cool phone!! Just got my Incredible and can't wait for this one!! Only 16 more months to go….lol

    I mean, really, what is with all the phones being shoved down our throats and Verizon still locking us into a 2 year contract….It's not like they AREN'T making money off us packaging wise as it is…

    • RacecarBMW

      16 months wow more like 3 months
      unless in your world you count months differently

      • I'm pretty sure Blades was referring to 16 months left in his contract, rather than the time until the phone comes out.

      • Blades

        Snark-casm noted. However, on my Verizon bill it says 16 months left until upgrade…..soooooooo NO SOUP FOR YOU……

    • Because then they get to charge you $20 for an early upgrade after a year, and then lock you back in for another 2 years, so that you can upgrade early, but can't get away from VZW for 2 years.

  • ……………………

    And i just got an EVO too. Sad face.

    • RacecarBMW

      dont worry bro the evo is not that bad but why didnt you get the droid X instead of the EVO

      • Lakerzz

        Ehhhh…Evo>Sprint Droid X>Verizon…apparently he has Sprint, that's probably why…

  • Winterfresh

    The phone does look really sweet, but the location of the micro USB port kinda bugs me. I love how its on the side of my OG Droid, but if its on the bottom it would be annoying to use while lying on my bed or something.

    • RacecarBMW

      thats like a fake picture

      • Well, it's what's known as a concept drawing, which means that's where they *plan* to put the USB port, so the original point stands.

        • Mikeyoungblood84

          I actually get annoyed with the side placement. Kind glad they are going to change it, if they really are

  • Dude i give a rats butt if ever carriers gets it.. all that matters is that is that Verizon gets the phione and
    If that phone turns out to be exactly this way they say man-oh-man!!!

    I would call it the Motorola “Beast” 😀

  • evltwn

    What I really like about this phone is that sleekness of it. It looks clean and un-complicated. The soft keys are even moved back to the original places like the Droid. This phone, I would consider buying at full price because I won't be up for an upgrade until 7/11.

  • EC8CH

    THREE stereo speakers???

    • Michael_NM

      I thought that was odd too, but maybe the accelerometer is linked so that we'll get stereo in portrait and landscape?

  • Iturbided

    The DROiD COW? i hope those arnt the colors to this phone cuz it look like a cow haha

    • EC8CH

      ? I think you're referring to the “glare” in the rendering ?


  • Stephen D

    That's a great looking phone with great specs. I kind of want one, but at the same time, I don't wanna give up my Fascinate for it and have to use my slow Droid until it comes out. Certain aspects of TouchWiz have grown on me. Games runs well over 30fps already, so I wouldn't even notice an FPS boost, and it's fast enough without a dual core CPU. The biggest reason is that it's unlocked, while for all we know, this is more locked down than the D2, DX, and G2. Anyways, the concept says AMOLED screen? I thought Samsung was the only manufacturer of AMOLEDs and they're keeping the screens for themselves?

  • EC8CH

    I rather see the usb port on the side for landscape docks ala original DROID…


    Ok so its gona be on all 4 carriers with 4g? Tell me how thats gona work when att is crap with no 4g till 2012 if your lucky,, and the only ones with the lte 4g are verizon and wimax 4g…sprint… And most likley the way verizon has been embracing moto android phones it will be a verizon exclusive, and i hope so…. 🙂 DROID RULES!

  • A July release date would be great. I have loved the durability of my D1; however, it is getting a bit long in the tooth. I won't get a new phone until 4G so this could be squarely in my sites.

    • niteperson

      My NE2 on Verizon expires in 10 months, and while my Droid has served me well, I'll definitely be ready for something else. I just don't get too excited about upcoming phones. I have such a long time to wait before I can make a move, I plan on just evaluating what's out when the time comes and make the best decision for me. This might be a good choice, though. With Gingerbread?

  • EC8CH

    Looks like a Fred to me.

  • Kellex

    this phone looks sweet

  • Definitely a good looking phone. Lets hope the inside is as good.


  • well with a look like that I think it should be called the droid infinite. looking at it makes me feel like im looking off into infinity. and the specs are the thing of legends

  • keviNNN

    anyone notice that the soft buttons are back to the original droid layout?

