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Original DROID Returns to Verizon as Certified Pre-owned Device

The original Droid family member just won’t go away!  The device that was the inspiration behind Droid Life and one of the greatest communities in Android returns to Verizon’s website as a certified pre-owned device.  The O.G. can be picked up for $99 on 2-year contract and should at the very least bring a smile to your face.

Was a sad day when the D1 was removed from VZW’s phone lineup, so even if it returns as a used-car version, we’re still excited.

Buy one here.

Cheers Franklin!

  • I had some issues with my D1 and was kinda hoping to get some more RAM in the form of a D2, but they keep sending me these. I've rejected all of them because I already have the raised keyboard on my D1 but they keep sending crappy flat keyboards. 8(

  • I'm right there with rizzidy I have had two replacements as well and have both been defective worse than my original and they won't replace it for a new phone so I'm kinda sick of verizon right now lol

  • Rizzidy

    Avoid these at all costs. I received two as replacements and both were defective (worse than the one being replaced).

  • Rick00770

    Yeah, one of mfavorite phones, i remember the exitement when i got it, high tech and sleek, i couldnt wait to use the street view, id like to have one as a second fhone, all around i think its as good as any phone out there, sad to see it gone off list,

  • Jra716

    Get one of these and prepare for a long period of exchanges then getting something crappier in return. I'm waiting on number 4.

  • mstree

    received a D2 replacement for D1, with a nice note from Verizon saying they were very sorry that they were out of stock on D1 at the time ( mid August) My kids D1s were having issues and were replaced the same time frame with D1s . IDK what the magic was to get D2, but I love it!

  • jeesung

    my girlfriend CPO i*hone 3GS was shiny and scratch free. runs perfectly

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  • There are actually still some VZW stores and authorized resellers that have these new. It is not like it is a rare resource, they can be found if you are actually looking for them.

  • its too bad that this will be wat i get as my warranty replacement wen it arrives in the mail on wednesday… unless i get surprised with a d2
    fingers crossed

  • Bushido052577

    im a CSR for verizon… do NOT i repeat DO NOT buy any certified like new first gen droids… they are broken. the warehouse just takes the ones sent from someone getting a replacement and sends them back off as refurbished with nothing fixed. itll be a waste of money, dont do it

    • You may be a CSR, but you have no idea what you are talking about. It is true that some may turn “right around” but those are “not satisfied” returns, and even in those cases the phones are checked, cleaned, batteries removed etc. The real drawback however is the lack of a real warranty with it.

    • You just don't want people to have unlocked bootloaders. {{-_-}}

  • Went through 8 of these… They just gave me a FREE Droid 2!

  • Keith20smith

    Just got one of those as a return whenI sent my d1 back the droid I got back had a different keyboard and seemed like the slide mech was also different.

  • Buckgrad

    Careful buying these. Went thru 4 of them til they didn't have more in stock. All had serious problems. Then they sent a replacement X. Had to buy a battery cover for it but for $5 it was worth it. No problems so far with it. I lucked out.

  • Mcook1670

    My friend just had his phone replaced…that's one good thing about Best Buys warranty they'll give you a new phone out of the box. I had to replace my eris three times through Verizon. I ended up just buying the D2

  • Thunder_PC

    Do not buy one of these. I am on my 3rd droid through the certified replacement program now, and none have been right.

  • damn it! i just filed for a warranty claim because my original droid is FUBAR. and i wanted the droid 2, of course.

  • rjoudrey

    They are $48.88 brand new at Walmart. Just bought one for my daughter.

    • They are, I think, $52 at Best Buy, but both are just until they run out of the few they have left.

  • tbaybe

    im due to get a “certified” one today in the mail to replace my current love…. damn power button went out

    • the last time that happened to me they gave me a droid 2

      • chase

        what do you have to say to get a droid 2 cause every replacement of the og droid i get is crap

        • they guy seen that i went through 8 of them and said lets get you into a different device. i didnt say anything. it depends on what type of vzw rep you talk to. some are strict and would send you a billion if they have to and sum are extremely nice and actually care enough to give you a different device after a high amount like 8.

          i would say keep calling til you get a caring rep. when one isnt willing to help and wanna send you another d1 hang up and try someone else. thats how i got them to switch me a while ago from the eris to the og droid.

