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Yahoo Releases Suite of Android Apps Including News, Weather, Movies and Finance

Yahoo keeps working hard to compete and stay relevant on the Android platform.  After releasing their IM, Mail and Search apps back in July, they’ve added News, Weather, Movies and Finance to the pack over the last couple of days.  For the power Yahoo users out there, you should be pretty excited to see the search giant rounding out their suite of services.  

Weather |  News |  Movies |  Finance

Cheers Stephan!

  • herooftimeloz

    maybe they can work on their yahoo mail app and support multiple accounts.

  • Just_reboot

    Ha! Invertino Theme used in screenie… (on my DroidX)

  • jparness

    Although most Android users aren't looking for these apps or Yahoo's support, this is a huge vote in favor of the Android platform overall, and I'd rather see the alternative search provider as an option instead of when Verizon replaces Google with Bing.

  • bj in RI

    They can't get Messenger for Android right, why would we want to subject ourselves to any more fc's.

  • MattInPDX

    Yahoo is the AOL of search engines/news outlets/all in one pages. JMHO.

  • Rogue_5

    Little bit late to the party aren't they? Give me a fully functional movie app like the one on my computer then i will be happy.

  • oscarahj

    Most of these are exactly like going to their mobile site. Fail.

  • Jinxt

    Wake me up when they do a native flickr app.

  • saimin

    Fortune Magazine: http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2010/09/30/game-over-carol-bartz/

    “Yahoo's stock price is abysmal, employee morale is low, and top-level executives are fleeing. What's left? An Internet property slowly limping to its death and a mouthy CEO with no vision.”

    • Rayonic

      I bet they're glad they turned down that buyout offer from Microsoft, eh? Not that MS has a vision either.

  • JagoX

    Who in their right mind would download the Yahoo! Movies app when you can just get Flixter (Movies) instead plus it has awesome Facebook & Netflix integration too.

  • Jtwildman1

    I hardly use anything from yahoo, but I like reading their news.

  • Is anyone else wondering when Ask Jeeves is coming out with their Android apps too?

  • Thank you yahoo! A choice of search engines is awesome and will just give us all additional choices. Good Job!


  • EC8CH

    “For the power Yahoo users out there, you should be pretty excited to see the search giant rounding out their suite of services”… the remaining 99% of the earth's population will need to excite themselves in other ways 😛

    • Jdstell

      What's a “Power Yahoo user” ? Those exist? lol

  • Brife

    ho hum

  • The350zWolf

    I like the choice of screen shot…UFO sighting… pretty cool!

  • Tracy Wilborn

    Remarkably unimpressive looking.

  • woot first, And wonder how these will fair against the other million news and weather apps?