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Optimize Your DROID X Running Android 2.2 with a New Build.Prop

If you were one of the Droid X owners who updated to the leaked Android 2.2, you may have noticed a significant number of apps missing from the market, including the new ESPN fantasy football app.   Don’t worry though, there is a fix and one that has been out for a while, but just recently hit ROM Manager allowing for the easiest of installations.  What needed to be fixed was your build.prop file and fortunately, Beesley (from our forums) has put together a bunch of edits which not only fix your market, but also speed up your call ring time, save battery, allow for faster list scrolling, and can even change your display density.  Sounds like a lot, I know. It’s all well worth it.


1.  Root your Droid X running 2.2.
2.  Download and install ROM Manager.  (Premium version needed)
3.  Open it, choose Download ROM, Beesley’s Build.Props, Build.prop mods.
4.  The file is small and should take just a few seconds to download.
5.  When it finishes,  check the box to make a backup.  Leave “wipe data and cache” unchecked.
6.  Your phone will boot into recovery, flash the new build.prop and reboot.
7.  Enjoy finding all of your apps, longer battery life and more!

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  • The Rooting went smooth thank to the Droid Life write up. Root was less obvious on the phone than i expected it would be..great blog posting and very useful thanks

  • Hey I love your style I will subscribe for your feed please keep posting!

  • scott021467

    Can I still do this if I rooted my Droid X with SDK and DoRoot?

  • Art

    I planned on doing this but i’m noticing you guys have scores in the 13xx i’m on rooted 2.2 I did some steps to have clean deodexed 2.2 and ran quadrant and came up with a score of 19xx. i’m guessing I already have this installed? anyway I can find out?

  • Towelie420

    Help Please fellow droid-lifers. When Fly X first came out, Kellex said you have to be running leaked 2.2 Update and then from there root it. Then use Rom Manager.

    Am I to understand that all I have to do now is Root 2.1 and then install/use this bootstrap recovery, and then flash the Fly X rom?

    Also, why aren't there more roms already if this is a sure-fire method. Is this the same as the Original Droid custom rom methods, or does this still not utilize some of the phone? I guess what I don't understand is how this works to overcome that locked down bootloader?
    Any help would be awesome!

    PS, will the official 2.2 ota be running JIT when it finally comes out?

  • Rain_king46

    This finally gave me a good reason to Root my DX. Rooting went smooth thank to the Droid Life write up. Root was less obvious on the phone than i expected it would be. Installing Build.prop gave me some troubles, but I eventually figured it all out. Market works now and everything seems smooth. I am getting a Quadrant rating of 1309 with several things running. Also did the 220 LCD Density ROM which is great. Only problems I have found are 1. I was running the sense lock in widget locker and now the unlock bar does not cover the full screen. and 2. the toggle buttons in Quick Settings used to have a faux light that was on when the toggle as activated. That light is gone now. Those are the only two odd things I have found so far. Thanks to Beesley for all the hard work.

  • Rain_king46

    I must me stupid or I am not following something properly. I rooted my DX 2.2 as described in the link (scared the crap out of me btw) I purchased and installed premium ROM Manager as noted. Went into ROM Manager to Download Rom, selected Beesley's Build.Props / Build.prop mods no swype ok. Checked Backup Existing ROM. hit ok. hit ok again to reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and continue the installation. Phone reboots as usual and never goes into recovery. What am I doing wrong??

    • Rain_king46

      Ok, I figured it out after a lot of searching. You have to go to http://www.koushikdutta.com/ and download and install ClockWorkMod Recovery BEFORE you install Rom Manager. Otherwise it doesnt work right.

  • Watrach

    My rooted froyo dx won't go into recovery…any suggestions? I ran bootstrapper, I followed the instructions…help! Thanks!

  • Lorenzokellogg

    Once downloaded how do I know that I have the build.prop mod…..

