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Custom Theme Friday: Incognito-Red For Shadow Rom

Here we are again at the end of another great week at Droid-Life. We’ve been pumping work around here showing you how to get all rooted Froyo goodness (Rooting instructions HERE and HERE). Follow those instructions and join us in our journey to trying out the coolest and slickest ROM’s available for our Original Bad-Boy (aka Droid-1, aka OG Droid, the Godfather, etc etc).

So let me run this down. Incognito has been ported to the ShadowROM and looooks fantastic! BGill55 is a master of this stuff. We’re talking all widgets, and even icons for ADW. Just look at these pics. If you like black and red (God knows I do) then you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself! Let’s do this! 😛

Instructions after the jump…

*For original Motorola Droid only.

1. Gotta be running the ShadowROM. Pick it up in ROM Manager.

2. Download the Red-Incognito theme here —-> Incognito-Red

3. Place the zip on the root of your SD Card and flash using Clockwork Recovery.

4. Download these files. Inside are themed APK’s to match this theme! Just download them then UNZIP the folder and install them as normal APK’s. ESPN, Audio Widget, Pandora and Twitter, and ADW (ADW is VERY important).

5. Enjoy!

There it is in all of it’s glory. Please stop by the comment section if you have questions or check out our lovely IRC Channel for Tech Support! Have a sweet weekend and we’ll see you all soon! Flash safely!

Huge props to: BGill55. We love you! | See the original thread: Here | Post for themed apps can be found: Here

And of course, HUGE thanks: To InsaneNemesis and Billygalbreath for making the most righteous ShadowROM

  • Bachinphx

    For those of you who want a “whiter, brighter” theme, check out the same themer on DF. Look up his “Invertnito” theme. Probalby exactly what you are looking for.

  • Infamous686

    soo rooted my 2.2 droid 1 with newest updates then flashed shadow rom then flashed this incognito rom but can't get passed pushing green droid after boot to start because force closes all the time 🙁

  • Infamous686

    soo rooted my 2.2 droid 1 with newest updates then flashed shadow rom then flashed this incognito rom but can't get passed pushing green droid after boot to start because force closes all the time 🙁

  • CivilDroid

    Thats a pretty sweet background! Anybody know where to get it?

  • blah

    Any ports to droid incredible?

  • Jos Hoang Nguyen

    I have Motorola Milestone unrooted. May I use it for installation? This is wonderful

    • droidaholic

      Nope Motorola Milestone has a locked bootloader so rooting it would be no problem but no custom ROMs

  • balthuszar

    a little off topic here, but i'm trying to install sapphire 1.1.1 with the incognito red theme, and everything installs fine and dandy, but when i go to set it up(log into gmail etc.) i get a force close on the dialer over and over and over? anyone with any ideas?

    • Go here #cvpcs in the IRC world….
      The Devs can answer

      • balthuszar

        thanks tim

  • I'm really not trying to be mean here. I just think for as far along as we are right now with developing and themes that this could be much better. I hope most agree so the designer pulls the theme and revamps it better before uploading again. I'm a web designer and never launch my designs unless there completely finished, or I upload them as alpha or beta designs. Anyway just my thoughts don't destroy me with bad comments. 😉

  • PigHeaded

    I'm getting tired of all these black colored themes. It looks gloomy. Can't someone make an all white theme with white notification bar and white background with white icons and white text?

    • mathees

      do it yourself.

      or stop complaining. beggars cant be choosers

      • mathees

        rooters cant be choosers?

      • PigHeaded

        You're right. I'm sorry. I'm not a programmer and I'm sure a lot of work and effort is involved in making these themes.

        I stand corrected.

        Kudos to bgill for the effort. My apologies.

        • I think if you put white on white you're gonna have troubles reading and seeing everything 😉

          • TechDeft

            White on white, white text, white bar. Sounds pro to me!(Actually, sounds like the clubhouse theme for droidkkklife.

        • mathees

          amen to that

    • Cecole0984

      has anyone helped you with this??

