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Verizon Fascinate Deal is Actually “Buy One, Get ANY Phone”?

Sorry that I didn’t find this out for you sooner, but you may want to hold off on those internet orders for a Samsung Fascinate for now.  Why you ask?  Because the device hits stores tomorrow and they are not simply running a BOGO offer like VZW.com is, they are running a BOGA offer, meaning “buy one get ANY” phone of equal or lesser value.  So what does that mean exactly? You can buy a Fascinate for your girlfriend (sorry had to) and get a Droid X for yourself.  Win.

  • Carlan89

    Thats exactly what me and boyfriend are doing. all because he's the one paying if not i'll be getting the droid!! =)

  • None

    why isin't any one else upset about this offer ? TV ad clearly states – buy one get ANY other phone free. But when you go to Verizonwireless -it's buy one get one. No exceptions. When I asked a rep in Chat why .. he never answered my question but starting selling me something!!

  • Dirtylo216

    can i get a droid for free with my contract?

  • Dirtylo216

    can i get a droid for free with my contract?

  • Winterfresh

    When i bought my OG Droid back in Feburary/March'ish, the Droid had a BOGO offer going, but instead of getting another Droid my dad wanted the Boulder (or something, for work reasons). So i bought the OG Droid and my dad got a Boulder, so maybe the BOGO has always actually been BOGA?

  • I went into a verizon store today and they said that they haven't heard of this deal… 🙁

  • SYC

    this is true. if you pick the fascinate and another phone, it'll say the full price (w/ 2 year contract) of both phones until you get to checkout. at the checkout, the price of the other phone will be discounted to FREE. that doesn't really explain whether the A in BOGA means “any” or “another” because it seems Verizon is trying to play it off “another,” even though it's not. maybe they're trying to get rid of their inventory..

  • Paulviado420

    For a legitimate source, just look at the Verizon Website….it clear says Buy a Fascinate and get a 2nd Fascinate free no other phone just a fascinate…

  • SdroidB

    I was able to go online and upgrade 2 lines on my account, one with a fascinate and one with a Droid X, and the DroidX was free!!! This was after verizon support told me it was only buy one get one fascinate.

    • oscarnyc

      how were you able to do that? i keep getting buy one get one, not get another. I prefer to do it online so i don't have to deal with the whole rebate thing, and I need a blackberry for the other

  • MentatYP


    Is this speculation or do you have a solid source? I thought BOGA was “Buy One Get Another”? Not necessarily interested in the Fascinate myself, but I'd like to know what BOGA means for future reference if they run this sale for other phones.

  • Um…so what? Why would you want anything other than another Fascinate anyway? The Fascinate blows away everything else on Verizon right now.

    • MentatYP

      Actually, it doesn't.

  • LOL @ the gf dig. The Fascinate has great specs, but it's ruined by TouchWiz + the Bing & VZ Navigator defaults, which turn it into a glorified locked-down featurephone.

  • Donnyd

    first of all please dont compare the droid x to the fascinate. The HARDWARE of the FASCINATE blows the DROID X out the water and thats a FACT!!!!! Touchwiz is better than BLUR and thats a FACT!!!!!

    Im a droid x owner who hates it. I also hate stock android!!!! If it wasnt for touchwiz or sense ui all android phones would suck!!!! Why do you think the Iphone is ruling the market…. USEABILITY and FRIENDLYNESS!!!!!

    I hate apple, but the iphone OS not the hardware is simply untouchable (maybe webos can come close). And people its all about applications……of which android has none!!!!

    And when you say The Fascinate is for the girls… so your saying they like faster processors and more powerful GPU's? Wake up

    • rockymtnhigh

      BECAUSE YELLING will DEFINITELY convince US of your POINTS… THAT'S A FACT. :roll-eyes:

    • Timoh

      All of your “facts” are actually opinions. I disagree with them all.

      By the way, the i*hone dominates the market because A*ple is the king of marketing. It also sells well because it's thought of as a status symbol.

