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Contest: Missed the Swype Beta Signup Period? We’re Giving Away 50 Invitations!

Sick of waiting for some hacked version of Swype to be released every time there is a new beta released to their somewhat exclusive program?  Still upset that you missed the signup period?  Well as of today, you no longer have to worry.  Swype just handed us 50 invitations to give out to Droid Life readers who want to be a part of the program!  Pretty sweet right?  (+1 Swype)

And since these are premium invites, we’re going to make it slightly more difficult for you to enter.  OK, not terribly difficult, but instead of just 1 step like most of our contests include, you will have 2.

How to enter:

1.  Join our forums and post the reason you love Swype in this forum thread.
2.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet the following message:

@droid_life is giving away 50 Swype beta invites!  Contest details here – http://goo.gl/EE5o #swype #android

That’s it!


We will pick the 50 winners tomorrow afternoon and forward them on to our friends at Swype.  After they have received the list, they will setup invite accounts for the winners and forward you the information needed to get the latest beta and become a part of their program.

There you go, another giveaway here at Droid Life.  A big thanks to Swype for the 50 invites!

Good luck everyone!

  • Kolin

    i love swype! both me and my father used it and loved and want to see it on android market or on here!, love how fast it responds and runs effectivly and is just a great app! =D

  • Czar

    Good timing on getting swype back put to people because swift key beta just required an upgrade and pay. It was a smart prediction keyboard but I wasn't that thrilled with it. Not worth the $ 3.99. Swype definitely takes the cake on keyboards and is worth a premium.

  • How do i apply for it , i need 1

  • Tomali97

    My eight-year-old loves Swype! He's learning to spell reel goode. His father likes it as well because it's rocket fast!

    • Czar

      Maybe you should have your eight year old teach you grammar and how to spell because swype obviously isn't working for you. Btw typed with swype…no errors.

  • What if we already have Swype?

    • Czar

      Then why do you care about getting it through a contest? This is for people that missed the beta.

  • bad4u6669

    Thats my swype! head on over to the DX themes thread on xda for the themed swypes!!

    -end shameless plug

  • Urbandroadis

    I totally love the Swype technology. I think it is pretty cool how fast you can type using it. I was totally skepticle of it at first. BOY was I schooled! Love it. Absolutley!

  • Food?

    Twitter is for twats.

  • Wildcatmatt23

    Suckers, I have one already

  • Berzerkus

    Twitter can be used for more than telling people when you pee. I use it to follow my favorite news sources. It's more of a news outlet for me.

    • Czar

      and when they pee.

  • Slightmax

    I had the last version of swype and it worked great, i need it back! I work on a assembly line and quick text message are a must! Please help me!

    • Czar

      I'd you have a droid or droid inc then check out yesterday's post about it. That's where I got mine without having to be part of the beta.

  • KnightDavid

    That Swype keyboard has a microphone on it…. how do you get the microphone???!!!???

  • Even a free Swype beta couldn't make me join Twitter 🙂

  • I wanna try something different that the original keyboard and SWYPE is the way to go!!

  • JDUB

    Tried it and didn't like it. I will keep my physical keyboard thanks.

  • Eric

    Twitter sucks!

  • EC8CH

    This would be the next best thing to Swype actually being officially released 🙂

  • I use Swype because it is so fast.

  • So how much space & time am I wasting here saying I'm already a beta user?
    (don't answer that)

    Still waiting & hoping for the voice-button feature to show up soon!

  • Feathersnpaws

    SWYPE RULES LIKE NO OTHER. (I'm a textamaniac)

  • Ryan

    I would sign up but I hate twitter…

  • NuclearFluxx

    What if you actively avoid social networking sites such as Twitter. I have never been, and I am sure I must sign up. So people write about their lives and I follow them?

  • KleenDroid

    Im not a tweeter, any other way all of us can enter?

  • maax

    Why can't there be a PERFECT keyboard?

    Swype with a normal numbers and symbols layout (with the numbers across the top row) and a space bar in the middle of landscape mode.

    • maax

      Also, forgot to mention the ultimate feature which would be the BlindType style intended keyboard location thing

  • Exodus615

    Ok Kellex but the real question is where u did u get that black swype from I've been looking for a new black swype since the old one expired u have it I need it download link plz on and I'm on my Droid 1

  • SimplisticIrony

    I love Swype. I don't understand why they have to have a closed beta. :-/

  • Ok so here's a question, if you have a pre-loaded version of Swype (like on the X), can you only update it when Motorola pushes out new firmware updates? Or does it update outside of that.

    Seems like the “regular” beta updates more often….

  • I love sy

  • Gambrel022

    Ok I had to turn my phone landscape toread the last post!!!!! Loving swype!!

  • scorpion77

    Not everyone is on Twitter man … Facebook is bad enough most days 🙂

    • My suggestion….geton Twitter 😉 haha
      And then follow me @Timotato

  • Mrleokoopa

    LOVE THIS WEBSITE! GREATEST EVA! 😛 i fallow this more than my facebook lol…no really i do lol i have it on my twitter and my facebook lol hahah lol THANK YOU GUYS FOR MAKING THIS WEBSITE! 😛

  • Imajinaxn

    Any info on the droid x or droid 2 receiving updates?

  • DroidDave

    Does the swype keyboard allow voice input now, or is that a capture from the 2 or X?

  • Kevin1

    love swype i have a unusable left hand so for one handed operation it works perfect.

  • B-Do

    Just curious, how is this different from the free version I downloaded a few days ago?

    • This is actually “supported” by Swype 😉 haha

      • B-Do

        Thanks Tim-o-tato. Congrats on your many recent “firsts.” Watch your back though, I’m going to catch up one of these days….

  • KevinN

    Love slo

  • RanballX

    I love Swype because I am too damn lazy to pick my finger up off the keyboard. Yay Swype!

  • Mrpicolas

    Ummm what was the question again?

  • Dellbx

    Any recommendations on a good peck keyboard with the .com key for the DX?

    • Bob

      You can peck with swype and they have special “gestures” in place to do fast shortcuts like www, punctuation, .com, etc

  • Kevind

    How does the Swype Beta work on an X with Swype already loaded? If it works, is there a compelling reason to try the Beta? If so, who do I pay to be a winner?

    • Imajinaxn

      Beta is useless to you. I've had a beta from my d1. I can't update the x with the installer swype gives me


  • ohshaith55


  • FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ASSFACE!

      • Banned


        • kellex

          Banned. I liked it too 😛

          • I liked this 😛
            Never ending!

          • tbaybe

            no… i like this!

          • Mrpicolas

            I like this mostest

          • Kraymanbauer

            Hey i want in! i like it too!

          • Baby, I like ittttttttttttttt!

          • Lol it keeps going 😛

          • Banned? :'(