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Verizon Support Confirms Incredible Froyo Update Starts Today

The official Verizon Support Twitter account has weighed in this morning with news confirming that the Incredible Froyo update indeed starts today.  (And yes, this account has been verified.)  While this isn’t news to us after we showed the world an email from Verizon with today’s date on it yesterday, I do hope this helps some of the doubters out there, because damn, there are a lot of you.  (Smiley!)

Let us know as soon as you see the update hit your device!

Via:  Phandroid, Twitter

  • Rod11

    I got my notification to update but it did no, so I decided to install the manual update instead. I followed step by step on you tube on “how to install official froyo on htc incredible” and it worked great.

  • Rod11

    Got my notification this morning about the update. I pressed “install” several times but it did not install. Now the notification does not show anymore, will I get notified again with the update?

  • JP

    The update was downloaded to the phone but the installation didn't start automatically for me. any suggestions?

    • Rod11

      I got my notification to update but it did no, so I decided to install the manual update instead. I followed step by step on you tube on “how to install official froyo on htc incredible” and it worked great.

  • Nativesonking

    Finally got 2.2 just an hour ago!

  • djGreg

    Got my OTA update this morning for DINC. Columbus GA

  • I got my update today, almost, anyone have the update fail on their device, mine received the update, i hit instal, it unmounted my sd card and that was it… no update, i looked in my software updates and it told me my system was up to date, but all my stuff still says 2.1 🙁 fail froyo…

  • Droid4Life

    A guy I work with just got his frozen yogurt about 15 min ago. We are in Columbus, OH.

  • DINC2.2

    http://www.androidcentral.com/how-manually-upda… Go here! you can get the official OTA and manually install!

  • hacky

    I just got the 2.2 update for my incredible today 8/32!! yess, in PA

  • hacky

    I just got the 2.2 update for my incredible today 8/32!! yess, in PA

  • anolef


  • BigDaddyDroid

    Hmm….now its the 30th and still no update 🙁

  • stealth

    Verizon has halted the ota update at this time!

  • anolef


  • BigDaddyDroid

    Hmm….now its the 30th and still no update 🙁

  • stealth

    Verizon has halted the ota update at this time!

  • WiredEsq

    Nada in Phoenix, AZ. Do we have any idea of how many were sold? If they are rolling out 100,000k a day, then we'd have some idea of total time.

  • stealth

    Ok im back thanks for saving my spot! Wow this line didnt even move at all!

  • stealth

    Can you save my spot i have to go pee!

  • viewthis66

    nothing here in San Jose, CA. owner since day 1 of its release.

  • stealthbomber254

    Froyo!!! i need you now please were are you? 🙁

  • JD

    Nothing in LA, CA

  • tylercho

    im in pflugerville texas no update yet

    • Mel

      Nothing in Austin either. ugh!

  • gheorghe

    Received at 0700 Huntsville, AL. I purchased 2 DI's on the same day in June…….one received the other did not.

    • Mrpicolas

      these update are probally sent out by esn numbers im thinking because there has been no other indicator such as date or location. well thats my 2 cents anyway

  • captain_ron80

    I got mine this morning… I did have to check for System Updates and it was there waiting for me 🙂

    • stealthbomber254


  • Guest

    VZ sucks Balls, one person per county per state or WTF?

  • bravoleader2

    One of my friends got updated in Cleveland, Ohio this morning. I haven't though! Lame.

  • stealthbomber254

    Does anyone know if the froyo wave has hit Texas?

  • For those of you who are getting the download and installing, how are you liking it so far? What problems are you seeing with apps/settings, etc? (Hoping there are none, but you know how these things go…)

  • Timmyt

    got my update.. about midnight last night. ny

  • Jmco

    got mine. just popped up on my phone. would you like to install a system update? are you kidding phone, YES! takes about 10-15 minutes to download and install. i was connected to my wifi already so that might have helped the DL. i'm having a total geek-out playing with this

  • Dgomez242

    I just got mine in Connecticut on Saturday at 11:00am. It is fast!! flash is cool too!

