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Unboxing: Samsung Fascinate on Verizon

Got our grubby little Droid paws on a Samsung Fascinate today which we are all expecting to launch on Verizon next week for $199 on new 2-year contract and a possible BOGO offer thrown in.  Anyways, no more rambling, let’s get straight to the video…

Oh and if you are wondering about RAM, Quadrant says about 332MB and this comparison sheet we gave you the other day says 336MB.

Questions?  Anything you want me to use to attack this new Android family member?

  • meh. anyone else?

  • I'm so happy with my new unlocked cell phones! This has an unbelievably fast processor, great feel and easy to text on. I used to own a unlocked htc phones, but I'm so much happier with my brand new unlocked samsung phones. This Samsung Fascinate is so much better for my business and pulls my email in so much faster. And I really couldn't be happier with it since it is an unlocked tmobile phones and it's a unlocked 3g phones I can take it overseas. My family loves my new phone and can't get enough of the games. I'm going to purchase another one for my son for his birthday from gsmauthority.com. Definitely would recommend this phone.

  • You surely must not have had your hands on THIS phone. I have had a firm hold on ATT's version 'Captivate' and was in the store pre sale and had a look and feel of Verizon's 'Fascinate' and WOW it is just as he said in this video: feels great in your hands and the screen is awesome. Thin, light, slides easily into the pocket. I agree with you on the support from Samsung. Unfortunatly I have been reading that pretty frequently.in my research.

  • You surely must not have had your hands on THIS phone. I have had a firm hold on ATT's version 'Captivate' and was in the store pre sale and had a look and feel of Verizon's 'Fascinate' and WOW it is just as he said in this video: feels great in your hands and the screen is awesome. Thin, light, slides easily into the pocket. I agree with you on the support from Samsung. Unfortunatly I have been reading that pretty frequently.in my research.

  • Donnyd

    sad how engadget reviewed the samsung fasinate faster than droid-life.com and you guys had the phone first.

  • BigRed4X15

    So I really like the live wallpapers from samsung, and I installed them using the files that were posted 6/23/10, but on my droid 2 running 2.2 they just force close, any ideas? I am rooted with bootstrap in case you were wondering.

  • Kschleich

    Sure would have liked to see the virtual keyboard in action!

  • Jmswim35

    this phone makes me wanna gag.
    it reminds me of my samsung rogue…
    i understand that it is android and all but i don't want my SMARTphone looking like a teen's phone.

  • Great unboxing, keep up the good work Kellex !

  • Avalanche32

    One last thing if you want another good benchmark app to compare the fps (frames per second) download the free app called neocore and compare the samsungs score to any of the motorola's and htc's the samsung phones kicks butt when it comes to fps. The best i ever seen on a droidx was 43.2 and every Galaxy S phone averages around 55.1

  • Avalanche32

    One quick little tip about the notification bar, if you slide your finger across the notification bar you can adjust the brightness, slide to the right for brighter and to the left for dimmer.

  • doomsjay

    High End Phone. Runs Android. On Verizon.

    Belongs on this site.

  • Ulnek75

    what about the battery performance? all the other galaxy s were rated the worst of the droids when it came to battery usage.

  • Chris Nimon

    I got my hands on the at&t version today and I really liked it. If its bootloader is unlocked i'd have to say epic win.

  • Andrew Valladolid y Zaragoza

    my next phone :D…so what if it look like an iphone you guys care too much its just a freakin phone not a living thing phones are always going to be phones ok get back to reality and even if it not called a Droid who cares ppl call all Android phone Droid. my friend called his Vibrant a Droid but for Tmo and i know meany ppl that do that on and dont even have verizon. so
    get over it.

    • Chris Nimon

      I agree. The Incredible didnt get the Droid label till right before launch and most everybody is fine with it.

  • CompCrash

    The one thing that keeps bugging me is if it really has a front facing camera. It may sound silly but I like to have one, and know if the Fascinate has one. It keep hearing it doesn't and it does, please let me know! Thanks.

  • NorCalGuy

    This is a nice phone looks clean… but for all those mad about this phone on this site settle your self, this site was once known as droid-life a motorola droid blog, then came the incredible… so then it was droid-life a droid community blog, so as our family (phones) grows so will the coverage of our new cousins. And plus isn't a little bit of news better than nothing at all??

