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New xScope Version 6 Released, Hello New UI

One of our favorite browsers of all time, xScope, has been updated to version 6 and as you’ll see once you update or download it, has gone through a complete UI overhaul.  Gary, the developer behind it, has kept it simple and left out the flashy fluff you’ve seen on other browsers yet still managed to make it all pretty.  It’s quite elegant really and couldn’t be more understated especially for the quality that sits behind it.

All of your favorite features are included, such as tabbed browsing, a file manager, etc. but the new look and functionality will surely impress you even more.  Check out the full video walkthrough of it after the break.  

Video Action:


Download Link

  • Djyosnow

    um why would I pay for a browser? WTF ?

  • Eddiesj22

    You can turn it off by right clicking on the little motorola driver icon

  • TvE

    Trial version disappeared from market, whazzup?

  • BillTed

    Updated my Lite version and it turned into a trial version. There's a huge trial logo on the screen that's there all the time. It's also a lot slower. Zooming and scrolling stutter a lot and pages take longer to load. The stock 2.2 browser is way faster and smoother.

    At least it doesn't look like a kid made it. Too bad it performs like it was.

  • Phrozen

    Gave this a try on the light version and it seems very good. Only thing I couldn't find is anyway to clear the cache. The app starts to get pretty large after a while and I was wondering if there is anyway to do this. I looked through all the menus and couldn't find an option.

  • Rrasho24

    Here's my issue with it. I purchased to support as I typically do and I'm thinking about uninstalling because A.) it does not scale text to fit when you zoom in and out B.) the double tap zoom seems off… Can anyone confirm or deny this… Can someone explain what I may be doing wrong / provide a tip on the best settings. I typically use Dolphin HD, but as of late must say I've grown tired of how slow it's become. I started useing Opera Mini and I like it and all, but it seems a bit limited and has no pinch to zoom…. So I'm really hoping this is the browser for me… As of right now, I may have to uninstall unless someone has a fix for me (please help community, thanks!)

  • Sandy Korda

    Downloaded it to my rooted Droid1, and yes, it is fast, and responsive… but – it proved to be static and didn't always open pages in the same format as Dolphin did, nor would it provide a keyboard when the type windows were selected, despite a blinking text bar was within. Gone back to Dolphin HD, and got my refund. I did, by the way, try both the sample version, as well as the paid download.

  • I have been using this for a while now. It is quick and simple and I really like how the full screen mode so you can use every bit of space to view the page. Nice job!

  • Armyof2

    Hate the new logo but like the browser lol

  • Bschapp

    Does not open on Droid Incredible Froyo

  • picaso86

    mmmm I dont like it … I tried it and its a little laggy and needs more HQ graphics… IMO.

  • thanks for the review. i d/led it on droid x 2.2 and its pretty damn cool but a little laggy, i turned off animations and that helped alot.

    i love the single tap to pinch zoom, thanks for that tip, they should have a tips load when the app loads the first time, if i hadnt heard it before or seen ur video, i would have never known. the ondemand flash is a great solutiion for flash ads right?

    it doesnt have an option to turn on bounce scrolling huh? (elastic) ??? i really like that in a browser, i like to scroll around alot and hit the bounces lol.

    fennec was cool but quite broken on my dx, couldnt use the keyboard at all, maybe it was swiftkey + fennec issue t hough.

  • The stock browser on the X is far superior than this , also this Xscope is real slow to load flash content , tried it for a day now deleted it and got my refund , just not a good browser

  • the new htc sense browser is way better

  • Uncle paul

    SMOKING fast, But I need select text-copy paste back man.. original copy paste with a bit more accuracy would be the “shiznit” as the brothas say.

  • Where is the copy/paste feature? That made this browser awesome. It's still the fastest.

  • whats that theme??

  • Jim

    What keyboard is that?

  • Chris Nimon

    Ive been wnting to try a new browser, guess i'll give it a go. Maybe its time for another Droid-Life browser shootout with all the pro's and cons?

  • paddyhunt

    It sucks, went to there site to dl old one

  • tvBilly

    One feature I haven't seen mentioned yet is the functionality of the (android) menu button. Tapping it alternately toggles full screen mode on and off. So you can leave the URL, tabs, and xscope menu showing when you need them, and totally remove them when you don't. One tap they're there, another tap they're gone.

  • cv

    kellex can i get what lockscreen you are using?

  • smittenjones

    Can anyone tell me what the bubble button to the right of the address bar does?

