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Verizon Preparing Android 2.2 Release for DROID X? Hidden Document Sort of Says So

A semi-hidden document was just sent to us from Verizon’s droiddoes.com site and shows the makings of a Droid X 2.2 update in the works.  While no dates are given, this is the first time we’ve seen an Android 2.2 document/mention which even included a few Froyo details for the DX.  It’s an odd page though, and simply references the support page that would normally feature updates including PDFs.

This page was created on 9/10 which would lead us to believe that an update could be just around the corner.  Of course we’re not holding our breath, crossing our fingers or anything that would require effort while waiting for this to actually happen, but it’s at least something.

Can anyone else find the page? 🙂

Cheers cmpx!

  • Dakinclark

    FB on android sucks!

  • ABerry5

    oh and i dont know if it is leaked 2.2 or in the standard 2.1 also.. but when I have facebook sync (through motoblur) on it MURDERS my battery, it is distinct, one day i'll turn it on and my battery will go from 100 to 30 from 7am-1pm turn it off like today I get 6am-7:48pm with tons of wifi and i'm at 60%

    • Dakinclark

      FB on android sucks!

  • ABerry5

    god I completely forgot about 2.2 for the X i've been running the leaked since day 1… I trust DL will find some way for us to get to the offical when it is released.. while the leaked 2.2 is 98% perfect, there are some minor bugs like the revert to the top of text messages and the text message convo lists out of order by time, but not by day.. not bad, but would will be nice to have it fixed

  • Kyle Ford8
  • Cpeyton87

    I talk to motorola, and they said that the update for the droid x is been sent out by the serial number and all the customer should have the update by the end of the month.

  • MistaCheekz

    Chuck Norris has the official 2.2 froyo on his Droid X.

  • Paul DeJohn

    The real BS about all this is that this Droid X was so hyped and three weeks after its release the Droid2 was introduced with 2.2-the same OS we're still waiting for! Which leads me to suspect a problem with 2.2 or a company with it's collective head up its ass.

    • Paul DeJohn

      P.S. The system update function has been unresponsive for two days…maybe a good sign.

  • Dagr8tim

    I got the same email for my D1

    • I recently got Froyo, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
      The only plus point was the flashlight, and that’s it.

  • mmm333

    I just got an email about this. Tried to pull it. Nothing.

    • MMM333

      Nevermind. It was actually for the Droid 1. Why would they send that to me now?

  • AMVT

    All of you all are full of ****. Verizon just freakin update the **** thing. There better be some awsome updates for waiting so long!!!!!!!

  • joesred

    kk…how do you post a pic ??

    I have a screenshot of the email

    • F150Fan

      Not sure how to here. What about posting it in the forums?

      • joesred

        tried that too…took me to some FROG page..lol

        • F150Fan


  • GNO

    Would they just release this already so I can root!?!

  • Rachel

    Just got email instructions from Verizon for upgrading my Droid X to Froyo. Looks like the upgrade is now !

  • AceZipp

    Enough already. EVERY EFFFING DAY you post 2.2 is coming, 2.2 is delayed, good news about 2.2. I will assume that is all anyones wants to talk about. If it is ever releaserd you site will need to shutdown because there will be nothing to discuss.

    • WhereIsTony

      Or you could just skip over posts that don't intrest you genius.

  • We all know that external environmental circumstances more often than not dictate who is wealthy and who is poor.

  • Noticing that the update service is unavailable on and off all morning…too many folks checking? 😉

  • Dragon3463

    No such page

  • Jesse

    Don't fret DXers, recently got FroYo on my DI and let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be. The only nice plus was the flashlight, and that's it.

  • bizarospeak

    My Droid X should be on it's way this time next week. It would sure be nice to update to 2.2 right out of the box!

  • I like pop tarts!

  • Jeff

    F*** YOU MOTO! Stop pulling my dick bro!

  • myDXhasA1stName

    Upset that the whole Droid family now has 2.2 except the X, I contacted a support rep yesterday who assured me it would be happening before Oct. 1st.

    He urged me not to risk any rooting methods given that the official release was about 2 weeks out or sooner.

  • Omnipanzer

    NM, it was because I wiped my device. I totally just messed with my own emotions. :^(

  • Omnipanzer

    Well I just got a version update. I hope it is a prep package.

  • Crazy Ferris

    Should we root the X while it is still on 2.1, then update to 2.2 when it comes out? Or will updating to 2.2 “unroot” the phone?

