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Download: Themed Swype for DROID X

I know that Droid X users probably felt a little left out yesterday with all of the Swype’s flying around for the original Droid and the Incredible, so we wanted to bring you some new toys to play with.  There is a batch of themed Swypes available for rooted Droid X users that you must check out.  Colors range from red to green to black to blue and all have color coordinated tracers to match the particular theme.


Download: Black |  Blue |  Red |  Green


*Note* – If you want to save your original Swype file for safe keeping, use Root Explorer and find it in /system/app.  Make a copy of it and save it somewhere on your SD card.

1.  You have to be rooted.
2.  Open Koush’s Droid X Bootstrap, bootstrap recovery (if you haven’t) and then reboot recovery.
2.  Scroll down to “install zip from sdcard.”
3.  Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
4.  Select the themed Swype file that you downloaded above and “yes” to install it.
5.  Reboot your system.
6.  Enjoy your new Swype!

Let us know if you run into any issues.

  • KyleD57

    HELP!! When I turn swype on and click on any key whole keyboard selects in a blue square.  Then if I go into swype settings I noticed, i cannot select swype language.  Multi touch is fine but swype is DONE

  • DvS

    Do we need the bootstrap recovery.? or can i just save the original swype somewhere and unzip one of these new ones and install it just like that.?

  • Biggy2x4

    Im on my phone trying to down load the green skin. I have rooted and tried everything that i was told to do but as i hit download it sayd unsuccesful. What am i doing wrong.

  • Matt Rasband

    Worked like a charm, thanks!

  • Nice posting, Well the post would say its for the droid 1 as well as the droid x but it just says droid x, thanks for sharing with us..

  • You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.Thanks

  • Undeniabletalent216

    Any more themes coming, like glowing blue and green letters and symbols on black keyboard?

    • Bad4u6669

      have you seen the swypes in bignadad's themes? you could pull his swype apk and push it.

  • ThaqAtaq

    Please tell me why the hell I always get a error when I try to download on my phone…….please!?

    • Chris Nimon

      Do you have Astro? if so do you have it set to download all filetypes? menu, more, preferences, enable browser downloads.

  • Bad4u6669

    NEW Black! head over to XDA for the cleaner one.


  • Bad4u6669

    I just intentionally got my phone stuck at the M today. Deodex is the problem. YOU MUST BE DEODEXED, to theme anything on the phone!

  • antintyty

    @Kellex, could you please state that you need to be running a deodexed os….

  • RanballX

    OMG… The red version of this keyboard on top of the DX 928BlackGlass theme absolutely rocks. I love it. Thank you!

  • Bad4u6669

    To all those stuck at the M and who did not do a back up. Time for an sbf! make sure you do 2.2 if you are on 2.2. or download this file here and follow the steps to reinstall a fresh deodexed 2.3.15. As far as what happened, you possibly got a bad download. But seeing how this ONLY replaces files associated with swype, something went wrong. These files have been downloaded in the hundreds now, and so far i see less than 1% of them failing. Sorry.

    • Windsorhollow

      download a fresh deodexed 2.3.15 files from where?

    • Bad4u6669

      extra instructions posted up at xda http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=746280

    • antintyty

      some of the problem may be that they are running a “odexed” version of a theme, as i was…..once i swapped to a deodexed version, it installed SMOOTHLY!!!

  • Eric Noble67

    Any fix yet ? My first attempt at trying something new rooted, followed instructions (on this page) to a T, and stuck at M…

    • Bad4u6669

      were you deodexed?

      • Spidas0

        Nope 🙁 OTA 2.2 rooted only.

  • Jessecnyc

    Is this only for Droid x I want this for my d1but I can't find it

  • Boblank

    Stuck at m restored. go to the xda forum link there is a series of adb commands in the comment section that works perfect for installing

    • Windsorhollow

      i searched, but only saw to pull the swype.apk out of the zip, and directly to the sd card and uninstall then install. is this what you mean? it seems i can only run a zip file from clockworkmod recovery. any other advice? is there any way to install the original swype from a zip file and get out of this mess?

  • skatenaked911

    stuck at M. i did the bootstrap recovery but when i go to recovery i get nothing, whats my next move?

  • quiklives

    Got the blue one working without any trouble once I decided to try it. One thing I did was to rename the zip file to update.zip (as bad4u6669 suggests in the original thread on xda) and otherwise followed directions here exactly.

    • quiklives

      Oh, and I do have a mic button for voice-to-text and it works. I felt unclear on that earlier, so wanted to mention it for anyone with the same question.