  • cduce2411

    i dont care if it is an exclusive, as long as i has it 🙂

  • Serqet

    May actually be the first device I've seen that made me say “wow” out loud as a result of the looks alone… sexy…

  • Kierra

    Please be 4.3 inches, I simply can't go back.

    • That's what my last girlfriend said when she got out the ruler

      • DJ CHUBBZ


      • JohnSnipes32

        4.3? SMALL!

    • EC8CH

      Click on the “Concept Phones” source link… 4.78″ of screen

  • As long as it gets to Verizon and has a physical keyboard, I do not care 🙂

    I want it

  • Mike

    I'm sad to see there's no physical keyboard in that concept…I would probably get this phone anyways though.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Very nice

  • Patch89esch

    I might hold out for the first phone with the tricore processor. They announced the processor a month or two ago so I'm guessing we'll see a phone by q2 next year

  • Imtheecehlon

    cant freaking wait!!!!!!!!!!!! lets bring on jan 2011 as fast as possible!

  • JohnPA2006

    (only a Droid could kill another Droid, this is the only time this can be said)

    DROID DOES !!!!!!!

    • cduce2411

      not a killer, a replacement. the droid has served a few tours against many enemies and prevailed. but a droid doesnt kill another droid, all droids must unite as one under the android banner to crush the iphone, and the newer enemy, windows phone 7. strength in numbers! DROID!

      • Dredamanfoo2

        All robots, band together as a united army of i*hone destroying, blackberry burning, windows crushing droids! When there’s no limit to what droid gets, there’s no limit to what DROID DOES, and we can’t wait to welcome the tegra 2 to the fight!!!

  • Mobrienjr85

    yeah that phone looks so sexy I got a chubby right now, hopefully its not locked down

  • durangojim

    Anyone else want to bet that a form of this will also become Moto's first WM7 phone as well? Hopefully Verizon's version of this for Android will have all the bells and whistles and the other carriers versions will be lacking in some aspect (no FFC, LTE, camera flash) like what Samsung did with the Galaxy S. The other possibility is that IF the iPhone is coming to VZW in Q1 2011, Moto's concerned VZW's marketing muscle won't be behind the Droids anymore and will be focusing on the iPhone (which I could see happening unfortunately).

  • OldNuc

    If its locked down like the Dx, D2 then I pass.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s put things in perspective shall we? Why do you think with popularity with Android and developer community, that carriers and OEM’s won’t lock the phone anymore? With all the wireless tethering, over clocking the CPU’s, removing bloatware and etc…you don’t think these carriers and OEM’s don’t notice?

      1. OEM’s have agreement with carriers to ensure their phones are locked as tightly as possible so the user doesn’t take advantage of the carriers network…example tethering. You can look up at some people’s post about exceeding 5gb on unlimited plans.

      2. How many times this was posted that some newb rooted their phone and end up corrupting the device? That cost money for both the carrier and OEM to replace that device.I can’t count the countless time that is was posted “I’m stuck on the M logo…what do I do?”

      3. The reason I say you’re a fool is because it’s not just Motorola, it;s also HTC and other’s doing this…lookup the G2 controversy on the “rootkit” To say that you won’t get a device that isn’t locked is more childish than my comment.

      BTW I’m not against rooting, I have done it on my OG droid that was running BB. You have to take perspective from a company that’s trying to make money. You think Apple likes the idea of you jailbreaking their iphone to get free apps?

      Oh yeah the week is too young to say that my comment was childish, someone will trump that!

      • Anonymous

        I did not even touch on the why of a locked phone or the business justification for doing so. That had nothing to do with my comment at all. What I said, to expand on the original, was I will not be buying a phone that has a hardware lock. Notice that there is no mention of why or any comment on the manufacturer’s or carrier’s business decisions.I also do not, nor have I ever, purchased any Apple product.

        • Anonymous

          You didn’t have to say that. That assumes already that you will be either sticking with OG droid or w/e device you have forever or a jitterbug….ok I was busting your balls on the last one on the account of your screen name 😉

      • EC8CH

        1. Carriers are eliminating unlimited Data Plans… now how do they justify controling how we use our bandwidth.

        2. Handset warranties already exclude devices that have been rooted. If they are granting claims on rooted devices it’s their own fault. BTW, stuck on the M logo is in no way bricked. I bet they get more claims for phones dropped in toliets than failed root attempts.

