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HTC Desire HD ROM Ported to DROID Incredible, Quick Boot In Action

The HTC Desire HD which was announced by HTC last week, runs a new version of Sense that has some sort of quick booting process allowing the phone to basically boot back up in under 5 seconds after powering down.  It’s pretty remarkable actually and as of this week, you can enjoy that speed on your Droid Incredible plus some additional devices.  That’s right, someone has already pulled the ROM from the Desire HD and ported it to a variety of handsets.  There are a few bugs in it which will surely be ironed out over the next few days, but you should give it a try right now to at least see quick boot in action.  Or just watch our video below!  

Video Action:

Download:  Desire HD ROM for Incredible



1. You have to be rooted.  (Run unrevoked 3.21)
2.  Download the file from above and drop on your SD card.
3.  Download and install ROM Manager from the market.  Open it.
4.  Tap “Install ROM from SD Card.”
5.  Find the file that you downloaded from above and tap on it.
6.  When prompted, check BOTH boxes for making a backup and wiping data and cache.
7.  Your phone will reboot and load up the Desire HD ROM.
8.  Once it finishes installation, it will reboot itself.


9.  Enjoy!

Source:  XDA Forums

Cheers Wynn!

  • Can anyone help me? I am getting issues while installing ROM Manager. Program is indicating HD ROM is not identical.

  • vic.

    How can I delete HD desire Rom from incredible and restore original factory state??

  • alex

    Trust me man….sense is of the hook….I have the HTC desire z Rom on my phone and Im loving it….camera is so much better…once you go sense UI you will never look back….lol

  • I need help installing it. I have a rooted DI. No matter what screen I push, it says I need ClockworkMod Recovery installed 1st, I try to install it through ROM Manager like it recommends, then it just says “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!”

  • fallofshadows

    It says it will back up memory on its own… does this mean all my apps and stuff will be back to normal once the phone reboots? Stuff like deleting my entire memory makes me nervous.

    Don't hate, I'm a root noob lol 😛

  • Angela

    wow…this is really a nice video…now i am thinking to buy HTC…thanks for sharing with us.

  • lexus

    so im rooted with unrevoked.downloaded the rom from the link from above, when i get to step 5 it just keeps opening the folders, where did i go wrong?

  • Mrpicolas

    ok heres the deal the dissucion i had with the 2 people has been dead if you continue to keep it going which it needs not to i will have kellex close this thread or we can drop it and get on with enjoying this great place he has provided for us im sorry if this seems unfair but i have been more than fair about this subject and i do not believe i was rude to anyone i was not being sarcastic and i even asked him please in my response so it gets dropped now

  • 16graym

    This is amazing!!! Only thing that doesn't work is camera!!!

  • nice…just wish it booted that fast when i tried it on my hd2…lol

  • palomosan

    I've been running it since yesterday and it rocks, the phone turns off in three seconds the same time it takes to turn on, also the Music app, the HTC Hub, the new skins, the new everything is awesome.

    Too bad it's not complete yet, a lot of stuff are not working, like Camera, BT, non Market apps can't be installed, no flashing themes and stuff like that but it's worthy to have at least for a couple of days.

  • Shane

    This rom was beautiful and smooth as silk, but the camera and bluetooth did not work AT ALL!! Had to recover back to normal 🙁

    • E2icnathan

      my messaging app didnt even work D:

  • rudejude

    This is a great ROM. But . . . few bugs. FM radio doesn't work, camera/camcorder doesn't work but other than that really good.

  • Killer50035

    is theyre a way to get back up assistant working on it

  • Ebuxton

    How do I get my old ROM back?

    • Ebuxton

      got it

      • vic.

        How did u get the old Rom back…when u flash another rom and reboot it locks up at the incredible boot screen….

  • Mrpicolas

    Ok here's the deal bickering stops or I start removing posts this is ridiculous. Its for the incredible as far as this site is concerned not the Droid try it if you want but you'll be getting a new phone or sbfing to fix it if that will even work so let's grow up and be done with it this will be the only warning….

    • This post is indecipherable.

    • Eric

      #1 chill out, #2 what are you even talking about?

      • Mrpicolas

        First off im calm second the people involved know who they are it will not

        be discussed further. No fuel will be added to the fire

        • Eric

          i read on and now see what its about. Like AndroFan your comment was indecipherable and seemed completely out in left field since it wasn't attached to another comment. To me it seemed like you were talking to everyone and not a select few. If you were calm you might have relized it. Hope your day gets better 🙂

          • Anon

            It's pretty clear he already moved the posts that required the comment.

          • Eric

            explain to me how its clear.

  • Ya'll are a bunch of whining little girls. This is a site for adults. Quit acting like little children!!

  • I installed this on my Inc last night and loving it….

    • Nate P

      Any estimate on how long it took for it too install and reboot? Want to know how much time I need to allow to install it

  • annoynimous

    Blackberry did this for a long time, its good that Android keeps evolving and grabbing every innovation out there and mashing it together. Android has already surpassed iphone by a mile, you don't just call it an iphone killer anymore, cause its starting to kill among itself (competition from different manufacturers) lol….

  • r0landct

    Wonder if it is a standby mode that very slowly drains power and if so if he pulled the battery and then started it up would it be that quick. My DX does boot sloooow however I almost never reboot it unless the battery runs out or the very rare battery pull from a freeze. That is why I am curious practical the quick boot is as imagine for most people it is just for dead bat and freezes.
    Don't get it wrong, I would love to have it anyway as it is annoying after a dead battery to wait for the brief charge before you can start a DX then for the long boot on top of that.

