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Star Wars Empire Strikes Back App Set to Launch 10/4

To celebrate 30 years of Star Wars, the R2-D2 Droid 2 hit stores yesterday, but during its announcement earlier in the week, we were told to expect a special Empire Strikes Back app to be landing on the market “soon.”  The app will launch for $2.99  and feature a ton of Star Wars content like sound and photo galleries, live wallpapers, trivia challenges and even some widgets.  We had no official date on the release, but today we were told from sources that Monday, 10/4 is current scheduled date assuming there are no setbacks.

This app is exclusive to Verizon customers.

Any Star Wars gurus getting excited?

  • James

    The app no longer functions, it appears verizon cut it off.  Even though I paid for it.

  • Buckgrad

    Nothing but bad comments in the app's comment tab in the market. May the force close be with you?

  • Anton_05

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Hype is not worth the wait or 3 bucks you waste on this. It LAGS (if I could emphasize the capitalizations I would). Had to Force Close (ironically). And the Live Wallpaper you saw that came with the R2D2 phone is NOT what you get here. You get [email protected] junkie lo-res gif animations. And the wallpapers that comes with it you can get browsing and saving the images on your phone. The soundboard is equivalent to the other A-Market SW soundboards, a bit tinny in sound. These are not the droid apps you're looking for. Because once you see how suckilious it is you don;t get a refund when you uninstall.

  • Kraigmc

    It's up now. Force closed a couple times trying the Bounty Hunt feature though.

  • Anton_05

    App not found in Verizon section of Android Market or anywhere else in AM. Oct 5th, D2. Is VZW spreading false rumors or waiting til r2d2 phone sales justify releasing app to market?

  • Anton_05

    Don't see it in Verizon section of the Android Market yet or anywhere yet. D2. Oct 5th. False rumor or Verizon waiting for the r2d2 sales to justify releasing app.

  • Kraigmc

    Seems like the app didn'y get released today, 10/04 after all. At least I can't find it anywhere. Anyone else find it?

    • joesred

      I cannot find it either.

  • Thisbeadamc

    I just wish they made a bad ass Star Wars case for my DrInc

  • I just don't see myself buying a phone that looks looks r2d2 .but it will sell out in my opinion . It really should come with a game or nude pics of Natalie Portman .

  • DroidieAng

    How about the market updating first so some of my paid apps will show up on R2!

  • Jakewoodblues

    What wars?

  • BigRichard

    Whats Star Wars ??

    • JagoX

      I see what you did there 😉

  • MrNK7

    How about a game? Flying an X-Wing around the Death Star shooting down Tie Fighters while I'm taking my talents to Miami would be awesome.

    • JTE

      I'm with you. If I'm supposed to shell out $2.99 then I want a quality game, not trivia and wall papers. With all the money made off star wars already, they are going to have to bring something good and new to get more from me.

  • demoltionman427

    When you say widgets, are you talking about the R2D2 clock? Cause that would be pretty awesome.

    • Ezeddie

      You could get them from the rom just extract and look for then in the app folder.

    • DroidieAng

      That is the cheesiest thing I have seen. I was shocked about the low quality of it and that someone approved of it being put on a phone!

  • JHDroid

    I've got the clock widget, it sucks, and the binoculars app isn't great either.
    downloaded the first file link and extracted them myself

  • lakerzz

    *Darth Vader replies* ” Steve *obs does not share you're optimistic appraisal of the situation.”

    • mtkregs

      I find his lack of faith disturbing.

  • $2.99, sure why not. Hopefully I can browse to the files and use the sounds and photos on my computer too.

  • Jjuanico73

    Awesome. I'm loving it. I don't want the weekend to fly by though. I will be patient. lol

  • Darth Vader

    Impressive, most impressive

  • mhoe

    Personally, I think they are about 20 years late with the Star Wars marketing campaign.

    • mtkregs

      🙂 With all due respect, who is qualified to give marketing advice to Lucas and his marketing group(s)? I'm just gonna put it out there that these guys might have a clue about what they're doing…just sayin'

      Love it, not so much anymore, or hate it…Star Wars sells.

      • BuLLg0d

        Star Wars re-re-re-released in 3D is expert marketing?

        • mtkregs

          If it makes money? Yes.

          We'll just have to wait and see how things go at the box office. My bet is that people will go to see it.

    • PigHeaded

      You're an f'ing idiot. Look how much money he's made in repackaging his original trilogy in various incremental formats 20+ years later. Obviously things like your personal opinion will be preventing you from making the money Lucas is making.

      • Mrpicolas

        This is your only warning do not flame others let's keep. It friendly

  • Very excited!

  • yes and yes

  • antintyty

    they are also re releasing all the star wars movies in 3D!!

    • antintyty

      when can we see the clock widget for the R2D2???

    • kellex

      I saw that today…can't frickin' wait!

    • thought they were just redoing EP1 then seeing how it goes before they do the rest? And why doesnt this app come with R2D2??

    • PigHeaded

      Hope the 3d is better than Clash of the Titans in 3d since both are converted to 3d from 2d.

      Damn Lucas, anything to squeeze more pennies from our pockets.

  • RickX93277

    I'll be getting that for sure

  • Interesting.

    • boot879

      sweet… my first 8th

      • PigHeaded

        Go get a room, you two