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Google Earth Updated, Allows for Deep Sea Diving

Google Earth received a nice update today which allows you to dive deep into the oceans of the world and see vast crevasses which will blow your mind!  OK, that might be a stretch, but it’s still pretty cool to know that you can zoom in next to Bermuda, hit the little eyeball button and check out all of the sunken pirate ships that mysteriously vanished in the Triangle.  OK, again, pushing it, but the overall idea is still pretty entertaining.

Still free in the market.


Download Link

Source:  Google Mobile Blog

  • this feature is just stunning. . . .

  • I feel 5mb will be both the download size. right after it was extracted and then hang, it’s other something like 20mb. 20mb will be value moving to SD

  • Ramin

    google earth is awesome. I use this for finding any place. Now it is more updated. Thanks google.

  • Just like the iphone 4 maps. Now i wish we had that on ours 🙁

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  • Google is such a good company, its helping us alot in our day to day life

  •  we can say google is the internet god

  • Google is Google boss…..
    Nice post.Thanks for the update.
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  • why not. nice thing.

  • Its a nice feature…
    going to install it…

  • Just like the iphone 4 maps. Now i wish we had that on ours 🙁

  • Honestly, I didn’t know about this until I read this post

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  • feels good to see  that this is real

  • Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this thanks.

  • I really enjoyed with this article…Google earth it’s still pretty cool to know that you can zoom in next to Bermuda..Thanks!!!

  • Jos Hoang Nguyen

    I cannot install the apk file of Google Earth v1.1. onto Motorola Milestone. The system informs “application not installed”. I uninstalled the apk of v1.0, then tried to install again this apk 1.1. However, it happened again: Application not installed”

    I downloaded the apk file v1.1 from the internet. I tried to 3 different apk files, but the same wrong thing: Application not installed.

    I tried to re-installed the apk v1.0, it informed”out of space” though i got the apk v1.0 installation succefully.

    Please help!

  • this seems very beautiful! how could it phto?

  • this seems very beautiful! how could it phto?

  • This is great news. Divers have been waiting for this for a long time. This makes it a bit easier to explore the depth of the ocean.

  • allhouston

    This is great news. Divers have been waiting for this for a long time. This makes it a bit easier to explore the depth of the ocean.

  • droidie

    Breaking news!! i just farted on my droid . . . .lol . . . is it me or did droid-life just go straight dumb reporting any nonsense that comes to their attention. this use to be a good source for breaking news.

  • rals

    I like that it uses the accelerometer on the phone, so when you turn, the image moves along with it. Just like the iphone 4 maps. Now i wish we had that on ours 🙁

    • JimmyD

      I'm curious, what's so special about iPhone 4 maps over Google maps? I've never seen the iPhone maps app.

  • Yada__Yada

    Wow! Just figured out how to post to here from my phone. I have been on following this site for months and just learned how. Thanks smeckle and lakerzz for the responds on how. Now all I need is a FIRST! J/K

  • GoneFishing

    Anyone up !!! NEED HELP !!! Just updated from CM 2.1 to SS 4.7.. Used TB to restore and am now in a boot loop….Power X does not do anything….HELP !!!

  • ddfdsfsd

  • timarnette

    I forgot have to move to the sd card. Can someone tell me how please.

    • JimmyD

      Here are the steps in order:

      – Menu
      – Settings
      – Applications
      – Manage Applications
      – {select your app, for example: Google Earth}
      – Move to SD card

      (NOTE! Some apps won't have this option available because the dev has not programmed the Apps to SD feature into their application)

      I hope this helps!

      • timarnette

        Hi, I have the droid X there is not opt to move to sd card under manage applications. So now I am really not sure. Thanks.

        • JimmyD

          It doesn't matter if you have the Droid X or the Droid.

          You just have to be using the newest Android OS (versions 2.2 “FroYo”)

          You will NOT have an option to move to SD card under manage applications…. you have to FIRST select an app once you're in Manage Applications.

          THEN, once the app information is on screen, you may or may not have the button to Move to SD Card (this depends entirely on the app… this feature is triggered by the app if it has the capability programmed into it).

          Good luck!

          • timarnette

            I am still waiting on (versions 2.2 “FroYo”) They took down the link before I could get it the other day. It might take for ever to get the update. I wish there was a way I could get the update.

          • JimmyD

            Ahhhh…. that's why you don't have Apps to SD then.

            HOWEVER! The stock FRG01B 2.2 update is very much available! Have you gone on any of the forums out there? There's huge threads with plenty of info on how to install it (it's very simple actually) over on DroidForums.net!

            I installed it manually and it was a very simple procedure. I do not have a rooted phone either!

