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FRG22D Update for DROID Running through 9/4

Don’t worry, we haven’t been ignoring any of your tweets regarding the status of the FRG22D Froyo update for the original Droid which allows Flash 10.1 to be downloaded from the market, we were simply waiting to hear from VZW.  It appears as if the rollout for the update could last through 9/4 so you’ll need to remain somewhat patient if you have yet to see the notification hit your device.

Of course, you could always manually update today.

  • White2007gt

    1. Universal Androot to make it rootable
    2. Can a rooted Droid 1 be functional with its files being overwritten by Droid 2 or Droid X files?
    3. Can you remove the update? My replacement came with it.

  • White2007gt

    1. Universal Androot to make it rootable
    2. Can a rooted Droid 1 be functional with its files being overwritten by Droid 2 or Droid X files?
    3. Can you remove the update? My replacement came with it.

  • Kat

    STILL waiting. Droid1, Orlando, FL

  • Ghostboy1031

    I woke up this morning to the update message. Have been on VC for the past 2 weeks so haven't been keeping up on this one. It's rebooting now and seems to be stuck on a white yield sign with a yellow exclamation point and the little green droid dude. So not sure if i have an error or it's working in the background. Will report back.
    I'm in the DFW area.

    • Ghostboy1031

      Ok..it crapped out. Stuck on the yield graphic for 10 mins and I had to pull the battery…rebooted fine into my original ROM. I'm using FRG22 by Pete. So I'm skipping this one.

  • Gerg04

    Well I was just prompted to download mine, but after one restart the phone hasn't done anything at and I'm stil running frg10b. Is there any way to restart the update? Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Ajn0913

    I just got the OTA update, but for some reason I'm still not able to see Flash Player in the Android Market… Am I missing something obvious? I thought it was supposed to show up automatically after the update. Thanks for any help-

  • Tonicfeline

    Still waiting here (va. sep 5th). My mom got hers two days ago. Lame lame lame. Epic fail.

  • M0train

    Still nothing here!

    • M0train

      Wonder if I'm not gonna get it?

  • Carlosnycity

    Still waiting in the Bronx. Glad this is the last update I will ever have to wait for, as my Droid X should arrive in a couple/weeks.

  • Dave

    received my update this morning. SF bay area.

  • Got mine when I woke up this morning and download Flash right after it rebooted. Woo hoo! (631)

  • MTLGa1

    So much for their 9/4 date to complete the OTA push….still waiting here in Georgia

  • Still nothing on LI, NY (631)

  • tsetse fly

    Droid 1, Froyo 2.2, FRG01B, VZW
    Easy Root, stock OS

    Would rather wait until easy root has a solution for FRG22D, how can I stop the OTA update notifications

  • MudRacer

    I decided to skip this update and am going with CM6.

    What do I have to lose?

  • Da_kru_masta

    Just received FRG22D this morning, which is about the same point in the updating timeline as the first 2.2 update. Guess I know when to expect the next one once it's announced.

  • I got the update this morning. My wife got hers 2 days ago (Austin TX). I had manually updated mine to FRG01B so I am glad to see the OTA updates still come through.

  • Vtothezeedoubleyou

    they say this update take away superuser pemissions

  • king_jaeho

    Got mine overnight here in Portland, OR.

  • a1locjaw

    I second the Arizona contingent… Got my update to FRG22D this morning.. Tucson here

  • Brad Hamill

    Just got this update this morning here in AZ 🙂

  • Hugomat

    Just received FRG22D update and I'm still rooted. Cool!

    • Raven

      Can you elaborate? How were you rooted previously? Most people are saying this is impossible.

  • CharlieK

    Still waiting in the Bronx. I think I'm going to my local Verizon store after work and ordering an X. By the time it arrives a couple weeks from now, it should have Froyo already installed.

  • Finally got my update this morning–stupid midwest!

  • Raven

    I finally got my update notification, but I don't want it yet, lol. I am running and loving rooted stock FRG01B and I don't want to ruin my root by installing FRG22D and I don't want to flash any “recoveries”. Is there any way in between to either get FRG22D rooted or stop the notification from coming over and over WITHOUT flashing a custom recovery?

  • Mb Matt

    Finally got it tonight on MotoDroid.

  • Zeus

    Finally received the update. Has anyone else on the D1 been having issues with processing speed and just about everything running very strange since the Froyo first came out? Guess I am gonna have to take the Rooting jump.

  • Russr1123

    Got the OTA update for FRG22D this AM (9/1) around 8am EST.

  • Aditya

    Got OTA this morning in Cincinnati. I can download flash 10.1 on my Droid1 but cannot open it. Any ideas/suggestions?

  • Jayhawk

    Got the OTA this morning in Kansas. It shut my root access off as well.

  • I just got a notice to update to FRG22D last night around 12:30am in Texas. I still have not done this update because I am seriously considering rooting. Unless there is a way to root the FRG22D update then I will not download the update just yet. Any advice on whether to update, root, or update and root??

  • Aditya

    I got the update this morning but I can't open it in my D1. Any ideas why this is happening? Any suggestions?

  • CopierITguy

    Got mine pushed to me this morning at 5 AM.

  • Osceolabevo

    Just got the OTA at 8:45 AM ET here in Jacksonville, FL.

  • mikeffi

    Got mine today on the MOTO Droid