      • not yet

        • Go to out live support channel. That's why it's there 🙂

          • not that easy to get help on there

          • TechDeft

            I agree. I think there is a need for a support only channel to transfer people into for some gangbang style help.

          • I'm sure we could do something.
            I'll be the first to admit that the IRC has gotten a lil hectic.
            Gotta reign these clowns in a lil


          • TechDeft

            Hell yea when it first opened up, it was you, me, MrBob, and some people who needed help. We picked up a few regs over time, but now it's 70+ people consistently!

            It'd be nice if there was another channel(with no voice in it), that we could tell people to go to, give them voice, help them, then kick them. Then Kaiser and Tbaybe could still flirt in the main channel.

          • I'll think of something. New IRC rules go into affect on Monday.

    • Tomgrigor

      I had the same problem … any help?

  • Larrysteinburg

    any way to get this without the custom app icons?

    • Yes. Dont use ADW. The icons are part of it 😉
      Use LP or anything else 😉

      • Larrysteinburg

        this isnt true, i wasnt using adw

  • BKTee

    Been running Incognito on Sapphire since 1.3(?). I love it. How does ShadowROM compare to Sapphire, for anyone that has used both?

    • FrenchToast

      i used sapphire 1.1.0 for quite a while just stock look for quite a while and it was super nice. i upgraded to 1.1.1 and my camera refused to work, so i tried to restore to 1.1.0 and it freaked out on me, so i installed ShadowROM. imo, ShadowROM is still too buggy for a day-to-day user. I used it all day today and it consistently lost programs and deleted widgets etc… so i just switched back to LithMod with NexTang. Have yet to have a problem with LithMod after loads and loads of use since it came out. My ole faithful rofl!

  • Looks nice, except, who ever the themer was, took a picture of wood they found from google and made it into a theme. Icons are too random and don't fit with each other. It's almost too simple, the graphic designer was lazy. I can tell by the generic glows and tackiness. But yeah, that's just my eye.

  • Infamous686

    OK….im gonna do it!….i rooted my phone thanks to yesterdays blog and now bout to do my first rom! Whish me luck! 🙂

    • Kaufkin

      as long as you RTFD, (Read The Friendly Directions – what did you THINK it meant?) you shouldn't need luck, but happy rooting! 😉

    • onDroid

      Prepare to be addicted.

  • fatcharlie

    Nice wallpaper, haven't seen that before. Can you share?

  • rals

    Too bad I got a D2 now….

    • That sucks :

    • Mrpicolas

      try 928 droids black glasses theme

      • rals

        That can work on D2?

        • Mrpicolas

          yes if you root and use koushes bootstrap app and dowload rom manager he has

          2 versions 1 for odexed (stock) and one for deodexed(not stock) google

          should help you find what you need i believe there are versions for both 2.1

          and 2.2 leak also

  • ilikebikes

    i love clean roms, which is why i stay away from jrummy, chevy, etc. but this is damn clean. beautiful!

    • FrenchToast

      what do you mean “clean roms”…? Jrummy and the rest have just as “clean” a rom as anybody else.

  • I really like the look of Incognito – standard or red. The things that bother me the most about either are the icons and I feel like it has too much transparency. It really bothers me when I can see text behind other text. For example, if I open up ROM Manager and I get the “There is an update for clockworkmod recovery” dialog box, I can still see the main menu text behind it. While I feel like the icons go very well with the theme, they do not go so well with icons from other, non stock, apps.

    Aside from those two dislikes, I have to say that Incognito is probably one of the cleanest, most polished Android themes that I've ever seen.

  • FrenchToast

    why all the focus on dark themes by all the themers… i want a nice bright theme so i can actually see my phone in the sunlight… :/

    • *Duly Noted*

      • FrenchToast

        I do like the dark themes, but I walk around all day long outside and it gets suuuuper difficult to see my phone 😛 I havent really found too many lighter themes myself other than a cyan or green theme, but any other suggestions or finds would be cool to see too.

    • FrenchToast

      seven likes… awesome! 😀

  • I love the bit of red! Now, I just need to root.

  • bravoleader2

    looks very nice

  • YankInDaSouth