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Samsung Fascinate Update Available Now, Well Maybe?

The Samsung Fascinate update that sort of slipped under the radar yesterday amidst the explosion that was the Droid X 2.2 update appears to be available.  Well to some people.  I unfortunately am not one.  Has it been pulled?  Am I just unlucky?  Remember that Samsung allows you to “pull” updates similarly to the way you can with Blur and the Droid X.

From your phone visit:  Settings>About>System Updates>Check New

Details of the update can be found here.

Anyone find the update still?

Cheers @xFenixKnightx!

  • fascfun

    getting it right now…..

  • Jeremydavis43616

    got it

  • Crazyartguy

    how about gps updates in the new 2.2? any better?

  • str8havoc

    I just want an easy root and some Roms.

  • Rene Osman

    I have rooted Samsung fascinate update not working always failing. Any help from anyone?

  • Hal LaCoste
  • Cleveland Ohio here.. Got it. Make sure you are NOT connected to WiFi when checking for the update! It will NOT let you update over WiFi..

  • Dan

    Dan here from Phily. Can't get the update. Any suggestions?

  • Gbcobra

    Once I learned of the 2.2 release yesterday for the X I ran through the update on my Fascinate and the update mentioned above worked for me. I jumped the BBerry ship last week and joined the Droid lifestyle and I all I can say is I am never looking back. Droid FTW and world domination!!!!!!!!!

    xFenixKnightx thanks for posting the suggestions. I tried out LauncherPro but it made my phone sluggish but maybe dumping Touchwiz will help.

  • PDX Rainmaker

    My Wifey got a fascinate over the weekend. Put it this way once my Droid 1 is done Samsung is my new phone of choice. It's a bad MOFO.

  • Megalonebula

    I got the update and it makes the fascinate run smoother. I used to be a DX owner but i sold it on ebay to get the fascinate and im glad that i did, i love this phone!

    • quiklives

      My wife is considering the Fascinate vs. the DX. I have the DX and love it. Just curious what made you choose the Fascinate of the two?

  • EC8CH

    This is SHOCKING… Kellex owns a non-Droid phone :-

  • Worm4603

    Off topic, why can't we play facebook games on froyo, they are all flash games. Am I missing something. thanks guys

  • Mattreed78

    If does not find the update just trun the 3g over to Wifi search it will say no server found then switch back to EVDO try again

  • I just installed it just fine over 3G

  • Mikie Shores

    The update is still there it just fails with WiFi, but installed over 3G just fine

  • dmanners

    The update is available for me, but it says it fails when I try to run it. Also, can anyone confirm or deny if updating keeps or removes root?

  • socalrailroader

    The update is out for the Captivate.

  • I have rooted my Fascinate and thought that maybe that was the reason I couldn’t get it….good to see everyone else is having issues

  • fallenshell

    Just as an FYI, if you have wi-fi turned on and connected to a network for some reason it will never find the update server. WiFi off I was able to snap up the update late last night.

  • I was shocked when I turned on the phone and received the update. It worked fine I didn't have any problems. I'm excited that we might be getting froyo soon. It was nice how Fascinate received the update while everyone was focused on Epic 4G and Droid X. Hope Froyo pops in like that lol

  • BrandiB

    I got mine today and no problems so far. Haven't noticed a difference yet. Love the Fascinate! Coming from original rooted Moto Droid.

  • Carlos

    So where's gingerbread?

  • Rileym94

    Abilene Texas here, i've had my DX for 3 weeks, finally got 2.2 update, taking for bloody ever to download, but i have it!

  • Marcmorano3

    i got my update no problem

  • Patwww

    Returned my Fascinate. The colors make me feel like i'm 3 years old. Back to my Incredible. (2.2!!!!) I will get the Fascinate if it ever becomes fascinating. lol.

  • Ignitros

    I got the update earlier today and everything seems to work fine.

  • _jordie

    Was able to download and install update.. Located in NYC

  • Carunner

    Anyone have problems with the GPS? I never gets a lock on my phone.

  • bummedaboutfascinate

    i have the update. it downloads then trys to install. then….. it waits forever turns back on and say's update failed and that it will automatically do it later. ugh this phone is frustrating me especially the lag..

