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Custom Theme Friday: RZ Alien Darkness for BB V0.5

Another great week down!  We had Kellex at OpenFeint in my neck of the woods (That was fun.).  We got 4G on the Droid Incredible? And I’m changing the name of the IRC to CCROM-Life? More about that after the break…or not.

So since the release of Bugless Beast Version Zero Point Five, I have been looking for a theme to throw on top and I think I have found someone who knows what I’m shooting for. Widgets, whole APK’s, Pulldown Menu, and even your Mommas Pajamas are themed here! Yes, please!

I present RZ Alien Darkness by ‘RaidZero’.  Enjoy…



This theme is intended for Bugless Beast V 0.5 but is available on other ROMs (Sapphire, FRG22D)

1. After installing Bugless Beast please download the theme right—> RZ_frg22d_Alien-update.zip

2. Place theme zip on the root of your SD Card.

3. Open ROM Manager and select “Install ROM for SD Card”

4. Locate the theme file and select it.

5. Make a backup just in case. This goes without saying. You may skip wipe data/cache.

6. Sit back and allow Clockwork to do its thing. Enjoy!!!

If you run across any problems please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section or in the Live Support IRC section!

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! And a big thanks to RaidZero for being kind and porting this to Bugless Beast for me. 😉

See Droid Forums post here.
See more Custom Theme Fridays here.
Email Tim here with ideas for next week! [email protected]

  • Cali_E

    would anyone know how i could port the drop down box in this theme to another theme? i loved it so much but bbv0.5 ended up being a huge dissapointment and switched over to LFY. the android in the drop box was so sick and i want that back so bad but i have no idea how to get it. please help i would love u forever!

  • jahpickney

    This is the worst, too dark, cant read my google voice messages without long pressing

  • xfrogz

    This ROM had completely locked my Droid up into a boot sequence loop that I can't seem to stop. I had installed BB 0.5 and this ROM previously but decided to wipe and clear the cache because the market wasn't working… Now I'm just plain stuck. Yep, it's not really a brick but close enough, thanks a lot!

    Any ideas on how to boot back into recovery now?

    • Ka_Solo

      Try pulling battery and then boot into recovery when powering back on…

    • Chris Nimon

      If battery pull or holding X on bootup isnt working you might have to use rsd 🙁

  • Vic2000i

    I can't seem to find any of my apps in the Market. What's the solution to this?

    • ryanwalter

      wipe the markets data and cache

  • Ka_Solo

    Whats going on everyone…? Been awhile since I've run into any problems that I couldn't work around one way or the other with a little droid-life help, but I'm stuck. Well more accurately the boot animation is stuck…I got BBv.o5 up and running no prob but whenever I try to install this theme it gets to the green logo and goes no further. I seen another post(er) had the same issue but haven't seen any suggestions yet, so if there is anyone out there that can PLEASE help us out it would be greatly appreciated, this really looks like a B.A theme…Well thanks in advance for any help you can give, (D-L brotha formerly known as Jedi Gunslinger) 😉

    • CIFchamp24

      I had the same problem. waiting on a suggestion.

      • Ka_Solo

        Not sure if you got it working yet or not, but I tried the link for the same theme below provided by raidzero and it worked flawlessly first time…hope this helps you out, and good luck

  • wbmanx

    This POS theme messes up BBv.5. You will have problems with the market place after installing.

  • SFC Airborne51

    I flashed this rom and have used BB v.03 and it was great and I am currently running CM6 stable. I followed the instructions and made a backup of my apps and settings with titanium backup and then did a data and cache wipe. Once I got the rom up and running I could not find any of my apps in the marketplace. I could not get ROM Manager back, titanium backup, or 95% of the rest of my apps back. I really want to try this out and I was seriously interested in this theme but it seriously needs a market fix. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

  • miosis

    I was simply blown away with grand disappointment Zero Point Five is a smooth Stock Rom. The little features to large features I have come to depend on that are part of all major ROM releases are nigh. The market was useless – no searched and found apps. When a phone next to me can see the apps. BS. I was a huge fan of Pete and his work until Zero Point Four. It was ok but very buggy. The Roms created like Shadow Rom, Sapphire, Lithium Rom BLOW THIS AWAY 1000x over. They have features that BB ROMs dream about, regularly.

    • Nathan

      The market pissed me off so im going to try ShawdowRom

      • Xgrinder911

        whats wrong with the market? it works perfectly on mine just flash and wipe again

    • Mr Dejaygee

      All you have to do is wipe the market data under settings-apps-manage apps-all. Way to get mad before looking for a solution, lol. I thought the same thing til i solved it.

    • Br_d

      “nigh” – I do not think this word means what you think it means.

    • Ken Long4

      I had the problem with the market, but I pulled it up under settings > applications> all > market and cleared both data and cache, and rebooted and had the market back to normal.
      Hope this helps

  • I have never been big into the custom themes, but i think this one is going to be my first. Thank you for being my first!. lol.

    Only question i have as of now is, i would like to know how i undo the theme, If for some unforeseen reason i might want to go back.

    I will be doing a full backup of course, but I'm hopping there is a way to just undo it without doing a full restore.


    • Uhh, you're rooted right?

      • Charmpeddler

        Yes i am.

  • Rudy79g

    Shows white battery status with no percentage or anything at all, will not also let you adjust brightness, if this were fixed I would give it 5 stars.

  • Stephen D

    Nice theme, but I went back to ShadowRom today. BB gave me redraw issues again. It used to be my favorite ROM, but the last few versions have given me redraw problems and I didn't have all 256mb of internal memory, which I need with how many apps I have.

