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Motorola Milestone on 2.1 Now Allows Market App Auto-Updates?

One of our readers from Israel just sent in the screenshots above which show his Motorola Milestone running Android 2.1, but with a market that allows apps to be auto-updated just like 2.2.  He received some sort of an update to his market within the last couple of days which happened essentially at the same time that the Android team announced support of paid apps to a new batch of countries (including Israel of course).  Does this mean that all Milestones in new paid app countries will have this wonderful Froyo option?  Let’s hope so.  I can’t even imagine life without it.

  • Troy

    I have a Motorola Devour on Verizon runnign 1.6. I have the auto update option. It must be related to the market app, not the OS.

  • ” I can’t even imagine life without it.”
    believe me..as a Milestone user I'm going crazy!!!!

  • Mousiope

    I also confirm ! Portugal here

  • I have never used that feature. I guess I like reading the changelogs too much?

  • cool?… i guess…

  • Elijah

    Not seeing this on a telus milestone on at&t

    • Cjreyes666

      Who in the world besides u uses an android on att network

      • whoever uses the crappy backflip lol!

      • I do. I too have a Telus Milestone, and am growing impatient for the Froyo release.

  • El Rafar

    I'm from brazil… also have an milestone at 2.1 and i confirm that! All the market app was updated soon as the paid apps were avaliable

    • kellex

      Thanks for confirming from Brazil!

  • jeesung

    it's great except my ROM Manager has been “Starting Download” for the last week or so and when I try and cancel it FC's market and then just goes back to “Starting Download”

    anyone have any ideas? rebooted. started/stopped Google Talk. pulled battery. upgraded Shadow ROM to v.0.2.1

    my whole market is not frozen. other Apps are updated / installed fine while ROM Manager just sits there.

    • EC8CH

      Maybe try this:

      manage applications:
      clear data:
      clear cache:

      • jeesung

        that did the trick! thanks to both of you guys!!

        • EC8CH

          no prob… happy to have helped fix you up

    • Wipe data/cache for market and try again.

      • jeesung

        that did the trick! thanks to both of you guys!!

  • Second!!!

    • yay… you've won a hershey kiss… *yawn*

  • interesting

    • Well Done! Now your car can fly! Congratulations!!!!!