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Our New Servers from BeyondHosting.net! Plus a 50% Off Deal!

We wanted to give a special shout out today to our new hosting company who has been one hell of a delight to work with.  Please say hello to Beyond Hosting, the power and stability behind Droid Life!

As you may recall, the last few months with our previous hosts had been a little rocky at times and seemed to struggle with our growth.  I feel confident now that with Beyond Hosting behind us, we should have zero problems going forward and am really exciting to see where we can push this.  We’re running 2 servers now, 1 for forums and special projects and a single beast for our main site.  We should be good to roll my friends.

But that’s not all!  Beyond Hosting wants to give back to Droid Life and its readers!

Here is the deal:

  • They are offering 50% OFF of your first order for any package under their “hosting” or “VPS” plans.
  • Use the code DROIDLIFE when you check out to save!

Basically what this means, is you can buy a year long package today and save 50% off of it.  You could also buy a 1 month package and receive 50% off too, but the longer deal makes the most sense.  So if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, new website or just want to upgrade to some bad a** hosting, these are your guys.  Anyway, go check them out!

Visit BeyondHosting.net and use the code DROIDLIFE!


  • PizzaGuyInErie

    I'll pass. No .NET, no MS-SQL. PHP/MySQL? Give me a break. Apparently they only want developers that can script and not write actual code.

    • Tyler Bishop

      Herm, you better be looking for windows hosting then….

  • Natelv

    who was the old host?

    • Tyler Bishop

      Media Temple

      • Really, I almost went with them.

        • Tyler Bishop

          If you want a slow site and terrible support it may be a good choice 🙂

  • bristolcat

    How long is this offer valid?

  • What are the specs of your two servers to run a site like this. #Curious

    • Tyler Bishop

      He has 2 of our VPS2048.

  • Let's test it…post an article for a download link for gingerbread! 😉

  • Jdstell

    “we should have zero problems going forward”

    Wow, Kellex. Never say that!! I'm an I.T. Director, I know… lol

  • James Dillon

    Beyond Hosting is phenomenal. Tyler is lightning fast whenever I have questions and everything always goes very smooth. Speed, security, and up-time are all worries of the past now.

  • TechDeft

    Woot now I can make comments again! (Disqus wouldn't load it was so slow) I told you a while ago you needed better hosting. 😛

  • Chris Nimon

    So this is where the new bar came from?

    • Michael_NM

      I'm glad that's new. I just noticed it recently myself, and wondered how I could have missed it for so long. I wish there was a new bar down the street though…

      • That's why you make sure there's always a bar in your fridge

    • no, the new bar came from wibiya.com I added it to the site today however.

      • Good job with the new bar!

  • reetung

    Wow, that actually sounds like a pretty good deal.


  • Go Tyler & Beyond hosting!!!

  • First!

    • Damn I am GOOD!!!! 🙂

      <3 Beyond Hosting!!!