      • hmm, power button went out? i dropped mine on its screen for the thousandth time and it broke, but the screen didnt crack

  • Kraymanbauer

    Woot! Finally a driodlife fix! Needed it badly….slow weekend huh kellex? =)

    • Ryrybentley

      Of course, every smartphone on vzw's website is showing 'Out of Stock' currently, so no need to rush 🙂

  • Cert Pre owns are junk.. I feel sorry for anyone that thinks they are getting a deal off of these. My orginal droid screen cracked when it was dropped. So then I recieved my replacement which after a month the screens backlight burnted out so I had to not only wait a week for the replacement but i had to go stand in sun and hold the phone on an angle in order to use it.

  • Fuast2233

    These are terrible. I've gone through 4 of these “Certified Pre Owned” devices and they all suck. One the speaker was blown out when I received it. The other one the keyboard after a week of use started typing random characters. The next one the light sensor didn't function so the screen would ALWAYS stay on. Finally the last one I'm using now just randomly opens programs, even with a keylock firmly in place. These are worthless.

    • JohnPA2006

      Why dont you stop carrying rocks, magnets and water covered objects in the same pocket as your phone.
      And maybe your holding it wrong…….(totally messing with you)

      Yeah I really dont see the second hand cell phone market through first party (verizon) really lasting too much longer. I hear nothing but horror stories about the replacement phones, and how the replacements are usually as bad or worse than what they were meant to replace. Give me a new phone, or upgrade me.

      • Beth

        They offered me a $30 discount on renewing my 2 year contract with an upgrade to Droid X for $200. Yes that's right, I could pay $200 for a working replacement and it might actually be the only way to get something that works.

    • Beth

      I am expecting my 4th warranty replacement tomorrow. Starting with #2 I've been filming the activation failures and plan to put it all on a blog. My original phone works about 70% of the time compared to scary freezing up and crashing of the ones being sent out so I'm just going see how many they send out before they give up and send me something that is either new or working.

  • Sea_Ghost

    Like your favorite box of cereal,

    Nutrition facts:

    Roms and Roots,Themes and custom boots, Clocking and

    kernals with Fat free apps….

    Total Fat per serving: 0g

  • upinthesky11

    On to the next one

  • So Obviously This Would Clear Up All Those Insurance Questions, That If You Lose Or Break Your Phone Going To A Lesser Model. There's Still Plenty If They're Offering This “Deal” Here.

  • BigFonz

    You can still get it cheaper on WALMART.com

    • The350zWolf

      Yeah, wirefly and newegg too!

    • My local Wally World has it for $49.95 NEW.

  • I've had four of them (as replacements for mine) and not a single one worked. Bear in mind that the only things they certify are the wireless radios. GPS, camera, bluetooth, wifi, physical keyboard, etc, are not tested and certified to be working.

    Only 3G data and whether or not it can make a phone call.

  • Nathanbull33

    Personally I would stay away from these. These are the same phones they are using to replace warrantied Droid 1's. I got lucky and recieved one that was basically new but my friend got one for his replacement phone and it has been nothing but a turd. He still doesnt have flash because his phone fails the installation every time. Also his keyboard slider feels like someone put glue in it. Takes alot of effort to slide it back and forth. Anyways my point is make sure they have some kind of return policy on these as they will be very hit and miss.

  • El El Kool J

    Damn! now people won't be offering alot of money to buy mine off me.. 🙁 I liked having something that people couldn't purchase anymore.. 😛

  • Michael_NM

    $559.99 Full Retail Price? Wow! I guess VZ puts a premium on those unlocked bootloaders. 🙂

  • meh…still got mine for way cheaper brand new lol

  • Rothai

    It just keeps on giving… new ROM's, and it still rocks with good Quandrant scores!

  • Long Live The King! =)

  • EC8CH

    Certified Kick A$$ device more like it

  • Ldrbuck1

    Long live the king

  • sc4fpse

    Down, but not out!

  • Imajinaxn

    if the d1 was as big as my dx I definitely would have kept it. But my baby sister is taking care of it now with a new sapphire and invertnito rom lol

  • Harbo99


  • It just won't die! And that's a good thing.