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New HTC Sense Headed to DROID Incredible, Other Devices?

HTC just got done demoing their new version of Sense with the launch of the Desire HD and Desire Z, and the first thing people asked was, “Is it coming to the Incredible or EVO?”  According to the Spanish HTC Twitter account earlier today, the answer might be “Yes.”

This tweet (which has now been removed) was captured by the guys over at Androinica

Roughly translated, it comes out to this…

The Desire and rest of terminals with version 2.2 (Froyo) will be able to enjoy the #Htcsense a greeting

Here’s to hoping we see the new Sense freshness on the DI!

Via:  Androinica

  • Htcdroid23

     when will it come to droid incredible

  • Adam

    People that dont like sense, DONT buy a sense phone. If you dont like onions, do you still get them on your burger? Think with your heads.

  • Cellhead

    Do we know when?

  • Evermour

    Good, cause I need some sense knocked into my skull. -.-

  • C'mon HTC! You can't call your phone “Incredible” and not give it the latest you have to offer!!! lol

    • Cellhead

      Exactly Cameron!

  • BigJ

    lookin forward to seeing it.

  • Godfrey2009

    Let's see sense on DROID X.

    • Msullivan1984

      good luck!

  • Msullivan1984

    I'll keep my launcherpro plus…sense sucks

    • Webby

      +1 to that
      Sense Call Log and Contact system sucks.
      Sense interferes with Pure Calendar Widget a lot
      Sense interferes with Google Calendar to some extent
      I may have to root to get away from the obtrusiveness of Sense

      • Sense dialer is light months beyond stock Android
        If you have sense calendar widget why are you using Pure Calendar?
        never once messed with my Google Calendar
        sense is obtrusive lol

    • sylent101

      Launcher pro? Pfft ill keep my ruby Rom.

      • Msullivan1984

        lol you got me beat there.

  • Jem Harris

    So what does this mean for all of us with rooted Dincs? Think we'll be able to update or just use custom ROMS with all the goodies packed in?

  • bravoleader2

    Landscape Sense? This is great. Hopefully we get it before the Incredible HD comes out (I'm holding out for that name also)

  • Eryk

    I wonder if that means we would get the maps directly on our phones as well…

  • Mobrienjr85

    sweet for you guys…btw, the A greeting, goes at the beginning of the saying…spanish is backwards from english

    • kellex

      Babelfish translation 😛

      • marleyinoc

        Meh, menu select all thing screwed my post up. Just giving up. But I had written some funny stuff and even used copy paste it. 🙁

      • you didnt use Google Translate??? Outrageous…. : )

  • Franzie3

    im more excited to see what the dev's are going to mix up with the custom ROM's. Hopefully this new sense UI has a bit more user intervention and customization but whatever, just give it to me for my DI NOW!!

    • Franzie3

      of course the real question is when and will verizon unit test it and make it an OTA etc etc etc

      • thatsINCREDIBLE

        I'm guessing sometime early next year… but that's just a guess. Hopefully sooner. I think the new Sense on my Incredible would be it the SPECTACULAR! ooo… that's what they should call the Incredible HD!

      • from what i understand it will be available from HTCSense.com. i dont think it is going to be OTA from Verizon. You will just download the “skins” from HTC go about your business. I think.

  • qmartman711

    bleh. i hope its not another OTA..haha.

  • skltr21