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Download: Google Car Home App

Struggling to find or install the new Google Car Home app?  You shouldn’t be surprised as it appears that Google may have actually pulled it from the market already.  Who knows why, but you can download the .apk file below.

Download:  Google Car home (alt link)

*Should act as an upgrade to DROID 1 car app.

*Installed just fine on DROID 2 and X.

*Should work on any phone that is using a semi-custom Car Navigation app.


1.  Download the file from above to your phone.
2.  When it finishes downloading, tap to “Install” it.
3.  Once installed, head to home screen with space on it.
4.  Hit Menu>Add>Shortcuts>Activities  (you need LauncherPro installed).
5.  In Activities, scroll down to Car Home and tap on it.
6.  Now select “Car Home – com.google.android.carhome.CarHome”.
7.  You will now have a shortcut to the app on your homescreen.

Let us know if it works or you have tips for other users!

  • Guest

    AT&T Motorola Flipside (model no. MB508) users: this method works. and you may also uninstall LauncherPro after getting the shortcut on your home screen

    • Guest

      sorry. forgot to mention u need the motoroala/att android 2.2 update installed

  • Joseph Crawford

    Worked fine with my LG Optimus II the only issue I can see is the car icon does not appear in the status bar so it appears the phone does not actually go into car mode.

  • Sdmackie

    Thanks! This helps with cyan rc7! Cheers!!!

  • Jimmiecockerill

    Looks awesome and is really functional. However the landsacape dialer is non existant as in original version. This includes in call screen and recent/favorites/contacts screen, they are all sideways. Nobody needs more than six buttons while driving. People are going to get in accidents. Overall, the ui of this is really professional, but the original one was just missing all customizable buttons. I like. To use the car home beta by the spinning head with one of the shortcuts being the original car dock.

  • Nyreyn

    For those with a Droid X or other phone that won't show car home in the launcher you need to also download the carhomelauncher.apk. That will make the carhome app show up in your app drawer

  • upinthesky11

    Is this anything like car panel because I already have that.

  • Travis

    Has anyone been able to get it on the Samsung Fascinate. I am getting the same error as Brian in the 2nd post (parsing package error). I downloaded it just fine on my DroidX, but since I rooted/de-Bing'ed my wife's Samsung Fascinate her Car Dock does nothing but force close :-(. I would really like to put this on hers!

  • You dont need launcher pro to run this app if u have the car panel app install it u can switch over and use this app when you click on the car panel app…. HTC EVO ….. this app not all that any ways.. i like the other car home app

  • Mbbis

    Sucks for me, i am running saphire 1.1.1 and every time i try to install it it says unsuccessful.

    Then i tried under appbrain and it says i am running 2.1 so it won't install.

    Even though when i go to about phone it reads i am running 2.2.

    Help anyone?

  • RedBank

    I'm a Droid n00b so please forgive me…but why would GOOG pull this from the market that quickly??? Is it bc it was not ready yet?

    I'm on the X and would love this…the car dock on my device is ok…but not customizable…I'd like the option to do so but should I just wait…do they normally do a re-release type of thing?

    No Root (yet)

  • error parse?

  • Norcalpg

    It seems to work in terms of bluetooth with the phone and all. I am trying to figure out why music won't play over the bluetooth connection. Any ideas?

  • Dw900rr79

    On my droid x its saying parse eroor. There is a problem parsing the package. Anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong?

  • Tincanpuller

    Easy DL from market, Easy Install too D1, Rooted.

  • Dave

    Works on a Galaxy S, the Music Player button didn't work but you can long-press and delete the music player icon and add your own. Isn't it supposed to take over the Home button though? With Launcher Pro pressing Home will take you back to Launcher Pro, not Car Home. I know you could use Home Switcher but it's not very convenient. Why is Google only releasing this for two specific 2.2 phones, that's not exactly helping the fragmentation argument is it?

    • Brian

      I'm wondering what galaxy S you have, I just got the fascinate and the new google car home apk will not install on my fascinate no matter what I do it just gives me a parsing package error. If you can please help!!


      • Dave

        I have the international version of the Galaxy S I9000. I installed it with adb install. Probably you just got a bad download, try downloading the apk again.

  • aafreen

    Kellex, how 'bout a QR code?

  • The350zWolf

    Man this is so cool! I can make the color of the icons match the color of my instrument cluster. +1 Google!

  • Roog

    I found it on the market, as others have posted below, and I just downloaded it and set it up. According to Google Mobile Blog, it is only for 2.2 users and as an update it mentioned that it was available for Nexus One and Droid. (?)