      It's funny, more and more lately when I talk to i*hone users they are all disappointed with how restricted their OS is. People are getting more used to technology at their fingertips and realizing A*ple is still holding them back like they are infants.

  • Tommartinjr

    I actually view this offer as, “Buy a Droid (X, 2, or E) and get a Fascinate for free.”

  • Iphoneisgay

    This phone is not a Droid, so why the he'll should I care about this? And BOGA is Buy one Get Another.

  • Apple2050

    Android is trash point blank! Ios is the future so stop hating apple rules 😉

    • We're Not “Hating”, We Just Like Things That Actually Work And Do What There Supposed To.

  • IMTousey

    =OOO Hooray!

  • I Wish My Girlfriend Had Verizon, But She Also Says She Likes Her Phone She Has Now… =(

  • chriss

    Damn that’s too sick I will tell my mom to buy this Cuzco immortal due for a update

  • Rogue_5

    This could be a good time for me to get one and one for my mom's birthday.

  • Chris Nimon

    First I have to say I like the look of the DX best (after the Droid of course) but a custom rom and a few downloads and this chick phone is gonna look more like…..http://i596.photobucket.com/albums/tt50/chrisnimon/Droid%20Life%20screenies/body_07.jpg

  • Developer Devin

    “The original Motorola Droid sold more devices at launch than the iPhone in a shorter amount of time (granted it was later to the party, but still). It saved our sorry asses in the realm of smartphones, and honestly, if not for our superior reception, we would have been sunk long ago. What makes the Droid so different from every other shitty Android phone out there? Riiiiight, Google frickin Experience. Not a Google phone with a Microsoft search engine, not a Google phone with HTC Sense, not a Google phone with Motoblur, not a great Google phone hardware-wise reduced to a shell of its former self by the manufacturer who doesn't know a thing about proper UI design and the carrier that charges some very expensive nickels and dimes.” I guarantee you that if Verizon ever releases another Google Experience phone, it will be another huge hit. Verizon should realize by now that nobody wants their tamperingand the only reason that they're still in the smartphone game is the only Google Experience device that they've ever sold, the Droid 1. Do you think the Droid line's launch would have been a fraction of the success that it was with just the Eris? Hell, even an Incredible introducing the line probably wouldn't have had the same degree of success.

    • You can always root a Droid X or D2 and remove sense.

      • johnnydangerous

        Neither of those phones have HTC sense.

        • Bill


        • Developer Devin

          Did I say they did? I was talking about the all the phones with custom ui's period. And the fact that verizon tied the fascinate to Bing and VZ nav. Why should one have to root to remove that? They ruined a perfectly good phone.

          • str8havoc

            you can get all the Google apps from the market. You don't have to use Bing and VZ nav.

        • Developer Devin

          Oh sorry just woke up. I see daniel was the one who said they had sense.

  • so buy one paperwieght and get a droid free?

  • KELLEX!!! got a question…Trying to root Droid X from 2.2 and I go into PC Mode, USB Debugging is gone and I type: adb devices, and it doesn't recognize my phone…any help?

    • Mrpicolas

      Believe it needs yo be in charge only mode

  • mike jones

    1. Universal Androot needs to make the new update (FRG22D) rootable 2. Can a rooted Droid 1 be functional with its files being overwritten by Droid 2 or Droid X files? 3. Can you remove the update (FRG22D)? My replacement came with it.


    to late, not sorry…..i have my droid x though i wish i could have an r2d2 skin…well its cool to me…and yah if i can buy the fascinate for like 200 bucks out right, yah def. but otherwies my droid x is fine.

  • Too late, my girlfriend and I both have the Droid X!!!!

    • eddieonofre

      then u need to get another girlfriend…. lol

  • Too late, me and my girlfriend got the Droid X already.

    • Dinc3966

      X is for bitches!!!

  • droidguy90

    my store is not doing that i can tell you that right now!

  • WOW.. to bad I hate my local store and they hate me! probaly cause I know their job better than them !
    Plus I finally got my X on the first and dont feel like waiting again

  • Bekkab

    screw that get the droid x for me and the boyfriend gets the gay phone.

