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Official Verizon 4G LTE Launch Markets Map

(Click map for fullversion.)

For those not wanting to sift through the long list of 4G LTE launch cities, then simply click on the map above and look for your city.  It should be noted that Detroit is missing, but Verizon clarified during today’s conference that it will be included and that they are just working out some  final bugs.  Personally I’m disappointed to see a tech savvy city like Portland missing, but at least our airport will have the coverage.

On a related note, we aren’t expecting any major 4G LTE devices to be used in these cities until 2011, but Verizon does plan to showcase a half dozen smartphones and tablets at January’s CES.  No Incredible HD this year people.

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  • Jackie

    > Click for fullversion.

    *PLEASE* learn to spell simple words like “fullversion”.

  • Go figure..Leave out Detroit. Nobody loves the D!!

  • Js111410

    omg obama let commies in

  • Dominic Shirazi

    Seroiusly, I moved from PDX to Austin Texas, two pretty major tech cities and NEITHER is getting it? WTF mate?! I thought Portland AND Austin were pretty big test markets for everything!… laaaaaaaaame

    • Mikeyoungblood84

      is the red the 4g or just normal coverage? Pissed if austin isn't getting it

      • Mikeyoungblood84

        Nm. Big red is blowing it hard on this one. How did they not compete with sprint on this? Sleepin!

    • Really Verizon???

      Austin not getting 4G makes absolutely no sense, especially when cities like San Antonio and (even worse yet) Athens, GA are getting it. C'mon Verizon!!! Even Sprint was smart enough to include Austin in their initial 4G rollout!!!

  • jparness

    According to this map, Verizon's 4G LTE coverage is already better than AT&T's 3G coverage…nice!

  • Daddypants11

    Dear big red, please be a true pioneer and head out west.

  • That map is some really clever marketing deception. Its labelled the 4G map, but only the tiny black dots are places where coverage is *planned*

  • adghj

    Pcb should be in there

  • John

    Also missing: Austin, TX

  • I can't tell if Sacramento is covered or not….

  • Rizzidy

    Portland tech-savy? lolno

  • Really? Oklahoma City?!?! What a waste…….


  • Athens he'll yeah!!!!!!!!!

    • Gambrel022

      You out that way?

  • Killer4247

    Man we here in detroit are always left out we are motor city. I know we not huge but we need our tech too you know what im sayin. We have one of the worlds largest airports and we have the lions here although they suckk. If we weren't important
    terrorists wouldn't have tried to bomb it. No offense but who has ever heard of west lafayette or athens that does not live there.
    Edit: just saw that detroit would be included but can someone if it will be included in 2010 or 2011

  • pcguru30

    will the DC tower cover more of virginia then just DC?

  • Theswillmerchant

    I don't live in Kansas City anymore but if I did I would be pissed. The following cities on the list have smaller metropolitan areas (by population) than Kansas City: Columbus, San Jose, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Nashville, New Orleans, Charlotte, Akron, West Lafayette, Rochester, Athens. I know that some of those are college towns but, seriously? Indianapolis is larger than most of those as well (although smaller than Kansas City).

    • The350zWolf

      Size does not matter…

    • darthtigris

      Yeah, I'm still here and it was REALLY disappointing to see this. Especially with the insult of KCI getting it but not the metro area. Yeah, NFL cities . . .

  • Man. I didn't think it would happen but no 4G love for Hawaii. We probably wont get any until like 2015. 🙁

    • you guys should all chip in for island wide wi-fi…. 😉

  • My guess is smartphones wont be launched until at least the mid year point in 2011. Verizon will wait until the network is built out substantially enough to start adding that many more users. Also for you early adopters out there, expect to pay a heavy premium until 2012. I would say an extra $20 a month just like they did when EVDO was first new.


  • Patwww

    I cant get another phone for 2 years. Crap.

  • the_omega_man

    Man almost no love in the North West!

  • the_omega_man

    I just wonder if Verizon customers will have the same battery drain issues with LTE phones that the Sprit EVO 4G & Epic 4G users are having???

  • El El Kool J

    Ok so NFL Cities.. a few major teams not on the list, but Jagaurs are there.. (jacksonville) well I could deal with that.. see ya soon 4G

  • It makes no sense that they would release a 4G network and not have any devices that utilize 4G. I mean does the Droid X utilize 4G?

    • the_omega_man

      No.. Not the current version anyway.

  • Afroman

    Whatever happened to NFL cities? Indianapolis isn't up there and West Lafayette doesn't count.

    • I was wondering that myself, cincinnati and west lafayette but no indianapolis? Wtf Verizon?

    • upinthesky11

      I thought I'd never find a fellow Hoosier. Anywhere.

    • Pete

      West Lafayette?

      Boiler up! HOOT! HOOT!

      Boiler up! HOOT! HOOT!

  • Talspaugh27

    How did the rednecks in Ohio get 4 cities with 4G??? I was born and raised there I can get away with it 🙂

  • Phoenix!

  • Tony

    I want my 4G!!!! I'm loving it….

  • T3lancer2007

    Woot LA!!

  • Gambrel022

    WOOT! Atlanta AND Athens!!!

    • Oz0ne

      That's right!

  • Mrpicolas

    Akrons on the list and guess who's right in the middle of it?? <—-this guy +1

  • sweet! nothign within hundreds of miles 😀

  • Mauro


  • camarriott

    Nice, Columbus is on the list!

  • Fikemox

    And no love for Alaska? But how will the polar bears update their facebook?

    • you betcha!

      • Michael_NM

        I see what you did there, and I like it! 🙂

    • El El Kool J

      Well Geez.. thats nat fair!!

    • the_omega_man

      You mean Palin left one! ;-P

      • Yeah, but the wolves were all shot from helicopters.

  • Michigan, more importantly Detroit is cover'd. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Im with u there man we never get anything here and its really annoying +1

  • Stephen D

    Yes 😀 Pittsburgh's on the list!!

  • EC8CH

    OMG… the Republican's are taking over!

    • Anonymous

      Time to move to Antarctica!

    • You wonder why they picked red.

    • yes!

      • The350zWolf


        • X2talk

          YES!!! Throw the commies out!

  • Racingmaniac

    Whatever happened to NFL cities? Detroit is missing from that map….

    • there's an NFL team in Detroit?

      • Anonymous

        The Japanese took it over….too!

      • Anonymous

        Funny aren’t you.

      • andyandroid


      • Anonymous


    • Br_d

      Also missing: Indianapolis, Green Bay (or any market in WI), Buffalo (though Rochester, NY is close), and Kansas City.

  • BKTee

    How far will that 4g service stretch into the 'burbs? Sprint's 4g reaches out here (bout 30 miles NW of Chicago), so I'm hoping VZW's does too.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    bring it to PENSACOLA, FL

  • But will we have to pay extra for it?

    • Anonymous

      Well I heard if you dress up like big red check symbol and run down to the nearest verizon store they are hooking up the first 500 people to get there FREE LTE….. of course I heard this from customer support while I was on hold

    • EC8CH

      That question makes me smile 😀

    • tiered plans…so yes if ur a heavy data user

    • rals

      Does a bear crap in the woods?

      • idk, but more importantly, do they use Charmin???

        • Anonymous


        • rals

          Yeah, 3-ply.