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DROID Pro Full Specifications List

The Droid Pro was announced last night and you can now see the full spec list for a device that snuck up on just about everyone.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one, but this list should help us all out.  You can’t argue that this device looks as powerful as any on the market.  It’s just going to be weird for a while viewing it and not saying, “Wow, that keyboard is the same on my retired Blackberry!”  Interesting indeed.

View the list after the break.  

Source:  MotoDev

  • 1 GB User Storage? There HAS to be more room than that. Not all apps can be saved to whatever meagerly sized microSD card it comes with.

    • BAoxymoron

      err the droid 1 has less

  • interesting it can play back 720p video, but i guess not on its own screen!

  • small screens are old and they suck. droid 2 is a better business phone. quality and appearance wise

  • picaso86

    Where all my BUSINESS people at?

  • Justin


  • Aaaaand Motorola kills the Blackberry Torch. And every other BB out there. Adios RIM, was nice knowing you.

  • Jimmy81jh

    No Blur?

  • StealthX

    Reminds me of my old Blackberry Tour, minus the defective trackball, with a lower resolution screen.

  • Izzy

    Haha, I just showed this to my girlfriend who has a Tour, she already said she's sold. We'll see how it looks in person when it comes out. I myself have a X and am very excited about this phone.

  • zmpinqc

    Bah! Display resolution is even worse than the Blackberry Torch! Catering to business folk needs to mean good resolution just as much as catering to gamers and media whores… The display has killed this for me…

  • CheeseMcGee

    Now that they have taken a nice chunk out of the Apple, it's time to start stealing some of those Berries! Way to go Motorola

    I just converted 3 Crackberry addicts today with this phone. They will be jumping ship and entering Droid-topia as soon as this phone hits the market.

  • Bjamin82

    I hate it… I guess I am waiting for the Droid 2 Global to come out…if one still exists.

    • Peter

      Yes, please tell me the Droid 2 World Edition is still a reality. I'm tired of my Blackberry, but don't want to swap it out for just more of the same. And “more of the same” is exactly what the Droid Pro looks to be.

  • fbrn

    Personally I miss my blackberry keyboard. And the one on the tour was the best I have ever used. However that being said the low screen resolution is the killer for me. I have gotten so use to the 480×800 that I just don't think I could back. I don't understand why they didn't make it a higher resolution. I know it is possible. And for those people out there that say the business user does not need it, do you not realize how many pdf files and document files that we read on our phone. Or quotes that come thru that we have to approve or reject? The higher the resolution the less zooming we have to do and the quicker we can get stuff done. I know they were trying to keep the size down and that is why they went with a 3.1″ screen but they could have crammed a lot more pixels in that space.

    • I think the resolution is on par with Blackberries. So for those users who they are aiming to court, I don't think that will be an issue.

  • El El Kool J

    This will put a hurt on the Blackberry world. I get lots of customers still wanting their blackberry style phones with a fixed keyboard. This will definetely sell for Big Red!! Plus its another World phone option for the busines person to have… +1 for moto/VZ..

    Update: All my fellow D1 owners.. be patient.. hold on to that D1 a lil longer.. We will have the phones we are waiting for very soon.. 😛

    • What's on the way that's worthy of holding out for? Is it the HTC slider?

    • Hold on for how much longer I'm getting older as we speak

  • I think this was actually a pretty smart move. There are tons of people out there who have always used BlackBerries but are curious about Android, and this style will definitely be attractive to them.

  • is anyone else tired of this phone already? i mean, we get it, it's new and it's different (yes, being the same is sometimes different), but three posts in less than 24 hours? can we look at something else for a little while?

  • memnoch73

    Why all the hate?… The business phones far out number our consumer phones so I give Motorola and Verizon credit for trying to get a Droid in one or many of their hands. As a Droid owner I would be glad to see a Droid phone break into the Business world and if they have to have a BB type keyboard to do it then I am glad they took the chance…

    • Jeffreymeyer99

      Your right if we can take out blackberry we will be on top no doubt

      • Did you see the article on Engadget yesterday? Android is already on top. In this quarter it sold more than RIM and Apple.

    • zach471

      Totally agree.

