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Found Interesting Adobe AIR Apps? Share them here!

With the launching of Adobe AIR late last night, most people are wondering what the heck they can do with it now and have no idea what kinds of apps are available.  One of AppBrain‘s users has put together a nice list of AIR apps, but that’s definitely not all of them.  As we mentioned earlier this morning, simply do a search for “adobe air” in the Market and you’ll get at least 50 apps to check out.  Most of them are super new and not as polished as you’d like, but it’ll at least give you a chance to mess around with what AIR has to offer.

And the app above called Darcel vs. Pigeons! is pretty damn addicting.  Download it here.

What else have you guys found?  Drop it below in the comments.

  • I enjoy this game, It's cheesy and relatively simple.. Living in Chicago you have a love hate relationship with the pigeons, what i like about this game is you get to drop em dead. Haha stupid pigeons~

  • 247ben

    Does it really work?

  • Mark Chan

    There's a more complete list here: http://www.appbrain.com/apps/adobe-air

  • wow… good thing i waited to try out darcel vs pigeons. its free now. pretty fun game i guess. anyway, its smooth and not choppy or anything. very responsive also. great job devs!

  • Lakerzz

    Hey kellex, update: rufund on Darcel vs Pigeons. Its now FREEEEE!!!! Looks like Droid Life did it again. Awesome.

  • ozw

    Have any of you actually tried AIR apps on other platforms? They're all terrible. I don't see it being much better on Android. I understand the desire to port existing apps without having to rewrite too much code, but I hope nobody wastes their time developing a new app for this thing.

    • the_omega_man

      I have and they seem to work fine. Very transparent to the end-user. You can not tell if it is a native Java like app or an AIR based app.

  • Hustle

    I love the Jello Bounce, its so funny

  • Soapinmouth

    Radar video chat is kinda cool. Can video chat with computers finally.

    • Since this is the first recommendation I have seen for something I might have an interest in, I have a marginally ridiculous question. Since my D1 doesn't have a front-facing camera, would it use my rear-facing camera? A mirror wouldn't be out of the questions for me.

  • Explain to me, in small words, the benefit of an Adobe Air app vs. a native Android app. I could understand that to code for them might be easier since people have been using AIR for a while, but is there a benefit to the apps? Why should I have a 14MB program to run other programs?

    • kellex

      The benefit to my knowledge is really just for the developer. They can create apps that work everywhere. Now the goal is just for them to create quality apps.

      • Mikey

        Exactly. Flash CS5 has an extension that, if you've built something in Flash, you can publish a .apk file. The only catch is the end user will need AIR installed on their phone to use it.
        AIR is a run-time app (like Flash) meaning you don't have to actually open it to use it.
        Today is the day that without much extra effort, a program created in Flash can now be played on any platform *phone, *pad, android phone, tablet, windows, mac, and beyond!

    • Right now, you shouldn't install it. It's new, and it's just going to take up space on your phone. But once apps start coming out that use Adobe AIR, you might be like “well damn, that app sounds really cool, I want to install it” and it will require AIR, so you'll install it then. 🙂

      Really, it's just a “because we can” sort of thing. Apple developers are required to use Apple's SDK, Objective C, and the iTunes Store. If you are a developer with a great idea for an app/game and you don't know Objective C and the Apple SDK, you won't get very far developing for the iPhone. You might be able to spend a few hours/days/months learning those tools and get something out there. It might suck because you've only been programming in ObjectiveC for like, a month.

      It's the same thing with Android SDK and Java. You need proficiency in those development tools to develop a good app for Android. Android doesn't PREVENT you from using a different programming language or tool, however – they just didn't exist, yet.

      But now you have another option. You can develop an app/game in Adobe AIR if you want. It opens the doors for those other developers to develop apps in their “native language”. People can use the language and development environment they want to develop applications. It will result in higher quality apps being released faster, as developers will have access to the tools they are already familiar with. Sure, a 14MB app is kind of obnoxious to have to install. But that 14MB is used by every app that uses AIR. I'm sure the Android CoreOS has at LEAST 14MB being used for the same purpose for the apps written in Java with the Android SDK.

      • Michael_NM


        I really enjoy the tone and informative content of your comments. They're a great addition to this site/conversation. Thank you!

        Now, somewhat in jest, I'd like to remind you that Dr. Droid said this morning, “I highly suggest that you go download and install [Adobe AIR] immediately.” For me, those 14MB really didn't have anything better to do. So, I've installed it, and I'm looking forward to more “AIRtime” in the future.

      • Porschephile2k3



        I guess Stevie boy is starting to feel the pinch.

    • Stray1

      Imagine the benefits of making one app that runs on the iphone, windows and android. I suppose if fully embraced this could make exposure for your program much easier.

      Then again, if it doesnt catch on, its another bit of wasted memory.

    • the_omega_man

      Oracle Law Suit! Need any more words?

  • Xcrunner509


    • Patwww

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    • Justin

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      • Lakerzz

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          • Lakerzz

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