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DROID Theme Friday: Zenito MIUI 1.0 by Bgill55

The MIUI ROM just won’t go away and now we even have themers taking their turns at customizing it.  We showed you a quick video walkthrough of this Asian sensation ROM earlier this week, so it only seemed fitting that we bring you a theme to go along with it.  From our boy Bgill55, comes Zenito MIUI 1.0, the dark take on this epic ROM.

Download:  Zenito_MIUI_v1.0.zip


*Original Droid only.

1.  Flash the Zen-MIUI V2.0 ROM from our post earlier this week.
2.  Flash the fix file.  (Open ROM Manager>Install ROM from SD card>Select the file.)
3.  Download the Zenito_MIUI_V1.0.zip file from above to your SD card.
4.  Open ROM Manager, select “Install ROM from SD Card” and choose the Zenito file.
5.  Check the box to make a backup if you’d like, SKIP “wipe data and cache.”
6.  Your phone will reboot and apply the Zenito theme.
7.  When it boots you may run into a couple of force closes.  Here is the fix:

a.  Open Settings>Apps>Manage Apps>”All”
b.  Clear data for “Contacts Storage” and “Google Framework Services”.

8.  Enjoy your themed MIUI!

Full support thread with tips and tricks can be found here.

Cheers Ryan and Armyof2!

  • Brantheman1

    Love the style of the rom, but it wont let me add multiple gmail accounts, which is a deal breaker for me. Back to cyanogen 2.2

  • Yowwwsi

    Sorry for the dumn question but is this theme is suitable for Milestone device which running Froyo?

  • Pacmannproductions

    I like the ROM itself cuz its alot diff then all the other setups of the ROMs, only thing with this is i cant see my missed calls, so thats a pain n the ass, and the phone settings menu is n all jap. Any tips on that anyone?

  • nick

    It still doesn't work for me. I finally got the market and browser to work, but I still can't make phone calls. I wish this was more stable so I could use it.

  • Lane252


  • Lane252

    Does the phone work?

  • Pchpoochie

    i really like this rom but i use launcher pro plus with it but the 3d app drawer doesnt work right it dont let u select apps sumtymes ,could someone please fix it or let me know how too droid 1 with miui rom

  • Miguel

    my android market will not work help please? also my facebook won't work

    • nick

      do the clear cache stuff for contacts storage and google frameworks. that made my market work.

      • Miguel

        yes it did thank you so much. Now do you know how to make my pics from facebook to sync with my contancts

  • bgill55

    oh FYI no need to flash the fix file as I have already added all the fixes to the rom

    • Pacmannproductions

      im at sapphire 1.1.0 n i tried to install MIUI to it thru SPrecovery n and it aborted it n wouldnt install. Can u please tell me the proper way to Put that rom on my phone. Im not so much worried about this new theme (even tho it looks cool), i just want the MIUI rom with everything working fine. Can i do this thru ROM manager? If so, how would i do this. Thanks!

      • Armyof2

        are you using sprecovery? if so you need to rename the downloaded file update.zip…and yes you can load through rom manager just make sure you DO NOT wipe data and cache…then hit up the new MMS B posted a bit ago

        • Armyof2

          if you do use rom manager it's going to want you to flash clockwork recovery…which is basically the same as sprecovery but doesn't force you to rename the zip files

        • Pacmannproductions

          ya, i renamed the file to update zip and it just kept aborting when it would go to install, so ill try thru rom manager. N what is the neew MMS thing about? I thought that if we went from Sapphire that eveything worked fine. What if i use the Handcent Txt?

  • bgill55
  • ajbattaglia83

    Nice! “asian sensation” lol

  • does this fix the fact that my keyboard on my droid won't light up? or that my led will work again?

    • Armyof2

      yes it fixes the keyboard lightup (there has been a fix for that for quite a while) and the LED thing you have to go in the settings and set the “trackball” color and it will work on the notification light but nothing is set by default so you have to change it yourself….this was ported over from a non keyboard htc phone so some of the things are still not ported specifically for the droid just yet

  • El El Kool J

    Running this now.. it works absolutely smoothly.. not one force close if you follow all the steps as shown.. 🙂 “No app drawer, but just make a new folder and put everything you dont use normally on the home screen in it.. “

    • Armyof2

      thats what I did too lol

  • Aj

    For those who have the phone dialer app worker correctly. Can you dial *228 without it force closing?

    Also has the Account & Sync option been restored in the settings?

    I had MIUI rom running, but those two things weren't correct/working.

    • Armyof2

      not sure on the first…never tried as to the 2nd yes but the pictures won't sync to the contact..for that i used syncmypix off the market

  • Kraymanbauer

    Kinda weird all the thoughts by people saying theyer waiting for this rom to be more stable. Running it since kellex posted it and its blazing fast and I am loving it. Flashing the theme now! tx kellex!

