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Video: MIUI ROM for Original DROID

I don’t really know where to start with this ROM, but it’s something that floated around Youtube for a few days and seems to have taken the ROM world by storm.  MIUI is a Chinese ROM that was initially revealed on the Nexus One and was then quickly ported by US developers to every other device on the planet.  It has a ton of features that would be nice to see on both stock Android and other custom ROMs even if it looks similar to the i*hone.

Almost every thing should work and if ROMs are super interesting to you, then I suggest that you check this out even for a few minutes.  It’s running Android 2.2 and a Chevy kernel so you can overclock it.

Video and instructions after the break.  Enjoy!  

Video Action:


1.  Download the MIUI ROM to your Droid:  Zen_MIUI-v2.zip
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Choose the Zen_MIUI-v2.zip file you just downloaded.
4.  When prompted, check BOTH boxes for making a backup and wiping data/cache.
5.  Your phone will reboot, make a backup, wipe and install the MIUI ROM.
6.  It should reboot if finished successfully.  Enjoy your random ROM!

If you run into a dialer force close issue, check out this fix.  Simply flash the file in Clockwork just as you did with the ROM.  No wipe necessary.

Source:  Zen-Droid

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Asc1693

    After I installed this on my Droid, I can not get the SPRecovery menu to come on while holding x while it powering on.. can anyone help me?

  • Mfsthelegend

    I’m having issues with my contacts syncing now that I’ve loaded this rom. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Mhowell4m

    Folders is a base Android feature!

  • droid x this please!!

  • blackhawk5177

    to much bs

  • Treychapel

    I am really new to this but was wondering if this Miui rom will work on my droid X???

  • Seaman

    I can not get any verzion apps on this rom , any fix? I really need verzion app to look AT what I have been useing

  • im loving it (with the phone FC bug fixed) took me 2 flash and wipes to get messaging to stop FCing randomly and not letting me see the app at all.. and no landscape mode….but other than that i have it looking pretty damn sexy. i lost quite a few contacts though because my backup program sucks and nandroid didnt catch the new entrys so im back to an old contact recovery…

  • why is this thing not working

  • Jhn12212

    Half of my apps are gone droid life and others apps wouldn't work can't import contacts btw do not back up this rom and restore it would malfunction

  • Dricks_818

    I've been trying too try this rom out for a good minute but doesn't wnt too download on my og droid it says download unsuccesful and ideas in wat I'm doing wrong???

  • Pacmannproductions

    did anyone else have a problem with the missed calls and all history comin up and how to get all my contacts back once i clear the cache in the applications menu?

  • Seaman

    I have been rockin this rom for a couple of days now and I thinks its pretty awsome. runs really smooth I like that its a big change , not the normal everyone is used to , so hopefully this sticks around for a while.

  • zenulator

    and to the people commenting on the “Chinese” issue. This rom is opensource like cyanogenmod. and if you don't like the iphonish crap don't use it or “gasp' install a different launcher.

  • zenulator

    sweet rom!!! XD

  • Dwinaz

    I thought I was up on tect stuff but I now know I am a big time noob. Can someone dumb down the instructions a little more for me? From a Droid out of the box.

  • Santishere

    My physical keyboard won't light up. 🙁
    how can I fix this?

    • neither does mine! looking for a fix..

  • Pacmannproductions

    only thing about this ROM is that i cant see my missed call history and when i go into the phone settings menu, most of it is in jap so idk lol

    • balthuszar

      missed called appear on the lock screen…if you have any at that time that is…

  • carmdac

    Cyanogen mod totally hacked this, I just installed it and it does not act as the video shows at all. Infact it acts more like the droid always had.

  • I like it but im going to take it off my phone and wait until it's completely in english…

  • Jsjx

    It says this content is not supported on my phone an I am Droid 1 running bugless beast???

  • Pacmannproductions

    why does it say instll the same thing twice or am i tripping. Read number 3 and 5. ur installing the zip then when it restarts, wipe and install again??? that makes no sense to me. Im running sapphire 1.1.0 n its sayin on the other pages to get this, install the rom but dont wipe n clear anything, just install the rom over and it works with the phone n such. Then i tried it with SPrecovery n it was aborted. What about installin with like this without the wipe? anyone???