  • This is extremely tempting. I love the look of the Droid X, but this just have an overall sexiness that I almost jizzed my pants. Only disappointment is the 5MP. I would have expected 8MP. I love it, but think I would probably wait for a front facing camera Android from Verizon.

  • From what I am reading a big part of the reason for the ram is because it can share up to 128mb of ram with the gpu(true for all Galaxy S and Hummingbird device).

  • Slowmo

    Guys even with Moto Droid X when i freed up ALL Ram i was only able to free 300 something Ram. Sam as the galaxy. And honestly ive owned the Droid X and have Played with the Captivate and the Captivate OS is much better and faster….and just better all around.

  • Collinsclerk

    When you hit the dedicated Search button, does a Bing search come up? If so, can you change your settings so that Google is the default browser, or are you stuck with Bing unless you root?

  • lakerzz

    *Rest assured…no Droids were harmed in any way in the filming of this reveiw* 😛

  • digitalicecream

    Hey since it doesnt have google maps… does that mean it also doesnt have Google NAV?

  • Adryan

    How did you get all these phones? Do the companys just give them to you? I mean I would to get to show everyone devices if the companys would give them to me.

    • nelly1

      I think this phone is probably just “loaner” device that they sent him specifically to review. Because Kellex is now up there with the “big dogs” being that this site effin kicks a$$, and is going strong from what I can tell.

  • jtwildman1

    I really don't care if it isn't called a Droid, I appreciate the time and effort put forth to show the device. As Android becomes bigger in the marketplace many other makers will be coming out with devices. I personally like Motorola, but it doesn't mean another manufacturer won't make a phone that is eventually better and won't be branded as “Droid”. If people on here get so closed minded that they have to write negative crap because he reviewed a device that isn't ” a Droid”, well then I imagine they have the same stupid mindset as iphone users. Very sad indeed!!! Thank you Kellex for the unboxing, and look forward to a full review.

  • feztheforeigner

    Are they not labeling this as a droid? Not the Droid-fascinate or something? Why would verizon do this? Did samsung make them for their own galaxy name thing?

  • JubbaTheHutt

    Definitely digging the “seamless” design Samsung went with…sorta makes me jealous using the Droid X. Other than that, it looks like a major fingerprint magnet.

  • I really like the moto droid lineup but if they offer a true boga/bogo I just may have to take the plunge.

  • I love my Droid! It is WAY better then the iPhone, trust me I've had both! The best part is, I got mine for Free for testing it out and giving a testimonial. Last I checked, they still had a couple available. http://www.squidoo.com/free-droid-cell-phone

  • El El Kool J

    Still waiting to be Fascinated!!!

  • I have the D1 & the bb tour & love them both, but I will be getting this phone to replace my D1. Mainly because there’s no need to have two android phones but I gotta have my bb. The ram doesn’t really bother me seeing as how I’ll get rid of the fascinate if & when the iphone comes out. Stop crying & complaining & either get the phone or don’t, its not that hard

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  • Lostchild456

    Hey Guys,

    i'm on a non-rooted D1 with Froyo 2.2. I installed Flash 10.1 but it keeps force closing…? Am I missing something? Please help!

  • dylan84

    It looks really nice…but I've had such terrible experiences with Samsung phones that I'd be skeptical to buy another cell phone of theirs.


    I gota say, i wish i was a reputable review, cause you guys get all this free stuff, lol. Then if you don't even want it you can sell it. Well some reviewers do that…. well i think ill stick with my droid x, yah the design looks better on that S for the screen…i see what ur saying but…Im fine. Once it gets 2.2

  • Xbryxsetsfire

    I'm interested to see if it plays flac files. I've seen conflicting specs on this issue

  • Stephen D

    It looks like it did awesome in all of those graphics benchmarks. I think I saw a consistent 50+fps.


  • great unboxing but where the hell can and or WHEN can i get a white back piece for my Droid inc. ?

  • Kellex, I mean this with a lot of respect, I love your site and everything you do. But do you have A.D.D?

