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Verizon Introducing Tiered Data Plans in 4-6 Months?

Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon, confirmed today that tiered data plans may arrive in the next 4-6 months.  There was no mention of pricing or structure of tiers, but he did manage to take a quick shot at AT&T, claiming they don’t necessarily “agree” with the way they valued their data.  Most people are expecting the new pricing structure to hit about the same time LTE (4G) takes off.

And surprise, surprise, the i*hone was also brought up.  Seidenberg said that Verizon doesn’t feel like it has an i*hone “deficit” and that they would love to carry it, but need to “earn it.”  Whatever that means?

I’m actually a fan of the tiered data idea, but I know many of you don’t share my enthusiasm.  Any reason a tiered plan would turn you away?

Source:  WSJ
Via:  BGR

  • Bassmeiser

    As I verizon employee, I dread this change.

  • Frank Ortiz

    Well, like pros would say “that f*ing sucks!!.” I use my data all day long!!
    Listening to online radio throughout the day, browsing, and occasionally tethering my iPad. I can see how it makes standense from a business standpoint, but the consumer will suffer on this one.
    I wonder if they will seperate the data “usage” between applications. Example; Online radio like Pandora will be unlimited, but browsing won't be unlimited. However, what will happen with apps like Facebook/Twitter, and other updating apps? We will have to set them as manual updating, which sucks, because it will make our “Smart Phones” stupid. What about email and automatically checking for new email?

    Let's see… but I don't like it…

  • Apopj

    Hopefully, they will do as ATT did when I had my iPHONE. They changed the tiered structure but let those of us with unlimited data keep it. If not, I will simply send them my phone and they can take me to court for altering the contract without my approval

  • Aaron

    Well I'm really not looking forward to when might come about. I switched to the droid 1 in February because if I wanted to upgrade to any decent phone, I'd either have to pay $10 for 25mb on a “feature” phone- and that was not happening- or dish out the $30 to get the unlimited plan for droid, which “does everything”. I have to admit that after having the droid, I'd never want anything to do with the other non-android phones Verizon offers now. But it's no question that when I can use my laptop's DSL at home, there's no point in trying to browse the internet on my droid.

    The thing is, I used around 6gigs of data during some of the summer months, while I've been using less data recently. But to me, tiered data plans mean that I can forget about watching any videos I want to and I shouldn't even try to turn on the GPS for navigation. I'd also probably have to turn off any automatic syncing apps besides my gmail and google accounts. I'd pretty much have to say goodbye to “ruling the air”. Another family member, on the other has a feature phone that she can use 25mb of data per month, and she doesn't go over it, but she may check her facebook on the phone three times in the whole month. In other words, she wouldn't even be paying the $10 extra for any data if it weren't required.

    The only thing that I see fair to the customers would be to allow those of us who want our unlimited data to keep it. Those who'd like a tiered plan could have the option to pay less for less data- and let me just say that nobody should have to pay any amount monthly to be using even 50 or 100 megabytes. Plus, I personally can't see paying over $30 per month for any smartphone data plan.

    Others have had the same idea on here, but it couldn't matter less to Verizon that this might be more “fair” to their customers. I'd like to see them prove me wrong, but I'm not counting on it.

  • Michael

    Oh like $30 wasn't enough? Money hungry vultures! I say let's go on strike!!!

    • Aaron

      I'm with you on this one! Oh wait…actually give me until around 2012 because I'm locked into a contract at the moment.

  • imag

    I can't believe you don't call them out on their lies: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/25/verizon-cfo-denies-tiered-3g-data-plans-are-imminent/

    Corporations just lie outright nowadays, and when no one even calls them on it, they do it even more. It's despicable. It's sociopathic behavior – and you reinforce it when you don't care.

    The only way we will have any ethics in this world is if the ethical *humans* enforce ethical behavior. Corporations won't do it. If you just give up, you are essentially telling companies that they are free to lie to you wherever and whenever they please.

  • OldManHart

    Tier'd data plans make sense if done correctly. My wife can't afford/justify the full $30 data plan and this has kept the big V from getting more of her hard-earned money. If there was a lower priced option out there for her, then she would purchase a more expensive phone and sign up for a more expensive plan (although less than what I am currently paying). This would be a win/win – and I would feel better knowing that if she got lost she would have the nav on her shiny new droid to get her home again.

    On the other side… one of the options MUST remain to have an unlimited plan. It is bad enough that the carriers nickle and dime us to death on the SMS fees – something that SHOULD have been included in the “unlimited” data option. But it is their cash cow – just like purchasing a soda at the movies.

