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Adobe AIR Lands on Android Market

Adobe AIR is now available on the Android Market and I highly suggest that you go download and install it immediately.  Why?  Because in order to run any AIR apps that come out in the near future, you will need to have it installed on your phone.  AIR was created as a tool to allow developers to make apps that would be easily transferable to other platforms, but the AIR app itself is also needed in order for you to run those same apps.  (Read more on AIR here.)

In the description from the market, Adobe is directing you to http://get.adobe.com/air which doesn’t get you much at this time.  If you want some AIR apps right now, then after you do a search for “Adobe AIR” in the market, check out all of the apps that show up below it.  And if you were wondering, AIR apps in general will be available in the market and install just like any other app would.

Download Link

Cheers Shane!

  • How's that for Droid-Life ruling the AIR? Please don't suggest that I jump off a building… :)Great stuff as usual…

  • Joanna Jadore

    HELP!!!!! I tried downloading this app at 8AM… It is now 3:57PM and its still trying to install. I've tried to turn my phone on and off and take the battery out and it's still trying to download/install. Anybody know how I would be able to make it stop??

    • joanna i had the same problem. i tried to download adobe air on my droid 1 this morning and it was still trying to install but was listing in my apps in settings as installed. had to uninstall the app, force close the market from the apps list, clear market cache and then i could download and install the app no problem. hope that help you too.

      • Joanna Jadore

        Sorry for the late response – but thank you nick! this definitely solved my issue 😉

  • The350zWolf

    Downloaded it, tried it with one of the 5-star apps, runs great and certainly it looks like it has huge potential but this really shows the shortcomings of my OG Droid, not enough memory space in my phone…Damn! Also need more RAM… Should I just get the Droid2 or wait for the Droid2 World? Want to hold off for the DW

    • either would be great! they both have 8gb internal memory! i love having that much room for apps alone. i used to have droid1 and it killed me how apps were growing while my droid1's internal memory was shrinking. cant go wrong dude. i have sooo any apps plus this adobe reader, air an flash and im only at 6.1 internal memory.

  • Puffy98

    what is exactly this app doing?for example?

    nobody knows????

    • Dave

      What it's doing is acting as an intermediate layer between the Android OS and the code. It makes it very easy for developers to target a wide range of devices with a single codebase, rather than writing a Windows version, Mac version, iOS version, Android version, Blackberry version, etc. It also lets Flash and Web developers leverage their existing skills to make apps that act like a native app rather than a web page.

  • pcguru30

    Theres a couple digital magazine subscriptions I have on my PC that uses adobe air. Here's hoping they write an android app so I can view said magazines on my phone (or if I install this can I just copy the magazine in qusetion to my phone and it will open in air?)

  • JagoX

    There's an Adobe AIR powered Netflix app called Queue Manager which isn't bad although it is a tad slow (Droid X).

    As for the “just search Adobe AIR” in the Market…that doesn't really help b/c it also pulls up any (junk) app that has the word “Adobe” or “air” in the name.

  • Dannyjedi

    So wait…. wtf does this app do exactly?
    I got it, and the physics test, and some lame astroid app that doesn't seem to work at all….
    Kellex, little help?

  • Dannyjedi

    Kills my SwiftKey keyboard.

    • jparness

      My SwiftKey keyboard seems to be working fine. What was the issue you were having? FC or just didn't work right?

      • jparness

        Upon further testing, Adobe AIR itself isn't causing SwiftKey to FC, but any time you try to run an AIR app, it FCs. Bug report submitted to Adobe and SwiftKey.

  • Jonny Appleseed

    I still don't know what apps or kind of apps I would use Adobe Air for. Help anyone?

    • Dave

      That's the point..you're not supposed to be able to tell the difference between an AIR app and a native app.

  • I am going to wait and install after there are some useful apps out there.

  • looks like another app people are going to be complaining about being a “HUGE FILE” in the comments. Get ready for more whining about apps2sd.

  • Sam

    Honestly us droid.1 users get rocked with this low phone storage… Adobe air andflash are almost 30 mb …

    • kellex

      Didnt realize that was the case. Sorry guys. 🙁

  • Noting in the “AT&T” App Store…grrrr…

  • Uncle paul

    As Travolta would say “FA WHATT!!!?”

  • Timothypearson2609

    Help….Verizon sent my replacement of Droid and its stock 2.2!!!!! I haven't been stock since I bout the phone can I use rsd to flash the 2.0.1 sbf back on the phone

  • keithsmith22

    This thing is 16 mb installed and no apps2sd support. To much of a resource hog for now. Hopefully, it can be moved to SD soon and then I will download it.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      root your phone and you can move it

  • Kendal

    Hmmmm, 16+ MB when installed… I need to get a phone with more memory! 🙂

  • We uploaded our first Android AIR app early this morning. It's called 'Darcel vs Pigeons' if anyone wants to check it out 🙂

    • kellex

      Checking it out now!

    • NebulaOcton

      I don't understand Darcel, and do you have a free version?

  • El El Kool J

    Don't most of us already have this installed from a few months back when a download link was posted?

    • kellex

      This is the newest version. It's just a quick update.

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid said, “I highly suggest that you go download and install it immediately.” Yes, sir! Done and done.

    How's that for Droid-Life ruling the AIR?

    Please don't suggest that I jump off a building… 🙂

    • kellex

      Hah no building jumping suggestions coming. 😛

  • Lakerzz

    Thanks for the heads up Kellex, and HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!

  • JTE


  • Morning Kellex!

    • kellex


  • Lakerzz


    • CONGRATS!!! You will wake up a duck tomorrow!!!

  • Bugcatcher88

    I may sound retarded but could we use blackberry apps now??