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LauncherPro Update Adds Dock Popups for SMS and Missed Calls

What we love about LauncherPro updates, is the fact that they are never just “bug fixers.”  They almost always include some new goodie which makes the app that much better while fixing minor bugs that may have surfaced since the last release.

With this newest release (v0.8.0.0), Plus users are treated to 2 new dock popups, which give you notifications from the dock for missed calls and unread texts.  Another feature I had never even imagined, but seems so obvious and amazingly useful…

New Feature: Dock Popups! A perfect complement for dock notifications and dock swipe actions, the new dock popups give you quick access to information without leaving LauncherPro. In this release I’ve included two popups: Missed Calls, and Unread SMS. More popups will come in future updates.

Here are Fede’s instructions on how to enable them…

To enable them, long-press on the desired dock icon, choose “Swipe gesture action”, then “Show Popup…” and choose the popup. Now when you swipe that icon up, you’ll get a popup showing you the selected information.

Both of these popups mark all items as read/viewed when you open them, so they’ll automatically clear the dock notification bubble. You can click on an item (SMS or call) to open it in their respective apps.

Read up on all of the new changes at the LauncherPro site.

Cheers Mario!

  • Jcbravez

    Love the pop up. Would be even more awesome if it popped up a preview when a text was received instead of making a swype gesture.

  • Dricks_818

    This freezes da whole phone den forceclose great idea…just not working right for me….

  • OIK

    Nevermind – it works!

  • OIK

    Pop-up feature isn't working for me. I've followed Fede's enabling instructions – no popups for missed calls or texts. DroidX

    • OIK

      Nevermind – it works!

  • ETTL

    For FC.. try out this setting, menu advanced setting
    memory usage setting
    DO NOT SELECT clear caches on exit

  • Shopbuy11

    more features = even slower. This ain't the speedy launcher pro that it once was any more. ADW is better now.

  • Notown2naptown

    What Rom is that anyone?

  • Another update just released. Bookmark pop-ups have been added, and the response time for pop-ups have decreased.

  • BAoxymoron

    I know I'm poor but I make actually go pro for this feature…

  • BigRed4X15

    Do you have the LP icons in the screenshots somewhere available for download? Those are sweet, and I bet they will look good with my black glass theme on my D2!

  • Frenchy

    So what does everyone think of the new shadowrom 0.2.1? Any comments?

  • wolverinefan

    Ok i got launcher pro is the plus worth it ???

    • Mrpicolas

      Yes it is Fede works very hard to implement features for his plus users

    • Wmsco51

      Yes get some good widgets and more everyday.

  • Iperriem

    How do u get ur launcher pro to look like that I've tried downloading em from the site but I'm not having any luck an I do have the free version

  • leanbarton

    Works perfect on my X.


  • Tracy Wilborn

    Awesome, I just bought this app this morning. 🙂

  • not so poppable

    Droid X. Takes at least ten seconds to pop up, when it even does. Usually force closes after about 15 seconds. Fixes?

  • LaucnherPro is the BEST launcher available on the Android Market! No other launcher tops it!

  • a quick question for anyone who might know. can LP plus key be used on two phones? For example, can I use it on both mine and my wife's phone or would I need to purchase another key? I'm more than happy to, I'm just curious!

    • well its just like buying a paid app on one phone. it would be illegal to pirate the app to another. we all know married couples are one flesh but your phones arent 😉 Fede would want you to purchase it for both phones. its only right.

      • That's what I needed to know, thanks a ton!

    • Serqet

      Just to answer what's already been answered (because I just tried it on my work phone as well, where I don't intend on keeping it installed), yes you can. It will not stop you. But with all his work, Fede definitely deserves the other $2.99. 🙂

  • FrenchToast

    I still love me some ADW action over LauncherPro any day. The pop-up dock on ADW is such an awesome feature to have. That, plus theming is what does it for me.

  • Rodys7

    Works just fine!!… I make full use of this launcher…& features…..

  • droidn

    Works perfect for me, no FC's or lag. Can't wait to get more popups….email, gtalk, market updates etc!

  • Mross

    Just wanted to say its all good for me here not laggy or force closing.

  • Dricks_818

    Tlking about launcher pro being pulled from the market…I had bought launcher pro but not so long ago I flashed into one of peter alfonsos roms and all my apps downloaded into my phone except for launcherpro any suggestions in how too get it back?

    • JagoX

      Uh…go to the Launcher Pro website?

  • phillyphil

    I never took time to learn the gesture feature, I wish I would have sooner. I have the notification bar hidden, but I need it every now and again. This allows a simple swype to pull down the bar. My favorit app, thanks Fede!

  • I'm finding it takes a REALLY long time to show the little popup. I could have launched my call log in the time I spent waiting for the popup. Wonder what the issue is

  • angermeans

    I really like the dock background that you are using do you mind posting a link to that?

    • Drwoktor

      yeah for real please post a link for the dock background download.. i’d kill for that :D… seriously.. watch your back if you decide not to post it ;]

  • Napes

    Was it pulled from the market already, or has it not made it on there yet? If he saw the comments below, maybe it was pulled for a quick fix?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    we need TRILLIAN pop UP

  • NorCalGuy

    Sweet!! Now I just need bookmarksas a pop-up and updates for the market that would be even sweeter

  • skltr21

    I really wish we could get the plus version in the market….. I can't use paypal. Bummer.

    • Maansova

      Yes you can use paypal, and the plus version is not in the market is under ur app configurations just go to unluck plus version.

    • Mrpicolas

      Its coming soon very soon

  • bmac420

    its a little laggy, but it also shows my text messages as coming in 4 hours in the past. so a text i get at say 11:08am will show as 7:08am

    • Muddy B00ts

      I thought that was just a Droid X problem…

  • I almost wish I could buy it again. Thanks Fede! I noticed that Argentina just got added to the list of countries where developers can sell from. Very exciting!

  • I almost wish I could buy it again. Thanks Fede! I noticed that Argentina just got added to the list of countries where developers can sell from. Very exciting!

  • El El Kool J

    I like all the missed calls and missed text feature that the Zenvito MIUI has on it that im using.. This ROM is really good.. very stable and fast… Been using if for a few days now. You can read you missed text without unlocking the phone.. and see the missed calls as well without unlockin the phone.. 😛

  • Dinofan01

    my phone freezes when i use this. it takes about five seconds before its stops. apparently its not just me so be weary.

    • Maansova

      I dont have any problems with this app, if your phone freezes just do crear cache…… u might be able to find instructions here in this site, it just depends of the model u have

      • Jdstell

        Phone freezes too 🙁 tried clear cache, didn’t help.

        Droid1, lithiumMod1.0.12

      • Morgansj

        Mine froze as well…..buggy

        • Mbruno44

          Mine as well. Not good at all. FC almost every time I try and use it

    • BP_Ballistic

      Works fine on my DInc (rooted w/Skyraider 3.2 & BFS#5) and isn’t laggy at all.

    • Yeah it does freeze randomly I’m sure he’ll clear this up with updates to come.

    • Yeah it does freeze randomly I’m sure he’ll clear this up with updates to come.

  • Maansova

    Thanks kellex, im so glad that u saw my email lol. I was like maybe he is to busy to check her emails but know i know 🙂
    thanks kellex u r the man.

    Maansova (mario)

    • Maansova

      Udate: is not her i meant to say his email lol

  • Bhain3s


  • Rain_king46

    First! Saw this over the weekend. Great add to an already great program. Next please add an rss reader widget. 😀

    • Anonymous

      RSS widget would go a long way towards killing everything blur on my phone! I don’t like mixing and matching but I need an RSS widget and some toggles, too!