  • I have loaded this on my phone and all im getting is android. It will not boot up… Now I have to figure out how to take this off… blown

    • Pacmannproductions

      how did u install this when u did. Thru ROM manager or thru the sprecovery?

  • Jjmk

    why does it use cynagenmod's boot image

    • hahahaha mine does that too. pretty crazy

  • any suggestions to fix the messaging Force Close issue?

    • i had that for a whole day! i had to re-flash the rom and now its fine. also install the smoked glass dialer, everything has been working pretty good.

  • in order to install this rom you have to download it using the QR code otherwise it doesn't install. On this page just click on where it says “Source: Zen-Droid” it will take you right to it

    • The_Other_Ray

      Qr code didn't work either

  • in order to install that zip on your motorola droid you need to install it from the QR code otherwise it doesnt install

  • Jorgeibarra1510

    IIt's good but the Verizon apps are lost can you tell me how put back PLEASE

  • Samuelgalindo88

    Did you have a problem with the contacts app?

    • Samuelgalindo88

      Did you have a problem with the contacts app? Bucknut?

  • Bucknut89

    OK so I tried something different. I installed MIUI as an update to Bugless Beast v0.5 and it is working perfectly. Installed BB with the v0.5 update patch and then renamed MIUI to update.zip. Installed and it works without the smoked glass patch. The only issue is the SD Card and Phone Storage under settings FCs.

  • 317droid

    Have to say been running this since yesterday, did a clean wipe, install, dialer fix, and its by far my new favorite rom. Love it.

  • Miguel Caballero

    my facebook won't sync with my contacts. Can someone help me?

  • Google

    i like the concept of this rom but personally i dont like it

    i used it for like 30 mins and it couldnt compare to UD8 in its current state
    i give this a try when all the bugs are worked out

  • ok so let's go over this. Speed of the rom is pretty smooth. every so often it freezes up a little bit. i obviously had to change my dialer. I noticed the keyboard on my droid doesn't light up. is it just me? i have to go and hit the brightness a couple times for it to come on but then it turns back off. also my led doesn't flash when i have an email or text message. and it's not handcent friendly because it will show a text message count on the lock screen unless you go inside of the stock mms app.

    • 317droid

      To get your led to flash for notifications go to settings, sound settings, trackball color, set to any other color than white which is checked automatically, has been working for me since last night

  • Works fine for me, i love this rom

  • put it on my phone a few hours ago..so far so good..i did like the dialer of the orginal rom theme but cuz of the force close i had to install the fix..works great though. love it

  • Tugdaturtle

    My Contacts keep FC on me is there any fix for this ??

  • Tsurtmih3

    Hey the dialer doesnt work so had to go back to by the old rom

  • Dchong

    I love this rom, for this i rooted my phone. I followed the exact step, but it will not install on my droid x. What did I do wrong?

    • Tofasttafuri

      this is for the original droid

      • Dchong

        Oh, I see, thanks! Is there a droid x version anywhere?

  • Excellentnuke

    I love this ROM. TBH, I like the whole i*hone look. You can always install LauncherPro or ADW and make a different theme. This is why Android is so fun. You can easily customize your phone to look the way you want.

  • Rob

    Nice ROM. Dialer probs. Tried the suggested fix and it will not download. Any suggestions before I uninstall? Like the ROM but need my dailer.

  • Bucknut89

    What is the Up Arrow icon? Everything is in Chinese on it. Scares the hell out of me. Will be going back to BBv0.5 soon.

  • Fireproof1905

    Hey does n e 1 know what the app is that's on the launcher that looks like froyo, it's the one on the left..normally where the phone would be.. I click it and it says that i don't have the app installed on my phone… other than that this is a sweet rom not having the force closes like everyone else, also would be nice if they had done a boot animation..

  • Armyof2

    I like it…but I thought I wouldn't miss the app drawer and I sorely do. I hate having icons that i never use on my homescreens

    • JL

      I used the folders like this: http://twitpic.com/2stogi

      which can act to clean up home screens. Still getting a lot of FC's though….wish someone would revamp it…love the interface.

  • Unknownz13

    I can't download it, it says is unsuccessful download and is not supported. Any help plz

  • JL

    Any one else getting “Google framework services” Foorce closes? any ideas?