  • SecurityNick

    I had to remove the old version via Titanium in order to get this to install at all. Since installation, the app doesn't show up in my drawer or allow me to pick it from the shortcuts menu. The app does show up in my applications list via application settings, and when I go into the market after the download (actually tried to install via the file above and through the market) it doesn't give me the option to open it. Any ideas?

    • Bprior22

      I did the same exact thing, same exact problem… haven't figured out a fix…. please help!

    • Brett

      When uninstalling app we must have uninstalled launcher as well. Download from market doesn't include launcher I guess. Follow these instructions: http://goo.gl/PhoN Then install app from market. Worked for me.

      • SecurityNick

        Thanks for the tip, that worked.

  • DROID X will not find in App Market, either.

  • Rain_king46

    Ok, I installed this per the instructions above. Now I have an icon on my desktop that gets me to the new version, but the car dock icon in my app drawer still takes me to the old car dock. did i do something wrong?

  • NYC Coyote

    Tip: You can use any home screen replacement or none at all (I am using stock sense)…just use BetterCut to place it on a screen. Also as much as the Music Icon doesn't work… you can add icons to any app you want (I chose Mixzing)

  • lakerzz

    Force closes when trying to change the wallpaper everytime…DX

  • geekabilly
  • wprocter

    installed via the APK on DX stock 2.2…didn't show up in the app drawer, so did a reboot….

    it screwed things up badly…. running LauncherPro/Beautiful Home – couldn't get off my home screen and for some reason, the phone seemed to have a mind of its own…selected the Beautiful Home widget despite all attempts to do otherwise….

    finally got my clicks in between the phantom clicks and maneuvered to the apps manager to uninstall it… all is well after a reboot

    • wprocter

      “selected the Beautiful Home widget” means that the phone was acting possessed and clicking on the widget by itself with no touches from me.. hitting the back button would unselect it for a moment, then the phantom click came right back

  • i found it in the market on my D1. and also, i have it listed as an app in my drawer… am i missing something? my phone hasn't had most of the problems tat appear on DL.

  • Fafkfak

    This is either part of the Tranquility ROM, or an update for the Droid X with 2.2. I noticed my original car dock is no longer there, and this is there instead. Sadly, I can't seem to figure out how to add apps into it, which was a handy feature of the original car dock app.

  • Davo376

    I just now (12:57 pm Eastern) found it in the market and installed it onto my D1.

  • Muddy B00ts

    I got it downloaded from the market no problem. 🙂

  • Would this car home app replace the CarDock app for the Droid X? Meaning, if i install this, and inserted into my cardock, would Car Home app show up instead of CarDock? Thanks in advanced.

  • dadahead

    I'm running Sapphire 1.1.1 also. I went to the market, and downloaded it. Works great!

  • Zacqua10

    just downloaded it from the market. its back

  • Installed straight from the market on D1 2.2. FC's when you try to change the wallpaper…probably why they pulled it. Log says out of memory exception, but I have plenty of cache free.

  • Finally got it working. Used Titanium Backup to remove old version. Then Rebooted. Then installed from Market. Now it's time to check this baby out.

  • JohnPA2006

    I can describe this download in one word.

    Excellent update.
    FINALLY !!!
    Just what I wanted, Been hoping they would do this eventually…

  • this is dum you cant use it unless its in a car dock

    • Tcpsyn

      What’d dumb is trying to use a car dock application without a car dock. Those of us that use a car dock think it’s awesome.

    • JohnPA2006

      Yes you can use it anytime, you just tap the car home icon in your apps.

  • Patriotvirus

    Downloaded from the Market just now.

    • Coaster36

      I agree its back on the market. Just got it

  • Wongway

    I should note that I downloaded it last night (Yesterday) before it was pulled.

  • Wongway

    odd, I saw it on another site, so I went to the market and downloaded it for my Droid1. It installed just fine for me, replaced the Droid1's Car Home app just fine. I wouldn't have known there would have been a problem unless I read this site. My particular Droid1 is stock (non rooted) and was manually upgraded to the official 2.2. (I didn't feel like waiting for the over the air update)

  • A1C

    is this just an update or a completely new app?

  • Joeblow

    Just downloaded and installed from market. Works great – they fixed what was missing before with customizable buttons. Droid 1 stock.

  • digitalicecream

    This is what I've been searching for, awesome DL!

  • El El Kool J

    Kellex.. look how much power you have over us in your lil DL community.. you post we download it..lol.. 😛 You must have some mind control jedi powers over us.. 😛

  • Nebur1686

    i does not work on a milestone 2.1 update 1, i can not install it even with astro

  • FrogurtLover

    I just searched for Google Car Home on Android Market. Found it and installed on DROID 1 running stock Froyo 2.2.

