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OpenFeint Unleashes Wave of games on Android, Fruit Ninja Available Now

Your Android gaming needs are finally becoming fulfilled with the announcement today from gaming powerhouse OpenFeint that 20 games will be released onto Android over the next month and as many as 10 today.  Most are actually available right now in the market including Fruit Ninja, MiniSquadron and Flick Kick Field Goal which we’ve listed for you below.

OpenFeint also announced the Feint Spotlight App allowing you to stay up-to-date on the most recent gaming releases from them. The Feint Spotlight App acts sort of like a mini-gaming market bringing you community, games and even prizes.  OpenFeint and their 3,000 titles, hundreds of developers and millions of users are now a part of Android, people.  We knew this day was coming, but damn is it still exciting.

And just wait, cross-platform challenges are coming, meaning i*hone vs. Android battle royales.  Win.

Market Download Links:

Fruit Ninja ($.99) |  MiniSquadron! ($.99) |  Flick Kick Field Goal ($.99) |  Feint Spotlight App

Full press release after the jump.  

Major Wireless Carriers and OpenFeint Partner To Unleash First Wave of Hit Games on Android

Cross Platform Social Gaming Network to Offer Access to Featured Promotion to Tens of Millions of Android Subscribers

Burlingame, CA – September 15, 2010 – OpenFeint, the leading cross platform social gaming network with 37 million mobile players, is launching 20 games for Android in the next month starting today with top 10 iOS hits including dot (ustwo), Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios), MiniSquadron (Supermono), Super Slyder (Sandlot Games), The Moron Test (DistinctDev, Inc.), and Tic Tac Toe (Posimotion). These games will be offered to major wireless carriers as part of a partnership where OpenFeint will regularly bring high quality games to Android as candidates for featuring. The company also announced the release of its Feint Spotlight app, where Android gamers will be able to discover new games, connect to the community, and win prizes. With over 200,000 daily activations, the Android user base is growing rapidly and will eclipse tens of millions of additional users in 2010.

OpenFeint’s cross platform social gaming network has grown rapidly since being introduced just over 18 months ago, recently surpassing 37 million mobile players and 3,000 games. Game developers gain access to OpenFeint’s leading set of online gaming services and cross promotional tools by implementing the company’s free, open source SDK.

“Android users deserve great games but haven’t had access to enough of them. That changes today,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint, makers of OpenFeint. “Hundreds of thousands of people activate Android phones every day, and there is a clear need for high quality games in the marketplace. The major wireless carriers are partnering with us to select the best games from iOS – like Fruit Ninja – to bring to Android.”

All games utilize the newly cross platform OpenFeint mobile social gaming network and include features like leaderboards, achievements, and friending. iOS and Android gamers can now compete against each other in the games that they love to play. With a cross platform gaming network, gamers are no longer limited to playing games with friends who only use the same smartphone OS.

OpenFeint also announced that it will aggressively market these games in its newly introduced Feint Spotlight app for Android. With new titles being added to the OpenFeint network every day, gamers can use the app to discover the hottest new games and win prizes in future giveaways.

“Android is on track to become an incredible force as one of the largest mobile platforms in the world. Developers will need to unlock this gigantic market to maximize revenue potential for their mobile games. With the help of our wireless carrier partners, we’ve created multiple viral and editorial channels to help our developers drive revenue,” said Peter Relan, Chairman of Aurora Feint.

Developers interested in implementing OpenFeint in their games can learn more and download the free, open source SDK at OpenFeint.com/Developers. Players interested in learning about more OpenFeint enabled games can visit OpenFeint.com.

OpenFeint: Android Launch Month Games
Developer: Appy Entertainment
-Face Fighter Gold
Developer: Bravo Game Studios
-Touch Racing Nitro
Developer: ChewSoft
Developer: ChickenBrick Studios
-Cestos 2: Party Time
Developer: DistinctDev
-The Moron Test
Developer: Glu Games Inc.
-Super KO Boxing 2
Developer: Get Set Games
-Mega Jump
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
-Fruit Ninja
Developer: Hudson
-Bomberman Dojo
Developer: Mediatonic
Developer: Mikengreg
Developer: PikPok
-Flick Kick Field Goal
-Flick Kick Football
-Flick Kick Rugby
Developer: Posimotion
-Tic Tac Toe
Developer: Sandlot Games
-Super Slyder
Developer: Supermono
Developer: TastyPlay.com
-Kamikaze Race
Developer: ustwo
-Dot Dot

About Aurora Feint, Inc:
Aurora Feint Inc’s software development kit, OpenFeint, allows game publishers to implement services which enable mobile social gaming. With over 37 million registered users and a presence on over 3,000 games, OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming ecosystem for iOS devices and Android. Aurora Feint is backed by DeNA Inc and The9.

  • SparkysShocker

    Its awesome to see a dev keeping there pricing the same as there ios counter parts, sick of these devs charging 2 to 3 times more then they are on ios

  • Bob123

    Yeah, I wanna be able to play with my i*hone friends though so I can show them that not only do I have a better phone, I'm better at words with friends than them too.