  • Jon

    Stuck at M also. i'm an idiot and didn't do a backup first.. anyone got a fix for this yet?

  • Windsorhollow

    ok… i think i'm screwed. stuck on the M too. anybody know how to fix this? any way to reverse this swype install ? don't have a backup. can i install the original swipe program? none of the different color downloads work, at all after reboot. Help !!??

  • Joanna Jadore

    Omg! I want a pink one! Anyone know if pink is available for DX?

    • Bad4u6669

      in the works….

      • Joanna Jadore

        awesome! I cant wait and thank you much! 🙂

        • Bad4u6669

          done, go to xda for the download

          • Joanna Jadore

            I officially love u! Thanks darling 🙂

          • Bad4u6669

            hit me up on talk then! 😛 lol

          • Joanna Jadore

            heheh sure! how do i do that?

  • dar2741rad

    Got stuck on M. Back from recovery

    • Bad4u6669

      were you deodexed? Im trying to trouble shoot to see why there are random errors for people

  • Theowb4

    Stuck at M, thanks!

  • Jmichael08

    hmmm stuck at the M logo

    • droidrev71

      same here.. wonder why

      • Bad4u6669

        Were you both deodexed?

  • cmh

    Does this fix the backspace key not working in terminal programs, like ConnectBot? Don't need a theme, but sure would be nice to have that fix.

    • Bad4u6669

      no, use terminal emulator from the market, he fixed it in the program

  • Will this work on Droid 1??

    • if it says for the droid x why would u think this is for the droid 1?? the post would say its for the droid 1 as well as the droid x but it just says droid x so thats what this post is about smh

    • Bad4u6669

      i have done custom D1 swypes, hit me up on xda

  • quiklives

    Before I even start, I hoped someone could clarify for me – do you lose the mic button with these?

  • bmac420

    blue one makes it reboot and not go past the “m”

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    These are lovely but does anyone know where I can find the white Swype keyboard that featured on the Droid 2 for Droid 1? Iive been looking for ages. Any help is much appreciated.

    • Bad4u6669

      I have been know to do custom themes for the D1, i have a red and a purple so far, hit me up on xda.

  • Cameraman7

    I too am stuck at the m logo. Everyone who tries this, make sure you make a backup first.

  • kellex is there a step missing im stuck a M logo

    • antintyty


  • Ecffighter7232

    Worked perfect for me, just as described above. (and I made sure to save a copy of the original apk in case I want to go back)

  • It worked for me and I too like that red one. Nice!

  • great now im stuck at the M logo too

  • nvm i got i really need to remeber things dont always work when i use my mac 🙁 especially with android lol

  • scorpion77

    would be nice to see these colors for the D1 …

  • antintyty

    didn't work for me…i had to do a restore on my phone through the bootstrapper, it kept getting hung at the M logo…

    • Bad4u6669

      Were you deodexed? Were you on a theme?

  • my dx always gets stuck as soon as i hit yes install and it sits there saying installing but doesnt do anything.

  • Stephen D

    Nice. I'm jealous that they have the mic icons. Switching input methods can be annoying. Oh well, at least I got Swype back, and I absolutely love the red one.

  • AndyPants

    I like …. BUT What about the two bottom left and the two bottom right (swipe/sym keys & mic and 🙂 keys) not a big deal but…… still pretty sharp thax

    • Bad4u6669

      are you talking about the stock 2.1 theme? Someone just told me about it, will be fixed soon. Any other errors you see please post in my original thread

  • KillersaurusX

    Why are these so blurry? I tried one of these with the Gala X theme and decided that I prefer sharp-edged letters over different colors.

  • 131313

    How about us non rooters?

    • burtski

      stuck at M after loading the redupdate. didnt read posts until after i bricked the phone and i have no current backup. shame on me

  • Jdstell

    Are there any themed Swype keyboards for Droid 1 with a dedicated voice input button on them?

  • Let me get a PLUS ONE!!! 🙂

    • tbaybe

      +1 🙂

    • Mrpicolas


    • Michael_NM

      PLUS ONE!!! 🙂

      Sheesh, can't you folks follow directions? 😛

    • Theowb4


      • Rude

      • Bad4u6669

        what does this even mean?

    • Haha


    • Bad4u6669

      + 1,000,000! mwahaha

      • SEO

        And I agree. +++++.

  • Crookedmarc

    Hey kellex, where is the incredible theme of the week? I’ve been waiting for that!