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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Top 10 List

You probably heard this already, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab was announced yesterday for every carrier including Verizon and will be the first Android tablet worth buying.  But if you still had questions and needed any other reason to contemplate buying one, then Verizon has put together an incredibly long top 10 list to help you decide.  Not a lot of things we didn’t already know, but the layout is a hell of a lot simpler than that gigantic press release from yesterday.

See it after the break!  

  • Arellano Kiki

    How do I delete all emails at once?


    I think #1 should be it's not and #Pad!

  • Evamae

    How will my galaxy s sync with my mac book pro? Especially iCal and address book?

  • Shopbuy12

    This is such a lame-ass device. 3MP camera and 7″ screen? All this comes 6 months after *pad? What's the price? It'd better be $199 without contract. Or it's never going to sell enuf to compete.

  • doomsjay

    I'd be Ok with the limited quality camera on the back. Most people would already have their much smaller cellphone or DSLR for taking photos with. That and considering that other tablet out there doesn't even feature a camera at all.

    I prry wouldn't buy it, but it's a great start and Android tablets are only going to get better.