    • jparness

      I'm a business user, and so are a lot of my friends. We all want to ditch our Blackberries, but need to carry them for work, which leads to having multiple devices. I could see my IT department agreeing to support the Droid Pro, but probably not some other Android devices. Not because of the portrait keyboard (although that helps), but because it's a world phone with support for SD card remote wipes (and full device encryption in Q1 2011), has spellcheck integrated into the OS and a “multi-headed” VPN client.

  • EC8CH


    • Congrats! You won the internet for the day! 😛

      • r0landct

        I think you just renamed the device.

  • RLJSlick

    I agree with JDStell this phone is a MEH if I ever saw one.

  • Travisshepherd

    on an unrelated note I spotted the original droid on ABC's “No Ordinary Family” last night!!

    • I've been enjoying that show so far, Michael Chiklis is great in it.

  • just realized the screen res is pretty low. That's the same as the Torch. Boo.

  • Kenbarnum

    So Ugly

  • snooginsguy

    Why does it only become “enterprise” when they put a stupid Blackberry-style fixed keyboard on it? Are business folk too busy to slide a keyboard out?

    • CheeseMcGee

      If you actually read about the phone, it come with remote wipe capabilities of not only the phone memory, but the SD card as well. It also has built in spell check, better exchange functionality, data encryption, etc. that other Android phones don't have. Also, it has the ability to work as a global phone. All of those things together make it an “enterprise” phone, not just the keyboard.

      • snooginsguy

        Fair enough, I guess my point was Why didn't they incorporate all of those features into a slide-out keyboard a la Droid? I would love a global Droid, but hate the form factor of the fixed portrait keyboard (Pixi anyone?) Didn't make myself clear in that regard apparently.

  • Michael_NM

    I find it curious that the Droidberry Pro is equipped with such a small amount of memory and apparently no 4G capability.

  • ericsorensen

    Well, the other Droids stomp Apple's phone, and now this one is going after Blackberry, which has been going strong, even though their hardware is pretty underwhelming. I'm a little surprised the resolution is only 480×320. Seems like they could have put in a few more pixels there -640×480 would have been much better.

    • While I don’t disagree with you, it’s the same resolution that most Blackberries have. And Blackberries may have tiny screens, but they look good. I don’t think this will be a problem in reality. There are plenty of options for those that want a bigger screen on Verizon.

  • I am very interested, but I do with the could have crammed a 3.5 incher on it. I have an X now but this still calls to me lol

  • Jdstell

    Still not impressed 🙁 I want a big screen! 3.1″ ??!

    • Jdstell

      I was really hoping this was going to be the phone I could upgrade to from my Droid1. Guess I'm going to have to wait longer.

      • thats what i thought too. i shall continue waiting to see what pops up.

      • There’s a landscape slider phone coming from HTC to Verizon soon. I just don’t like my Droids Keyboard. I never use it. Droid 2 I don’t think was much of an improvement. Maybe HTC can make a good slider keyboard. I’ve played with the Samsung Epic 4G on sprint and that has an excellent keyboard instead of this overly flat chicklet garbage on the Droids.

  • ahhh not the blackberry look

  • jak341

    I'm surprised that there is a camera on this. Some of the more secure business/government facilities do not allow camera phones.

    • motograter7

      what phone would that be?

      • Many Blackberrys come with the option of no camera. It is required for some companies with sensitive materials.

    • PyroHoltz

      I would have thought the same thing but, I work for a massive aerospace company and our upper management have CrackBerry phones with cameras…weird huh. Although, they're not allowed to bring them into classified areas.

      • jak341

        A lot of facilities are relaxing cell phone camera requirements due to the fact that buying a functional phone without a camera is becoming harder and harder. A few I've been to make you sign a waiver saying you will not use your camera for photography. On the other hand, a few still make you check your dumb phone without camera with the security guard.

        • Mikeyoungblood84

          Samsung semiconductor fab has gone to putting stickers over the lens and making me sign a waiver. The sticker reads void if it's removed or tampered, and you can get a free new one every morning should you take some pics outside of work.

    • bkj216

      One prime example of why I agree with you. In VA, you're not allowed to have a Camera inside of a courtroom, and this includes a Cell Phone with a camera. So lawyers typically have Blackberry's (9700s or whatever) with no camera on the backside. I'm sure this rule applies to more states/jurisdictions than VA.

      Now if Moto is pushing this toward the consumer market, then ok; camera needed. If they're going at the Business guy, they need an option to remove the camera if they wanna get serious.