  • Bgman512

    Data caps when you already control the data rate? Haha I bet when they go 4g you still will be capped at about the same data rate as 3g, hate to tell you guys the big boys aren't reporting losses on their income… the directional antenna they put up might might run them 20k a piece and that's shooting the moon. As for bandwidth cost, its a pretty ambiguous line, it cost them less per meg of bandwidth then an isp with 20k in subscribers. I bet they spend more in fcc regulations, legal injunctions customer support, then they ever spent on infrastructure. And no infrastructure doesn't include buying already developed company's to gain business.

  • Niedespi12

    This is BS..It is all the same..they just make money basically for a new feature. has nothing to do with costs or anything like that. Plain and simple they want to make more $ and don't care about the customers obviously. EVEN if i were to jump ship to sprint I can guarantee it would still be cheaper regardless of a tired plan or not.

  • quiklives

    No, guys, your data plan wouldn't change until/unless you renewed your contract, just like how AT&T does it. If the contract runs out and you keep your phone & plan the same and just let it go month-to-month, you could theoretically keep your same plan forever. When you renew a contract to get a new device is when you would have to make the switch.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    the reason the tiered system is lame, if you look at ATT for example, is that they pick a level that is so low – 200MB?? – for the first cheap tier, very few people can use it so most all of us would have to just stick with the highest tier since there is no middle tier. so it was about pointless for most.

  • WhereIsTony

    People, people, while i dread the tiered plans, the rush to fear here is a bit much.

    They will absolutely grandfather people. Neither of you can utilaterally change your contract. You are not getting out early, they are not changing the terms.

    • Guest

      At some point your phone is going to crap out and you will need a new phone. Maybe you will get lucky and get one off the used market, as long as it was not a “stolen” phone and locked off their network.

      Or, you will get “new phone lust” and desire a newer phone. Guess what? New contract, new plans, more money out of your wallet and into Verizon's grubby paws.

  • Jesse

    The concept of tiered data plans will only appeal to customers in the short term. As devices increase in functionality, so will their data consumption – just look at the increased popularity in downloading and uploading video from your phone. Your data package that's appealing now may not be suitable for future features “forcing” you into a higher price point. Personally, I know I went from using less than 100 MB per month with my Samsung Omnia to around 1 GB with the Droid X.

  • canthearyounow

    Sounds like a great way to get out of a contract early. If they try to get rid of the unlimited data plans then they just broke my contract. No $350 early termination fees. I don't use a lot of data but it is because I can't get a data signal where I work. I am in a metro area but their signal isn't strong enough to penetrate the windows. “Can you hear me now?” what a joke. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone but I would just like to be able to use it when I need it. Problem is I don't know of a better alternative. I plan on going back to a “Dumb Phone”

  • Jeff

    With every recent announcement and action Verizon has taken lately, I am getting closer and closer to dumping them….

    At some point you just have to say NO…

  • what about being grandfathered in to the unlimited plans like at&t did when they introduced the tiers? that's not out of the realm of possibility, is it?

    • Jeff

      Although I have never read the fine print of the contract. I suspect that they cannot change the terms of your contract without giving you the option of leaving without any penalty…

  • Guy

    Possibly a dumb question: If I am locked into a 2 year contract now and VZW changes to tiers… would it not change until after contract is up?

    And I don't like the idea of tiered data plans. We haven't needed to change our internet service this way so why should the cell business be different.

  • Lane252

    Usage Type My Usage
    Gigabytes 0.160GB
    Megabytes 163.506MB
    Kilobytes 167,430.540KB

  • Thestlcbrracer

    Tiered data plans are only good for the carriers. The only way that they would be good for a customer is if they are still using a basic messaging phone that doesn't use much data. Most customers have no idea how much data the smart phones use and would end up paying huge overage charges.

  • Lane252

    163.506MB thats how many MB i have used this month i havent even broken a GB and i use my phone for everything with the exception of torrenting

  • Lane252

    restrictions restrictions money money. ummmm its like at&t, they suck their phones suck, their service sucks. theres one right next to my house and ppl that have them have to travel 20miles @least away from them to get service. big red is something that stands out…by becoming like the rest of the world it just becomes another part of the world and not something different!

  • i use about 13 gigs a month via subsonic…i need my unlimited plan

  • I don't need unlimited, even with tethering. Tiered would be cheaper.