            Check out this thread, it will get you onto Froyo very easily! =) >>> http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-general-

  • I deleted Google earth. I don't use it Nd the file is way to big. Pointless when you have Google maps.

    • lakerzz

      I agree. It's fun and everything, but it's not worth losing all that space on the beloved Droid (og) I wish more of it was able to be sent to the sd card.

      • JimmyD

        I'm right there with you guys. I used to have Google Earth installed on my og Droid, but I uninstalled it to reclaim some space. I was happy to find out that this update allows for the move to SD feature, but I still didn't install it because it's only 5mb that gets moved. =( I would love it if at least HALF of the mb's were moved, then I would consider installing it again. It's a fun app, but I just don't use it enough to justify the space it takes up.

  • Smeckle

    Also way off topic (sorry guys…), but I've never been able to post to this website from my phone, D1 2.2 non-rooted. I've tried the default browser, SkyFire, Opera Mini, and Dolphin HD, and every time I try to post the Disqus login popup screen screws up the browser screen, makes it unusable, and I have to close the browser completely. Every time with every browser I mentioned. I can only post on here from my computer. Anybody know what's going on and how to fix it? Depressingly ironic to not be able to use my Droid to post on a website called Droid Life…

    • lakerzz

      You just have to login to Disqus from you're phone, then go back to site, and comment away…(from you're phone) 🙂

      • Smeckle

        It was always so simple….thanks!

        • lakerzz

          I was told by someone on this site as well…you're welcome.

  • lakerzz

    Way off topic, but is anybody having problems with wifi disconnecting almost every other time you use the browser? Starting to get very frustrated. I'm rooted, running Lithium Mod…

    • T_Droid

      I have had that issue the entire time l have had my droid. With stock and all off the roms. I just turn it off and on, and it seems to reconnect.

      • lakerzz

        Yup. Same here. Oh well…just one of those frustrating casualties of life I guess.

  • epool86

    may i ask why i still can't find google earth on market (previously i install using manual .apk).. im at malaysia by the way.

    • epool86

      more info: im using Google Nexus One, with Froyo 2.2

  • Justin

    Always fun

  • EC8CH

    Under the Sea… Under the Sea… Down where it's wetter, that's where it's better take it from me!

    • The350zWolf

      Isn't that the title song for “The Little Mermaid” movie?

      • TrollingYou

        …seriously dude?

  • tonytbone7883

    Hey is it possible to get the apk file for the new froyo Camera that comes with the D2?

  • Evermour

    Thoughts on the youtube ripper app? I like it..

  • I heard that the move2sd is not full but a partial one; please explain cause otherwise i wont download

    • The350zWolf

      Not really sure why this is, but non of the movable apps 2 SD will completely go to SD; my guess is that the main program stays resident on the phone memory for speed of deployment and the data and other files reside on SD. Anyone wants to elaborate?

    • this is true. that is just how the system works. a small token stays on the phone memory. only as much as the dev deems possible gets moved to SD. this is the implementation. the way android is made, parts of the app have to be installed on the phone, and other parts and resources can be accessed remotely (from SD). it gets rather technical as to why that is.

      either way, usually, it is a very small part that actually stays on the phone, usually only a few KB.

    • David

      Does anyone know if moving apps to the SD card slows down the apps?

      • inherently, yes. SD cards are not capable of the same speed as the internal memory (essentially, RAM). however, it is rather questionable as to whether the slow-down is seen by the user, or is considered good enough and unnoticeable.

        either way, as a good rule of thumb, don't move essential apps, or apps that you use all the time to the SD.

  • Cools, Thanks updating now!


  • krazykarl

    No mention of the fact that you can now move the app to the SD card? That's a MUCH bigger improvement as far as I'm concerned, considering that this app is like 20mb.

    • billtvshow

      Absolutely, that should be mentioned. Worth installing now.

    • The350zWolf

      Yes, now google earth will go in to the depts of your SD card! ;^)

    • That is exactly what I've been waiting for!


    • WOW! Moved a whole 5 mb to the sd card. So worth it!

      • 5mb is the download size. after it is extracted and installed, it's more like 20mb. 20mb is worth moving to SD.

        • Smeckle

          It doesn't move 20 mb to the SD card, though. It actually does only move 5. It still leaves 15 on the phone, unfortunately. Try it yourself and see. Pretty disappointing but better than nothing at all, I guess.

    • That is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

  • ghostrigger

    Now this is a nice added feature 🙂

  • wow im actually going to get g.e. now

    • underwater is not available everywhere. try something popular, like hawaii or the reefs in australia. you have to zoom in and press on the little eye button.

      • ChristineJump

        Just not working. And trying in HI. Zoomed endlessly, and used eye button.

  • Stephen D

    First ?