    • Nepherim

      Brings up (down) the normal notification bar that you see on the launcher.

  • Jrpitchford1

    Link to market says not found and can't find it by search

  • Dfquinn2

    Any way to get stock browser back? I uninstalled it … 🙁

  • Mhynek

    Just noticed the task manager is gone…bummer

  • 2.99? It looks badass though.

    • Mjnotto

      the free version does everything except the file manager. But after using it you will want to support the Dev, Hes amazing

  • Michael_NM

    First, thanks to X-Scope for being a Droid-Life sponsor! Second, pardon a stupid question, but…

    What is wrong with the stock browser? Maybe I'm just too vanilla, but it works great for me…

    • Timoh

      Not sure about the stock browser issue either. I have Dolphin browser installed because everyone here seems to like it. I used it 2 or 3 times but didn't notice any reason to use it over stock. Honestly the only reason I still have it installed is because I'm too lazy to uninstall it.

      • I felt the same about dolphin browser until I tweaked it a bit, now I can't live without it. It mostly fixed pet peevs I had with the stock browser. Dolphin gives you the option to open a new tab and stay on your existing page, instead of jumping to the new tab (hated that in stock browser.) Same setting for downloads not auto jumping to download que from the download page. Dolphin also has a great add on apps for various this like switching to desktop mode to avoid auto rerout to a mobile version of a site. The flash addon also blocks flash from loading at all unless you click on it first. Gestures are pretty accurate for a free app, helping you load your top sites , but offer a wow factor to the unwashed masses that your trying to save from feature phone purgatory ( bb OS 6 is hell)

    • Flyinion

      I've used X-Scope free version a few times for posting to discussion threads in my University's online software because their discussion thread software won't scroll on the stock browser. X-Scope set report itself as a desktop browser client fixes the issue. However with this new version I'm definitely not upgrading because the free version is now a Trial and splashes Trial across every page you visit apparently. I do like the browser but not enough to make me switch from stock and buy it.

  • sneaky way to make you buy it…

    • Shaun

      The old one is still available for free at Xscope.net for free.

  • KillaPenguin

    Wow. It never ceases to amaze me that people think they have a right to make fun of people for doing something they wouldn't do. Quit being a dick.

    How would you like it if I said that only morons have numbers in their name because they aren't creative enough to come up with something that doesn't need a number? That would make me sound like an ignorant jerk. If you don't like it when people say first, don't say first and shut up about other people.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Stock browser FTW

  • Oni

    So it does support flash, can you put it on On Demand? and can it do Chrome to Phone or does that mainly only work with the Stock Browser?

    • 9456077

      Yes, yes, and C2P will open whatever you have set as your default browser.

  • Freedomsearcher2442

    make sure to uninstall any current version of xscope before install or it will fc. had this problem at first and was very frustrated, could live w/o the big trial version link but oh well guess that will make me pay .

  • masterxchief

    Wow that 1 finger pinch to zoom feature is killer

  • Sucks to be a CyanogenMod 6 user. This force closes upon opening. oh well.

    • im running Chevy 4.8 and it did that to me too, try uninstalling it and reinstalling.

      • trumpet444

        Im running a chevy kernel tho………could that be it?

        • im running chevy’s 800ghz kernel. i uninstalled it and then went back to the market and downloaded it again and its running fine now

          • Guys, it says at THE TOP of the Market page “Uninstall first or F.C.” You have to uninstall the old version because this is a completely new build, and then it will work fine. It’s not your ROM or your kernel or etc.

          • I hardly ever read the comments when it comes to apps I paid for. I’ll check from now on for sure. Uninstall and reinstall worked. Cyanogen Mod 6 users, I was wrong. Enjoy the browser.

    • trumpet444

      How ironic. Im on UD 8 and it also fc's upon opening

    • jeesung

      did you have an older version installed? if so, that needed to be uninstalled first.

      i got FC's until uninstall and re-install.

    • Awex14

      you have to uninstall the old version first.

  • cv

    whats the lockscreen? ima check the browser out now.

  • pcguru30

    personally waiting for firefox's mobile browser to go final

  • marquesb82

    Jeez this browser is fast.

  • Scea0512

    First idiot !! Never fails !! Jackass

  • StinkinLinkin83

    is this better than Dolphin Browser HD?

  • Well, I can finally say that xscope isn't completely ugly.

  • First!

    • Scea

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      • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    deep breaths, pronto!