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Motorola Tegra 2 Device Won’t be a Verizon Exclusive?

Some interesting news just popped up about the secret Motorola Tegra 2 device that we asked you to name this morning.  The latest from Android and Me suggests that the device will not be exclusive to Verizon and could actually hit all 4 major carriers, sort of like the Galaxy S lineup of phones did.  They also believe (as we do) that it will be 4G and should debut at CES in January as a device most of us could only dream about.

I will say that while it may not be “exclusive”, Verizon will do its best to make their Droid version as exclusive as possible.  Don’t be surprised if the Big Red release has Droid written all over it with a return to the black metal look of the original Droid and Droid X.

Seriously, can we just skip the holidays and jump right to 2011?

Via:  Android and Me Photo:  Concept Phones

  • Anonymous

    OK. Dear Motorola & Verizon, Give me a Tegra 2 device with a friggin physical keyboard! I absolutely without a doubt HATE on-screen game controls!

    Please my contract is up with you Verizon and you haven’t even released the Bionic yet (not impressed anyways). Please Moto, make a new Droid original clone with a Tegra 2 ARM chip and I’m a happy camper!

  • Chris

    Please tell me this won't have bing….

  • Verizon+Droid= amazing

    I hope its a verizon exclusive because if it isn't then it cant be called a “Droid” because the license is a verizon exclusive not motorola (thats the its the HTC DROID incredible, not just HTC incredible). Also i like it when the phone says “DROID!!!” when you get a text lmao. People just switch networks if you want a phone so badly unless you already have verizon then stick with it. And for AT&T people who will come in and say ” well AT&T covers 97% of America and verizon doesnt” well just to let everyone it says under the ads that that includes roaming and thats just regular phone service not 3g or even 4g which verizon announced the coverage for.