  • Bobalay

    Where's the PROOF that someone on planet earth actually received the OTA yesterday or today?

  • Stevaroo01

    This morning I woke up and saw the green light blinking. I tried not to get too hopeful, but as I turned my phone on, I saw the little Droid guy in the notification area telling me that updates were available!! I got super excited until I opened the notification area up and saw that the updates were simply for three of my apps. Oh well, it'll come sooner or later I suppose. Still waiting for now in the FL panhandle.

  • Scotty89

    no longer a rumor, I'm officially updated to the OTA Froyo 2.2 in Lizella, Georgia at 8:35am on Saturday. It's coming guys, just be patient.

    • C SMOOV

      Congraz!!! Still waiting on mine in G-boro, NC.

  • Matt

    wheres the love for SoFlo?! I need froyo NOW!!!!!!


  • bigfire

    I bricked my droid this morning and have to go back to Verizon for them to flash back to factory. Turns out, their factory rom is now FRG22D. So I now have to wait for the 1 click rooters to get through for me to get my root app back. Right now, I have to manually recreate my own data.

  • Harry

    I just got the update….its taking a long time but im so happy

    • Delriogil

      Were you rooted before you got the update?

  • Mel

    I'm just gonna will it, like Martin Riggs

  • JSM


  • JSM

    Nothing YET from Philadelphia Area

  • Tom Hanks

    why do people assume this has anything to do with their location?
    it seems very common, I see multiple threads where people report their location and “no update”.
    is it some kind of instinct for humans to assume where we are matters in all cases?

  • Jstntarango

    nothing here yet in Los Angeles

  • KyubiDroid

    Updates hit small cities first, then it grows to NYC and LA. Juts like the Froyo OTA on Droid. My friend got it late, and he lives in LA.

  • Trexboy

    OOOh yea here we go downloading!!! froyo baby its finally here!!!

    • u jus got yours??

    • Bobalay

      Ya and it was beamed to your phone via UFO

  • any one in houston with DI got their 2.2 yet?? let me know

  • Droid1123

    Just spoke to Verizon Tech in Arizona and she knew nothing about the update then paused and said “wait, wait, yes I see it now, there was an update and it has been released. Funny, we usually know this right away but indeed I just received word.” It's definitely not a farce and I'd bump up Russr1123's post.

  • Russr1123

    Guys relax because today is the first day of the update. On the first couple of days of the update, the rollout only happens to small test groups so that VZW can evaluate if there are any issues. Usually on the third day of the update, it starts rolling out randomly and massive batches per day.

    Also, there's no point in going into Settings->About Phone->System Updates because on the Incredible, all this notifies you of is whether you had already received the OTA update and then chose to ignore it. So it's not actually polling the server to see if there's an update. When you get the update, your phone will notify you.

    One last thing…update rollouts typically happen in the AM. So if you didn't get the notification when you woke up, you're most likely not going to get it that day.

    • jcdagget

      All we are asking to see is one confirmed OTA update. Is that really too much to ask for on day one?

  • jcdagget

    They were going to push the button on the update, then Sanjay Jha (Motorola's CEO) called Lowell McAdams (Verizon Wireless' CEO) this morning and said 'Oh no you don't, not before my Droid X'ers get theirs!'

  • Bobalay

    This is all bullshit all over again, it's almost 1pm someone somewhere must of gotten the update by now or maybe it's just that Verizon is pushing the OTA just to the people that do not post in forums. hmmm

  • Nativesonking

    Install system updates – HTC DROID Incredible ADR6300
    The software update requires at least 40% battery level if not connected to an external power source and 20% or more if connected.

    If roaming outside the Verizon Wireless coverage area, a system update notice will not be received. To receive the system update over a Wi-fi network, refer to Setup WiFi Connection – HTC DROID Incredible ADR6300 for assistance then check for a system update.


