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Skyfire Hits 1 Million Downloads, Adds Compatibility for DROID X, 2 and Incredible

Skyfire announced today that they’ve hit 1 million downloads putting them in the top 0.02% of all products in the Android Market.  We’re talking pretty elite company here.  You may remember Skyfire as our savior during those days when Android 2.2 release dates were still just rumors and we had almost zero opportunity to enjoy Flash video on websites.

They also announced today that their browser now works on the Droid X, Droid 2 and Incredible which were previously not supported.  Why would you use it over Flash in the stock Android browser?  Skyfire claims to save you up to 75% bandwidth over actual Flash.  Interesting enough.

Full press release after the jump.  

Skyfire Notches One Million Downloads of its Android Mobile Browser with New Compatibility for Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid X, Droid 2 and HTC EVO 4G Handsets

Browser built for the social media generation quickly becomes one of the most popular apps on the Android Platform

Mountain View, Calif. – September 14, 2010 –Android users want the best of the Internet, which means all their favorite websites and videos. This is why now over one million consumers have downloaded mobile browser Skyfire that optimizes Flash video content and brings it to Android devices worldwide. Today Skyfire announces that it has become one of the most popular Android apps, placing it in the top .02 percent of all products in the Android Marketplace.

Additionally the company announces expanded availability to newer Android devices. . Now the browser works on popular Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Epic, Motorola Droid X and Droid 2, HTC Incredible and EVO 4G. Skyfire works alongside the latest Android 2.2 update to ensure Flash video is always just a click away, regardless of network connectivity. For those with devices that do not have the Android 2.2 update (2.1 and below), Skyfire opens the door to millions of previously inaccessible Flash videos.

Skyfire for Android took mobile browsing to a new level with the addition of the SkyBar™, a cloud-enabled toolbar that lets users enjoy millions of videos previously unavailable on mobile, discover the latest buzz on any topic they browse, and easily share content to their social networks. The company has since released several updates that make the browser faster, smarter and data optimized.

Skyfire’s advanced cloud computing technology not only enables the features above, but also reduces mobile video data consumption by an average of 75 percent. According to a recent Cisco study, mobile video streaming is expected to increase by over 6000 percent by 2012. As consumers gain an optimized video streaming experience on mobile with Skyfire, mobile carriers are presented an opportunity to offload the impending mobile video data burden causing dropped calls and poor reception and clogged bandwith in major metropolitan areas.

Skyfire (2.3.2) for Android is available for download worldwide for free at get.skyfire.com.

Grab it now if you haven’t checked out the latest version.

  • Well good news that their browser now works on the Droid X, Droid 2 and Incredible which were previously not supported. Thanks for sharing with us…

  • limewire is the nest thanks for posting….

  • antintyty

    too buggy, i deleted…

  • antintyty

    too buggy, i deleted…

  • kkj

    This displays the need for more download categories. >250,000 doesn't cut it when apps are being downloaded millions of times.

  • I've used this for some time. When Skyfire can play a video it works much smoother than with the Adobe Flash player. It usually is not choppy at all and the quality is certainly not as good but at least it's not choppy either. If your not using wifi, Skyfire is the way to go for watching flash videos. Works with youtube and pretty much any site…and I mean any 😉

  • ABDroid

    IMO, Skyfire runs flash videos with practically no latency or skipping, but you can't control the playback (ffw or rw). Also, the drawback is that it doesn't always capture all flash videos on some websites. I used it heavily when on 2.1.

    Now i'm on the original droid, stock 2.2. The latest Flash is quite choppy, although I can control playback. It's a tough call. Smooth video or integrated choppy video with playback control…

  • T3lancer2007

    I'll stick with the stock browser on D1. I don't like using any of the alternatives because they all seem slow and clunky.

  • ViggS

    xScope is so much better.

  • LOL

    I have never like the Skyfire Browser at all. I'll stick with XScope and Dolphin HD. But, I might as well redownload it and give it a second chance..

  • Jd

    I use it as my default browser, and I'd have to say that it is decent for flash content. The only problem is that there is no option for higher quality. Usually the videos look very grainy on my Dx and aren't fullscreen. However, I still use skyfire as the default since I'd rather be able to play the videos poorly rather than not at all. Another plus for skyfire is that it has a quick option to load pages as a desktop or mobile device. This is fun to switch on and off depending on connection type.

    • BAoxymoron

      are you still running 2.3.2 because last time I checked 2.3.2 has a problem with downloads… otherwise though great application

      • Jd

        I agree with you about the download error. I had to disable it as my default temporarily so I could get an update for Trillian.

  • Phoenix3265

    I have been using it on the Incredible for a while now… I didn't know it wasnt “compatible”

  • picaso86

    people we already have Flash. there is no need for this!

  • Rain_king46

    Has anybody used this much? How does it comapare with the stock browser on a DX or Dolphin? How does the flash player compare with Adobe?

    • rals

      I would like to know this too

      • Rain_king46

        I tried it out myself. Browsing noticeably slower than the stock browser. Homescreen seemed cluttered. Flash playback about the same as stock with adobe. My conclusion, no notable benefit over the stock browser, uninstall.

  • bravoleader2

    I thought they wouldn't given up after 2.2 rolled out. I guess stock X owners could use this still.

  • jdawg5779