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Ask Dr. Root: Adb Commands and Frame Me Widget

Dr. Root, I have adb set up now how do I use it?

First of all, if don’t have adb and the Android SDK installed follow these instructions.   Now, I know we all don’t share a love of adb, but seeing as it is being used more and more I thought that you should get a basic grasp of what can be done with it. I am going to provide you with a list of commands that you should have on hand to help you out.  I’ll also show you how to make sure your device is connected properly to adb.  These commands can be found here.  

adb shell mount – lets you mount your system
adb push <packagename.apk> /system/app/ -put in system folder
adb devices – lists which devices are currently attached to your computer
adb install <packagename.apk> – lets you install an Android application on your phone
adb remount – remounts your system in write mode – lets you alter system files on your phone
adb push <localfile> <location on your phone> – lets you upload files to your phones filesystem
adb pull <location on your phone> <localfile> – lets you download files off your phone’s filesystem
adb logcat – starts dumping debugging information from your handset to the console
adb shell <command> – drops you into a basic linux command shell on your phone with no parameters
adb devices – lists which devices are currently attached to your computer
adb install <packagename.apk> – lets you install an Android application on your phone
adb remount – remounts your system in write mode and lets you alter system files on your phone
adb push <localfile> <location on your phone> – lets you upload files to your phones filesystem
adb pull <location on your phone> <localfile> – lets you download files off your phones filesystem
adb logcat – useful for debugging your apps
adb shell <command> – lets you run commands directly

Fastboot Commands

fastboot devices – lists which devices in fastboot mode are currently attached to your computer
fastboot boot <filename> – boots a ROM stored on your pc specified by the filename
fastboot flash <partition> <filename> – flashes a ROM stored on your pc, partition can be one of {boot, recovery, system, userdata}

Ok now that you have a command list lets get your phone up and running.

Connect you’re phone to a PC but don’t mount SD card (also tick the usb debugging option from settings>application>development).

Open cmd (start>type “cmd” in search bar) and enter these commands:

cd AndroidSDK\tools\ – connect to adb
adb devices – lists which devices are currently attached to your computer

If you get a list of “devices attached” followed by a long number and “device” you are up and running.  Have fun with adb and the list of commands from above.

Frame me photo widget

I have been looking for a decent photo widget that will resize without the frame distorting on me and much to my dismay there were not many till now. Enter Frame Me. It allows you to pick your photo and also include the entire directory for which that photo resides. Now the cool part is that the widget only takes up a 1×1 space on your screen, but if you press on the photo it will expand to full screen and you can flick/scroll through the directory you chose earlier. Oh and don’t forget to pick a frame! The app is $0.99 in the market or for those who like freebies, it can be found over at XDA.

Screenshot of FrameMe

Frame Me

That’s it for this week. See you guys next week

-MrPicolas (Dr. Root)

  • Amar Sontakke

    i want fastboot android phone without poweroff using windows 7.
    Please, tell me the procedure for that.

  • Dr. Root? When can we expect Root to hit droid x running official froyo 2.2?

  • joesred

    I just ROOTED my DX….I am excited…scared…and.lost…

    Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of ROOT, I will fear no WARRANTY; for thou art with me DROID-LIFE; Thy ROM and thy staff, they comfort me.


    But yeah…what is the best ROM for DX rooted?

    • joesred

      OHHHH and what tether on DX?

  • snowblind64

    Hey Mr.P there are a few repeats in your list!

    More detailed explanations of the commands intended usage and associated switches might also be more helpful for novice users. I'm glad to see you did link to the ADB wiki that has that info, albeit in a more technical format.

  • afrank_86

    i have been having problems with my phone. i have been rooted since day one of getting my phone. I got the bright idea to put one of the stock images on and when it booted up it downloaded the over the air update. now it sitting at a stock phone but it has superuser on there and wont let me do anything. I have been trying to reroot it but it keeps telling me “E: signature verification failed. Installation aborted”. I have been trying to get the superuser off of there but i cant get into my root explorer.

    • dadahead

      I had the same problem. The update.zip is actually named update.zip.zip. In Astro, just make sure that the file says update. Not update.zip. As soon as I got rid of the extra .zip in the name it rooted instantly.

  • Azilla

    and dont forget ..settin gup the path in windows
    right-click '(My) Computer'
    Select 'Properties'
    Go to 'Advanced' or whatever tab you find 'Environment Variables'
    Select 'Path' then 'Edit' and add your new path in.