  • beeslee

    Wow, thanks for the write up guys! If anyone has any questions or requests, hit me up on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/TheRealBeesley

  • Mjtgs4

    I'm running the leaked 2.2 and this has made my ui buttery smooth! scrolling is fast, launcher pro plus has virtually no lag and weather widgets animations are as smooth as sense on an htc phone. Also, my best quadrent score after this mod was a 1491. I no longer care about the OTA 2.2!

  • Cheshirecat79

    It's not booting into Clockwork recovery mode, just goes straight through and the app says recovery failure. tried ffix permissions. any ideas?

    • Mrpicolas

      See my other post in this thread

      • Cheshirecat79

        I'm looking for where to uninstall rm flash bootstrap but can't find it listed in applications or in the rom manager settings, can you point me in the right direction?

        • Mrpicolas

          Ok uninstall rom manager then reflash koushes bootstrap then reinstall rom

          manager should be fixed

          • Cheshirecat79

            great, thanks picolas

          • Cheshirecat79

            it worked! 🙂

          • Mrpicolas

            good deal glad to help

    • dgr

      I'm also having this problem. My froyo was originally rooted on eclair. What is koushes bootstrap? I'm really new to this stuff so a little help would be greatly appreciated.

      • dgr

        Okay, after some searching I was able to get past my issue.

        Anyone who is like me and didn't quite understand what was necessary: I needed to install the Bootstrapper app for the X from the market, then reinstall RM and go from there using Mrpicolas directions.

        Everything is working great now! 😀

  • Aaron

    My clockwork mod cant mount the sd card properly.

    so i cant do this.

    what is this about

    • Mrpicolas

      Uninstal rm flash bootstrap again and reinstall rm should fix it

      • aaron


        i mean i understand a lot of things but im not seeing this.

        wathca talkin bout?

        i know the bootstrap

        • aaron


          Uninstall Rom Manager

          Run Bootstrap again

          ReInstall Rom Mananger.

          But rom manager makes me flash clockworkmod before I can get to the DL's

          • Mrpicolas

            Yes just do it it works I have had to do it a couple times I believe it has something to do with the data wipe when flashing

  • Kblack07

    Can you please post exactly what edits were made? Would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kblack07

      Nevermind, I just saw the link posted. Thanks!

  • More info is here: http://androidforums.com/droid-x-all-things-root/164447-mod-lots-build-prop-edits.html

    Explains what was changed in the Build.Props. It also adjusts the black screen in the middle and at the end of calls. This was annoying me. I couldn't remember if it differed from the stock 2.1, but this may confirm that it does on the leaked 2.2 version.

  • Hogasswildmc

    How do these guys keep finding ways to fix our phones and Motorola flounders with it?

  • EMR25

    I installed this over FlyX v0.1 Final, and now in my Settings>About it is saying “2.2” for Android Version again rather than “FlyX v0.1 Final.” Did this remove FlyX or could it possibly just have changed this display? I still have the FlyX boot animation if that matters.

    • pat

      I just noticed that on my phone. I did exactly the same thing. My phone looks the same still. Hope it just changed the display

  • Andrew Hewitt

    It's not in rom manager for me

    • Mrpicolas

      Get premium its there

  • would this work with root 2.1??

    • Joss Cruz

      no this specifically for 2.2

  • well that explains why I cant get GasBuddy on the marketplace

  • Joss Cruz

    before i flash this im interested to see someone say they got real results. Anybody see an improvement in speed or battery life?

  • I will be all over this just as soon as the stupid FedEx truck arrives at my house with my Droid X in a couple hours.

    +1 to Beesley

    • Mattebowman

      I hear you mine should be here any minute

    • Mrpicolas

      Happy x day luda!!!!

  • The_Other_Ray


    • Bacabone

      Good for u

    • The_Other_Ray

      Do they have something like this for the d1? I noticed that my phone takes a second or so for it to ring but yet it vibrates first and then it rings.