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All R2-D2 DROID 2 Devices Recovered, Just in Time for Thursday

The hunt for the missing R2-D2 Droid 2 plans came to an end yesterday and today after the last 2 sections were unlocked.  You can now head over to droiddoes.com/r2d2 and check out all of the exclusive content this special edition D2 has to offer.  Well, some of it you’ve already seen from us like the live wallpapers, static wallpapers, and boot animation, but there are still a few hidden gems that might surprise you.

The device officially launches this Thursday for $249 on contract at a select number of stores around the country.  We’ll be in attendance at the Portland party!  Feel free to check out the rest of the list for the west side of the US.

  • Generalg

    I want those R2-D2 sounds! Already grabbed the one from the boot animation… but there's more I hadn't heard yet. Anyone have them?

  • ericsorensen

    The live wallpapers were taken down. Anybody know where I can find them?

  • if anyone is interested i am selling my motorola droid for $150 its in the best of condition and i will even mail you two cases as well as the phone along with the box, and charger even some earphones this droid is rooted and already has a screen protector if anyone is interested in buying just reply back to this comment saying you would like to buy or receive pictures or something also if u wud like for me to unroot the phone just ask and u will have to supply your own sd card by the way because i aint giving mines lol but yeah if your interested just reply back to this comment

  • 11knives

    That thing is bound to score you some serious babes… haha

  • Kostonkiddo9

    I'm sure it's gonna be awesome but DX satisfies. They should put that in a snickers commercial!

  • Gardner24

    This thing would scream GEEK!

  • Cpt. Awesome

    I want that lock screen!!!!

  • I may buy a R2D2 Droid 😀

    • kellex

      Double post, you must really want one. 😛

      • Haha I made an account and posted it again 😛 I do want one tho haha. It looks SEXY!

  • Matt4542

    May buy a R2D2 droid 😀