  • timarnette

    Does anyone now of a easy way to root Droid X? Thanks

  • Matt4542

    Great post man. Helps all the noobs 😀

  • Barry

    I'm sorry but this is lame. Anyone with half a brain can figure out how to use ADB.

    This just seems like droid-life is desperate to keep pumping out content, regardless of quality.

    I've been following this blog since I think March or April and it's gone way downhill since then. It seems much more geared towards noobs and novices. It also insists on perpetuating the myths about ROMs and kernel “developers” with vacuous, ass kissing “interviews” that totally avoid asking the hard, and obvious questions.

    • Rayman411vm

      Couldn't agree more

    • Tom

      Well the fact is that this is mostly for the noobs. The novice/advanced are going to be hanging out at xda

    • BA_Carroll

      Barry not to be disrespectful (now your going to think I am being disrespectful) but with all the new people getting android phones they do need a place to jump off. Not everyone is as tech savy as most droid users on this blog but come on you know most advance people are at XDA for development and programming. Maybe you should join the droid-life forums? Give the new people a chance. We were all new once!!!

      • joesred

        I am an advanced level Noob!!
        I admit it. Droid-life has taught me a lot and I do like the interviews.

        Hey I have an idea….how about a centerfold of Kellex…Dr. Root…Tim-o?

        • Trust me, you dont want that 😛
          Well at least of the others lol

          Ladies! I myself am SUPER SEXY! lol 🙂

    • Yay for you!
      Truly, if you dont have anything nice to say…why say anything at all?
      Come on man. Yet you keep coming back because you know…you love Droid-Life 😛

      How about you email me at [email protected]-life.com and we can discuss some “obvious” questions I can ask Devs. I am always open to suggestions!

      And thanks for your continued reading of Droid-Life! We <3 ya!

      • After DERP_ being in #droidlife last night, I gladly accept these posts.

      • Wow! Tim ignore him. I am so happy you posted this. I am new, and not typically technologically “lame”, but needed this help to get started. Keep doing what you are doing!

        • Thanks Heather. Give it up to everyone here At D-L….
          It's a great place to be with a great community to love and support!

          Thanks! 🙂

    • Matt4542

      So you are admitting you are a fan of the men? I see. It must be hard to tell your parents, I understand bro.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      hey Barry heres an idea dont click on the article and read it. If you couldnt figure out what the article was about from the main page then maybe your not as smart as you think. And ass kissing interviews? How would you like them to ask questions?”HEY DICK how did you change that system file?” THANK YOU COME AGAIN

    • Mrpicolas

      Barry don't forget at one time or another you yourself were a noob we all were so would you want someone to diss you and push you to the side if you had a question I think not.that being said why don't you send us the questions you would like answered and we'll see about finding out those answers we try to cater to everyone as a community not just an individual I look forward to seeing some of your questions

      Dr. Root

    • Well I guess I should be proud of myself for getting this far in life with just half a brain…oh the things I could accomplish with a full one. I guess were all not so lucky as you!

    • surfgirl757

      I wasn't aware this Site was specifically designated to rooted users. I think a majority of adroid phone users are not rooted By choice.I think mine rocks simply stock! I Still enjoy the information and community that Droid Life provides.

    • Nbenson81

      insulting me for not knowing as much as you is unncessary and immature- you may have more knowledge but you need more wisdom in being able to apply that knowledge and stop being so critical

    • BA_Carroll

      I am glad I wasn't the only one to notice his last 20 comments. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but he had nothing good to say. Kellex usually I keep my mouth shut but man this guy has nothing nice to say. I erased and modified my last post as not to offend but all his comments seemed like they belonged in a black turtleneck.
      I don't mean to reset this (ok yes I do) but I always read Kellex's first post every so often and as short as this journey has been (November 15) this blog has grown and evolved in such a short amount of time. It is awesome!

    • I think a majority of adroid phone users are not rooted By choice.

  • Thanks for the commands list! That's badass! 😀

  • We are going for 500 AGAIN!!!!!

  • WE <3 PICOLAS!!!!

  • kulz

    thank you mr wizard ;D

  • tbaybe

    nice work yet again MrP!

  • Ruddy

    First!! 😀

  • Ruddy

    first 😀