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Android 2.2 Not Coming to DROID Eris

That poor Droid Eris.  According to Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney, there are no plans to bring Android 2.2 to this long lost and original family member.  There are “other options in Android devices” these days meaning…well, we’re not sure what that means.  Are you allowing Eris owners to upgrade early then?

Tis a sad day though, but one that ultimately makes complete sense.  The update to 2.1 was a disaster, leaving many to believe the phone wasn’t even ready to handle that version of Android let alone Froyo.  The Eris really was set up as a entry-level Android phone from the beginning, much like the Devour or Ally, which doesn’t mean that it isn’t a quality phone, just isn’t one that was built to stand up for years to come.  And before Eris owners get angry at that statement, let me just point out that the original Moto Droid is basically in the same boat as you and there are over 2.5 million of those in the wild.

This is how the cell phone/technology world works unfortunately.

Source:  ComputerWorld

  • Josh_Cornett8

    The Droid Eris is a great phone I’m not understanding the complaints I have an Eris and set it next to a Droid x and an r2d2 version of Android and the Eris loaded angry birds faster than both Droid x and r2d2 Droid. It does all the same Shit to and to my understanding smoother. There is always a way to update ur Eris to froyo if ur a risk taker…

  • Brigade_76

    I dont see the big deal. The phone didnt cost that much and it still does all kinds of stuff. I got mine when they first came out and still love the thing. Ill prolly keep it for 2 more years then upgrade. I remember carrying bag phones so I guess i dont get all the fuss.