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And the Swype Beta Invite Winners are…

After just 24 hours and almost 250 entries later, we are ready to announce the 50 Droid Life readers who will be invited into the closed Swype beta program!  Swype came to us yesterday realizing that our community is in love with their product and wanted to give back.  So here we go!

And the winners (from the forums) are…  


The 50 of you will receive an email from Swype over the next couple of days with details on how to join the program.  Congrats everyone!  And thanks again to Swype for giving our readers a chance to test out their fantastic product!

Stay tuned for more contests over the next week!

  • This receive an email from Swype over the next couple of days with details on how to join the program. Congrats everyone!! I am quite interesting in this topic hope you will elaborate more on it in future posts. Thansk

  • Jakewoodblues

    any other winners get their invite?

  • Jakewoodblues

    still waiting *sigh*, but I hope to get it today then.

  • EC8CH

    Just got my invite email this morning from Swype… hope all you other winners got it as well.
    Thanks again DL!

    • EC8CH

      Registered and installed the official Swype Beta without a hitch

  • Jakewoodblues

    I emailed Kellex today and he responded that it's in the hands of Swype and he's been assured that they'll be going out any time now

    • EC8CH

      Thanks for the update

  • Vespadaddy

    I sent a message to kellex at Droid-.Life, in case there was a clerical oversight. Fingers crossed that we get our prize soon!

    • Jakewoodblues

      cool. Let us know what he sez

    • hakoreh

      6 days now. I sent a forum message to Kellex yesterday no reply. Seems like this contest was for nothing. Swype or Droid-Life can't help us.

  • Jakewoodblues

    5 days and waiting *sigh*. No invite yet

  • Iramike

    Just curious as to when then invites are coming?? My beta I downloaded from DL a few weeks ago ran out and now I feel like I am missing something! Didn't realize how much I began to depend on Swype

    • Sanzonc

      I second this. The suspense is killing me.

    • Jakewoodblues

      Me too. Looking forward to being legit 😉

      • hakoreh

        um so where is it already? 1225am 4 days later..?

    • EC8CH

      Nothing here either… even checked the junk folder???

      • hakoreh

        and not Droid-Life or Swype want to help

  • Iramike

    Thanks to Droid-Life and Swype! Can't wait to get my invite! Texting with Swype is awesome!

  • Lp4261

    Thanks guys! I love the site and all of the great info.

  • JTE

    Kellex, anyway you could get your Swype connections to take a look at this: http://forum.droid-life.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1012 ?

    I asked a few people on the irc to try and reproduce the issue (lack of a bull's eye to move the cursor in a web browser text field) and most of the could (with the exception of one person running a leaked 2.2).

    I went over to their forums but it's cluttered with a ton of other issues and nobody else seems to be reporting this..

  • EC8CH

    SWEEEET… Thank you Droid-Life Kellex and krew.

  • jaymez

    YES!!! Thanks Droid-Life…without you, I'd have to seriously consider lifting my finger off the screen to type…now, with you, my laziness can continue =)

  • dbunkr

    I would like to respectfully say I am very jealous of the winners and hope to win a future contest. Typing one-handed on the Ally without Swype is borderline impossible (accurately) and I am shaking like a crack addict for my next fix.

  • Tom

    This is the first time I didn't care at all about the Droid-Life contest, because I am already apart of the Beta. This is a keyboard I'll pay for when it comes out. Hell I'll buy Swiftkey as well if Swype ever fails.

  • briderx

    Sweet.. I won. I already am a beta tester.. But I'm hoping I can give my invite to a friend that feels “lost without it”. Congrats to the other 49 of you, and to Droid-Life for creating such an amazing experience here!

  • Freedomsearcher2442

    Am I missing something, I've used slide it for awhile now and feel it is much more user friendly, accurate, and well over all less of a pain then the swype I downloaded a couple days ago, I even gave it a solid two day try before switching back, any insight?

  • Jrecufan

    Thanks a lot Droid-Life and Swype!!!! I can't wait to get my Swype back…. nothing compares.

  • Jrecufan

    Thanks a lot Droid-Life and Swype!!!! I can't wait to get my Swype back…. nothing compares.

  • Jonathanlinux

    Congrats to the winners.. swype is amazing.. review the product well and give your feedback!