  • Zerotime

    Wont work for me. Sapphire 1.1.1 is what I am running

    • dadahead

      I'm running Sapphire 1.1.1 also. I went to the market, and downloaded it. Works great!

  • Lonndoggie

    Found it in the market, too, installed like a champ. Droid 1, stock 2.2 rooted.

  • BigFonz

    Got mine straight from the market.

  • Bleeb129

    i got custom car home and u can decide what icons u want so u arent stuck with the ones car dock has

  • SecurityNick

    Is this any different than the one that got upgraded from the original Car Home with 2.2? If it's not, then I have some gripes about it. The old Car Home would allow you to go to your home screen (while in the car dock) and run an app if you needed to then simply pull down the notification bar to go back to the app. The current one I have forces you to exit the app, then you have to re-launch it from the app drawer (I don't want to waste space putting a short cut to this on my home screen. Also, you would think that since the 2nd page has some empty “squares” that you might be able to customize it by putting other apps in there, but it evidently doesn't do that..would be a GREAT add on if you could. I've tried another car home replacement app before that did let you customize things and put your own apps on the screen, but I didn't like it too much, can't remember what it was called.

    • Mcentreville

      All of your concerns have been taken care, or there is now a work-a-round. Shortcuts are now programmable, including direct dials. As for exiting Car Home, simply put your launcher as one of the shortcuts. To get back to Car Home from there, just hit the “home” button. No need to hit “exit car home.” Check out the settings page for other new features: select wallpaper, select color of icons, turn on with bluetooth, etc.

  • sdubb

    Is this an upgrade to car dock?

  • Works on my G1 CM6!!!

    Tip: With APWLauncher you have to select Menu>Add>Custom shortcut>Activities>Car Home(.CarHome)

  • Unable to install this. Rooted Samsung Moment 2.1. Error parsing file. Is this 2.2 only?

    • lakerzz

      Try the alternate link…I had the same problem with the first link.

  • fleury14

    Can't get it working original d1 “application not installed”…lil help please.

    • NM_FERG

      Try it through Astro File Manager. Mine installed as an upgrade. D1 with 2.2

      • fleury14

        Thanks but No luck SS 4.8 Rooted

        • Anonymous

          i was getting this problem with my rooted D1 w/ Shadow Rom. i rebooted the phone and it installed fine . . .

          of course, installing Launcher Pro to get the shortcut on the home screen is now not successful . . . >:-(

          • fleury14

            I got it going by deleting it in titanium and installing from the market.

  • jawa5636

    Droid 1

    Looks like it installed but says it didn't on the phone. Maybe they pulled it cause it wasn't quite ready for prime time. I dunno.

  • the second link's file doesn't work? and the main link didn't work for me either

    on Samsung Fascinate

  • Ruddy

    ugh i actually found it in the market…hmmm weird

    • Paj

      Found on market, installed fine and runs fine. (D1 stock 2.2)

  • Mark

    Thanks! Installed fine on my Droid X. Loads as my default when I place my X in the Car Dock. All I need, but would be nice if I could get it to show up in the drawer in ADW.Launcher.

  • jdb80

    Works fine on my D1. Looks a little darker than the image in the blog entry but I like it.

  • Mike

    It installs on my droid 2 but I can't find the program. I still only see the crappy car dock and no car home.

    • kellex

      Read all instructions. 🙂

      • Mike

        Ok thanks…I was expecting to see it in the menu with the rest of the apps


    Worked on my droid 1 with no problems. Much better than the original car home

  • Ehaus81

    Worked perfect on my D1. Opened the file in Astro and did an update and I'm customizing now. Thanks Kellex. As always, you rule.

  • DroidDizzy

    I got it to install on my OG Droid, it installed as a update for me.

    • nnonix

      Confirmed! Works fine on the Droid1, installs as an update.

    • villian1998

      Same for me rockin' Litmod

      • Anonymous

        I’m still running the Litmod and it won’t update for me, did you do anything special?

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t do anything, perhaps reboot and then try. If that doesn’t work you may have to delete the old app to get the new one to install.

          • Anonymous

            That worked for me, thanks for your input!!!

  • NorCalGuy

    The dl works on my rooted d1 running Chevy 4.8… super clean looking app especially with new color themes

  • Tex

    I could have typed first here but I won't….

    • Michael_NM

      Uhm… actually you did type first there. 🙂

  • Crowing

    I got parse error. A problem parsing the package.

  • Just searched the market, and it’s there.