    • droidx? nah to big might as well have a tablet

    • Deltido

      Some girlfriend you are, and you’d be the one losing out on the moddability of the Fascinate.

  • Paulforshee

    If you buy one get one free the free phone has to be started on a new plan right? Does anyone know a way around any of this?

    • str8havoc

      You Have to have 2 lines eligible for an upgrade or add a new line. Plus if you buy one you will have up to 30 days to call back to get the free

  • Too bad the Droid X is unavailable until who knows when. =)

    • Nemesis099

      I ordered mine from Verizon but then went to a Best Buy store that had 2 in stock. Best Buy called up Verizon cancelled my order and I walked out with a new Droid X that day. So you may want to call around and see if anyone has one in stock as long as you don't get a Verizon discount.

  • EggoEspada

    Do you have to be on contract. Or can you buy the phone off contract and get the other free.

  • ilikebikes

    “You can buy a Fascinate for your girlfriend (sorry had to) and get a Droid X for yourself.”

    WIN statement of the month

    • lakerzz

      Haha. EPIC WIN!!!!

      • Dinc39666

        Dude, fascinate blows X away. Please!,,

        • lakerzz

          Just personally not diggin touch wiz, I'm not saying that Motoblurs that much better…oh wait…that's exactly what I'm saying.

          • Dyancey11

            Im sure its only for new lines anyways I doubt its for upgrades

          • Mike

            When was the last time you’ve tried touch wiz?

        • Anonymous

          how so?

          Smaller screen, lower battery life, samsung build quality, resembles an i*hone. Those are all negatives in my opinion. Super AMOLED sounds good but i’m not unhappy with the display on my X so it’s a non issue to me.

          I could complain about touchwiz too but that can be just as easily replaced as motoblur with ADW or Launcherpro.

          You may prefer the Fascinate but it certainly doesn’t blow the X away. If anything I’d say they were equal with pros and cons depending on personal preference.

          • Yellowfrizbee

            The Fascinate has the Humming Bird 1Ghz CPU with the PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Not much else to say there. Pretty much speaks for itself.

  • Steelertown PO

    “Droid” Life has a lot to say about the Fascinate. Leave this stuff to android central.

    • Idiot Hitter!

      Shut up, troll!

    • kellex

      Does the post not say “buy a Fascinate for your girlfriend and get a Droid X for yourself”? Pretty sure this is about as “DROID” related as is possible. I'm telling people how to get one…for free.

      /me gets off soapbox.

      • Cjreyes666

        hey Kellex just checked out vzw web site and is not buy a fascinate and and get ANY phone free is buy a fascinate and get another one free

        • lakerzz

          Thats exactly what he said in the post.

    • doomsjay

      Go back to hiding under your bridge.

    • Coffee

      Oh noes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toys'R'us sells toys, video games, board games, posters, movies, clothes, and candy, and more???? OH NOES!!! THEY ARENT BEING TRuE TO THEMselves….

      You troll.

  • Smallsz

    But who is going to be running this deal? Verizon? Is this an offer that is only good in an actual VZ store?

    • kellex

      As far as I know yes.

  • how long are they going to do this offer..?

  • jeesung

    what's with those baby blue notification bar icons?!?

    • kellex

      that would be touchwiz at its finest

      • lakerzz

        Haha…my girlfriend likes baby blue. 😛

        • jeesung

          perfect! sounds like new phones will be in place shortly! 😉

    • I like the Gala S styling. It is a nice change from the Droid X styling.

  • Epell

    I was starting to think that BOGA was Buy One Get Another.

  • Last!!! Do i get my kookie now?? And lol Screw the girl LOL jkjk. but Id buy me the fascinate and the droid X and like start a new line and end it cuz i like to waste money? idk. boredom hurts.

  • BigFonz

    Damn, I wish I was due for an upgrade.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I just came.

  • chris

    First? Lol

  • Flip5621

    FIRSTYYY cuz i love DROIDD