  • Uplink

    kellex, which display you like better? DROID X or Samsung GALAXY S? TFT LCD or Super AMOLED? plus we all know Super AMOLED screens DRAIN batteries…

    Btw, TouchWiz has more eye candy then MotoBlur so it prob feels like Samsung looks sharper and nicer….
    Play NFS Shift on both devices or something and tell us what do you think cause I cant really tell how sharp it looks or not over a cam…

    I played Angry Birds on my DROID X and the splash screen looks gorgeous not to mention the game….

  • at least droid life is getting the recognition it deserves as a force in the android community. hurray for review units! wish it was a droid though……

  • Morbid_Realities

    yes it has a 4 Inch super amoled screen but this is Samsung. they will forget to support your phone after the 2.2 update

  • Jester4281

    Where can I do.d the live wallpaper from the video?

  • Mordechai Daniel

    Seriously you guys are loyal to the term “Droid” vs “Android”? Really? I have a Droid… I'm getting this phone… and that doesnt make me a “traitor” to the Droid-nation. Get a grip people… oh and stop whining about how it looks like an iPhone… it doesnt… the Touchwiz Launcher is just a launcher. It's replaceable or better yet just disable it and voila… vanilla android. It's 512MB of RAM just like every other Galaxy S… and just like every other Galaxy S only ~336MB are available for use. It's not really that complicated. My feeling is… if I'm going to be forking over money to the greedy corporations like Verizon, I may as well pick my phone based on it's features and not on the cool marketing brandname…

    • morbid_Realities

      while i kind of agree with you there. you need to remember this is a Sasung phone…they are effing horrible at supporting their devices past the 6 month mark. i personally wouldnt buy a Sumsung phone with my hard earned money. i cant afford to purchase a devise that will see no support in the coming months

      • I'd rather have a phone with an unlocked bootloader from a company that doesn't support their devices than a phone with a locked bootloader that supports their devices… eventually

        • Morbid_Realities

          perhaps. htc doesnt lock them down though. i personally dont like the feel of sammy phones. to me the feel like something youd find at the dollar store in their disciunt bin no less. just my opinion.

          • What

            I don't think Samsung has a great support but before Galaxy S, they haven't had a decent phone to begin with. Behold 2 was pretty much outdated POS before it was ever launched. I don't know of anyone who bought that junk.

          • Dr.L'ling

            Yeah, Samsung is pushing this line of phones very hard, and will most likely continue to make Galaxy S branded phones. Its on 4 Us networks now, with Cellular south to be added soon i believe, and the international version. I have a good feeling they will be supporting these devices.

      • MicroNix

        Yes, definitely proceed with caution. There should be a rule of thumb here. Support your device 2 years past the last sold date (because some poor sucker just bought one on the last day of sale and is stuck with it under contract for 2 years). If the device can run newer versions of Android without significant slowdown, put that update out. If it can't, explain why and continue with what you can. How a manufacturer supports their phones will help determine from whom I buy my next one! Anyone who shafts their customers will be going down in a ball of flames. With a popular OS like Android, you had better be committed or you should not be in the game.

    • doctorPDA

      Mordechai Daniel, thank you for clarifying the RAM details.

      Kellex, can you confirm the total RAM / available RAM on the phone?

  • What does Kellex look like?

    • Evermour

      …that's easy. A man.

    • two arms, two legs, and judging by his video narrations a mouth. Everything else is speculation.

  • If I wanted an iphone I would buy an iphone.

    • Dr.L'ling

      Really? It hardly looks like an iphone and has a better proc/gpu than any of the 'droid' line of phones or an iphone.

      • Yeah well the skin they put on it makes the icons and stuff look like one.

        • Dr.L’ling

          Oh yeah youre right about that. I use launcher pro though so that wont be a problem for me 😉

  • Slowmo

    i will not bother with this phone if it doesnt have 512 ram!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill wait for the palm pre 2!!! Im very upset…anyone else?

  • Ben

    Can you turn off TouchWiz? I'd be really interested if that's possible. 😀

    • mo

      of course you can, download any home replacement just like any other android phone.

      • Ben

        This isn't what I meant. I mean can you turn it off in a similar fashion to that of the Epic 4G, without having to use a home replacement of any sort.