    • Nativesonking

      Verizon Wireless and HTC encourage you to download this
      update today.
      + Improved Web browsing with pre-installed Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1
      for Android.
      + Support for 720p video recording.
      + Transfer data faster with 801.11n Wi-Fi capabilities.
      + Easily switch between the eight most recent applications.
      + Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of
      JavaScript heavy pages.
      + A screen that works for you and your apps.
       With Android 2.2, you can rotate your screen 270 degrees—either
      to the left or to the right when moving from portrait to landscape
      mode—to work with apps in more directions.
      + A new Mail Stream widget increases ease of use.
      + Text Message Widget.
       The new text message widget offers fast access to your messages
      from the home screen with a quick swipe. Scroll up and down
      through the list of all your text conversations in one screen. Keep
      the conversation going, faster.
      + Automatic app updates.
       Always have the latest versions of the applications you’ve
      downloaded with automatically updated Android Market™ apps.
      And you can choose to store applications in your device’s memory
      or on a storage card for more capacity.

  • RCW

    Hmmm.. the age old saying a watched pot never boils… I think it is safe to say a watched Di never updates.

  • The Jesus

    Where's this gonna show up when it finally does? In the Updated area, or will it appear on the notification bar?

    • Caldwell2325

      Notification bar.

    • Kdt793

      if you were rele Jesus you would know!

  • Murph

    Damn't!! Every time i get a notification in the status bar I pee a little!… damn you text alerts!!

    • ROFLOL though just a tad TMI! 😉

    • Jsmuli2

      same here dude, i have text messages, gChats and calendar reminders going off and every time “awesome it's here!….oh sh*t, it's reminder to fill out my TPS reports with the updated cover-sheet that was faxed to me 8 times today.”

      • Drummer62

        Errrrm yeah, I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday, yeah that would be great!!! LMFAO

  • Murph

    why do I care so much about this?!?!

    • CheeseLover

      I've asking myself the same thing. 🙂

      • Murph

        I mean seriously! ha ha ha I am almost 37 years old, with a great wife and kids…full life… but I want it NOW! i guess its all the articles and rumors and forum-posters get all they hype whipped up.. argh….

        • cheeselover

          32, married, 2 kids, and a phone update is getting the most thoughts today. Facepalm self.

          • Nearly 49, married, self-employed and full-time caregiver for 88 year old stroke recovery Mom (she's doing great, BTW). I should have better things to fill my thoughts besides CSI and Froyo Updates. LOL Apparently I don't.

          • Romma1

            45, Live in Girlfriend, grown son, ful time job, President of a major Gun Rights Group here in CT, and I am obsessed with getting Froyo

          • CheeseLover

            see that VZW, gun guy wants his Froyo, now do the right thing!

          • Romma1

            Ya know, in all this excitement, I kinda lost count. Was I loaded with 2.1,,, or 2.2? Go ahead VZW Do you feel lucky punks?

    • Murph

      ….and tonight @ 5:30 is my 4 1/2 year old son's first soccer practice of the season… “no son, great job, I'm watching!!” …my phone… *sigh*

  • A

    I am updating now!!!! whoo hooo Froyo Party!

    • Ardieilardi

      Hey Stafford, VA
      I'm down near Norfolk, does that mean I should be seeing it soon too.

  • A

    I am updating now!!!!!!! WHoooHOOO Froyo Party!

    • Caleb


      • jcdagget

        Yeah, do tell….where are you located?

    • LIES!

    • bravoleader2


  • lostredneck

    come on droid x update plox

  • ChaGz

    I GOT MY UPDATE!!!! NOT!!!
    Gosh i wish it would get here soon… 🙁

  • schroermr

    nothing, nada, zip…

  • scotty89

    Hey Tony Garza, today…I am wearing pants! A vast contrast to what you did yesterday! OOF!