    • Mel1911

      When attempting to get this update., make sure you turn your wi-fi off. Downloads with no problem with 3G

      • bummedaboutfascinate

        wifi was off and it was downloaded fine the installation is failing telling me that the ip update failed something like that. i called verizon they want me to hard reset the phone. NO WAY. last time it took me hours to get everything back and all my accounts reassigned. i soft reset the phone and tried downloading it again and the same problem occured. when i check my firmware it shows 2.1 update 1 does that mean i have it? because i havent noticed anything different about the phone.

  • Timmah



    • Kraymanbauer

      Thanks for the heads meng! D L ing Now!

      • Timmah

        No problem! I think I was the first to get it, Mhwhwhwhahahaha XD

    • Paltema

      who what where when and why????

    • That is nice to know, but Bugless Beast runs on the Droid, not the Fascinate. =)

  • Timmah

    My friend got the update from this, I dont think it has been pulled, probably just overloaded.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Thanks for the props, Kellex! Also, you should notice they changed the capacitive button timeout from 2 seconds to 5 lol. Hey, its something. Like I wrote on AC th eonly really good thing that came out of this for me was the removal of the audio when you had no signal. I wk at a cancer hospital and they block all carrier signals out. Of course I still have wifi but man that little souns was annoying. =)

  • OneAn9ryN00b

    I got it earlier today, nothing really noticeable, except it un-rooted me

  • lakerzz

    I'm having the same problem with my Droid X…ugh…I'm sooo jealous, I want my froyo too…lol

  • mphunter995

    try updating it with wifi turned off, there is a bug that doesn't allow you to update when you are connected to a wifi location

    • Msb175

      yup. mine didn't work with wifi on. once i turned it off and tried it again, it started connecting and downloading.

  • Mel1911

    Thats why i think you should buy the samsung fascinate. I know samsung has been horrific when it came to support on their phones but this is proof that galaxy phones are their babies, like the droids are to motorola. And to back that up even more. Notice that u can't even watch your favorite tv program or football game without seeing a fascinate comerical.Try going to 5 or more websites on the web without seeing a fascinate ad. Samsung is pushing these phones hard. And Rumor has it , that we should see froyo by middle of Oct.

    • KleenDroid

      Why buy something just cause they have commercials?

      • xFenixKnightx

        Lets just get this outta the way. These phones aren't the Moment or Behold 2. IMO Samsung saw those as feature phones. They were never marketed. These are their flagship devices. 2.2 is coming.

        • KleenDroid

          2.2 is already here …. on all the other phones 😉

          • xFenixKnightx

            Ah cmon man we need to stick together. 🙂 An-Droid Life FTW!

          • Anonymous

            Now ya went and made me feel bad.

            I’m going to go and check the phone out! It looks awesome!

          • Anonymous

            LOL! Look me up on Youtube under GSPwner. I used to do Droid vids. Will be doing some Fascinate vids to show peeps this phone is sweet too.

      • Mel1911

        Kleen, its not about the commercials, my point was that people were afraid to buy samsung phones because samsung was known for leaving customers hanging when it came to support and updates on their phones. But the Galaxy S phones are their flagship phones and you shouldnt have to worry about future updates like you did in the past

    • xFenixKnightx

      Agreed, these are their babies. I love it. I mean look at how purrrty =) http://bit.ly/aXezEz Another thing I love about it is that I don't even feel the need to root (gasp, I know) because the phone is so quick and the notification bar is already a nice color IMO.

      Set browsers home page default to Google
      Downloaded Maps from Market
      Launcher Pro with 7 screens and Nexus one app drawer.
      Bloatware hidden. Again thanks LP.
      NoLED. I got the dev to put the LEDs on the top right today just like Droid!
      Dropped Google search file (props AC) into my SD card so thats good to go, widget, voicesearch and search button all rocking hard.
      Beautiful Widgets…is a must.
      Favorite Live and FREE Wallpaper from market Galactic Core. Looks AMAZING on this mug!

      I just love the overall clean and flush package Samsung made with Verizons model. Flat as can be and super thin.

