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FourSquare Updated, UI Changes Include Tips and To-do Tabs

Our favorite social stalking app received a major update late last night, only adding to our ridiculous addiction for becoming the mayer of the world.  Yes, we’re talking about Foursquare.  The update included some pretty significant UI changes, additional features, new tabs and more.  Changelog below:

  • Redesign for most activity screens.
  • Tips and To-do screens added as top-level tabs.
  • Friend information added to venue pages.
  • Can access friend requests from Me tab.
  • Can now refresh Me tab.
  • Switch from xml to json for API calls.

Available in the market now!

  • Ace88

    Too bad it doesn't post to Facebook on my DroidX. Gowalla works fine though.

    • I've not had any trouble with mine on my X. Do you have any trouble getting to facebook in other ways? (widgets, touch site, app, etc?)

    • Arrico99

      Doesn't work for mine either. Wish I could find a good answer when it will. Pisses me off that my iphone friends are working fine.

  • dylan84

    A huge improvement from the previous one!

  • mbreezy

    they need to make their widget scrollable.

  • When will we see a picture tab?? I think that is huge for such a social app, people want to see what the place looks like inside and out and be able to share am I alone on this?

    • SCVNGR has this and the user receives points for uploading a picture, Foursquare should do something similar.

  • The350zWolf

    Hey the market is not showing me an upgrade wtf!!!

  • I really like this update. I wish Foursquare had challenges like SCVNGR though.

  • Michael_NM

    Mayer Dr. Droid or Mayor Dr. Droid?

  • The350zWolf


    • boot879

      soooo awesome… fifth!!! YEAAHHHHH