        3. Voicing your preference for a phone that isn’t locked down is not childish… calling someone a fool for doing so kinda is

        • Anonymous

          1. If you are talking about Verizon (presently) they haven’t done that yet…as I was talking about the present. Hence one of the reason for the lock-downs. In addition, why Verizon charges 3G mobile hot spotting, even though with our so called unlimited data plan. So there is still a point until now to your contract expiration. Ex: If I buy a phone today, it’s 2 years from now or 18 months or w/e that I will root a device to take advantage tethering. Data will be a hot commodity in the future ladies and gentleman.

          2. Are you talking about insurance or warranty? Cost can still be recouped with a deductible of a damaged device that goes beyond 1 year or physical damage. Even though it’s not “illegal” to root a device, doesn’t mean that the carrier or OEM still won’t protect their assets from being returned back to them because someone didn’t properly flash it.

          3. You’re right, it was harsh to call him a fool, but you can’t help to admit this a trend that will continue in this industry. I know there are great developers/ hackers who can still get the job done. We come along way from the D1, G1 and the N1 and that’s why we have the community that we have now.
          I was simply saying that this is the future and no one should be mad OEM’s pr carrier who are trying to protect their costs.

          • EC8CH

            Yes it is no doubt a trend, but it is a trend that we consumers need to voice our opinion about. Smartphones are fast replacing PC’s as our primary device for accessing the internet, and I for one don’t want a precedent to be set where manufactures can lock us out of the software on the devices we pay for. Imagine what it would be like if desktop manufacturers were allowed to lock down the OS on their hardware for the past 20 years. Once unlimited data plans are a thing of the past, the carriers single rational reason for locking us out will be gone.

    • rals

      You're a fool!

      • Anonymous

        And that will probably win the prize for the childish reply of the week. Nice job.


    This phone looks ridiculously awesome!!! The design is sleek and polished. And if the specs are right, this will probably be THE phone at that time. Front facing camera is a major plus, now we can compete with the big boys. The only thing I'm not excited about is the exclusivity thing. I want to be able to brag to my other friends about the fact that they would not be able to get this phone since they are with sprint and att, but now I wont have that luxury. 🙁 Everyone knows this is all about bragging rights.

    • My question is: is that a prototype desing? or what?

  • Puck3511

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • DMal82

    Is that picture squeezed? aspect ratio looks weird on the screen

    • The350zWolf

      I guess it's widescreen ready, you know 16×9 aspect ratio ;^)

      • Is it bigger than the droid x?

  • Jdstell

    If it has front-facing camera, dual-core cpu, and vanilla android (without MotoBLEH), then I am sold. I'll buy two of them the day it comes out.

  • The350zWolf

    Yes, let's just have Halloween, eat turkey in honor of Thanksgiving that night while watch the Nightmare before Christmas and then go get this bad boy fast forwarding into 2011!!! Let's also skip New Year's Rock and Eve!

  • Dmbatcofc

    That is one sexy piece of technology… i want it, now.

  • EC8CH

    I like the non-blur menu icon on the front of that thing… crosses fingers 😉

  • Michael_NM

    Do I see stock froyo there? I realize it's a concept picture, but I like the concept of no more blur.

  • EC8CH

    Bet the Verizon one will be the only one preloaded with VZ Navigator 😛

    • Michael_NM

      Hey 8CH, that's Sleazy Navigator… 🙂

  • AHHH! I WANT IT! lol

    • can you contain yourself will then…. I think you may have a heart attack the day it hits.

    • Mrpicolas

      Lol.. finally something you'd want

  • What is up with these manufacturers missing the holiday spending spree? I was looking forward to a Google filled Christmas. Instead the robot is looking like the grinch…

    • kellex

      We've got the Droid Pro and 2 Global for holidays plus the Samsung Tab. Otherwise it's going to be a snoozefest.

  • Doolidg

    Its like a bottle of soda pop…just pass out around huh…. Like the*phone coming to verizon…what a joke

    • kellex

      Except these aren't just random made up rumors.

      Glad to see you enjoying your Monday.

      • Doolidg

        thanks K

        • someone has a case of the mondays

  • tbaybe

    c'mon christmas!!!

  • Anonymous

    Holy. Crap* Pics of the new Pre 2, all the new WP devices, and now this… my jaw has fallen off.