      • bummedaboutfascinate

        i would really love it if someone could tell me how to do all of this. ive had this phone for a couple of weeks now and i hate it compared to my htc incredible which had 2.2 on it when i switched to the fascinate. can anybody help me here?

        • xFenixKnightx

          Sure why you wanna know?

          • bummedaboutfascinate

            umm. yea. i asked. i would like to know how to fix the lag. how to get a working flashlight. how to get a notifier led on this phone. how to get the software update to actually install. where to get any widgets for this phone that even put a candle to the htc widgets (example the quick calender from htc, the quick dial favorites link, i have beautiful widgets and find it to be sub par compared to htc clock and weather widget but it is still usable and looks nice, the htc stock widget is amazing) also how do i get the search button to link back to google, the phone in general seems slower than the incredible as well in just about everything. but i do like htc’s app monitor i can just set it on the desktop and it shows me what apps are running and how much power each is using. swype is so so, i cant open password protected documents in my email with this phone but i could with my htc, i love the desk cradle and own one the problem is the damn thing is so bright and theres no way to adjust the brightness in desk cradle mode which makes it almost useless to have as a bedside alarm clock if its so bright that i can still read it with my eyes closed, i liked the weather widget from my htc but i could live without it if the one’s that were available for this phone were even close to accurate, the news briefing widget that comes with it only has one news source and you cant change it without getting a different widget, this is also somthing i could change on mt htc, there are so many garbage marketing apps on here it clutters the app panel and makes it annoying to ty to open an open you need, also speaking of apps when you add one it doesnt put it in alphabetical order like the others it throws it in the back at the end of the applications list, i could use easytether before on my htc and get free broadband signal, it wont work with this phone now, i dont understand the point of the write & go app on the desktop.

            i cant think of anything else right now but i know theres more. can you guys help?

            also the update downloads to my phone then it sits there and and loads it for 30 mins when finished it restarts and say’s the update failed due to my previous ip update failing whatever that means

          • Anonymous

            Here are some options for you. Very easy. No root required for any of it.

            Dump Touchwiz, clear all your screens and apps from your TW home screens. Go download LaucherPro free in Market and set it as default. Customize it by hitting Menu and Preferences. Change openeing speeds to get rid of any lag. Hide the bloat ware easily. Hello Google Search Widget!

            Get the Google Search Provider apk from this thread here. Download and then drop into main directory of your phone. Install and BOOM! Google Search. http://forum.androidcentral.com/showthread.php?p=338939&posted=1

            Download Google Maps from Market

            Flashlight app – Tiny Flashlight + LED in the Market, free. And…it is AWESOME! Really nice design just for a flashlight! lol

            HTC Keyboard – HTC Ime apk http://www.droid-life.com/2010/03/29/download-htc-ime-keyboard-v19/
            Get Astrofile Manager and download the Ime and Clicker a apk’s and follow Kellex’ directions there. I lobe it on this phone.

            For great widgets just Buy the Plus version of LP. If you dont want to do that I suggest Beautiful Widgets, Weather Widgets donate(You can get the same HTC stock clock by messing with settings, Pure Grid Calendar for a really nice calendar and Music Player Pro for a SICK music widget.

            NoLED app is for your Notifications. Works great, free and easy.

            Its not everything you listed but its a start.

          • bummedaboutfascinate

            thank you very much i will try these things and respond back when im done. thank you again

          • Anonymous

            Galactic Core free live wallpaper, check it dude. Looks awesome on it.

          • JuliaRue2

            Hey, I downloaded the APK, put it in my “Android” folder… and nothing. I have no option to install it when I got into manage applications, it doesn’t show up in my app list (the normal one, not settings), etc. So what step am I missing???

        • xFenixKnightx

          *what, ha!

  • sTp

    I wasn't when I originally read about it, but I was able to update not too long ago.

  • s0n1c

    I'm getting the same message.

  • Dmarriott93


    i was able to pull it on my friends fascinate

  • Michael_NM

    Fascinatingly unsurprising when it comes to Samsung…

    • Timmah

      2 words – Samsung Saga XD
      I know how to feel. xD