        • Anonymous

          Nope, can’t turn it off like the EPic.

  • Rolandopr

    332 of RAM!!? It sucks big time!!!! The only thing holding the D1 is the 256 RAM!! This phone is obsolete in 4months!!

  • Evilkokonut

    the ram #s show up the same for the vibrant and captivate in quadrant. The GPU uses a dedicated 128mb why the ram # is reported as lower

  • lakerzz

    It looks just a little bit too I*honish to me. As well as the app screens. The phone just seems a little bit too shiny as well. (Just my opinion, don't mean much)

  • I think the phone is …..Cough….GAY!…..HAHAHA Good review Kellex, Thank you! Samsung should stick to TV's IMO. I had the Samsung rouge for a month and i cant help but to feel the same opinion on this phone. Not impressed at all! Just my opinion.

    But still nice to see a review on it. It makes me feel better on picking the Droid-X. Also its makes me not want to buy the Samsung tablet coming out. I will wait on the Motorola Tablet!


      I have both the Droid X and the vibrant (t-mobile=work phone) and I would have to say the Droid X destroys these samsung phones. I can’t stand the plastic on the back it makes it feel so cheap + I like having 854 by 480 screen. It just looks better to me. On the other hand I think that the super amoled pops better.

  • Washiib080209

    You understand the only reason the x gets those high numbers in quadrant x is due to fast io times right. When advanced is run you can see the cpu/gpu scores are higher than the x but the io times make a huge chunk in the score

  • Rizzidy

    Not a DROID – don't care.

    • Washiib080209

      That's about the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time droid is just a branding that's it. That's like the people who buy iphones because its an iphone. Just a classic comment

      • Morbid_Realities

        I think what hes saying is that its not an htc or motorola phone. there really hasnt been a quality android device made by any other manufactor. samsung support and follow up with their equipment plain and simple sucks. Droid to most of us mean quality devices AND support. right now you cant beat moto or htc in this department. that includes the non droid branded evo on sprint. ill be happy to eat my words if the facinate gets a 3.0 update

        • Support… You mean waiting for 6 months to get an update and not able to change it on your own because Motorola says so?

          • Morbid_Realities

            i agree but id be wulling to bet a metric crapton of moto droids were returned by people not tech savy screwing up their phones then unrooting and saying they had a defective unit. id have to use my toes to count the people i personally know who did this. moto probably incurs some ofbthese costs as im sure vzw files claims against moto. not saying moto isnt pulling soke major douche baggey by encrypting their bootloaders, but still.

          • You bring your phone to the Verizon store, they use RSD and flash it back to stock on the spot.

          • Anonymous

            I doubt a majority of the VZW stores do that. Maybe if your buddy works there. I know mine doesn’t. You bring in a rooted Droid and they straight up tell you your warranty has been voided.

          • Yeah, and then there’s no warranty claim, is there? So no loss for them, and that argument is voided.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not getting your point. People root and jack their phones up whether by running it too hot or whatever then unroot and return a it thereby bypassing the whole voided warranty thing. Phones still on a jacked chip but they get a replacement or an upgrade. It seems to me you’re taking a comments debate too personally now. I don’t feed into that so we can just agree to disagree.

          • Anonymous

            also, the majority of Android owners do NOT root their devices. Just because you, me and a lot of others do doesn’t mean squat really. We are a very small percentage of the android market as a whole. So for those that don’t root and dig into the system it isn’t fair that they pay money for a device that don’t get supported after its release. Again just my opinion

          • Well we have no idea how well they will support their device, they know their reputation is on it. Would you spend time supporting a shitty phone no one bought? This is their top of the line offering, they’re going to support it with updates so that people will continue to buy high end Samsung phones. They have to. Unless this flops, but I doubt it will flop on all four carriers, especially because it gives people a choice between an iPhone and another good phone on ATT.

          • Anonymous

            tthe fact that hardly anyone bought it is a cop out. If a few devs can port updates to no longer supported phones for nothing but small donations then the damn manufactures should too. Period. Not me being angry at anyone but the manufactures. Just wanna point that out

    • lakerzz

      *BUT IT F'N PRINTS MONEY!!!* lol…

      • shame!!! that video was against the iPhone!!