  • digitalicecream

    So does that mean that Droid-life will no longer host the .APK files for us to download, or does that mean that we'll have an additional 50 resources to download the .APK file from?

    • Haha. This whole swype beta program is so ridiculous. Come on Swype release the .apk already, you are beyond beta and everybody already has access to the app. Head on over to any of the android forums and pick up your swype.apk.

  • kervation

    Thanks Droid Life!!!
    Swype FTW!!!

  • Boo. Didn't win. Let me ask you guys this…I'm trying to decide on the best keyboard for my original droid. Opinions? (I don't want Swype…Had it but didn't love it. I'm thinking more traditional…)

    • Tom

      SwiftKey! SWIFTKEY! Think HTC IME with a supped up prediction protocol that is nothing short of amazing. I can't recommend it enough… For me the only two keyboards on Android are Swype and Swiftkey.

  • TheTabe

    *points to sky* First i'd like to thank my lord and savior above, none of this would be possible without him. I want to thank my parents (love you!), my sisters and all my friends. To all my irc peeps over on #droidlife, big ups! This one is for all of you! Man I know I'm missing somebody… Not enough time to thank everyone that I should, thank you EVERYONE! Good night and god bless!

    • Mrpicolas

      holy shnikeys my friend this isn't the super bowl and there is no trip to Disneyland lol jk congrats

      • TheTabe

        Woah, what?! No Disney? I don't want this… Haha

  • thedonxr

    When will Swype come with a voice input button for the OG Droid?

    • Tom

      In truth, I almost never use voice input… So swype not having it does not bother me. I use voice search from Google for some things, but that is about it… Besides… Talking into your phone on the streets to type… makes you look kinda crazy… I mean having a convo is one thing, but repeating one word because voice recognition isn't getting it…. well… I'm sure you can imagine what people might think… Though all of this might be due to where I live, but still…

  • Rodys7

    Am already a beta tester,,,, but why need it?…. we have downloads on DL in any color… lol. Why the need to give beta testers way?

  • Dang, yet another contest I didn't win.

  • Kraymanbauer

    Droid-life with the win for the readers again! congrats winners!!8=)

  • Evilvampbabe

    Congrats! Wished I woulda won..but it's ok..i still won a local radio station contest and won tix to see
    Bullet For My Valentine
    And a local band called Needeep
    This sunday october 3rd…can't wait.
    Still would've lived to win swype…oo just stock to the beta download I got off here..

    • Kraymanbauer

      Sweet tickets man! Love me some sevendust!

  • Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Jakewoodblues

    WOO HOO! Thanks Droid Life. Can't wait! Loves me some Swype!

  • luigi90210

    Woot I win

  • Maansova

    Does anyone know if I can get themes for my swype on my droid 2?…. I'm not rooted and I kinda want different color theme for my stock swype!………. help please!……….. I tried the ones that you posted couple of days ago but didn't work….. I want the red theme so bad, but please reply!

    Thanks droidlife.

    • I'm pretty sure you have to be rooted to load different themes.

      • Maansova

        you really have 2?…..damn i want 2 root my d2 but kinda wanna wait for an easy way 2 do it!

  • Cyberdemon

    Wohoooo!!! Congrats everyone!

  • Theodor33e

    congrats all… gosh i never win anything… too much bad luck…

  • RanballX

    I guess I should have been a bit more whitty with my post. Congrats winners.

  • syrinth

    nooooooooooooo!!!!!! Lol congrats guys maybe next time

  • Wraithix

    Congratz everyone. You will love it!

  • Awesome! Congrats everyone!

  • Vespadaddy

    I'm a winner! Thanks Droid-Life and Swype!

  • joshbn

    That's great congratulations everybody

  • Mrpicolas

    Congrats to the winners

  • barfight


  • Jmswim35

    wow. i would lose two contests in a row.

  • congrats to everyone “sniff sniff” – missed out yet again 🙁

  • Rain_king46

    congrats everybody

    • Jrecufan

      Any winner received their notice yet from Swype? I haven’t?!

      • Vespadaddy

        Nope, not yet. Not me, anyway.

        • Morris

          me either but then again it was Thursday so a couple (business) days later would be today…hopefully