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Update Coming for Samsung Fascinate, It’s Not Android 2.2

On the same day that we broke the news on the Droid X 2.2 update, an update appears to be on the horizon for the Samsung Fascinate as well only it’s not quite as big of a deal.  Fascinate owners will not be receiving Android 2.2, but will instead see a few other bugs fixed.  It looks like VZW is hacking away at that ugly list of known bugs that snuck out just after launch.

And so Fascinate owners know, you can “pull” updates just like DX owners can with Blur.

Don’t forget to check out our full review of the Samsung Fascinate in case you missed it.

Update:  It looks like 2.2 might be coming in October though.  Check this post.

More info on the update here.

  • Oh thanks, I appreciate that!

  • Nice, that's helpful for me!

  • Nice, that’s helpful for me!

  • NorCalGuy

    At a vz store now and 2 different reps have confirmed but with out a date that this phone will be receiving 2.2 by the end of the year… don't know if this helps any one.

  • Zac Folker

    I just got the update through menu/ about phone/ new update. It only took a couple minutes, and so far I have noticed that my phone is on 3g(D) instead of jumping around. I am not rooted so I dont know if it will come through with root. Good luck

  • PizzaGuyInErie

    Fascinate update is available now. Just did a check and it was available.

  • Placeofstillness

    12:01 AM CST – Pulling download now! Verizon said noon today…I think they were disingenuous at 12 hours off the mark.

  • seems harder to sign in to comment now via mobile than it did in the past. i can comment via guest but disqus no go. i signed in to my standard user password and it doesn't work, but i was able to get on via mobile before so i assume there was a twitter sign in before. maybe broke with oauth? is coming back? if not i will sign in as guest so long as no one takes my outrageously popular username. ha.

    • lakerzz

      Lol…have you tried going to the disqus.com from you're phone and log on from there. Then go back to this page, and you should be logged on/in.

  • why in god's name didn't fascinate launch with 2.2? are there issues with 2.2 for devices already on it? sure. but, umm, well, I'm starting to really wonder about the fragmentation… who is responsible? I can put a network card in lots of computers and it works out of the box. mac, check, protocol, check. Who is responsible with mobile devices? Check, please check. And report back!

  • Catman

    Is there still a deal where you can get this phone and then get the DX for free? Upgrading tomorrow…..

    • Yes buy a Samsung get any 3G smartphone free but only in store.

  • carl

    I'm glad I got the x over the fascinate..it's the most amazing phone I I've ever owned..my fiance got the samsung and she likes a lot..android devices in general are great but my x is fantastic..the features are superb..i love droids and droid life..I'm really excited for froyo tomorrow yay yay (:

    • lakerzz

      I agree…just would have been nice to get the DX free after buying a Fascinate though.

  • Timoh

    If you think Motorola+Verizon is late with updates you haven't owned a Samsung+Verizon device. Good luck Fascinate owners. Maybe it will be different with this phone, hope so.

    /former Samsung owner

  • Paltema

    it force closes on me every time!

  • xFenixKnightx

    Gah, I see nothing on an option to keep the capacitive buttons on longer! Oh well.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Ex Droid user here. Sorry guys, I know I know. lol Anywho I really do love this phone. It feels awesome and is soooo light and thin! I dropped the Google search file into my SD card and use NoLED for those 2 main issues people has with the phone. It really is gorgeous. Im so fricken happy they got rid of the no service alert though. I work at a cancer hospital and they block everything out so all I can use is mah wifiz. Now I don't need to put my phone on Silent. Huzzah! This phone is a beast do not pass it over for anything other than a Droid X maybe.

  • Patwww

    More Fascinate stuff from DROIDlife.com lol

    • xFenixKnightx

      NO big deal IMO. A lot of people come on here that don't even own a Droid or are on Verizon. I like that Kellex chooses to give us side notes on other Android phones, but we all know the main focus here is the Droid brand.

      • MuddyB00ts

        agreed, the last thing the android community needs is dissension within its ranks. I love my DROID og, but any android news is good news.

  • Its telling me “no new software update available' is it working for anyone else?

    • PizzaGuyInErie

      Don't forget that there is a bug when trying to manually pull the update. You have to be on 3g and NOT wi-fi.

      • Yep I'm on 3G

        • Ksizzle9

          not letting me pull the update either

          • xFenixKnightx

            Read on Android Central its probably gonna be avail on Thurs for whatever reason.

          • Nice find, thanks

          • Nyilae

            Fascinate is better than droid x.

          • OK then…

      • Ksizzle9

        yeah im not getting it withr. maybe because i have clockwork installed. who knows. i really dont give a rats tail if it isnt froyo. but with froyo this WILL be the baddest phone out.

  • first