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R2-D2 DROID2 Dummy Units Arriving in Stores

A little number of the special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 will be released in stores on September 30th, but the dummy phones are already appearing.  As you can see in the shot above, we are also expecting custom packaging to go along with this one of a kind device.  It’s such a tempting little toy isn’t it?  

Anyone else made up their mind on purchasing one?

Source:  BGR

  • Im going to drop at&t to get this… STAR WARS FTW… But i just heard that version is going to drop unlimited data transfer SOURCE : http://gear.ign.com/articles/112/1123233p1.html

  • I own an old Sony Ericsson Z610i in blue/white and looks way more like R2-D2. So good that it even has an R2-D2 ringtone. Too bad it is going to evolve into Darth Vader (Black) casket is way to damaged. I would buy this one if it was not a Motorola, too pretty outside, poor performance as a phone.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Yawn… grew up on SW. Have seen it hundreds of times, stood in line as a kid more times than I can recall. But in 2010, this seems kinda of lame to me. I would never rock that phone or be caught with it in my pocket. Hell.. I would not even make a call on it.

  • Cory

    i like star wars but im no super fan of it but still i have to say, that BADASS. Probably the coolest thing I've seen this week

  • Thornfullessrose

    R2Droid2=anti-chick spray. (except the ones who like star wars. lol)
    i dont care i would get one because i like the white and the r2d2 design.
    but i already got a droid 2 free from vzw.

  • Mlbphillies20

    “Tempting little toy”…. yep, that's all it is, a toy.. gayest thing I ever seen, I will hit someone if I see them with it. Lol

    • Jjbass311

      Lmao ur funny

  • nododgy

    If they'd have done an R2 X or Incredible I'd stop waiting for the rumored holiday beast phones and use my upgrade on one =

  • ANTONaid

    God this thing would really decrease getting girl's numbers.. “mm hold on while I relay your information to R2's database!” Sooo weak.

  • OMFG I WANT THIS…. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Lee Salisbury

    let me just say this im a geek and thats cool to me

    • I just wish it looked a LITTLE less like a toy…

  • jedijesus95

    That is one ugly phone. I so want one.

  • I would love a R2-D2 case

  • super dad

    Found someone to let me buy there upgrade. Droid x

  • I'm dead serious when I say I'd give my left nut for this phone. okay, maybe not DEAD serious…

    • last nut standing

      Considering how gay this phone is… I'm surprised you're offering your remaining nut.

  • Konnect00

    ,nope got a 2.2Incredible/iPhone killer, luv it best phone ever,,

    • timarnette

      Droid X is a lot better!!!!

    • Jjbass311

      Dx is better!

  • suchashorttime

    yes. yes i have. after all the time i spent on this contest, i have no choice left. otherwise my time will have been a complete waste. how sad is this.

  • Tony Teesdale

    no one better write “first”.

    • Tony Teesdale


  • First! Droid R2D2

    • boot879


      • boot879

        11th… boom baby

        • boot879

          12th… oh yeah.. its my birthday… its a party… its my birthday

    • boot879

      13th baby… who rocks this house??? I rock this house!!