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How to: Remove Preloaded Bookmarks on DROID X

The Droid X is not only preloaded with a bunch of non-removable apps that you may not be all that fond of, but it also comes stocked with a few additional bookmarks which you have been blocked from being able to remove.  Unfortunate right?  Don’t worry, we can fix it with a simple file edit.  Get the instructions after the break!


*Warning* – Rooting your phone voids the warranty of your device.  It can also do permanent damage to your phone so we are not recommending that you do any of this.  If you do attempt this, you do so at your own risk.

1.  You need to be rooted.  (Droid X rooting instructions)
2.  You need to have Root Explorer.
3.  Open Root Explorer and navigate to /system/etc/motorola/com.android.browser
4.  Tap the “Mount R/W” button in the top right corner changing it to “Mount R/O.”

5.  Long press on defaults.xml and choose “Open as Text Editor.”

6.  Find “preloaded_bookmark” and change the value to “0”.

7.  Hit the back button and say “yes” when prompted to save changes.
8.  Tap the “Mount R/O” button again to return it to “Mount R/W.”
9.  Back out of Root Explorer and open your browser.
10.  Open your bookmarks screen and you should now have zero bloatware bookmarks.

All credit to WJD Designs for the idea!

And if you don’t have Root Explorer or don’t want to pay for it, WJD has put together a new defaults.xml that you can flash in recovery for free.


  • Thanks for the tips, but I suppose I can live with these pre-loaded features.

  • Thanks for the tips, but I suppose I can live with these pre-loaded features.

  • Well I was able to delete the Verizon bookmarks via Skyfire. After deleting them from there, they were not in the stock browser bookmark list. keep up this good work. Excellent post

  • If you use LauncherPro, you can choose to hide the apps you don't want to see. It won't technically delete or uninstall them, but at least they won't show up in the app drawer or anywhere else, so unless you're concerned about filling up the 8 GB with 1,000,000+ apps, it shouldn't make much of a difference…and you don't have to root.

  • How to: Remove Preloaded Bookmarks on DROID X – I must say this is very informative post.

  • Towelie420

    Couldn't help but notice the Cat Supplies in your favorites. Kellex, you a cat guy? Do you have a large collection of cats? Did I see you on Animal Hoarders last week?
    “Kellex, I've brought your family here today to talk about your cat obsession”

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  • You done a great job,giving instructions to remove bookmarks but I don't have any need it…..thanks

  • Tsusai

    EStrong's File browser supports a “Root explorer” mode. Its in the settings. HiAPK mode has yet to fail me on various roms.

  • Stock2.1

    I can't delete the stock google bookmark using this method, I believe it requires froyo & root. I am rooted Droid X on 2.1

  • Ktmotoxer

    I changed my browser home address to simply google, and had no problem erasing all the unwanted bookmarks. You had to root to do this (-;

  • Connor3485

    Does this work for droid 2?

  • Turner

    Sorry to put this here but just had a question, is the droid 2 rooting method the best way to root an X? I'm a long time droid 1 rooter but now that I have an X I'm not sure what is the best/easiest method. Thanks for any help.

  • you can delete all of them except the verizon bookmark just by long-pressing on them. not hard.

    • the root method is probably just as fast.

  • hamholla

    how has anyone not noticed the cat supplies bookamark!? hahaha hilarious

    • haha yeah I was laughing a bit there too. I was just going through the comments to see if anyone else mentioned it.

  • Jerry

    There is a nice little app in the market called Bookmark Sort & Backup (from: happydroid)……It's free.
    You can use it to delete, sort and backup your bookmarks. It works on the X…No root necessary.

  • Brains76


    Talk about a long way to do a simple procedure. Try using the stars in the most visited or history. and clearing the history afterwards like has been posted on many other sites.

  • Jsmall88

    Any reason why I no longer have a data connection after doing this?

  • Dan

    I am a little upset by the World of Warcraft picture that is visible. Kellex, your X may not be feeling too well.

  • Brian

    After you unstar it in history, long press and remove from history. Close all open windows, open internet application back up and they will all be gone!

  • droidx4life

    i was able to delete them by just long pressing and choosing delete bookmark…no problems

    • ok well try deleting the verizon wireless bookmark…. thought so

      • droidx4life

        thats the first one i deleted!

      • DeezNotes

        I was able to delete the Verizon bookmarks via Skyfire. After deleting them from there, they were not in the stock browser bookmark list.

  • Theowb4

    How did you get that white Swype theme?

    • The white Swype theme is in the leaked Droid X froyo update.

  • Phlegethon

    I just visited them once, then went into history and un-starred them and then was able to delete them from the bookmarks page, no r00t needed.

    • kellex

      Hah really?

      • Phlegethon

        Yup, as long as they have the favorite red star lit up you can't seem to delete them as bookmarks, but as soon as you clear the favorite star delete becomes available on the bookmark long press menu.

        • evltwn

          Have you tried long-pressing the bookmark on the bookmark page? That's how I did it on my Droid. Just long-pressed the bookmark I didn't want and it gave me an option to delete the bookmark. Don't know if that will work with the DX, but just a thought.

        • devolore

          This worked for me as well. You need to be using the default Browser app, then do the following:

          1. Open the Bookmarks page
          2. Click on the bookmark (ie: Verizon coverage) and let it load
          3. Go back to the start page
          4. Open Bookmarks again, then go to the History tab
          5. You should see a red star next to the page. Touch that to remove the bookmark.
          6. Long press on the link in the History tab to delete the page from your history

          Should be good at that point. At least, that's what worked for me! No rooting necessary.

      • Phlegethon9

        Had to register to get past the post dealie, so name change..been reading here for a while…

        Found the original method to do this here http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-x-faq/63256-how-remove-preinstalled-bookmarks.html First time I opened my browser on the X those junk bookmarks were driving me nuts.

      • Huh, how about that. Worked for me too.

      • droidrev71

        Didnt work for me either

    • r0landct

      Can't delete after un-starring in 2.1

    • Finch Logan

      Yeah works for me. Way better than rooting phone just to delete bookmarks lol

      • Towelie420

        Way more reasons to root than just this!

  • Does anyone know if this will be an issue with upgrades? In other words does doing the bookmark removal have the same adverse effect as removing the pre-installed bloatware apps?

    • kellex

      I would guess not, but can't guarantee it heh.

    • r0landct

      Oops, hit like instead of reply. Anyway…
      That would be the hight of stupidity.

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    • Steve Jobs

      Welcome to last year.

      • Least you could do is have a real (non troll) profile to voice your concern 🙂