      • Chris Nimon

        “But is it a droid? i want the white R2D2 one. Screw it, my brothers nieces mother told me they have them at wal mart”

        • Lakerzz


  • Did they send this to you or did you buy it?

  • One_ina_milli

    I like this phone.droid x user

  • gross, looks like an iphone

    • Teabling

      that's exactly what i was thinking

    • I think the T-Mobile Vibrant (another Galaxy S phone) looks a lot like the iPhone 3GS

      • Dr.L’ling

        Looks more like an i*hone that this the Fascinate. I will be getting this phone. It is far superior any of the droid phones out right now.

        • BACAbone

          how do you figure that BS? Don’t get me wrong, i like it and all but superior to my DX, no way.

  • Patch89esch

    i figured that this would score higher in the benchmarks than the droid x since it has the upgraded GPU. I guess Texas Instruments is just a better chip manufacturer. Has anyone tried running the galaxy s lwp on a droid x or droid 2, im curious as to how well it performs. The Droid cant handle them

  • kellex, have you or anyone of your sources found out anything about the motorola superphone that apparently is coming in quarter 1 of next year?

    • zomg, ive posted this in like every other blog posting and no one cares about this super phone!?!?!

  • Guest

    Sorry but i don't see the ''DROID'' enywhere……i think the name of the site is ''DROID_LIFE.COM'' not ''ANDROIDCENTRAL'' =

    • kellex

      Actually this is Droid-Life.com.

      • Guest

        but really I love this place and I don't want to see it become another android central =(

        • Username

          He got a review unit, he had to do something with it. And I don't really think that it is that bad if he reviews a high end Verizon android phone that isn't a droid once in a while. Droid is just a logo, does it really make that big of a difference because it does not say it on the box? We could just call it the Droid Fascinate if you want to ;-).

          Congratulations on your first review unit, you deserve it droid-life. (I think this is the first one)

          • well techniqely droids are only made by HTC and Motorola.

          • No, Droids are whatever Verizon decides to give the name to. Both HTC and Motorola make plenty of non-Droid Android powered smartphones. Why is the HTC Evo not a Droid? Its a cross of the X and Incredible, but not on Verizon… and Verizon owns the trademark for Droid…

          • johnnstl

            Just to clarify, Verizon doesn’t own the trademark for ‘Droid’ – they pay George Lucas to use it.

          • Yes, but other high end handsets, AKA the samsung fascinate, dont have the Droid branding, those are only given to HTC and Motorola. duh

          • Anonymous

            No, they only have somewhat high end android phones from motorola and htc so far…that is why it is like that…my guess is samsung wouldn’t let them so they can use their own “galaxy s” name. Droid fascinate galaxy just doesn’t sound good, to long.

          • Droids are whatever Verizon wants to define as one. Samsung is doing their own Galaxy S promoting, so calling this one a “Droid” while the other three something else would only confuse consumers even more. Regardless, my point is that the Droid logo is a Verizon thing, not a HTC/Motorla thing. Why would HTC and Motorola want to include the other with their marketing? Because Droid is a Verizon thing, and the Fascinate is a high end Android powered smartphone on Verizon, Kellex has more than enough right to talk about the Fascinate on his site.

          • I like what you said, “we could just call it the Droid Fascinate if you want to ;-)” i thought that was funny lol I mean if your gonna get a review unit what else are you gonna do just let it sit there in the box? lol

    • morbid_Realities

      while i agree that ac.com sucks, i think kellex is doing his due diligence. this allows us droid owners to compare the OTHER guys phones to our own Droids. i can appreciate this article for what it is.

      • Anonymous

        What is exactly wrong with Android Central? and if it sucks so bad, where do you go for your android news? surely not Engadget or Giz. Or are you one of the ones thats all for droids but doesnt like android in general?

        • Anonymous

          Phandroid usually. But that’s just me. There are about a million and one Android related sites out there. And giz engag are ok as long as you disregard anything they post about the iPhone and Android

    • hey guess what, he had a DROID Incredible in there..



    • Dr.L’ling

      Quit being a little bitch.