    • Armyof2

      Yeah since Zenito 1.0 got on my phone it's been fast and stable…just the known bugs that i know to avoid now

  • Stephen D

    This looks sort of TouchWiz/iPhone-ish. I thought you didn't like TW Kellex?

  • Chriscusto

    Anyone working on porting this to the X?

    • Jminush

      I agree, would love to see this on the DX!

  • Good to see Drizzy on deck for the playlist… but will this ROM be unforgettable?

    • Maria Erickson

      Kellex has good taste in music

      • Guest111


  • So since i'm using BBv.05 would i flash this zenito miui over it?

    • 1. Flash the Zen-MIUI V2.0 ROM from our post earlier this week

      *won't work on BBv0.5** for those themes go to http://www.droidforums.net/forum/bugless/

      • Oh ok thanks! Have you tried it?

    • Armyof2

      Doesn't work over BB someone has tried it. You can either flash do as Erica said and flash the zen miui rom first then this or flash a source built rom (sapphire UD Shadowrom, SS 4.8 have been found to work so far…there may be more but i'm not sure) then flash this

      • Thanks! I may consider flashing this rom now. Has anyone had issues using swype with this rom?

  • anyone know where you can get those icons used in the Dock?

  • EC8CH

    I'd like to see the mainstream ROMer's pick some of the more interesting bits out of MIUI and incorporate them into their more standard Android experience (power management in notification panel for example). MIUI is simple too big of a departure from Vanilla Android for me to want to swallow all at once.

    • El El Kool J

      Ya I definetely agree with you.. I like the lock screen options and the notification power controls.. nice feature.. but it needs the app drawer and a few more customizable features…

  • Jdstell

    So this is just a theme for the already released MiUI ROM? Dangit, I was hoping for a modded new rom based off the MiUI ROM (with probs fixed). Just have to wait a little longer I guess.

    • zer0null

      The post is incorrect. This is a full rom. You must install it over a base rom such as Sapphire 1.1.1 or chevy's rom and do not wipe cache or data. Please go here and read the post as it explains all http://www.droidforums.net/forum/bgill55/85092-zenito-miui.html

      • Does it need to be stock Sapphire 1.1.1 or can I install over a themed version? I have invertnito blue on Sapphire 1.1.1 and would like to avoid restoring back to stock before trying MIUI.

        • Armyof2

          I had a hard time over a themed version because of the phone app i believe

      • Jdstell

        Yea, I just went to download it and was like “why the heck is a theme 83mb?”. Then I read Bgill's thread. The DL post is very misleading.

        Still doesn't remedy the fact that this thing is a beta and has problems, just read through the thread posts at Droid Forums.

    • Jdstell

      Just read the Droid-Forums thread briefly. I want this ROM but I'm going to hold out for a more complete and stable version.

  • Guy

    Does anyone know if the wired tethering works on this rom?

    • zer0null

      Wired and Wireless tether are included.

    • Armyof2

      He's added the wired and wireless tether apps to fill in

      • Guy

        thanks for the quick answers

  • Cbaxter82

    The phone application actually work? heh

    • zer0null

      Phone works fine with no force closes on making, receiving, or ignoring calls.

    • Armyof2

      Yup…as long as you flash over one of the built from source roms (Sapphire, SS 4.8, ShadowRom, UD8 have been confirmed) with out wiping data/cache the phone app works

      • Know if anyone has tried applying this over the Project Elite ROM? I saw some videos of the phone and REALLY like some of the features but, trying to understand the 900+ replies (in 4 days) on DF is confusing, each seems to mention various/additional fixes for something not working correctly.

        • Armyof2

          Not sure about Project Elite…you could always back up your rom then give it a shot then we'd know …i know it works on Sapphire 1.1.1, SS 4.8, ShadowROM, and UD8….seems like the source built roms work well

          • Took the leap, seems to be doing okay so far. It says Facebook is synced but phone doesn’t seem to be pulling the FB photos for my folks in contacts as it previously did.

  • Jeffreymeyer99

    is there anyway just to get the icons and ditch the theme because i hate not having an app drawer

    • Armyof2

      You can use launcherpro or ADW and they will have the normal layout

  • tbaybe

    a theme not by timotato?!

  • Mrpicolas

    Well might have to try this

  • Firstrguy


    • Mrpicolas

      Nope but close lol…

    • bravoleader2

      You mean second? And what exactly does the Z stand for in zomg? Zebra?

      • Firstrguy

        Damnit. I was really tryna be sarcastic, but failed. haha.. im not really sure what the z means

        • bravoleader2

          I'm pretty sure it's either zebras or “I'm an idiot”

  • Static_prone

    Looks Great!, Great work bgill55 as always