  • SparkysShocker

    Its awesome to see a dev keeping there pricing the same as there ios counter parts, sick of these devs charging 2 to 3 times more then they are on ios

  • Floyd

    Just bought Mini Squadron, game is sick! Thats the first app Ive paid for. Only other one I would pay for as of now is the full version of Angry Birds.

  • Todd_Anthony

    Openfeint 404 not found

  • SFC Airborne51

    I just bought Fruit Ninja because I want to promote more awesome games to the Android platform and the total install was 15.89 MB which is WAY too much for a game that does not include app2sd and the stupid game is COPY Protected so I can't even force it to my SD Card using CM6 so now I am probably going to have to uninstall some other games just to have this one… this is kind of unacceptable and they need to fix it. I am going to put that on their website as well. Awesome game though and hope to see more awesomeness on the Android platform but they MUST have app2sd support!!

  • Samzzz

    Should be called “Crash Ninja” at the moment hehe. Doesn't like to run for long on my original droid running BB0.4

  • Bob123

    The only game I want is words with friends!

    • Floyd

      Android has Word Feud, same game and fun as hell!

      • Bob123

        Yeah, I wanna be able to play with my i*hone friends though so I can show them that not only do I have a better phone, I'm better at words with friends than them too.

  • awesome games!

    Mini squadron is awesome! I'm not sure if it supports apps2sd, but on my rooted 2.2 droid, out only takes up about 2mb! Definitely worth the dollar!

  • bravoleader2

    I've bought a handful of these and they are a lot of fun for the most part

  • MysteriousRacerX

    You can find these on App Brain as well, and they have a pay and a “lite” version (the latter being free but with fewer levels, planes, etc.)


  • jason6g

    not bad! loading up my battery draining experience now! lol

    if you are rooted, use the app2sd support, this way it doesnt matter if the app supports it. leaving 1-2mb on the phone and the rest on the card is alot better than hogging up 60mb with a couple games.

    • MB


  • motograter7

    i am still waiting for zombieville and plants vs zombies. those are the only games i care for on a mobile device!

  • Jbwiden

    Why would the developer not allow app2sd? Does it take more programming time or is it just an option the developer has? Is the app less secure? Or?

    • jxcgunrunna

      MiniSquadren does actually. and that one is the most fun

    • Nathan

      You add this to your Manifest:

      Yup…it is that tricky!

  • Ronn

    installing a 26mb game on the droid hurts

    • Stephen D

      That's why they added apps2sd.

  • eander315

    No Demo versions. I refuse to buy an app if I can't try it first.

    • you can try it, just return it within 24 hrs, and it's no charge. That is the beauty of the android market.

      • .apk Theif


        He means he doesnt have a dollar and is mad cus there isnt a free version…

        • Stephen D

          I laughed when I saw your comment and then your name.

    • 1lionmurrill

      I don't even try the free versions. I just by the paid. If its worth the money I'll keep it. If its not worth the money why keep the free. With that said, some of the best apps are free.

  • Floyd

    Mini Sqadron is sick!

  • RealGame22

    Android market is about to be the 'Shit'…..Let's Go!!

  • Genoist

    Not showing in the market on my Droid X running 2.2

    • same here. wtf

    • Yuusharo

      Same. Anyone else on Verizon, preferably a 2.1 Droid X, see the game? I've got $1 burning a whole in my pocket and Google won't let me buy it =(.

      • FSRBIKER

        Install the Beesley Build Prop fix(top choice) in Rom Manager and you can then find/download/install the games.

    • Nathan

      You have a bad build.prop then.

  • i cant get any of the apps to pop up in the market. via search or those links. wtf.

  • J0nnyman17

    Just another reason to love having a Droidx.

  • EC8CH

    Can I get a Fruit Ninja hack that just throws up apples for use android users to slice to bits 🙂

    • .apk Theif

      go check out thepiratebay dot org and youll find lots of free android games on torrent 🙂

      I cant wait till fruit ninja lands on there 🙂

      • Android and developers rule!

        support the devs! These apps are less than a dollar.. Please do not do this or at the very least do not tell others how to cheat the developers and harm Android.

      • Trophynuts

        you can't afford .99cents? ……what are you doing with a smartphone?

      • Snowblind64

        You're an a**hole! Most of the apps on android are developed by individuals. Stealing their work will only serve to drive quality developers away from the platform and harm the Android Market as a whole. People with you're mentality about software theft make me sick! I hope someone steals something from you so you can know how it feels.

        • Bryan

          I couldn't agree with you more…very well said!

  • coolguy

    Nothing beats Angry Birds!!! 🙂

  • ilikebikes

    fruit ninja is kinda fun…for a few minutes. it's also a 16mb install! oh well.

    downloading minisquadron right now. good to see some quality games coming out for android!

    • zach471

      Yeah, and no SD storage. Love the game, sorry that I have to delete others to add new ones.

  • novalok


  • Cool, checking it out now.