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HuddleHub to Offer ESPN Fantasy Football Action for Android (Updated)

ESPN Fantasy Football addicts were probably a little jealous yesterday after seeing that Yahoo had released its official FF app and rightfully so.  After all, ESPN claims to be a “leader” yet can’t even pump out a simple mobile app for one of its biggest online money makers.  Don’t worry though, we think we have an option!

It’s called HuddleHub and claims to be a fantasy football app that allows you to pull in your Yahoo and ESPN leagues with a full management experience!  Seriously, sounds too good to be true right?  Well apparently it’ll launch within the next few days assuming they want it out before the season starts.  We should also note that the i*hone version launched on August 30th, so let’s hope the Android version isn’t far behind.

Update:  We had a chance to chat with the HuddleHub crew and we have release information!

Right now we are going to be releasing a Lite and Premium version of our app. The Lite application will be available this upcoming Monday, September 6th. The Lite application functionality will include on 9/6: 1) Add/Drop players, 2) Import Teams, 3) View Rosters, 4) Live Scores, and of course 5) registering/logging into HuddleHub. Come 9/9 (the first day of the football season) we will have Start/Bench available for the Lite version of the application.

The premium version of the application (launch date undetermined) will have all of the aforementioned features with Injury Player Notifications, Free Agent Notifications, and a Touchdown tracker.

So we’ve got a Lite version with a ton of features launching on Monday (9/6) and the Premium version with injury reports and additional goodies still in the works.  Who’s ready for some football?

Sign up to be notified of the release of HuddleHub here.

Cheers Martin!

  • Justinbaker

    just downloaded it, and will give it a thorough test. will beta the premium version as well =)

  • Huddlehub

    Hi guys! Here is our latest apk. We need some beta testers to test out this apk. We have been working many MANY hours and need to test this app before we release it to the Android Market.

    We have chosen a small group of forums to exclusively test our app before public release. We are very excited to get your feedback.

    Here is the link! http://www.huddlehub.com/droid/beta-huddlehub-android.apk

    This beta has add, drop players, import teams, view rosters, and create HH user account. Coming soon in the next iteration is start bench and live scores.

    In order to install it, you have to have the apkinstaller on your android based phone.

    If you have any reports or problems, please email us at [email protected]

    • Justinbaker

      just downloaded it, and will give it a thorough test. will beta the premium version as well =)

  • Vncnt_grey

    still no android drop!!!!!

  • NYCLawyer

    Did anyone else notice that on Huddlehub's main screen, they spelled Jason Witten's name “Jason Wittin”? I guess the joke is on them…..

  • Jdnpepsi

    espn app is $5?! Everyone else is free, WHY? World Wide Leader in Greed! NFL app does have player fantasy tracker ability.

  • Tammer1

    ESPN has an android fantasy app now. looks like it was released around Sep. 3rd. Look it up on the android market.

  • YuckFoo

    Still waiting!

  • Pureluv69

    i just got my froyo 2.2 updata, an it is not rooted, how do i root it when i already hve th froyo update

  • WP7

    What about NFL.COM's app? How come it doesn't do fantasy football? Especially with NFL.COM's huge push this year for their fantasy game.

    My league left ESPN this year for NFL… so far we like it much better except for mobile connectivity. Fortunately with Flash 10.1 the site works great!

  • Poo

    meh… it's a little more cumbersome, but I just use the normal ESPN website on my EVO…. an app would be nice, but espn's site works well enough on the EVO

  • I emailed them saying the sign-up process doesn’t work, and asked if they can manually register me for it. Got a response “You can sign up at http://www.huddlehub.com/ The Android app will be available real soon :).” No shit, Sherlock.

    Apparently, they don’t know how to read at huddlehub.

  • Is the sign up working for anyone? I click join now and my info sits there and nothing else happens.

  • Yeah it’s pretty sad that ESPN still hasn’t gotten anything out yet. If you go to the fantasy football on ESPN mobile, it will show your teams that you have, but it says above it that teams will be available soon. Not sure how soon and to what I will be able to do once it is available. I’ve sent them an email weeks ago asking them about an Android app, but they have yet to respond.

  • blings

    yahoo check, sounds like espn fantasy football app is inbound….now we just need a cbs sportsline ff app and I'll be all set.

    • Scott

      CBS does have a fantasy football app. I think it's called CBS Sports Football or something like that. It's not exclusively for fantasy football. But you can use it to manage fantasy teams in leagues on CBS Sports' site. I used it for my CBS league last year. I don't have any CBS leagues this year so I haven't searched for it recently but I assume it's still in the market.

  • j-Dawg21

    Emailed them today and it should be released on Friday, here is their response…

    Hey Jason,

    We should be offering a Lite and Premium version of our app. We are aiming to launch it Friday of this week or Monday or next week.

    The only difference between Lite and Premium is premium will have instantaneous notifications for certain events such as injuries or TDs.


  • i think that phones running sense. kellex any comments?
    i think this points to best buy photoshopping their adverts.

  • Tyrian

    Soooo the sign up isnt working?

    • Murph

      same for me, after filling it out, clicking 'join now', then nuthin….

      • Jake

        Is anyone having problems importing from espn? i keep getting the message that says there is a problem logging into ESPN.

  • derek

    I've heard that ESPN is planning an Android Fantasy App. Just because Yahoo came out with one first, doesn't mean ESPN won't have one. They just launched their iPhone app today, so I expect the Android app to hit the market any day now.

  • Toonz

    I went crazy yesterday trying to find something like this.. YES!!!!

  • mhoe

    This is awesome assuming it works well…

  • Mrpicolas

    Holy ish the comments are working again yay!!! Lol…

    • kellex

      Sort of working.

  • NOT first!
    But I have been WAITING and WAITING and WAITING and WAITING (get the idea) for HuddleHub to get their App's in gear and release their Android app already!
    you can STILL register and create an account with them, and actually log in and Sync your leagues via their web based portal….but NO APK yet!

    I need a 12 step program!!

  • first