    • Unreadhyperion

      Go to Settings > Accounts and Syncs > Turn off Auto-Sync if it is on, which it probably is.. then go into your account.. For example: Gmail > and manually sync each options.. such as Contacts, Gmail, Calendar, find out which is causing the issue. Once you get the one causing the error, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All. Look for the process and clear cache/data (depending). Sync again, error should go away.

      • verds

        Good call. I was having Market issues and Contact sync was causing the framework services FC. Cleared the Contacts Storage and it fixed both issues.

  • The code name for this ROM was actually 'FUSteveJobs'

  • Drdick87

    you can make as many homescreens as you want with this rom. i have like 20 and its still letting me add more. stock android does folders too btw 🙂

  • Joshkorte12

    good rom but it messes up the facebook for android app and wont allow you to sync all your contacts with this rom i don't know if this is just for the motorola droid or just my phone someone else let me know if you are running into this problem?????

  • Fistpump

    sooo does this rom even sync with google and all the apps?

  • versusxiii

    GPS seems to be working just fine for me. Located me faster than normal. 😛

  • Zrochek

    if the bugs wrent there i would try it in a heart beat but i want my phone to work so make everthing work and i will try it

  • Wyveryx

    Folders have been around for a while in LauncherPro, though the look of it isn't has informative as the on on MIUI. I do like the lock screen though, but everything else looks too much like “it which must not be named”. Other than that, not a bad looking rom.

  • Unreadhyperion

    Well, I used the Launcher that came with this ROM and it was cute… lack of APP drawer forced me to make a folder so I could get my lay out just right. Really dislike the ability to make shortcuts and direct dials to my favorite people and websites. Had to change launchers.

    ADWLauncher.. meandered over to this launcher. Has everything I love! I like the icons and there's something fun about having a 5 X 8 screen filled with icons.


    Well, as everyone has pointed out. The Phone does not work. You have to install the fix for it. Which is not a huge issue; however, if you take a minute to browse around the default phone, there are some real interesting ideas here that I would like to see used in other places.

    Secondly… and I don't know if this is just me, GPS isn't working. Maps, Navigation, Weather widgets across the board are unable to locate where I am. If I go in and manually set my zip, works as normal.. anyone else having this issue?

    • Unreadhyperion

      ***Really dislike the inability to make shortcuts…. should read

    • Unreadhyperion

      Someone want to explain why there is a default proxy settings? Settings > Wireless and Networking > Proxy Setting > Only use WIFI is checked???? Doesn't resolve the GPS issue with unchecking it.. but do not see why it's there to begin with.

  • Marc322

    It wont load for me it just sits on the cyanogen mod screen….. Any help?

  • Igobyfitz73

    i already and downloaded the rom and it is really nice, i just keeps force closing when i go to make a call. That and it loads as a cyanogen mod? Whats with that? i thought this was chinese?

  • Marben79

    The rom is kind of rough still.. Alot of chinese but I like the ideas that it offers. There are still alot of bugs… I can't wait until this rom becomes more polished.. Will keep my eye out for this UI

  • The_Other_Ray

    It's actually pronounced “my, eew wee”, as in this rom is disgusting. Maybe this is what was meant by the iphone coming to verizon.

  • qudwls6933

    just tried…

    its really cool…

    like it alot

    one bug… contacts dont work…

    • eddieonofre

      yeah u have to install another app for contacts to replace the default one
      kellex put one there [url]http://www.droidforums.net/forum/attachments/android-roms/16182d1285597733-rom-miui-droid-1-transparent_smoked_glass_dialer.zip%5B/url]

      • qudwls6933

        how to replace this…??? help plz…

        download and use clockwork mod recovery??

        install??? k??

      • qudwls6933

        one more question… i have laucher pro apk 0.7.9 version..

        i want to install this but i cant…

        there is already 0.7.8 version installed as default…

        i went to application and cant uninstall this..

        how can i uninstall default version help plz….