  • Droidxjunkie101

    I found the page on droiddoes.com go to the dx then in the top left hand corner there is a button that says support click it will bring you to a page that redirect you if you press d_x_^ at the same time and will bring you to the froyo update Witch will be released in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • DX101

      Could this comment be anymore difficult to understand? Ther is no support link at the top left hand corner of that page. FAIL!!

      • Frankson03

        lls.. lol right.

    • F150Fan

      Where are you finding this button that says support? All that I can find is the support link near the bottom.

    • Jeff

      “Witch”!? Really!? Fail.

  • wallmartkiller76


  • Guest

    i know nobody cares but was sent this http://www.droiddoes.com/2.2/ to my D1 tonight

  • lakerzz

    My DX is scheduled for delivery tomorrow right when I get home from work (hopefully not before, nobody home to sign for it), and then this post…seems like perfect timing…*GIGITTY-GIGITTY*

    • antintyty

      for fedex all you have to do is leave a signed and dated note on your door, they'll leave it there.

  • r0landct

    The longer you stare the longer it takes.

  • villian1998

    I received a text from Verizon today that had a link to a page like that for my droid, to bad I've had froyo since it's June. They really drag their feet on ota

  • Butters1991

    I just checked the “check for system updates” on my droid x. It said “check for updates is not available at this time try again later” it has never said that before for me always said does not require an update til today, maybe they are working in the ota system for it! Anybody else finding this to be a exciting as I am!?

    • Shamo316

      liar my droid x doesn't say that

      • Butters1991

        Mine did but now it doesn't anymore, sorry lol I was excited just seeing if anybody else had that happen

        • Strange_creation3000

          Last month that happened… think its just a bad 3g connection real fast

    • Jboogie1289

      Yeah, normally it gives you a “update not needed message” quickly but not this time. I was listening for the drum roll……… Then it gives me the same message as you, “check for updates not available at this time”. Thought I was gonna be the bringer of good news. Maybe next time.

    • John

      try again in a better reception area….you'll get the normal message your used to

    • Jameson

      I'm getting the same thing right now … something's goin on!

  • F150Fan

    The PDF you are looking at is the old one from the last update, the one that was not too much after the launch. Verizon has not updated that page yet. This does give us X owners a glimmer of hope though!

    • kellex

      The page I took a screen shot of above is for 2.2 and is brand new. The PDF at the support page is still the old one though.

      • F150Fan

        Thanks, I was replying to Bart but clarification is always good! Keep up the good work Kellex! You always seem to keep us informed ahead of everyone else!

  • Booo

  • Edsondj85

    I kind of have a noobish question. Will I be able to see the OTA update if I'm rooted?

    • wallmartkiller76


    • Mazz0310


    • WhereIsTony

      Maybe so.

    • JTE


  • I looked at the PDF and looked a bit closer. The update that they have in the PDF is Version.1.13.604.MB810.Verizon.en.US / BP_C_01.09.04P. It's 2.1! WTF I think its a spoof email!

  • First let me begin by saying i love my droid x…a lot, and i will be rooted soonafter 2.2 is out and rooted

    BUT, this taking entirely to long, i was under the impression that it was coming out very quickly after the phones release. a phone that had most people thinking it was being released with 2.2, only to be repeatedly delayed by 2.2, getting extremely frustrated. just give it to me already.

    P.S, why does our phones have tft screen and not super amoled…jw ya know?

    • theineffablebob

      LCD is still better than SAMOLED is some aspects. It's sharper because of no PenTile arrangement, it's easier to use it in the sun, it's brighter (but not more vibrant in colors), and it uses less battery.

      What I would have liked is a display with a higher resolution and/or better viewing angles. The viewing angles on the SLCDs on HTC's phones are pretty good, close to AMOLED.

      • but the x has tft, and isn't that lower than all of them….

        • Anonymous

          It’s not always about what kind of tech it is, but what you can do with it. There are some limitations with TFT, but it’s pretty mature tech. The Droid X uses a traditional TFT LCD; the iPhone 4 uses an IPS LCD, which is a variant on TFT. DisplayMate did some tests and found the Droid X’s LCD to be only slightly behind the iPhone 4’s LCD in brightness and contrast, but the Droid X’s colors were much more accurate. Only thing which the DX is not nearly as good at is viewing angles which is a limitation of the display technology.