  • DarthRogue

    A) Can we get the numbers out of quadrant from you?

    • Bill

      ya. that's enough right there to make me not get it

  • Chris Nimon

    Is this phone already rooted with 2.2? Custom roms/kernels?

  • Cadon78

    I can't wait to pas my Dinc to my wife so I can get this ASAP!

  • Zach

    Isn't it because Android 2.1 can't fully utilize 512MB of ram?

  • Kellex can you please spend more time focusing on the included manuals… maybe that would reduce the number of repetitive questions? Who am I kidding those manuals are worthless.

    Perfect plug for the Droid-Life IRC Live Support channel – http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#droidlife

    • kellex

      Hah +1 plug.

  • TheSonicEmerald

    My Dad wants this. Told him to get a Droid X, then I said Samsung Fascinate was coming out. My Dad wanted to wait for the Samsung because its Samsung and he's Korean.:P


  • Interesting… very interesting. to me it looks like a chick phone. looks nice though. So i saw the VZ nav.. I think thats pretty lame. no more google navigation huh? It really upsets me how verizon insists on adding programs to these phones like blockbuster and others.. if i want it on my phone then i can install it myself.. lame! its not bad overall, but i wouldnt want it

    • Guy

      you have to download google navigation it doesnt come pre-installed on the phone.

  • RAM was not reduced, this was verified a few days ago, and I verified it in person today at a Verizon store. It's 512mb, same as the AT&T/T-Mo versions.

    • kellex

      The numbers don't lie. And the comparison sheet I linked to up top is from Verizon and says 336MB.

      • No, the numbers don't lie, but most people are reading them wrong. 🙂

        Have someone with a Vibrant/Epic/Captivate pull the numbers on their phones and compare. They all add up to 494xxx etc.. It's 512, I promise, I looked at it today, in person as well as on the AT&T device.

        Also, while were on the topic, the CPU frequency fluctuates under load as well, so if it appears at 400MHZ, it's obviously not down-clocked to 400MHz for good, it's just running at 400MHz at that moment.

        • kellex

          So the Verizon document we have that says 336MB is lying?

          • Hey man! I'm not trying to start a fight. 🙂 Just sharing my experience. Feel free to disagree.

          • kellex

            No I know you aren't, sorry if that came out bad. 😛

            Just seems like they dropped this to 336MB for some reason. All signs seems to pointing to it anyway.

          • Yeah, I agree with you it looks that way, but I think it has to do with the GPU allocating memory from the system. If you take a look at the memory as compared with the Captivate / etc, you'll see almost identical numbers, and there was no indication that ATT downgraded their version. Maybe someone with a Captivate/Epic/etc can double check for us.

          • OK, here's where I'm coming from Kell.. Captivate/Fascinate side by side, showing the same system memory. I really do think there's just a misunderstanding about memory allocation by the GPU.


            Here's the Fascinate and Droid X.


          • Epell

            Not to mention that 336MB is just one weird number for RAM. RAM spaces are multiple of 2 as far as I can tell. Since it's not 128, 256, or 512, I'd assume ~180MB RAM is being used up by TouchWiz

          • 128mb is used by the gpu i’d assume and the rest of that is from android os

          • Anonymous

            i think the mb’s are dedicated differently so the document read 332 and if it was smaller why would they choose such a random number

          • Anonymous

            i dont think it really has 332 or 336 i think the phone must divide the ram differently so the document had a typo and if they did reduce it why such and random number…and WHY!

  • Slowmo

    Can u confirm the ram amount?

    • kellex

      334MB as far as I can tell… 🙁

      • Guest

        It seems to me that it’s just a matter of the SGX540 allocating some memory, similar to IGP cards in desktop computers. Can you root it and put on a vanilla rom then re-run quadrant? Not sure if a Vibrant or Captivate rom would work because they’re GSM though.

        And anyway, people are saying Vibrant/Captivate have the same amount of ram reported from benchies, but they’re confirmed as 512.

  • Nader


  • meh. anyone else?

  • possomcrast1

    memmory? were the 384 rumors true

    • kellex

      Quadrant says 332MB.

      This chart we posted says 336MB.

      • possomcrast1

        that sucks and makes no sense