        • eddieonofre

          Try from Root Explorer….
          Or if u can use adb commands you can do it with adb
          or busybox

        • eddieonofre

          I got to say that I just gave it up for now… wil stay with my current ROM but will keep an eye in this ROm coz looks very promessing. Damn Chinese are good

  • eddieonofre

    Things a like from this rom:
    Notification shorcuts
    Contacts (sadly is not working)
    Widgets managements (I like the way it let u adds the widgets.
    Icon management (Ilike that I can hold and icon and when the otehr finger swipe screens to place in other screen. and the i*hone-ish movement.

    Things I don't like:
    The missing app drawer
    The missing shorcuts (I am not able to found them)
    The i*hone-ish menus (those really suck)

  • eddieonofre

    it seems pretty nice….. I would keep it if the phone could work… I can not make a call coz it force closes

  • NorCalGuy

    So i downloaded the rom and its pretty sweet and clean looking, i was running launcher pro on it but the 3d menu was glitching out on me a little to much, i.e. it was bounching back to the top when i pulled it to the bottom, so i switched over to the stock launcher, which as well is very clean, but i dont think it actually has a menu like most launchers do, it just scrolls like an i*hone, the editing of the homescreens is as well a little tricky and takes a little getting used to. I think dude's are really hot!! And i am not sure about the few apps that were left in there that are not in english, but one of them looks to be some sort of rom manager( the green arrow pointing up). Its a pretty cool ROM but you are prob going to want to set aside a good hour to set it up the way you want, and to figure out how to use the editing program.

  • JL

    Just tried it. Lots of FC on android phone functions and gapps functions. Love the interface and icons ..even the folder idea…it needs cleaned up though. going back to BB 0.5 for now

  • aczm1988

    All the wallpapers from the MIUI Rom enjoy


  • superchachi

    Up: EVERYTHING is faster at 600 with MIUI than CM6 was at 900 – menus, browser, email. used LauncherPro with it to get the look/utility, but maintain the MIUI icons (which I like) and speed. Down: phone won't work for me, either, using voice or keypad. No word yet on whether everyone in my Gmail address book has received a solicitation for Chinese Viagr@, but i'll keep you posted.

    • Yeah, that's pretty much my experience. I guess my big issue is the lack of an app drawer on the default. Plus, ADW pretty much takes away the essence of the rom. Oh well. Still, it looks and works great.

      • Anonymous

        Went back to CM6. I dig MIUI, though. I’ll go back once I see a fix for FB
        sync and the addition of a call log. Bluetooth worked fine for me.
        Notification pull down with power controls, etc., was really handy with the
        swipe gestures on LauncherPro.

    • Nyfan3

      phone won’t work for me either. I really like this rom, but I need a phone. Any fix?

  • can you overclock it? this ROM looks cool and want to try it out, and on the note of the Chinese getting your passwords well Kellex would have said something way before he made the video. I'll take my chances with this crazy ROM.

  • the UI is very user firendly but unfortunately the phone portion of the phone doesn't work… sooo i think ill let it be for now

  • Beckz

    MIUI? My-U-I maybe?

  • Nick

    really cool interface but the phone wont call people. now i have a phone that wont call people, which kind of defeats he purpose of having one lol

    • Welwood

      So now it’s exactly like an Ihone on ATT!

    • jeesung

      it's the new Droid Touch ROM

  • Timoh

    No thanks, I prefer a clean desktop/homescreen with the app drawer for lightly used applications. I bought an Android device because I didn't want an i*hone.

  • Ryan

    im trying it out, first reaction is that its pretty cool but different. what is up with the app that you cant remove from the home screen which has a green up arrow and chinese text under neath it????

  • versusxiii

    I feel like it should just be pronounced like “My UI” for some reason.

  • youngnamlee

    I think we're about to see some major changes in the whole ROM game!

  • aczm1988

    Also thebowers, the man behing the Black n Bold theme is already hard at work theming this rom up!

  • aczm1988
  • EC8CH

    Very interesting, most radical changes to the UI I've seen from a ROM to date.

  • This rom is CUTE!

  • youngnamlee

    anyone know if you can you use launcher pro with this rom?

    • aczm1988

      Yes, actually it comes preinstalled.

      • youngnamlee

        Thanks a lot. downloading now 🙂

        • duker711

          what would launcherpro add/do to this ROM? i'm new to the ROM game and this looks like a good place to start!

