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Custom Theme Friday: Invertnito by ‘Shocka2430’ for Sapphire

Happy Friday everyone! Now we all know Mrpicolas is a master of customizing home screens with a bunch of cool widgets and apps to make it look how you want, but may I just say, I think I know how to make a pretty cool home screen myself. I am a more reserved ‘less is more’ type of guy and can’t really enjoy looking at a bunch of clutter. (I need order!)  And let me tell you, that’s what makes this theme quite nice. Thanks to Ludacrosse05 (for always hooking it up Bro Status) I am able to tinker with a bunch of imagery.

Last week we had a few people wanting a lighter theme. Is this light enough for you?

This is the Invertnito theme by Shocka2430 based on BGill55’s Incognito theme but, you guessed it….Inverted! I’m usually not a white notification bar kinda guy, but I will admit that this theme is extremely clean. Good job Shocka and BGill!

Instructions on installation after the jump!

This theme is for Sapphire 1.1.1 and the original Droid only.


1.  Install CCROM’s Sapphire 1.1.1 ROM which you can pick it up from ROM Manager under ‘CVPCS’.

Select the stock theme and after it loads up then we can start having fun!

2. Download Invertnito theme HERE and place the zip file on root of your SD Card.

3. Open up ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD Card”. Locate the Invertnito.zip and hit it.

4. You won’t need to wipe but PLEASE EVERYONE, make a backup! Why would you root and not take advantage of that feature?

5. Allow Clockwork Recovery to work it’s magic and and after reboot you will be playing in a Winter Wonderland! Enjoy!


*Note* – May I say that this theme works great with the Themed White LauncherPro we posted. 😉

*UPDATE* – BGill55 has confirmed with me that this zip file will work with ALL GEM Builds.

Let us know if you run into any problems and we’ll try and help you out. Check out our Live Support IRC Channel! 🙂


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  • Marcio

    guys how to I remove it? I'm having problems I want to remove it. Anyone?

  • Trapp'n

    where can i get that clock shown on the first slide???

  • Mbbis

    Everytime i try to apply it using clockwork it aborts. Any ideas? I have followed the directions provided

  • bigred503

    Hi so i installed sapphire and then i tried to install this theme and when my phone reboots and it takes you to the set up screen to press the android to begin i get a dialer force close every time. the white hand comes onto the screen and presses the droid and then the fc pops up every time. help?

    • Dj

      same. someone help?!?1

  • Darkpath323

    my whole question is, when installing sapphire 1.1.1, which kernel do i select? there is a whole list and i don't know which to select.

  • Darkpath323

    which kernel do i download?

  • Mattcrecelius

    Shocking, another theme for sapphire from sapphire-life.com.

    There are so many other great Roms out there.

  • Chadwick359

    This. This theme right here is why I need Onyx to be out right freaking now.

  • love the all white theme, but how do you get an analog clock in the notification bar?

  • Psy

    My lock screen is off center too….????