  • does anyone know of a way that i can mess up my motorola droid but i have to make it seem like its having technical issues no hardware issues which means i cant chuck it off a cliff its cuz i need a replacement

    • Michael_NM

      It appears your shift and punctuation keys are broken. Would that qualify? 🙂

      • yes but how would i be able to mess them up with out it looking intentional?

        • Kit

          Verizon has always accommodated me with such requests…
          I've had about 6 phone replacements in the last six or seven years…and a couple of them were simply because I didn't want the scratches to be there anymore.
          Just make anything up.
          “My camera often doesn't open, the slide-to-unlock doesn't work sometimes, and when I try to dial out by using my call history: the damn thing calls the wrong people…”

        • Don't bother messing up your phone for no reason. You can complain about connectivity issues, battery issues, and even smaller things that might not seem so blatent and they will help you. These are all things that may be open to interpretation by you and the VZW rep. If they feel you are truly unhappy, they will take care of you. Also, don't bother with the store, they never “hook” anyone up. Call in! One of my phones I sold, happened to be a guy that works at a VZW store. (apparently, I had a better deal than he could get! sad!) I have had 3 x D1's, then an Incredible and now I have a Droid X. I even had my wife's 3rd Eris replaced with an Incredible. All of these swaps were at their expense of VZW and not mine. All of these were due to “real” issues not within my control and I simply refused to run through the refurbished cycle. When you shell out 500+ dollars for a device, it should work exactly as advertised. If I bought a Honda and left the lot and the engine blew up, do you think it would be fair for the Honda dealer to replace it with a “used” certified like new Honda? BS! and that is why I will not accept a refurbished phone either. Your account standing is important too. I have 3 personal lines (aside from family lines) and have been with VZW for years now. (remembering my first color screened star tac, 5 colors!!! woo hoo!) anyway, they will work pretty hard to not have me leave. Especially when stay month to month on most of my lines.

      • u kno any other ways of faking a technical difficultiy with out it looking intential? the only thing i can hope for is a messed up refurb droid i hope theres is something wrong with it

    • CharlieK

      The power button on my D1 broke last week and I was so excited because I thought I'd get a D2 as a replacement. When I took it to the Verizon store they gave me no argument about needing a replacement, but alas the refurbished D1s are back in stock so that's what I got. Anyway, after today it's going to be my back-up phone, as my new DX should be in my mailbox when I get home this evening.

  • Chris Nimon

    LauncherPro update 7.8.1 out. fixes that disappearing icon thing.

  • Akoestel

    Motorola needs to be more like HTC on updates.

    • kellex

      HTC has been the worst company at updates in the history of updates. They just semi-redeemed themselves in the last 2 months.

  • Michael_NM

    While I love me some rumors and leaks, I won't believe an update date until the morning after the date… until then it's just an up-yours-date…

  • blu3bird

    With all these leaks, it's like verizon and moto are playing “just the tip” with us.

    • DanTheMan

      no one likes a rim job!

      • fuzz

        i do

  • Sdabbs02

    Motorola is starting to remind me of that fine chick who use to smile at you and finally allowed you to take her out, talked to you about her problems as you waited and waited to finally get that kiss and hopefully them drawls, but as it turned out it was just a TEASE 🙁 Moto stop playing with my heart and give my phone a Froyo kiss…lol

    • kellex

      “Quick playin' games with my heart, with my heart!” – Backstreet Boys

      • LOL Kellex….that was funny as hell

      • Chris Nimon

        OH SNAP! lol

      • I’m just going to ignore the fact that you know that 😛

    • sdabbs03

      what is “drawls” ?

  • Shavers

    i just hope this means it is really coming soon. I reverted back to 2.1 from the 1st leaked version of 2.2 so i could get the official release. Im really missing having 2.2

    • Foebea

      Just go back to the 2.2 and dont downgrade until verizon releases theirs, and only then if it is any better than the leak. No need at all to wait at 2.1

  • dscarfog

    When do you think it will be available?

  • I already have Froyo on my Droid X though? Wait, that's because I'm rooted. I forgot.

  • As soon as the word drops I'm going to see if the push through system update works as stated for us blur users. The sooner they drop it and stop tinkering around the better.

    • kellex

      I want to see this as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  • MMM770

    I want my Froyo!

  • Nekroman524

    I'll just keep holding my breath!!!!

    • theineffablebob

      Don't die!