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Custom “OG” Droid Friday: Sense Theme for ShadowROM

WooHoo Friday!  And what a week it’s been. I myself have been waiting for some “official ports” of DarkEdge to some ROMs, but had a few people asking if there was a good Sense™ theme available for the original Droid aka “OG”. Well, they’re in luck.

Astaccz has ported the lovely Sense theme to ShadowROM 0.2.1 and it’s almost exactly like Sense? Who would of guessed!  This really is a great ROM for two pretty major reasons:  Customization and pure lack of bugs.  Billygalbreath and InsaneNemesis have put their testers through the paces with this one.  Add this theme with LauncherPro widgets and its ability to use custom docks and you won’t even know the difference!

Instructions after the jump!


1. Open ROM Manager and select ShadowROM 0.2.1

2. When prompted for which theme you would like…hmm…I wonder which one. Select “Sense”.

3. Make a backup if you haven’t already and flash that bad-boy!

You’ll be rock’n ShadowROM and Sense in less than 5 minutes!  (Depending on Wi-Fi or 3G connection of course.)

Also, don’t forget about the HTC IME keyboard to add to the legitimacy:  Download here.


Original post on Droid Forums Here!
ShadowROM Site Here!

Have a great weekend!!!

  • Andrew

    is there no clock on this rom?

  • Justin

    is that live wallpaper available anywhere on it's own?

  • tomNasty

    If you cant root froyo 2.2 how is this possible.

  • i'll stick with my bb v.5 for now thank you very much

  • Tim you need charge your phone more.

  • BAoxymoron

    any sapphire love here?

  • Deanwards1

    i put it on my eris lastnight seemed great but had a few freeze ups,mainly when opening my pictures.

  • Marcogiudice79

    Shadow rom is very slow. I wouldnt even waste my time installing this rom. It's the worse rom I ever tried.

    • Thornfullessrose

      Don't discredit someones hard work! U have to remember every droid is different and it could have just been slow on your droid.

    • Thornfullessrose


    • →DISLIKE←

  • FrenchToast

    I for one appreciate the time this website and all the amazing devs for android have put in. They put in all their time our of their love of android yet everybody demands more and more and b$%&*es about how much it sucks.

    Thank you Kellex for Droid-life and thank you all android devs

  • Ace Thruster

    Since when are we using the Gang rank of OG (Original Gangsta) for the Motorola DROID?

    I hope this doesn't catch on. I'd much rather prefer D1 if we really need to abbreviate DROID.

    • lol it basically already did. i see it everywhere. i say it sometimes. 73% of the time i say D1.

    • AngDroid

      I like OD

      • haha hey thats even better! lets start saying that people! OD

    • But I like OG 🙁

      • Lakerzz

        “OG” Droid FTW!!!!

      • Lakerzz

        I recently got the DX and gave my OG Droid to my girlfriend, but whenever custom theme Friday rolls around she gets upset cuz' I wanna “mess” with her phone. She's never mad once I'm done and she's rockin' the new theme. Haha, thanks Tim. OG Droid still kicks major a$$….

  • The350zWolf

    Yes, we got some OG Love! <3 Thanks!!!

  • Hatimhussein85

    Does the clock flip like the real sense clock does?

  • this theme actually look sweet! very clean looking.

  • AngDroid

    They missed the SMS notification icon and I am sure the rest of the HTC notification icons 🙂

    • we dont provide the themes. we make the rom. if you want to suggest to this themer to add HTC icons that would be the best thing to do. im sure he wouldnt mind at all.

      • AngDroid

        Was just saying cause the notification icons are white with HTC Sense and they stand out much better than the black ones…I thought this post was about the theme and not ROM 😉

  • Mrpicolas

    For those of you saying lame Learn how to code And contribute Instead of asking for things all the time These developers Use their own time To make things for you

    • thank you. yes me and billygalbreath have chosen to base ShadowROM off CM6 mainly because of what everyone seems to like. Color Changing Settings, Music Controls, etc. you may or may not know but billygalbreath is proficient in over 20 programing languages. and im 17 and still learning how to code but i hold my own in this project. everyone respect the devs. some better than others sure. but what we all do is bring the community together making android and our phones better in the process.


      • balthuszar

        i'm with picolas here…if you like the rom/theme great, let us know, but if not, keep your comments to yourself, unless they're offering constructive complaints…no one needs to know that you dont like this rom/theme without giving why you dont like it, and ways to make it better(constructive criticism)…

        • balthuszar

          sorry, didnt mean to do this as a reply to you aaron

  • Tom

    Organically Grown?

    • Anonymous

      yeah… it doesn’t have any additives or pesticides(blur or locked bootloader)

  • Jdellingsonn7

    Dude this is lame if I wanted a stock theme its not to hard to find

    • Okay…I might be missing the missing the point?

      • Anonymous

        Guessing he meant to put this on the D2 theme post instead of this one. HAHA yeh is makes no sense

    • →DISLIKE←

      u get my dislike button for saying that. that was dumb.

  • Timotato: “Under my direct boss makes me sick…”

    Tim – What were you doing under your boss, if you know what I mean

    • Work under him….meh….lol NEVERMIND! 😛

    • 1bad69z28

      TIm, was doing WHAT?????? under his boss LMAO P

  • jparness

    I've been meaning to check out ShadowROM. This gives me a great excuse to do it. Thanks Tim!

  • first

    • Win!

    • AngDroid

      Did you do it with your Evo?

      • huh? i have a droid 2

        • AngDroid

          LOL…First…the stupid evo commericials…what will you do first…