  • tbaybe

    well i guess i HAVE to try it now… 😉 ….pajamas…. lmao

  • droider10

    Getting download unsuccessful, any one know how to fix, I have been getting it for like 2 weeks now and can't figure it out

    • droider10

      Says that content is not supported on this phone. Droid

      • Chris Nimon

        Have you tried all the usual stuff? make sure you still have root access, clear the Rom Manager cache, reflash clockwork, set Astro file mgr browser to download all file types. I'd try the Astro one first.

        • droider10

          Yea, astro got it working, thanks, haha wish I would have figured that out weeks ago, oh well, thanks agsin

          • Chris Nimon

            Cool. Glad we got her figured out.

  • The350zWolf

    Finished customizing my D1 8^) Love the green alien theme. Thanks for the wall paper Tim. This is going to be a fun weekend! Everyone else have a great weekend too!

  • raidzero

    hey guys, direct link here in the meantime…


    • MotoMax199

      I think something is wrong with the brightness/auto. Cannot alter the brightness at all.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much sir, your link worked for me flawlessly the first attempt (was getting stuck at boot animation with original zip post above)

  • JackDroid

    wow i need that wallpaper. any chance someone can post it up??

  • I couldnt get it to work, stuck at the green boot animation which keeps looping….back to lithium mod the most versatile mod ever

  • Karnage9

    anyone know how to switch the background of where you type in Hancent to Black?? this theme has what you type in just barely a different shade of white than you are typing on in Hancent. In default Messaging App its black so no biggie, but i like using Hancent… Any Ideas??

    • raidzero

      yeah I fixed this here: http://www.rzroms.com/droid/theme/alien/com.handcent.nextsms-1.apk

      just push it over your old one

      • Aj

        Thanks for the handcent apk, this fixes actual messages, but if you need to change any settings all the font is black on black, so you can't read any options unless you highlight them. At least that is how it shows up for me.

      • Woody

        This is still an issue for me. I installed the linked apk file and still the text is white when you are typing in Hancent. I have restarted and re-installed the apk file, but still white type…

  • Chris Nimon

    I think we need to start breaking out the Halloween themes. Silent Hill with its sounds would be a cool theme. maybe a Saw theme with bloody icons. What would be really cool is a boot animation from the end of Paranormal Activity where she throws the guy at the camera then looks into it.

    • So more dark themes? Hell yesss! 😛

      • Anonymous

        Any ideas how to get past green logo boot animation loop? Really wanna give this one a try, even replaced Sapphire [sic] to give it a go (shhh!) 😉 I really appreciate any help you can provide…f/k/a J.G

        • You’re now the first person to tell me they had this problem.
          You might wanna try the theme on a different ROM :-/

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, thanks…I actually got the version posted below to work on BB so not sure what the issue is/was with the one in your post. Thanks for your help nonetheless, as always top notch…

  • DexDroid

    always with the dark themes, its bad enough i have to cut my phone to the lowest brightness to get sufficient battery life, can i get a bright colored theme plz

    other than that, i like this theme alot

    • I put my email up there so you can send in requests 🙂
      Don't just say “bright theme”….

      • DexDroid

        ok ill get right on it! Thanks Tim

  • Megaupload says the file you are trying to access in temporarily removed!!!

    • I mean temporarily unavailable. Guess i will check back later on

      • The350zWolf

        Yes, I got the same message and after about four or five page refresh cycles I got the download button

      • Ka_Solo

        Same here, and as the Wolf man said just give it a few and check back…finally got it

    • The350zWolf

      You have to try it a few times, it seems that everyone is downloading it now

  • The350zWolf

    Got to love all this! Thank God for unlimited data plan 🙂

  • Fireproof1905

    Where can we get the Droid life alien wallpaprt

  • Ok so I have the legit froyo 2.2 for the DX that just launched. I also have it rooted to. So does any know of a sleek and professional theme to put on top of it? One that works with the motorola froyo official version? Thanks guys. 😛

    • Vincepimp10

      Use the galaxy s theme it's great find it on rom manager note that you have to deodex your official version

  • animal

    Uhh, the smoked glass theme for 0.4 works for me flawlessly.

    • animal

      On 0.5

    • ok? lol

    • I don't think Tim was saying this was the only theme available, just the one highlighted for today's feature, I'm sure there are many themes that will still work with .5 that worked with .4

  • Dmota25

    No for droidx?

    • “no” for droid-x

      • quiklives

        I don't mean to ask a stupid question, but what are our options for the Droid X currently? I have the official 2.2 rooted, but have never attempted to load a custom anything.

    • Unless you built your own version of BuglessBeast .5 for the Droid X…..then no, definitely not for the X.

  • Infernox51

    i like it.

  • Acalvillo5


    • Nope.

      • Acalvillo5

        Maybe one day 🙂

    • Eatmode4life

      Are we still doing this?

  • Chris Nimon

    We need more alien themes please.

    • Michael_NM

      With your graphic art skills, how come you haven't designed one yet?

      • Chris Nimon

        A. Im currently taking German, Japanese (history), Trigonometry, Calculus, and English.
        B. Im lazy lol
        Im just a hack compared to some of the people on this site. I should get off my arse, but I might just sit here and have a nice SoCo and coke or a Newcastle draft and wait for the Stanford/Notre Dame game. Hmmm decisions decisions. lol

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like a load to me. 🙂 A big load of classes that is… Good luck!

          A while back you changed your avatar often, and it seems like with your skill, you could put something pretty cool together. I should have my head in the books too, but I don’t want the brews to feel neglected.

  • Eddiedingle