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Rumor: Milestone Hitting Alltel Stores on 9/23?

Just received a hot little tip that the Motorola Milestone should be hitting Alltel Wireless next Thursday, September 23.  And I know what you are thinking, “What? Why now?”  Same questions I asked and all I really can say is that a dying phone is meeting a dying carrier.  Match made in heaven?  (Cheap shots on a Saturday morning!)

What I’m wondering is if AT&T will absorb the Milestone into its Android lineup once it completes its takeover of certain Alltel areas?  Interesting.  And no this is not the Milestone 2.

Update:  Alltel is not dead (yet) for those asking.  Verizon bought them, had to leave some of the stores open as “Alltel” and then was forced to sell them off to AT&T.  Those remaining stores will be AT&T in January.  Until then, still Alltel.

Update 2:  Here is a shot showing that the official Milestone page at Alltel’s site is up, but currently redirecting.  And you all said Alltel was dead. 🙂  (Cheers @andrewcweaver!)

Update 3:  If you plug in zip code 59505 you can get to the Milestone page through this link which still just says “coming soon”…

Anyone an Alltel customer?  I think your option is the HTC Hero at this point, so would this interest you?

Cheers Jason!

  • Y8

    here in northern N.C. Its still alltel. not switchin to at&t or verizon. atleast the 828 are code

  • callnyrbluff

    here in northern N.C. Its still alltel. not switchin to at&t or verizon. atleast the 828 are code

  • Al

    Alltel is remaining Alltel in six states. These were bought out by ATNI. So not all Alltel customers are going to AT&T. ATNI purchased the Alltel tm rights for 28 years as well. So Alltel still lives. Just not as big.

    And we just got phone specs for milestone so we expect it in stores soon. No word on price point. Also HTC Bee is being tested by Alltel Indirect Managers right now as well.

  • Genevadirt

    Verizon bought Alltel but could not acquire certain markets. Some were bought by At&t and some by ATN. ATN bought all the rights to Alltel name and everything Alltel. The Alltel areas that At&t bought will be turned into At&t. These areas were being maintained by a holding company until the deals for each area were approved by the FCC. ATN I believe was approved first and has taken over and is now operating as Alltel. At&t has been approved and is in the process of getting things switched over I believe. The Milestone is launching in the ATN acquired markets and not in the At&t areas. From what I have read and remember.
    I am in the ATN/Alltel area and have the Hero…The Milestone is expected the 23rd and an LG model…..the HTC Desire is expected soon also as they have finished the testing on it.

  • Privatemichele

    Get your facts straight before posting comments please. NO ALLTEL stores are becoming AT & T. Certain VERIZON stores are becoming AT & T. IN FACT–the sale is already complete of these certain Verizon areas to AT & T…..just waiting for the CDMA conversion to AT & T's GSM network to complete…which takes time. Once the conversion is complete, then the remaining Alltel stores in these same areas will change their name to Verizon.

    • Godhand4505

      the are still alltel stores out there like in wyoming but they will become at&t

  • Amanda

    Didn't Verizon buy Alltel? Hmmm…..

  • Bmdsr71

    Any chance they may boost droid 1 speed also ?

  • Alitke15

    In my family both my mother and sister on are on Alltel and on my wifes side they have 10 people still on Alltel. In this area of Ohio it is very common to see Alltel stores everywhere as they are in many places the only provider that has service. Here in NE Ohio Verizon was not permitted to buy Alltel and AT&T is non-existent so Alltel is still alive and well here. So for them this is good news.

    • I am from NW Ohio, it is the same way there. Alltel is a big player next to Verizon. T-Mobile and AT&T are non-existent.

    • Mrpicolas

      Vzw bought a bunch of alltell stores here in ne ohio least in the akron area so I think your info is not 100% correct in fact an alltell store 10 min from me was bought by vzw

  • andrewcweaver
  • Actually, not ALL alltel chains will become AT&T or Verizon, around 80K csmrs will become “ATN”..I was one of those 80 until I chose to switch to Verizon.

    • I think I am also in the 80K – Conneaut, OH.

      Can you rate the Verizon coverage from Conneaut to Mentor?

    • Brad:)

      Im one too 🙂 Chester, SC

  • tradguy85
    • ReebX

      Never been happier to be in the blue.

  • tradguy85

    Actually not all Alltel markets were bought by AT&T. ATN bought most in the Southeast and they're retaining the Alltel name and trying to regrow the brand.

  • Jasons_waxxx

    @ Pdimaso yawn :O this is news worthy, really ?
    This article IS…referring to the Droid coming out on yet another carrier.
    Last time I checked, this website is Droid-Life!!!
    Great news for Alltel customers sick of crappy flip phones or battery pullin' blackberries!
    Long Live the DROIIIIIIID.
    Although I have the X,the DROID IS still one of the sickest phones out.
    My girl will have the Milestone on the 23rd.

  • gilmourd

    Wasn't Alltel CDMA? How would AT&T absorb these phones?

    • kellex

      Alltel is both CDMA and GSM.