    • Chris Nimon

      I reboot every day or 2. My phone just seems to run smoother when I do. I guess its kinda like defragging and rebooting your computer.

      • Mazz0310

        Agreed, and I feel like the day I reboot my phone the battery lasts longer as well.

      • r0landct

        But if your just putting it into standby, do yo think you're going to get a same benefit? My bet is on having to do a reboot which has a longer boot time as it does a full/real power cycle. Again, not being negative, wish I had the option even if I didn't use it often. I just hope they market as a standby feature and not a true boot. This way the forums don't pile up with complaining posts. :p

    • PSU_DI

      yeah I can confirm that it Powering off the device puts it into a form of Standby, if you click reboot it does do a true shut down and restart take a bit longer but its still much faster than the current sense. But for most practical purposes of shutting the phone off and turning it back on such as when your in a place that you can't have your cell on this works really well.

  • Doolidg

    Anybody know if this works on Droid 1?

    • Mrpicolas

      Are you serious Please read the post

      • Doolidg

        Easy dont get excited! relax…. I belive it says “droid incredible plus some other devices” daaamn I was just trying to find out if droid 1 was one of the other devices… jeeeeez it also says that “someone has already pulled the rom from the desire hd and ported it to several handsets” …you dont have to be a weiner about it!

        • Jake

          I agree, Doolidg, the article doesn't explicitly state that this only works on HTC phones. Android forums are filled with many dorks who love to insult anyone who doesn't know as much as they do about tech. In the real world they're losers, so the online kingdom is the only place they feel any sense of power. A bunch of non-techy people started visiting droid forums after the D1 launch and were scared away by angry the angry nerds. Please don't scare the newbs to iphone.

          • Doolidg

            Thanks Jake…..

          • Stephen D

            What? Mr. Picolas is known as Dr. Root. He is in no way a noob. And he said please. He wasn't being rude. And how hard is is to go to the source link and check for himself? He was just being lazy and wanted others to look it up for him.

          • Jake

            I didn't call Mrpicolas a noob, I was saying that people should be nicer to noobs. Without them Android won't grow. From a newbie's perspecitve, would you prefer A) Apple's genius bar and newbie-friendly approach or B) non-existent help Google/phone manufactures/carriers and condescending attitude & hostility from the Andoir online community? Mrpicolas is obviously knowledgeable about Android. So, he's “Dr Root”, who cares? He could could be the president of the world; it doesn't matter. Instead of defending him because of who he is, try reading his message again. It's rude.

          • Stephen D

            How is it rude? He said are you serious please read the post. Had he said “dumb**s, read the f*****g post” that would be rude. Meanwhile Doolidg called me an ass hat, and that's not rude?

          • Doolidg

            hey stephen d you have something on your nose…I think it belongs to mrcoplas…….. Click the source link and see what you get…. I did before I posted… Who you calling lazy ass hat…

          • Stephen D

            I clicked the link before I typed that. It took me to the download page on XDA under the Incredible section. Is it really that hard to browse around though? Maybe go to the Droid section?

          • Mrpicolas

            Ok first it is stated that it has been ported to other htc devices motorolas framework is different and will not work the closest the Droid ever got to sense was xeoduses work for the D1 and even that wasn't fully functional ie.. phone 100% working wifi problems and no I am not lazy I am up before most of you wake up digging into news for the day I am not trying to scare anyone off but people please read we put links to things for a reason I also talk to developers daily to see what's going on as well please if your going to flame me knnow what you are talking about first and prove me wrong ask most people here how much time I put into this and helping out the community and then use some common sense before posting abide remarks

    • artfuld0dgr

      No, why would it, it is HTC sense, which they haven't ported to Droid 1

    • Pfilly

      Sense is used only for HTC phones and cannot or will not be ported by Devs.

  • I'm going to wait till the rom's a bit more stable before trying it. No camera is a dealbreaker to me :/

    • Nateand

      Yeah, I don't care about bluetooth for me, but no camera sucks. That is really sweet though.

    • PSU_DI

      JD I suggest Nandroiding your current setup and flashing to it to check it out ASAP. The extra features it offers are really cool and the feel of it is great. I would love HTC to bring this officially to the incredible but right now the biggest disappointment to me is that this rom doesn't have “HTC locations” in it(built in pre-caching maps and HTC Navigation). but hopefully in a week or so the bugs will be worked and feature will be added.

  • Chris Nimon

    Wish my Droid booted that quick. Whats that moving in the bottom right of the screen in the woods. I especially like the squirrel that shows up to check out the new boot screen at about 1:20. Beautiful backdrop, Im gonna have to make a commando hammack raid lol.

    • kellex

      Hah squirrel. NIce.

  • Mazz0310

    Yeah my next phone will def be HTC….screw motorla

    • +1, HTC/Sense UI is growing on me….

      • definitely agree with you, i'm really envying Sense UI at the moment. If I'd waited 2 weeks I could've gotten the Incredible 🙁

        • mikeym0p

          It’s disheartening that if you pull hte battery is had to do a full boot. It’s more of a hibernate that still need power. This makes it harder to boot recovery and HBOOT…I’m loving Sense apps, but I dont like the launcher, I still love vanilla launcher2 and launcherPRO

          • artfuldodgr

            If you choose the REBOOT option instead of shut down it will do a hard reboot and will not do the fast boot, meaning you would have to chose REBOOT in order to get into recovery and HBOOT.

    • alex

      Trust me man….sense is of the hook….I have the HTC desire z Rom on my phone and Im loving it….camera is so much better…once you go sense UI you will never look back….lol