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Contest: 50 LauncherPro Icon App Licenses to Give Away!

More LauncherPro talk!  Remember the LauncherPro Icon App that we wrote about a few weeks back?  Well the developer has been gracious enough to let us give away 50 licenses to the paid version of their app!  Yes, 50. For those not familiar, the Icon App was put together to help out anyone looking to customize their icons and dock in LauncherPro without having to dig around the internet.  It’s a one stop shop for full LP customization.

So in  celebration of their new version 3.1.1 which includes sets of colored icons, a bunch of new docks and a newly polished UI, they came to us to spread the word!

Who wants a free LP Icon App license?

How to enter:

All you have to do is join our forums and post whatever you’d like in this thread.


We’ll pick 10 winners randomly per day throughout the entire week announcing them the following morning.  If you win, you’ll be contacted via the email you provided when you signed up in the forums.  So be sure to stay close to the site to see if you have won!

Buy it now:

If you don’t feel like waiting to see if you’ve won, you can purchase the app here.

LauncherPro Icon App site here.

Start posting!

  • Orlyg1521 jetster21

    I really need this since I need my apps to pop

  • Elwin2k10

    I thought I had a post on here… I LOVE LauncherPro!!! I didn't think the Droid X could be any better… Now it is! Love this site too!

  • sTp

    I can't wait to check out LauncherPro so I hope I win one; thanks Droid Life!!

  • I love LauncherPro!

  • Atico0

    I hope I win one!!!!

  • Droid2user

    I want my MTV…I mean my LauncherPro. Thank you.

  • Droid2user

    I really hope this app stands the test of time. Everyone seems to love it so far.

  • mcknightrider

    Sweet – would love to try this out and share with friends.

  • Tommyb38

    This app and this droid site are the 2 best things to happen in the droid world!!!! I work for VZW and I swear I hear some news regarding the Droid lineup here before I here them from the company!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • chaosbelow

    worth a try.. i could really use launcher pro.. tired of the default thene

  • Gobluefoot

    DROID and DROID X rocks!

  • Count me in

  • I like being random!!!

  • Marty

    This it the best home app

  • Hopps

    I love droid life and LP.

  • Brantheman1

    Great way to enhance the droid experience

  • Ferradinho

    Sweet! Love these icons.

  • Elreysalo

    hopefully i will win:)

  • Jsk7977

    I would love to have one of this app!!!! My mom doesnt let me buy stuffs from android market TT
    wat a pain in the xss

  • DiGs

    Hook it up

  • Resident_Psycho

    Launcher Pro is great, thats why I upgraded and paid for LP Plus! runs great with Bugless Beast..never get any redraws like people say..you have to find the right rom to run on your phone. Keep up the great work! 60 something posts so far and 50 give aways..seems like good odds!

  • Andrew Nemeth

    There I have posted whatever I like! Love you love the show!

  • Thanks for the investment Droid Life, Pick me!

  • woot505

    LauncherPro is the number one app I have used to configure my droid. I have a droid 1 and a droid x, both have LauncherPro. It just keeps getting better and better!! The dev is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

  • This is pretty awesome of you guys and the developer. Its nice to know some people still don't mind putting there apps out there for free so others can spread the word.

  • Bentlywong

    I am all about free stuff

  • Chris Nimon

    To enter make sure you post your comment to the red “THIS THREAD” link above.

  • aj

    sweet hope i win