      • tradguy85

        Actually just CDMA, they had the World Edition Blackberry with a SIM at one point

    • Prairiefire

      By requiring you to get new GSM phones… The letter I received from AT&T… They said that they will be giving free phones when they switch over but I am sure the phones will be the cheapest they have… I switched to Verison and purchased a Droid X

  • Buck

    I am an Alltel customer on the Verizon network. VZN could not come close to matching my Alltel plan, so I stayed with them. Three Original Droids on the plan. Couldn't be happier!

  • LifeInAnalog

    (covering the eyes of my phone)…what do you mean a “dying phone”? Sure doesn't feel like it's dying to me.

    Nowadays, phones have a shorter life span than an adult mayfly for cryin' out loud!

    • andrew401

      it's already dead….. i have one along with newer android phones and i'll admit it. i guess you need to step ya game up 🙂

  • What was the big announcement on Oprah kellex I never did hear you say

    • kellex

      The Motorola Defy.

  • Pdimaso

    yawn :O this is news worthy, really ?

    • kellex

      Because its Saturday! 😛

      • drummer62

        lol ok, but I still yawn'd

  • okland272012

    Didn't verizon buy out alltel? I was an Alltel customer for a long time and they switched me and all of the people that had alltel that I know of over to verizon..

  • Crackedvenom

    Um, verizon bought out alltel awhile ago. I used to be an alltel customer until then. Now I'm verizon. Alltels dead now. Why would there still be stores?

    • kellex

      They aren't dead yet. Verizon bought them out, had to leave some open, then sold those to AT&T. The remaining will be AT&T by the beginning of 2011. But for now, still Alltel.

      • Crackedvenom

        Well like the guy above me said, most people got switched over. I haven't seen an alltel logo in forever. But I guess if there's still those couple on there then that would be cool.

        • CivilDroid

          there are still alltel stores in South Dakota yet

  • zooger3500

    Is this for sure the “Droid” Milestone, because Cincinnati Bell has a Motorola Milestone available now. http://www.cincinnatibell.com/consumer/wireless/phones_and_devices/?id=motorola_milestone

    • Jasons_waxxx

      That's a negative. The Milestone coming to Alltel will have a physical keyboard.

    • evltwn

      the specs on that milestone look awesome….wondering why Verizon didn't choose this phone to be a Droid??? I know it's a GSM phone, and not a CDMA, but I bet if big Red, and really pressed Motorola, they could've switched to to CDMA. It's a really nice looking phone. IMHO

      • Incredible, X, Droid 2. Why would they need it to be “another Droid”? Each of those phones has everything that phone has and more (faster processor)

        • Anonymous

          Actually only the Droid X can match that phone. The Incredible shoots HD, but with no HDMI output it loses. The Droid 2 loses in the specs except for the processor. And with rooting and overclocking, it could easily outperform those other phones. Plus we know that Motorola already has 1ghz processors so I’m sure the switch to a faster processor wouldn’t be all the difficult. It would make a nice Droid over the Droid 2. In my honest opinion.

          • Anonymous

            LOL Droid Incredible is the best phone out of them all. I own all of them and both the Droid X and Droid 2 are peices of crap. Who cares about a HDMI port anyways. If I want to watch movies I got a blueray player. And if you try to argue “oh it’s free” then that’s why you have torrents. Not to mention I have seen mini tv out to hdmi cables for the Dinc. The Dinc. will anyday out preform the X which is why I only use the Dinc. rather then any of the other Motorolas. The Droid was a great phone then Motorola really started to fall off after the Droid X. Motorola has always made crap phones I guess we were just spoiled with the Droid and now they are back to the same ol Motorola once again.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            I suppose you might care about that HDMI port if you were unaware of that “Micro USB to HDMI” cord that you can buy… as you have said. USB has a higher bandwidth than HDMI too, so it outperforms HDMI…. aside from the lack of HDCP, which is why HDMI exists…

          • guest

            I agree with elvtwn motorola droid plus root is better then droid 2 . U Can overclock it to 1.3ghz so what the point on getting droid 2 if u want speed just root. Droid x has a big screen that 4.3 inches what the point if the resolution is the same 854×480 like droid 1 and droid 2???? Moto u fail for real. Motorola only added on droid 2 and x bigger memory to 8 gb internal. Knowing the hacker sooner or later the droid 1 will have 8gb memory and overright the 256 mb internal, Just like the hacker did with the speed and overclock it with 1.0 ghz,1.1ghz and 1.4 ghz.

            I always like htc because of their commitment to update and timely manner on things.

            Motorola u guy did a good job on droid 1, but droid 2 and x isnt a big update for hacker like me and other that eventually will find a way to hack more internal memory so we wont have issue downloading apps.

      • Godhand4505

        it is the droid its call the droid on verizon and called the milestone anywhere else

        • Anonymous

          I was talking about the phone in the link that zooger3500 posted. That phone is only sold in Europe and is a totally different Milestone.

      • Mr. Joe

        Cause that phone came out in June. Which was around the time of the Droid X.

        vzw must have thought X > XT720

  • cowboy03