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Full Version of Angry Birds Pushed to Next Week

Your Angry Birds obsession will need to be put in check for another week while their dev team polishes everything off.  Rovio just announced via Twitter that they need to add “proper support” for Android multitasking and they will be pushing out the release of the full version until next week.

Will you all survive?


  • KamilAMG

    No I will not survive I want it NOW

  • Ispitfiredou

    thank God finally I can prepare to get consumed by this game again and will definitely pay for this app

  • Shindo107

    how do you beat 15?!?!?! my best is 76000 D:

    • jdawg183

      80,200 and 3 stars baby! But I have no clue how I did it. I did it quite a while ago, and have been unable to get 3 stars again since. I do have 3 stars on all levels though.

    • arw01

      SPOILER *****

      SPOILER ****

      High lobe with birds, you need to land to the left side of the middle, with a bias towards the left side of the left part. When you land you need to at least penatrate the top pieces of concrete in there (off the top of my head), the resulting landing will cause some shift in the concrete castle “walls” just as they are at the maximum of wiggling out, tap the screen and blow up your bird.

      This, if ploppled int the right spot will wipe out all of the pigs, knock over a couple more sections and blow the TNT.. It CAN be done with one bird.

  • Cave

    Kick ass! I told em that this was my only complaint, so rock!

  • rdunseith

    Well at least they don't leave us sitting in the dark like some companies. Moto I'm talking about you.

  • picaso86

    omg omg I CANT WAIT TO PLAY THE FULL ANGRY BIRDS…. I hope there are 3000 levels…

  • k1cks

    Anyone have a clue as to how much this will cost when it is released?

  • Michael_NM

    Angry birds = happy nerds! 🙂

  • Krayzee

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo Ima go krayzee! !!!!!!

  • Jdstell

    DANG IT! I was looking forward to playing this on my trip this weekend! Guess I will just have to play Reckless Racing…. oh wait that's been pushed back too.

  • sdierks

    Lame. I want to stop carrying around my Touch to play the game. So annoying to carry two devices and but needless to say im so excited.

  • Damn…I was looking forward to buying the full Android version this week. Oh well…I can wait. Maybe Angry Birds will be released on Monday, which would be in 5 days. Let's hope!

  • Greg-D

    We have it on the Ipod Touch and on the Palm Pre. Can't wait for the full version on my phone.

  • Static_prone

    This game is awesome. I wish it was available today, but ill just get it next week. anyone have any idea what pricing will be like. i think it is like .99 or 1.99 for ios

  • I just wish they would go ahead and release version 1.0 like it is now. Add multi-tasking in 1.1 or 1.5. I am sick and tired of playing the few levels that we have. I know they are trying to get the “complete” package together before they release it, but how long do we have to wait 🙂

    • Duke Nukem

      Jeez, it is only one week. I think you can wait one week for a complete game and not one with possible defects.

      It is not like the situation with the game Duke Nukem Forever, where the fans have been literally waiting “forever” for the game.

  • Ben

    *shake shake shake*

    Unsure at this time

  • KiriusKris

    I will GLADLY pay money for this app. Awesome game! And I think it's cool they HAVE to put in support for multitasking because the i*hones (except the 4th gen) and i*ods can't…

    • Sp4rxx

      well – even the 4th gens are limited …. they still can't do it as well as … well, EVERY OTHER phone … but yeah – I can wait another week too. My mother (67 years old) always makes sure I remember to bring my phone with me when I visit because she LOVES that game. Gotta tell her to wait one more week 🙁 …. 😛

  • cant wait! i love this game!

  • qmartman711

    im confused..what the bad news?

    hahah. ohhh its being pushed to next week… my bad. oh well. we waited this long..atleast its not like a 2.2 update for a samsung phone….too soon? hehehe

  • I won't lose sleep……

  • Cooldude

    I have three stars in every level except 7 and 12. How do I get these??? I can't wait for the full version!!!

    • Chris G

      7 was the last one i got the 3 stars on. I still don't like that as i go back and try to improve on the 3 stars with newer high scores.

    • justice060

      I had 3 stars on all levels got a new droid and lost all my high scores and stars…………

      • I lost all my high scores too! Sucks!!

    • Laz


      I did too and after a week of trying to beat them, I finally did. I found the trick with 7 is to hit the little rock in the front causing the whole front and back to collapse killing 2-3 pigs. then the other 2 remain which are fairly easy depending how the blocks fall and stuff.

  • Havoc70

    Another week, no big deal, not all that great of an app anyway

    • Greg-D


  • timarnette

    Love the birds!!!!!!!

  • Good, I'm glad they are doing it properly.

  • YankInDaSouth


  • The350zWolf

    I want my Angry Birds!!! :^)
    It's actually quite entertaining while waiting at the airport terminal

    • Tracy Wilborn

      I hear that! The birds were a good time killer for six hours in the Frankfort airport.

  • Man, my 4 year old son has been counting down for this for like 2 weeks! I kept telling him Friday at the latest. At least now we know it will be released and multitasking support was something the beta sorely lacked.

    • Cause I'm sure he knows exactly what that means. “Sorry Johnny, the Birds are still in BETA for another week.”

      Awe, that's cute.

      • Seriously, he has watched several youtube videos (at his request) and saw some of the ios versions and has been asking when we get “21” which is how many per level on the full version I think. Bed time stories lately have been known to include stories of angry birds smashing pigs in their castles made of wood and glass haha.

  • Eddie3kang

    I hope this means more levels too

  • poeddroiduser

    Yes I will, BTW will it be free?

    • Anonymous

      no chance. but it will only be a dollar.

    • The350zWolf

      Probably not…hey you forgot to say FIRST!

  • Whyteboyello

    Probably not