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Fennec Nears Alpha Release, Beta Release Coming this Fall

We’ll probably never get over this browser kick that we’re on, especially when the guys working on Firefox mobile (Fennec) keep releaseing new builds and teasing us with future release dates.  How does an official “alpha” sound? A “beta”?  Neither are ready just yet, but the alpha should be within the the next “few weeks” and the beta should drop “this fall” according to one of their lead developers.

Some of the features already being ironed out…

  • Firefox Sync is now built in – sync tabs, bookmarks, and history from your computer to your phone, no add-on required!
  • The new Find In Page command is available through the site menu (or by pressing Control+F on a hardware keyboard).
  • You can now share links through Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, or email. (The final version of this feature will also let you send links using native Android or Maemo apps.)
  • Fennec 2 can use your phone’s address book to make it easy to enter phone numbers and email adresses into web forms. (This works on Maemo now; support for Android will be added later.)
  • We’re adding multi-touch gestures. Pinch zoom has landed for alpha; later releases will also include multi-touch swipe gestures to go to the top or bottom of the current page, or navigate between pages.

Read more on the first alpha Fennec release at Matt Brubek’s blog.

Future builds and downloads including a pre-alpha of Fennec 2 can be found here.

Cheers BAoxymoron!

  • Dgab

    Been using fennec on my droid today its really slow laggy but its a start

  • Dgab

    Been using fennec on my droid today its really slow laggy but its a start

  • xmetl

    last time this got leaked it just force closewd

  • Flyinion

    Has anyone tried the latest pre-alphas? Are they worth using at all? I've been using stock forever. Never did like Dolphin or the HD version. I recently reloaded XScope though because I needed a browser that could report itself as “desktop” instead of mobile so I could get an online class to work. I might start playing with it more now. I actually like it when it first came out but yanked it because it always blanked out password fields and you couldn't see anything even the security dots while typing. That seems to have been fixed.

  • evan

    In other news, the grass grew another 1/4″

  • JosueD

    I like the stock browser!! =D


    • Tom

      If you haven't already, you should try out Dolphin, and set the user agent to desktop in the settings. Best combo!

  • droidaholic

    I have tried 3rd party browsers like XScope and dolphin but i always go back to the stock. It has never given my any problems

  • Dolphin HD!!!!! Hands down…

  • Tom

    Dolphin HD also has been saying the will have a new release with a lot of changes coming in the next few weeks

  • MB

    Xscope is phenomenal

    • rgrluke

      I prefer Xscope as well just for the speed and tab handling. I liked DolphinHD but the speed of Xscope blows it away to the point that I switched and never looked back.

  • I would like to see google chrome make its way to my droid, I have it on my mac and its great. but then again im in love with dolphin hd.

  • As an avid desktop firefox user (since before the 1.0 release) I have to say that Mozilla simply isn't dedicating enough resources to this project. Fennec has been disscussed forever, and I find it difficult to maintain interest in it. Sorry Mozilla, you lost me for mobile support.

    • I'm totally with you on this for as mozilla, i'm actually running firfox 4 beta 3 now, but far as mobile, i'm just using Stock/dolphin. Not to say i wont try it when it comes out but…

  • StephanC

    xScope still wins! I've been using it since it first came out and I still can't find anything that I like better.

  • Tex

    Which is everyone's favorite browser at the moment? I seem to gravitate to using Dolphin HD at the moment.

    • Dolphin HD no question

    • C Rillo

      I still use stock browser…I'm on BB .4

      Ive tried a couple browsers and I still just like the stock browser

    • Timoh

      I'm still new to android at just a week of using it. There's nothing I don't like about the stock browser, haven't tried anything else.

    • iMFr3sh2De4th

      Stock Browser 🙂 But I'm a major Mozilla fan so hopefully fennec (where in da world did they come up with this name?!?!….) won't disappoint

  • C Rillo

    Not first

  • First