  • Voxx

    Still waiting in CA…

  • My little Droid buddy is in his rightful place (at my side and in my line of sight) whilst I try to concentrate on web development, learning PHP and fixing our fouled up WiFi here at our home office (new equipment and still issues from AT&T service – imagine that! LOL).

    When it hits my phone, you'll hear a “woo hoo!” across the country from Chicagoland. 🙂

  • ChaGz

    I want my FROYO!!!

  • Keith Stone

    NOTHING! yet…..

  • Wwww

    Anyone knows which part of the country usually gets it first? I'm in NYC.

    • Caleb

      same. i hope we get it first.

      • kulz

        NYC first pls ;p

        • bravoleader2

          NYC always wants things first. You have to wait just like the rest of us.

          • Caleb

            i'm sure nyc will get it the same time. it feels like the OTA has a time countdown or something.

          • WiLLHQZ

            It will be sent in batches in random order.

          • Caleb

            lol i 4got about that then nvm we deserve it first ^^ hahaha

        • WillHQZ

          NYC the capital of the world should most definitely be first!

          • texas is filled with way more awesome…we should get it first.

          • Devilprobably

            ATX needs the update first!

          • Caldwell2325

            Texas is filled with steers and queers.

          • Jmanin

            Pennsylvania needs to be first to get the update (that would be a first).

    • OTA's have nothing to do with location. They are sent out by the phone's IMEI

  • adada

    the doubters are the ones who switched to the DX and are complaining, cause they think since they have the latest and greatest they should get all the goodies first.

    • Anonymous

      …i still have my incredible and refuse to switch. My phone has feelings… BUT i’ll continue to doubt until i have my froyo.

  • Don't have it yet, but am hoping. I just sent back my X and activated my Incredible. I missed it's quick response to my touch and the vivid screen! I do miss the X's larger screen for typing and reading Kindle. Anyone else that upgraded wish they still used the Incredible. I just can't believe the difference in clarity between the two screens.

    • WhereIsTony

      My wife, says she wishes she had stuck withthe Inc. I keep telling her I will switch if she wants, but She knows i prefer the Incredible as well.

    • Madcow06

      I'm running the leaked version of 2.2 on my X and responsiveness is greatly improved. My main complaint was the stuttering when switching screens and scrolling but now that's all gone! I don't think I could go back to my incredible after experiencing the battery life on my X 2 solid days still 30 percent left.

    • Vladimir

      You must have had a faulty X then because I have a Dinc and the X and noticed zero differnce in their responsiveness. Both were snappy and smooth. Got my Dinc on launch day and gave it to my wife when i purchased the X. While I definitely miss Sense, I have no regrets in moving to the X.

      P.S. Insanely jealous of you guys getting the update but I'll force a smile and say “ENJOY!”

  • Matt

    I wonder how many times I can hit the update button in the next 2 weeks…oh dear…

    • jcdagget

      Everytime I hit the update button, I feel as if nothing is actually happening. Does it really go out a check? The 'Your system is current;y up to date' message just comes back too quickly each time.

      • Jaydyess

        Amen to that. I actually scream I my phone sometimes – 'AW COME ONE! YOU DIDN'T EVEN PRETEND TO LOOK!”

        • Jsmuli2

          see my reply above

      • Jsmuli2

        nothing happens when you do that.

        the OTA is pushed to your phone, not pulled from your phone. You will see something in that screen if you get the update but choose to “update later” and that screen is how you can update without waiting for the 30 min prompt.

  • jcdagget

    Let the floodgates open!!!

  • Russ

    I feel like I've just made an appointment with the cable guy and he'll be here sometime between now and the next 2 weeks. Oh the agony!

  • the doubters are the same ones who still believe the earth is flat

    • kellex

      Haha too true.

    • Cheeselover

      careful now. the religious people on this site may get offended.

  • Mary

    finally! i hope i get it today 🙂

  • Caleb

    it's a beautiful day 2day and i want my frozen yogurt now.

    NY still waiting patiently