          • youngnamlee

            launcher pro is an alternate home screen that has many unique customization options that the stock home is missing. Its free in the market but there is also a paid version that i would recommend getting because it has many more features such as custom widgets and what not. Try the free version first though to see how you like it 🙂

          • duker711

            would i be able to keep the MIUI icons if i had launcher pro? i love the icons, but love the use and functionality that i have with launcherpro plus…basically, can i just combine MIUI and launcherpro plus?

          • wonderyak

            LauncherPro is awesome, but using it with a completely redesigned interface seems counterintuitive to me. Seems like MIUI is designed so that a launcher replacement is moot. I wonder if any of this is stolen/borrowed from what is going on in Gingerbread development.

          • Anonymous

            I see what your saying. Thats a good point. Maybe this is a little sneak peak of gingerbread. But I wonder how the Chinese got a hold of the gingerbread intel??? haha

    • blazingwolf

      It's included in the ROM.

    • wonderyak

      Why would you want to?

      • youngnamlee

        mainly for the app drawer. I think kellex said that the stock home has none

    • Phil63

      Yes. It works great. Couldn’t use the actual phone though lol.

  • aczm1988

    Seems to be slow downloads, heres a mirror


  • turdbogls

    Wow…this looks pretty slick. however i will wait patiently for some aspects of this to be put on some of the other Custom Roms out there. I would love to see the lock screen, and the status bar options on say….UD9 (hint hint) other than those 2 things, i really dont like it much. i would like to keep Launcher Pro with the app drawer instead of this. thats just me tho. def. interesting to say the least

  • e3pin0

    it looks good and I love using ROM manager to handle each and every time I switch to another ROM, but this is too much like iOS. I like the app drawer and other than that everything else on there is accomplished using widgets. There's nothing really there (aside from changing the lockscreen wallpaper) that is THAT much better than CM6. Just my $0.02 and I'm not hating on it just not sure they're changing the game right now.

  • I read something on another blog about flashing roms allowing the Rom developer to access to all your passwords and other saved secure data in an unencrypted format. Not sure about full details and if this pertains to all roms or just some, the article focused more on trusting whoever cooked the Rom your going to flash. When I first got into the rooting and Rom grind I knew that anything was technically possible, and I was ok with that risk and trusted the developers I used because I saw them post on DL and elsewhere. With that said, I def feel more comfortable rocking a jrummy cooked Rom rather than a “hacked by Chinese” Rom that is completly different than anything on the market. I just wanna be sure that bejing doesn't have my match.com password, ya know! (jk about the match.com)

    • Tom

      I’ve said this before… but articles like that are like scare tactics… The chances of being hacked from a rom is slim… Providing that a great deal of people are using the rom, it would take a pretty big server to handle all that info coming from thousands if not millions of devices. Most devs don’t have that kind of money…

  • Kraymanbauer

    Anyone know of a mirror for this download yet? Still not getting it to d l yet?

    • aczm1988
      • Kraymanbauer

        Thanks for the quick mirror man! Always willing to flash the oddball roms and pass em on to the masses! Doesn't bother me that its abit i*hone looking eather…its not the paint job that counts, its the motor!

  • Very nice. I just might have to give this one a go..

    • picaso86

      me too…

  • There is some pretty nice stuff in there. The lock screen is nice. The fully customizable bar at the bottom reminds me of ADW.Launcher's hidden scrolling bar. All the system controls built into the notification pull down is *sweet*, I really like that. I use the Power Control widget on my Cyanogen 6.0 Droid, but it'd be nice to have it tucked away in there like that. That's slick.

    No so keen on the lack of an app drawer though. I like the 'Samsung' style drawer I have with ADW.Launcher.

  • Graves996

    anyone know where you can get the wallpaper of the mountain on the left w/o downloading the ROM?

  • are these icons available for download to use with launcher pro? if not, where can i find some sweet icon packs?

  • first

  • aczm1988

    I loaded this up already, its a nice change of pace but still too buggy at the moment. Contacts FC, Phone FC without installing a new .apk. Bluetooth seems buggy. Overall seems like a great idea if the bugs get fixed. I noticed it has built in wifi tethering but of course it doesnt work lol.

    Top features include:

    Multiple Home Screens- I had about 20 or so lol, similar to i*hone.

    Can Rearrange home screens on the fly. Say you want #1 as #4 easy as pie.

    Notification pulldown has icons on it, such as to turn on wifi,bluetooth,ect

    Launcher is more responsive then any other ive used.

    Will be keeping my eye on it.

    Any other features/bugs i missed? Please share 🙂

    • John

      20? Lol.
      You can rearrange like that using launcher pro IIRC.
      Nifty.. apps can give you functionality similar to this, but I like that idea.
      How so? Flicking between screens? Even with widgets? Or launching drawer, apps, etc.

      • aczm1988

        Well there is no app drawer, its laid out on screens like the i*phone. Thats why i was able to have multiple home screens. But ya moving between screens and launching apps is soooo much faster. Also if you have the rom loaded up hit the home key a cpl times and you can add and drag and drop home screens

        • Armyof2

          I actually like that no app drawer thing…i never use the thing anyways. I always just end up putting the apps i use on a home screen

    • Where'd you get the new .apk for the phone and contacts? I have the same issue with the phone force close, I like the ROM but at the same time if my phone doesn't make phone calls… it doesn't make any sense to have.

  • Do you have to wipe data/cache for this rom?

    • Armyof2

      You should be wiping data/cache any time you install a new rom.

  • DGamer
  • looks great

  • KillaPenguin

    I GUARANTEE this ROM sends your Gmail usernames and passwords back to Chinese intelligence as soon as you log in for the first time.

    Darn you Chinese cyberspies! *shakes fist in an Easterly direction*

    • kellex

      Haha classic. You just scared every single person away from it.

      • El El Kool J

        what do you expect from a KillaPenguin….lol.. 😛

      • C Henry94

        This is a really nice ROM but I think it kinda leans more towards the whole i*hone thing, and I think that droid is all about not being like the i*hone. It should be about something new and different. I know this is only one of many different ROM’s I am just trying to hint that we are the DROID community, not the i*hone community!! Thanks Kellex, you are awesome, and thanks for your efforts!

        • takeshi

          How exactly does it “lean more towards the whole i*hone thing”? The iPhone is about more than just the appearance of the icons and lack of app drawer.

          • Anonymous

            It’s also the folders. And the dock with up to 6 icons. Those are logical additions really, though. Android’s handling of folders was never especially impressive. I’d rather have an app drawer, but some people might not like that, but now they have the option of not having it. Really, that is why I love Droid. The options.

        • Frenchtimj

          Oh for Christs sake… enough with the IPhone paranoia. You people act like it’s friggan kryptonite or something… It’s what launched the whole smart phone craze (beyond crackberry) and caused new and old developers to stop and think about how they could cash in like Apple had been doing… Gotta love competition baby!

      • Yea basically lol

        • JP

          Yup, scared me away. But I can be patient and wait for CyanogenMod to bake in some of the cooler MIUI features.

    • Exactly dude.

    • RealGame22

      I'm holding off….let other ppl get hacked first. lol

    • He's not joking. I'm chinese and i've been getting text messages of FB contacts all day! =P

  • tbaybe

    thats nice!!! I like it!

    • TechDeft

      You try it yet?

      I don't think I can because of how epically I hate on my friends Apple products. If they saw me with a ROM that is an iOS clone, I'd never live it down.

      I'm surprised you guys posted it!

      • tbaybe

        omg i didnt even realize….

      • tbaybe

        btw…. we miss u on IRC

        • Anonymous

          I miss (some of) you too! Too many big heads, too many cooks, whatever, it stopped being fun when people started being needlessly rude to me! Maybe I’ll make a secret IRC for the OG DL IRCers.(Acronym spam for the win!)

          • tbaybe

            i figured so…. sorry to hear that…. i have my own IRC tho….. hehe ask tim about it, im not posting it lol

          • Anonymous

            Yea, get me that info woman!

  • I've been waiting for this ever since this ROM blew up. I can't believe how fast it took to be ported to my old faithful. (Old…? Ugh…)

  • Feature list anywhere? Changelog?

  • joe

    any possibility this will work on the droid 2

  • first!!!

    • Thornfullessrose


      • in the classical sense?

      • Anonymous

        Loud and proud, thorny baby! Its good to see you finally decided to come out full thornfullessrose…and on a public forum no less! Good for you!